10-Year-Old Nicaraguan Boy Found Alone at Border

A 10-year-old Nicaraguan boy has been taken to a migrant facility in Texas after a widely circulated video showed him crying on the side of a dirt road near the U.S.-Mexico border. The boy told a Border Patrol agent that he was traveling with a group of 184 migrants and was abandoned during the night. He was wandering the desert for four hours before he was found. There was an outpouring of love, support and concern for the boy's well-being.


  1. Anthony Boquin

    Anthony Boquin

    12 másodpercig

    God is real god made the man go to the boy

  2. Kayla Relucio

    Kayla Relucio

    4 perccel

    Omy lord😭🥺

  3. Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

    Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

    8 perccel

    You all seem to forget all the Syrian children me and Obama did this to lol

  4. Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

    Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

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  5. Diana Mejia

    Diana Mejia

    24 perccel

    “Hes gods child he will be saved soon”

  6. Esther Linan

    Esther Linan


    Not cool

  7. Tae Space Alien

    Tae Space Alien


    As someone who is around his age group, I can't imagine being stuck in an unfamiliar place all alone like that. If you look around, there is like nothing in the area and someone can feel really isolated. But for real, what type of parent leaves their kids like that?! I understand that migrating is hard, but this is a 10 year old!!! Shouldn't someone look out for him?! Imagine how scared he was in an area like that?!

  8. TheFamFam



    Omg I can’t believe what happend to this young boy. I really hope he is okay! No 10 year old should have to go through this!! Sending prayers to him and hoping he is safe! 😭❤️

  9. John Chile

    John Chile


    I'm glad he was found, I can not handle kids suffer, is the one thing I really can't go without it hunting me at night, I know that it difficult in other countries but it's not okay to send kids alone

  10. Teng Thao

    Teng Thao

    2 órája

    Mhhhhh I didn't see this in cod

  11. Ella Douglas

    Ella Douglas

    4 órája

    This is what happens when Joe Biden is President!!!!

    • JuiceBox


      3 órája

      @Ella Douglas this was happening even when trump was in office for God's sake. Were being sad over a kid losing his parents and youre being mad cause Biden is the president.

    • Ella Douglas

      Ella Douglas

      3 órája

      @JuiceBox Why not? If this was happening under Trump then he would be up for impeachment a million times over, think about it.

    • JuiceBox


      3 órája

      Can you NOT bring politics into this???

  12. ur mom

    ur mom

    4 órája

    So its not cages anymore its migrant facilities ok got it

  13. oksana


    5 órája

    Omg I feel so BAD

  14. Susan Dasilva

    Susan Dasilva

    5 órája

    Now that's just cruel and that he's only 10 years old!

  15. Feriosa Corona

    Feriosa Corona

    5 órája

    I believe his mom was kidnapped and she managed to save her son, her mom was freed already though

  16. Sair Khan

    Sair Khan

    5 órája

    I feel bad for him

  17. Catiting33


    5 órája

    My nephew is 10, I cannot imagine him being alone anywhere!!! even at home! for four hours! :( I do hope he will be cared for.

  18. Guillermo Jiménez

    Guillermo Jiménez

    6 órája

    joe biden really needs to do something about this

  19. J Noneya

    J Noneya

    6 órája

    No child deserves that. I dont care what they say. Wrong us wrong

  20. Simpinator The Destroyer of Simps

    Simpinator The Destroyer of Simps

    6 órája

    I would've slowed doen and made him think I was gonna pick him up. As soon as he went for my door handle tho...ZOOOM🏎🤣

  21. roblox_AQ queen

    roblox_AQ queen

    7 órája

    My mom works at the el paso place she said that she watches the kids playes games with the kids at el paso the people who work there say that if you can stay as long as you can and help

  22. Clvrqq toh

    Clvrqq toh

    7 órája

    ( -_・)᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ╦╤── (group who abounded him)

  23. Joy Jones

    Joy Jones

    7 órája

    :( this is so sad ....😔

  24. Chris


    7 órája

    This is just cruel

  25. Dorothea Allen

    Dorothea Allen

    8 órája

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my heart is broke

  26. MinusSoup 918

    MinusSoup 918

    8 órája

    I hardly cry, but I couldn’t hold it back this time. I hope some day America will be known as a nation with open arms to all immigrants.

  27. k a y a

    k a y a

    8 órája

    i read about this :(

  28. Stay Faded

    Stay Faded

    9 órája

    Gonna grow up and b a strong man who never needed anyone’s help and a big hustler

  29. Bill Jones

    Bill Jones

    9 órája

    Biden's America.....

