11-Year-Old Gives Rousing Weather Report on Texas Storm

As Texas continues to weather the winter storm and the freezing temperatures it’s bringing to the usually sunny southern state, one 11-year-old boy is giving weather updates to his HUeye followers, and he’s not half bad! Akash Vukoti started off his report on the third day of the “Big Freeze” in Texas with a well-composed shot of what he called “nicicles” hanging from his home’s roof. Akash did his best meteorologist impresion, and he knows his stuff!


  1. Akash Vukoti

    Akash Vukoti

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    Thank you so much @InsideEdition for highlighting my video, I truly enjoyed reporting the Storm Weather as you can see! Folks, please check out more of my videos at @AkashVukoti 🙏❤️🙏

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      its him

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      Pavan Krishna

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      Nice lol

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      Well done young man.

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    • Itz Thuhiri

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      You have so much confidence! Stay safe!

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    OMG I just realized something insane wow I hope Im wrong... omg

  3. Jamie Chen

    Jamie Chen

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    akash vukoti has a bright future ahead of him. at such a young age he has already achieved so much from spelling bee champion to little big shots.

  4. My name is Jeff

    My name is Jeff

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    I love the confidence

  5. Nolan B

    Nolan B

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    This kid has been on Steve Harvey and Jimmy Kimmel before when he was younger.

  6. Dark Mayhem

    Dark Mayhem

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    He will be a very good news reporter.

  7. Larry Mapes

    Larry Mapes

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    Great loved it,

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    Everybody gangster till this guy does the voice over for the next video

  10. George Washington

    George Washington

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    I wasnt this confident even when I was president! Good going next gen America!

  11. Denisse cruz

    Denisse cruz

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    He was on dancing with the starts junior I believe

  12. b3atriz


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    he seem very positive tbh he could become a news reporter :)

  13. Silvia Figueroa

    Silvia Figueroa

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    Awesome announcer Maybe a future news man

  14. Darius


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    When he left the house, he told his dad 'you're the the man of the house now'

  15. JABIE780


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    I think he was a Spelling Bee winner and also participated in DWTS.

  16. Kevin Thompson Jr

    Kevin Thompson Jr

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    That kid is very good

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    NO HES NOT 🤡🤡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

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    This kid needs to shut up

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    Whole lotta cap

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    this dude probally gets a in his presenttion

  20. Kalsang Choedon

    Kalsang Choedon

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    Wasn’t he on little big shots with Steve Harvey??

  21. Kevin Jhonson

    Kevin Jhonson

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    *Us in Canada with -40 degrees celius:* Fr tho this kid has potential

  22. Uwugav


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    Ok I'm sorry but where I'm from it gets way colder

  23. Ventura Lopez

    Ventura Lopez

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    Damn he smart 😅

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    Xyxdia playz

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    This kid is very smart I’m proud of him.

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    Indian’s trying their best 😂

  26. Byron


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    Hes just like V sauce lmfao

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    If a white kid done this, this would never make the news.

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    Samuel Polanco

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    He's going to take your job

  30. My Dude

    My Dude

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    The niceycles was very good🤣 He has a bright future 😉

    • Littlegirl Whodoesntknowshit

      Littlegirl Whodoesntknowshit

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      Ikr I was laughing so hard very funny most funny thing ever

  31. Quin Campbell

    Quin Campbell

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    He was on a dancing show and he did a math video

  32. Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi

    Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi

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    👇 hire him

  33. Jeremy Saluta

    Jeremy Saluta

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    Canadians laughing at them saying its “too cold”

  34. Brian Quickscoper

    Brian Quickscoper

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    He's gonna make the weather channel great again when he grows up

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    isn’t that the kid from the spelling bee?

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    Hey that’s pretty good

  37. bruh moment

    bruh moment

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    in other news, senator ted cruz has fled the scene and went to experience the nice warm weather in cancun, mexico

  38. V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology7

    V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology7

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    Too cute!

