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  1. JediFight


    21 órája

    The families always act like the dead person was some wonderful human that had a contribution to society. Lol. He was a gangster.

  2. Franklin The Dog

    Franklin The Dog

    21 órája

    Now I don't want to adopt a child

  3. Mary Jane Cornielle

    Mary Jane Cornielle

    21 órája

    If she had coughed on me I would have shoved my fist down her throat. Call it “self defense.”

  4. ßrüh


    21 órája

    she kinda bad doe 😳

  5. Keluka Maiva

    Keluka Maiva

    21 órája

    This why people I hate cops

  6. John Doe

    John Doe

    21 órája

    a damn police doing this??

  7. john


    21 órája

    no land in the americas belongs to blacks or whites.

  8. patrick king

    patrick king

    21 órája

    Gonna stink

  9. Just Grow

    Just Grow

    21 órája

    I feel very bad for dogs like that, it’s not his fault he’s surrounded by ignorant humans. I seriously hope he finds the good LOVING home he deserves ASAP! He’s not the worst dog but he’s sure surrounded by the worst humans! I’m questioning whether that human is the right person for fostering a dog with such a special temperament. That dogs needs someone that actually knows what’s best for the dog, needs a properly trained professional trainer to train the human how to handle such a special dog. I’m disappointed to see this in my feed.

  10. michael burns

    michael burns

    21 órája

    Judas Priest

  11. Reinhardt


    21 órája

    Whatever happened to the statement "Bros before Hos"? This is the time where it should be applied. I'm sure Diana must be a tad upset at how divided her sons turned out.

  12. Dalen Toews

    Dalen Toews

    21 órája

    Well just get a finger print and match it up, oh wait.

  13. James Smith

    James Smith

    21 órája

    The government should be ASHAMED!

  14. Tori F.

    Tori F.

    21 órája

    I am a shopaholic when it comes to audiobooks. Love audible.

  15. Pixelchu


    21 órája

    So much for leaving no evidence behind lol.

  16. WildLlama


    21 órája

    I believe that government is setting these up to cause media controversy.

  17. Massachusetts pedo patrol

    Massachusetts pedo patrol

    21 órája

    This is awesome 👌 such sweet Serendipity 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🩸

  18. Kamp Gumeson

    Kamp Gumeson

    21 órája

    *STRUM GUITAR* 'Good ol' boys' Theme

  19. Nate Haji

    Nate Haji

    21 órája

    On his way to the dope boy 😂

  20. kai williams

    kai williams

    21 órája

    When he handed her the gun she was like 😟

  21. unknown unknown

    unknown unknown

    21 órája

    She was a criminal, she literally got fired for being negligent against patients. Now you all want to defend her. And yes I’m black.

  22. I Hate These Rappers

    I Hate These Rappers

    21 órája

    She came in like, "Tf y'all thought this was"

  23. A C

    A C

    21 órája

    Good grief, this is ridiculous your creating so much debt, and most of these women, will give it away...

  24. Ng Shi Xian

    Ng Shi Xian

    21 órája

    Catwoman in real life

  25. Pooches World

    Pooches World

    21 órája

    He's not a bad dog, he was just hungry. Good thing not the whole house got burned. That's a good idea to take the knobs off for precaution. Stay safe!

  26. Cheery Chum

    Cheery Chum

    21 órája

    What a fukn idiot

  27. Skybe


    21 órája


  28. Leslie HG

    Leslie HG

    21 órája

    She doesn't even look like her, please just see a therapist instead of a surgeon

  29. JamesBong


    21 órája

    Only in America

  30. ScizzorJ


    21 órája

    How to get away with anything just say “its a prank”

  31. fred pimpstone

    fred pimpstone

    21 órája

    This was on ridiculousness

  32. Finn The real one

    Finn The real one

    21 órája

    Neighbor: *vandalizes* Karma: Yo

  33. Hungry African Kid

    Hungry African Kid

    21 órája

    Shouldn't have reached for the weapon

    • Miles Morales

      Miles Morales

      21 órája


  34. Alex Wood

    Alex Wood

    21 órája

    It’s not cheap

  35. chase mckay

    chase mckay

    21 órája

    Who Cares

  36. MadChristoph


    21 órája

    I am an anti masker, but I've never seen anything like this before, this is crucial, I respect you guys wearing a mask, but seriously wtf

  37. YoSoyBrayancito


    21 órája

    I mean, you don't really need an aggressive dog of you live on the suburbs. But if you live in the hood, or somewhere a bit dangerous you need a specific dog. You don't want to have an aggressive dog in a secure place, because it can turnout in a problem for your neighbors.

  38. Bear 20

    Bear 20

    21 órája

    the cougars would of got to him if it was not for social distancing 🙏

  39. SpellSinger


    21 órája

    Human garbage it is



    21 órája

    When she says she’s home alone

  41. Jnshox


    21 órája

    Tased him mid air lol...

