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  1. something new ?

    something new ?

    7 perccel

    Who’d wanna drink diabetes in a cup...

  2. Confession Chatline

    Confession Chatline

    7 perccel

    Wait till he goes into the highway and 2 lanes merge into one, the tesla will glitch and keep on going straight hitting the sides of the highway which blocks you from moving to the opposite lane.

  3. Josh Maree

    Josh Maree

    8 perccel

    You know what this reminds me of? 30 years ago, manuals told us how to check valve clearance. Now manuals tell us not to drink battery contents. Hm...

  4. Steve Knowl

    Steve Knowl

    8 perccel

    "Do you think you were an easy mark?" "Ya, 100%".... cause I'm a total retard.

  5. DebbAteDiabetes


    8 perccel

    They should give the ex-employee has job back .. he made the Edward famous so he's bringing more attention to Starbucks

  6. thomasd


    8 perccel

    How is sitting in the back any different or better than sitting in the front? The dude is a class a retard in my opinion.

  7. Tuber Life daily

    Tuber Life daily

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  8. GMDavid


    8 perccel

    yes, we need more booba

  9. Tits McGee

    Tits McGee

    8 perccel

    You don’t get it. He’s cool.

  10. Jaheim Talbott

    Jaheim Talbott

    8 perccel

    Diabetes 😍

  11. Amy v

    Amy v

    8 perccel

    I thought that was the whole point 🤷‍♀️

  12. Anna Fitzpatrick

    Anna Fitzpatrick

    8 perccel

    I wonder if the Tesla kills someone he will use the affluenza as a defense. Why don't deranged killers target these people?

  13. Diksha


    8 perccel

    "I believe I can fly"

  14. Mark Benn

    Mark Benn

    8 perccel

    “It is safe”...... wanna be a electrical tinder box??

  15. ghost 250

    ghost 250

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  16. Alex Wood

    Alex Wood

    8 perccel

    Don’t you meat Dolphins Killers. THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN 🇯🇵 CALLS THEM PEST. They would be pest if the Japanese ate what Dolphins eat.

  17. hbgriss


    8 perccel

    Ahhh give me two , just took some insulin

  18. Siddharth Bhargava

    Siddharth Bhargava

    8 perccel

    Everybody keeps asking me whether I am fat. I'm a Man.

  19. Tim b

    Tim b

    8 perccel

    This is not Tesla's fault it clearly states you're not supposed to do the stuff this is why we can't have nice things

  20. -HIRO-


    8 perccel

    POV: When I steal my grandmas voice box for autotune:

  21. mercy syonzi

    mercy syonzi

    8 perccel

    May her soul rest in eternal peace in Jesus Christ's mighty name AMEN.

  22. omelete ‘

    omelete ‘

    8 perccel

    “ *LET IT DIE, LET IT DIE, LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE!* “ - Gailmet Wally

  23. Muaz Unais

    Muaz Unais

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  24. Enn Vee

    Enn Vee

    8 perccel

    Very cute couple

  25. Amtrak Productions

    Amtrak Productions

    8 perccel

    I’m gonna say it, we need harsh driving penalties. This person should never be able to drive again

  26. Space Lemur

    Space Lemur

    8 perccel

    Poor critter. Please, however, consider using a line editor. There is no such thing as an infected bullet. This was an infected bullet wound. You don't want us laughing at the headlines.

  27. SonyTheSunGod


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  28. Dank Ayush

    Dank Ayush

    9 perccel


  29. Sherif Ghoneim

    Sherif Ghoneim

    9 perccel

    That's a great demonstration that throughout history the problem is not the tools but people using them...

  30. Elfi S

    Elfi S

    9 perccel


  31. Titanosaurus


    9 perccel

    The mannequin was broken in half!

  32. Freikorps11/11


    9 perccel

    The weather guy and his spoilt kids !

  33. 64stacks


    9 perccel

    This guy’s tesla got impounded for a year and he straight up bought another one.

  34. make it make sense

    make it make sense

    9 perccel

    Sometimes I'm thankful I wasn't born rich. The entitlement is real

  35. Frenite


    9 perccel

    The barista should have added some complimentary spit too

  36. Dani Mark

    Dani Mark

    9 perccel

    he looked and sounded so impaired

  37. KATSY 0

    KATSY 0

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  38. Light skin guilt

    Light skin guilt

    9 perccel

    This is really ridiculous 😬

  39. Andi Leigh

    Andi Leigh

    9 perccel

    What an IDIOT.

  40. I’m Anonymous

    I’m Anonymous

    9 perccel

    This guy is either really brave or really stupid.

  41. karla dt

    karla dt

    9 perccel

    I thought that was called kink

  42. CJOGaming


    9 perccel

    then whats the point for making Autopilot wtf?