  39. Lexo69


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    Kid has more emotion than news reporter's these days

  40. Michael lol

    Michael lol

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    Please for the past week Wisconsin had like -20

  41. Fishii Plays omg1590

    Fishii Plays omg1590

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    I don’t want nothing no power water heater lights but I’m alive

  42. Phoenix


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    get this boy a job, he is actually really good at it

  43. C M

    C M

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    I feel like he actually won all those spelling bee trophies 🏆

  44. LitModz


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    would of been nice tp here Hey guys its me vikkstar123 (Sidemen)

  45. Apotheosis Manufacturer

    Apotheosis Manufacturer

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    this man hired his boss

  46. I is one of us

    I is one of us

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    Meet the fyture TV journalist

  47. Peace & Namaste

    Peace & Namaste

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    Give this kid a job!!!

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    Our lowest was -3 in Fort Worth

  50. K1-BO saihara

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  51. egg


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    Canadians: "First time?"

  52. Ag g

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    Hire him



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    I'm 11 years old tooo

  54. Diane Brazil

    Diane Brazil

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    Young man can start his career right now.

  55. Emily December

    Emily December

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    God Bless this child and his family

  56. Courageously Cali

    Courageously Cali

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    I want him as my weather man 😌

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    Common sense 👏

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    This guys good

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    When a kid isn't complaining like the adults over wi fi and power.

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    Hello, your computer has virus

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    This kid’s definitely gonna go places

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    bring your son to work day huh?

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    He's like that blue shirt Indian kid bill nye the silence guy Linus from Linus tech tips and Tom Scott combined. Kinda insane ngl

  65. Oh my quite preposterous

    Oh my quite preposterous

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    Nice job panjeet

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    Isn’t he the boy from the spelling bee? Anywho someone needs to hire him

  69. Alejandro T

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    I would honestly feel more comfortable taking to thousands of people on a camera than 10 in a class.

  70. Elaine Perez

    Elaine Perez

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    Guys... This kid is a gifted one, dare I say a legend. just type his name on here. He has been to kimmel, harvey, dancing w the stars kids ed, ellen, recognised initially from being on the spelling bee so yeah. He still has the same energy throughout, am impressed. Good one Akash and to his parents!



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    Kids in canada be like This kids exaggerating, its only minus two eh

  72. Kwame


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    very substandard reporting

  73. T-Shirt Playz

    T-Shirt Playz

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    “0:46” Hey he’s pretty good lol

  74. Abdullah Mohammed

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    Wow man that's unusual man. I really hate snow i wanted to move somewhere in the south. Ended up snowing in the heart of southern states. No where to go now.

  75. superhype kid21

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    Y'all give him a job lol

  76. Mark Brown

    Mark Brown

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    How come you can't see his breath if it 25 degrees in his paren'ts home???

  77. Jook nV

    Jook nV

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    Dollar tree Karl azuz

  78. Harmonyloveツ


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    May I ask how they recorded this video in no power?

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    I see a future in news reporter!

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    Imagine Inside Edition hires him in the next 10 years.

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    0:16 No, the icicles weren't ON the roof. They were hanging from the eaves.

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    omg it’s the kid from little big shots

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    Oh I definitely see Meteorology in his future! He's made for it 😁

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    This kid looks as what I think muta looked like as a kid

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    He can be a news reporter. That confidence 👍

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    How cute lol aww WOW SMART LITTLE GUY🖤😍

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    Dang boi-

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    Ha I had this for a school project

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    CNN is good enough thanks

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    What a cutie.

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    Omg I remember him from DWTS juniors 😭

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    Isn't he the Spelling bee champ

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    How cute 🥰! Did it perfect

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    wow just wow,

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    That kid looks like my old Indian freind from school. But expect he is very nice and friendly

  100. Tina Alhasan bandq

    Tina Alhasan bandq

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    why everybody is surprised?is Akash,he is member of mensa, the smartest people in the world