  30. R0R00 Delish

    R0R00 Delish

    9 órája

    Imagine being in his position As a over thinker this hurts, I truly hope he’s in a better place now And for the people who find it funny that he was abounded then rot in hell

  31. K M

    K M

    9 órája

    Thanks Biden!!! Good job to cause this!!!

  32. A McQ

    A McQ

    9 órája

    good grief..poor wee soul

  33. lalala lalallaa

    lalala lalallaa

    10 órája

    tf is this??? if i wer i will adopt him!😤

  34. Nel Sam

    Nel Sam

    12 órája

    Come here in the Philippines i will take care of you... 😢😢

  35. Ariel Del Mar

    Ariel Del Mar

    12 órája

    Human/child trafficking is real. Communist Biden will be our downfall.

  36. patrick the king

    patrick the king

    12 órája

    in the future:the mexican batman

  37. ttavares_


    12 órája

    nigaRAGUA i know its nicaragua

  38. Tony P

    Tony P

    13 órája

    Don’t invade someone else’s country then stay where you belong

    • thenjdevil


      3 órája

      @Tony P no reply?

    • Tony P

      Tony P

      9 órája

      @thenjdevil Nothing is wrong with most of us. Just tired of these taco venders coming to America in dirty floods and destroying this nation. If they love their own countries so much the would stay their instead of thinking they’re somehow better than America. 🇺🇸

    • thenjdevil


      10 órája

      Wtf is actually wrong with conservatives lmao

  39. East Ender

    East Ender

    13 órája

    What an awful place the human species have turned our planet into ....the only species that turn mercilessly against their own ....constantantly.

  40. Randomweirdo


    13 órája

    Bruh just let them come over teach them english and let them be adopted

  41. Mr Coy Peralta

    Mr Coy Peralta

    13 órája


  42. Don't Sacrifice Yoshis

    Don't Sacrifice Yoshis

    13 órája

    When I lose sight of my mum when I was younger, I freak out, can't imagine this.

  43. AsorockvibesTV


    13 órája

    I feel so sorry for the kid 😥😥😥🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  44. Jtof


    14 órája

    This made me sad and makes me want to appreciate my parents more

  45. Nimwell Romero

    Nimwell Romero

    14 órája

    This is so sad. I want to adopt all those migrants kid, so I can help them. 😭😭💔

  46. Muhammad Zakriya plays

    Muhammad Zakriya plays

    15 órája

    What has happened to the world

  47. Samith PS

    Samith PS

    15 órája

    It’s like Elysium movie.poor fighting to go to rich land for their own good future

  48. Jammeh Manjang Yama

    Jammeh Manjang Yama

    15 órája

    He don’t deserves this

  49. Jammeh Manjang Yama

    Jammeh Manjang Yama

    15 órája

    You don’t deserve this

  50. Jammeh Manjang Yama

    Jammeh Manjang Yama

    15 órája

    Omg W my god

  51. Maggie L.

    Maggie L.

    15 órája

    No one deserves this 😖😖😭

  52. StarryNiight


    15 órája

    i was with my mom and dad in a busy market like it was really crowded, i was 5-7 years old and when i lost them i was shaking- like i cant move... it was a really scary experience. thank god they found me though!

  53. Commenter I'm just a commenter

    Commenter I'm just a commenter

    16 órája

    I wonder why they left him and none of the other migrants.

  54. Captivating-Culprit


    17 órája

    Poor baby...

  55. Jessica


    17 órája

    This hurts my heart bro.

  56. Sadia Meem

    Sadia Meem

    17 órája

    I can't put my eyes on this boys face. May Allah bless him.

  57. ツ爪 卂 尺 丂ツ

    ツ爪 卂 尺 丂ツ

    17 órája

    I cant even be alone for one second in the grocery with my brother better less that-

  58. Catharina


    18 órája

    when I was a kid I remember how terrified I was because I had lost my father in the market, I can't imagine how this boy was feeling, I sincerely hope that he is better now

  59. John gabriel

    John gabriel

    18 órája

    If the kid was running around in a place and just ran around more places and ended up in another place i felt it because when i was a kid i got lost in a large city but luckily they had like people who have microphones that say there's a lost child and they tell me what is my name thank god the kid was found safe

  60. George Smith

    George Smith

    19 órája

    notice when Trump was President you never saw this on the news now with Biden its all over the news.

  61. Jamaica Aying

    Jamaica Aying

    19 órája

    This is heartbreaking. Hope those people who put him there get KARMA!

  62. Pee Organs

    Pee Organs

    20 órája

    Will the boy be able to stay with the relatives or no ?