  42. your boy polite

    your boy polite

    21 órája

    Bro that's so weird

  43. iHyper


    21 órája

    If we’re the dad: 😭🔫

  44. MG


    21 órája

    Military veteran, his wife and service dog. This dog may be responsible for saving many lives including the military officer who's able to be home enjoying a meal with his wife. If the man wanted a steak for his dog and I ordered the last one, I would gladly give it to this service dog, no problem. All pets welcome in a restaurant is a different story. Thank you for your service sir.

  45. Sheldon Evans

    Sheldon Evans

    21 órája

    Fugg CNN! FAKE NEWS!

  46. •Cømix•


    21 órája

    “She was in a rush to meet her 18 year old boyfriend” Me:🧍🏻.......👏🏼she👏🏼is👏🏼12👏🏼my👏🏼dude

  47. GR8 D4N3

    GR8 D4N3

    21 órája

    Kids fault

    • Miles Morales

      Miles Morales

      21 órája


  48. Alex E

    Alex E

    21 órája

    Ok we’re gonna need an update on this one

  49. Felton Ham

    Felton Ham

    21 órája

    What the hell that news anchor mean by,"ALLEGE MURDER OF GEORGE FLOYD!?" In NO way was either murder,"ALLEGED." So put some respect on these cases!

  50. Jendaminnx


    21 órája


  51. Dredd


    21 órája

    why tf is he crying

  52. Hope King

    Hope King

    21 órája

    Yup. I think he is being punished enough lol. They/give will have to live the rest of his life without it. Actually that is an old fashioned form of punishment of what they would have done had they had tires. Ironic. Also may we ask how he managed to do that?

  53. Equam


    21 órája

    I'm not Christian

  54. Akia


    21 órája

    He’s from Texas, what do you expect 😂

  55. Robb Dark

    Robb Dark

    21 órája

    What kind of knife was he using that severed his finger and why didn't he go back to pick up the digit?

  56. Egocrusher


    21 órája

    nice homemade flotation devices, meanwhile its mandatory on any aircraft that has water crossings.

  57. Im_Kirbo


    21 órája

    That ain't milk....

  58. renaldy kharisma

    renaldy kharisma

    21 órája

    Russian/china/iran spies: sounds like a good plan

  59. Jake Kane

    Jake Kane

    21 órája

    I wonder how much it costs to fill the space in between their ears (the person that’s stupid enough to spend 6k on “space wine”

  60. Chief


    21 órája

    He’s a white guy, I’m shocked this is news

  61. Jarrod Chambers

    Jarrod Chambers

    21 órája

    He single handedly changed his life

  62. David Ho

    David Ho

    21 órája

    Karma right away.

  63. Karlathings


    21 órája

    You know I always find it weird how you don't know if someone's telling the truth in a crime like weren't lie detectors invented? It could have really good uses for crimes or it just doesn't work???

  64. Sioux D

    Sioux D

    21 órája

    Hopefully Jail

  65. Robert Barnett

    Robert Barnett

    21 órája

    Why does road rage exist? so sad

  66. Stephanie Smith

    Stephanie Smith

    21 órája

    Glad he’s ok, but the fact that he thought adidas were suitable shoes for hiking in that terrain was my first clue that he was going to need help.

  67. Aljr Gamer

    Aljr Gamer

    21 órája

    The kid had the gun, he should of learned any better I don't think the protesting is necessary. The cop did his job and he did good

    • Miles Morales

      Miles Morales

      21 órája

      I don’t think he should’ve shot him but I don’t blame him either it was the kids fault

  68. DarkSwede21


    21 órája

    why I don’t like starbucks... it’s not even coffee, isn’t the name “starbucks coffee?”

  69. Deez Nutz

    Deez Nutz

    21 órája

    He was only 13 tho

  70. Eric Laroza

    Eric Laroza

    21 órája


  71. Evan


    21 órája

    as you can see in slow motion the guy had the gun in his hands rip his fault

  72. n izmo

    n izmo

    21 órája

    What would you expect

  73. boo


    21 órája

    Publics shaming AND donation to charity. RESPECT 1000

  74. John Doe

    John Doe

    21 órája

    Damn he said not properly trained

  75. Yanira Mccutcheon

    Yanira Mccutcheon

    21 órája

    I always wanted to do that😇

  76. Hungry African Kid

    Hungry African Kid

    21 órája

    He shouldn't have resisted

    • pradvlp


      21 órája

      that’s not resisting

  77. Speed Racer

    Speed Racer

    21 órája

    This why us smaller guys ALWAYS have a stick wit a extended clip and dare me to pull the trigger. Can't get caught slippin young man. All you had to say was "I fear for my life" and went to blasting his ass 🤕🔫💥😉. It's been done to our people

  78. flicceerekts


    21 órája


  79. SAVXGEMEMEZ _999


    21 órája

    Jujutsu Kaisen reference

  80. RC NightLife

    RC NightLife

    21 órája

    So ya think she wanted to kill him and be in jail right now?