  43. Dav Guy

    Dav Guy

    9 perccel

    How did I know this was coming

  44. Ignacio Ramirez

    Ignacio Ramirez

    9 perccel

    Your a barista do your job no complaining. And this guy was not complaining he was making a joke. If anything he brought attention to Starbucks.

  45. BS


    9 perccel

    When I was 3, I went to my neighbour's home at around 3am as well. Got bitten by their dog and sent to hospital. Got a shot then went home to sleep. Dog was ok. I still got the scar.

  46. Kamsiyochukwu Richmond Okoye - Elev Wämöskolan 7C

    Kamsiyochukwu Richmond Okoye - Elev Wämöskolan 7C

    9 perccel

    Elon musk *leaves the chat*

  47. Carly Dreyer

    Carly Dreyer

    9 perccel

    He must of been stoned

  48. GreatWarsGaming


    9 perccel

    Sheep will do anything for money thats why we have the democratic party still.

  49. Dragonfruit Draws

    Dragonfruit Draws

    9 perccel

    Unicorn Frappuccino flashbacks

  50. John Smith

    John Smith

    9 perccel

    They really couldn't find anything better to report on. Here I thought there was going to be a story behind it

  51. Cal Bloken

    Cal Bloken

    9 perccel

    My dad didnt came back with milk, he came back with a 13ingrediens drink instead!

  52. Bad Andy

    Bad Andy

    9 perccel

    A squatted wheelbarrow was found as well

  53. Kaye Wilde

    Kaye Wilde

    9 perccel

    Don't buy dogs. Adopt

  54. Soulless Mushu X4

    Soulless Mushu X4

    9 perccel

    Welp I'm gonna try it

  55. John John

    John John

    10 perccel

    25 years of existence yet acts like a 5 year old boy.

  56. Nostalgia


    10 perccel

    This made me crave for pizzas

  57. hazri izwan

    hazri izwan

    10 perccel

    What happens if the car drives itself without any passenger inside!

  58. Quách Hêng Tôny

    Quách Hêng Tôny

    10 perccel

    No, my dog doesn't bite

  59. Aaron Burr Atwood.

    Aaron Burr Atwood.

    10 perccel

    Natural selection at its finest.

  60. Pasta The Cat

    Pasta The Cat

    10 perccel

    Wtf? How could he do that and why was she spotted on video with him at 1:45am in the woods??? No 13 or 14 year old should be out at those hours. Evil, wicked things will happen, case in point.

  61. Bad Andy

    Bad Andy

    10 perccel

    My ancestors!!!!! Yee haw skee yee woohoooooo

  62. tillettman


    10 perccel

    This is why fines need to a percentage of the person's wealth and not a fixed dollar amount.

  63. Deez Wot

    Deez Wot

    10 perccel

    “Hey, how did you get in here?” “I ate pancakes in the middle off the road.”

  64. darius m

    darius m

    10 perccel

    I know this wasn’t Tom Kenny doing the voice because there’s no way Tom Kenny would do a voice like that so they had Bob Kulick do the voice

  65. Goddess Free Spirit

    Goddess Free Spirit

    10 perccel

    The V sign ? It’s not a peace sign anymore? But I went to school with these types of YT boys. Not surprised at all I hope her family gets justice charge him as an adult. He has no remorse posting that on Snapchat smh

  66. Kamal LB

    Kamal LB

    10 perccel

    Wait for Elon to make a joke about this instead of being serious. Then a whole society of brain deads would do this on a huge scale🤦🏽

  67. Liam Dempsey

    Liam Dempsey

    10 perccel

    spolied and immature

  68. Flaca Diabla

    Flaca Diabla

    10 perccel

    Que estupida.

  69. lal Jad

    lal Jad

    11 perccel

    Well do moly take his driving license back...

  70. Kooky Milk

    Kooky Milk

    11 perccel

    Karma came at the wrong time 😰

  71. Christian Soto

    Christian Soto

    11 perccel

    That trainer look like Kendrick Lamar

  72. Bro. 68 3738

    Bro. 68 3738

    11 perccel

    I think he should go back to his country. He is acting very foolish with his personality and careless

  73. SickVick


    11 perccel

    And his Asian wow lmao



    11 perccel

    Who else only heard about this from inside edition

  75. JS Thompson

    JS Thompson

    11 perccel

    Smart things dumb people.

  76. Playground boy

    Playground boy

    11 perccel

    It’s funny ,but what’s more funnier is how you can cross a border while your jogging

  77. HarshJ_ohn


    11 perccel

    Use Mask.

  78. Jasper


    11 perccel

    I thought he was going to say "Shane Townley shot the kid" for a hot second