  63. 2brvx


    20 órája

    Never in Chicago

  64. Wonu


    20 órája

    I barely can keep myself together when I loose my parents at a grocery store. This poor boy must have been so scared and traumatized

  65. J. I Panameno

    J. I Panameno

    20 órája

    This is soo sad I can’t believe they did that to the poor kid

  66. mimana2


    20 órája

    He must be reunited with his parents. How cruel.... Send him back to his home!!!

  67. Maria Sanchez

    Maria Sanchez

    20 órája

    I live in donna texas and it is overcrowded. I wish i could do something about it but i cant

  68. Tristan Wood

    Tristan Wood

    20 órája

    just leave him there go back to mexico

    • Tony P

      Tony P

      13 órája

      @Tristan Wood yessir 👍

    • Tristan Wood

      Tristan Wood

      20 órája

      to good

  69. The Fiend

    The Fiend

    20 órája

    Gotta admit never a dull moment on this planet

  70. RoboPower Lex

    RoboPower Lex

    21 órája

    if it wasn't for them finding this poor kid he would have Died! But imagine having a kid abandoned in a frozen wasteland?

  71. anthony pena

    anthony pena

    21 órája

    That’s just sad :(

  72. Zeroshiki


    22 órája

    Why do they take these kids to detention facilities ? Seems there should be a better place for them.

  73. Awake Moon

    Awake Moon

    23 órája

    as a republican this makes me sick, poor kid.

    • Akachan 1.2

      Akachan 1.2

      10 órája

      Blame it on Biden's administration, they could have handled this.

  74. Augustus Still

    Augustus Still

    23 órája

    Shame on the countries of central America for not protecting their youngest citizens! The children! Pathetic governments!

  75. [Afton Family squad]

    [Afton Family squad]


    Poor boy I want to hug him to comfort him

  76. Dianeli Zuniga

    Dianeli Zuniga



  77. dema's world

    dema's world


    His parents said bye-

  78. BananaBoi



    I don’t get it he is not Mexican Sorry about the joke : /

  79. That Spooder

    That Spooder


    That poor kid, he deserves better. :(

  80. Nah Z

    Nah Z


    I used to have panic attacks when I lost my mom in a crowd when I was his age. Can’t imagine how these kids have it hard. God bless all babies

  81. Phantom Balloon Boy’s Channel

    Phantom Balloon Boy’s Channel






    This just makes me hate more on the US, oh god

  83. Pélé Sync

    Pélé Sync


    Can't believe his parents would just their child wander off with a bunch of strangers who basically only have interest in themselves. I hope those migrants get stopped and sent back.

  84. Spyninja Serrano

    Spyninja Serrano



  85. Daniel Zavala

    Daniel Zavala


    The reason they do this is because they want a better life for the kid yes this is bad

  86. Nicki Oh

    Nicki Oh


    Bless his lil heart 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️🥲

  87. Heaven Hancock

    Heaven Hancock


    No child should go alone in a desert because like the child said he could be murdered or kidnapped and that he’s scared they should at least be with their parents

  88. Heaven Hancock

    Heaven Hancock


    Poor kid I hope he’s ok

  89. Madison Shackleford

    Madison Shackleford


    I am so sad. They abandoned him! :( poor boy i am so sad I hope he is ok now

  90. baby pluto

    baby pluto



  91. Japheth Dwyer

    Japheth Dwyer


    How heartless do you have to be to ABANDON a 10 year old CHILD at the border, if you're gonna jump the wall atleast bring him with you, at least be with him, to assure him he's safe, but you decide to leave him in the desert with no food or water

  92. Claudio Murguia

    Claudio Murguia


    By the I turned 12 years old

  93. Claudio Murguia

    Claudio Murguia


    Thank god that he is in Texas hopefully they take him to the adoption center so some family they can adoption him with his new family and his parents should be in jail for abandoning him

  94. shrapnol



    Sick batman t-shirt

    • imnoop GT

      imnoop GT

      18 órája

      @Alcdawg dababy

    • Alcdawg




  95. poopslap poopslap

    poopslap poopslap


    Biden's fault

  96. Bryson Helms

    Bryson Helms


    And no matter what it i will always be trump falt be I am sad and crying all the time

  97. Tenzin Phuntsok

    Tenzin Phuntsok


    My teacher visited this country...He didnt see this. WHAT

  98. Katie Draws

    Katie Draws


    God.... that could’ve been any kid, the fact that he is wearing a Batman shirt added to my sadness because he’s just a kid, he has interests and likes things, he’s just like any kid.

  99. PurpleDerple



    I just had to like this video

  100. Walder Martinez

    Walder Martinez


    I feel so bad... 🥺