18-Year-Old Pearl Harbor Sailor’s Remains Identified

An 18-year-old soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country will finally be brought home. Howard S. Magers was a Navy Seaman 2nd Class, assigned to the battleship USS Oklahoma. On Dec. 7, 1941, the Oklahoma capsized in Pearl Harbor after being hit by several torpedoes during an air attack from Japan. Magers was identified using dental and anthropological analysis, as well as mitochondrial and autosomal DNA.


  1. Jeanette W

    Jeanette W

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    18... Wow. Still a baby. Smh. 💕

  2. Rebecca Shuman

    Rebecca Shuman

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    He died young but he’s remembered as a hero

  3. C F

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    💔 may they all rest easy

  5. THiNk aBoUt iT.

    THiNk aBoUt iT.

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    Thank you for your service brother 💪💯 Rest in peace 🕊️

  6. Kaili Markle

    Kaili Markle

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    I Have All Three Of My Family Members Military Suits Till This Day Never In A Million Year Would I Ever Give It To A Museum I Wear It To The Mall Grocery Store Nail Salon Hair Salon Dentist Appointment Doctors Appointment

  7. Kaili Markle

    Kaili Markle

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    All 3 Family Members Have Made It Out Alive An Now They Can Share Their Story With Other Military Veterans

  8. Kaili Markle

    Kaili Markle

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    My Great Grandfather Herbert Markle Flew The Fighter Planes In Pearl Harbor An My Uncle Herbert Markle III Was A Police Officer On The Military Base My Grandpa Glen Was A Patrol Officer On Base To Make Sure The Soldiers Weren't Doing Anything Bad

  9. Bluye Bluye

    Bluye Bluye

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    I’d rather die young doing something worth living for then die old having lived for nothin

  10. Jake Playz

    Jake Playz

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    My grand father was once in the Iraq army, I do not know much facts about his role or what ship he was aboard, He is still alive in his 70s.

  11. Juan Vega

    Juan Vega

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    That’s how much his family cared for him smh

    • Swiss


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  12. ultimate shota

    ultimate shota

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    lost, but not forgotten

  13. Brian Multaney

    Brian Multaney

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    Thats so sad

  14. Shaw Lewis

    Shaw Lewis

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    He sacrificed his life for the US. At least he'll het the recognition he deserves

  15. Maryann Jones

    Maryann Jones

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    Sad story WW2

  16. John Sebastian

    John Sebastian

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    Here before some libtard ruins this moment

  17. Kurtis Taylor

    Kurtis Taylor

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    I live not too far for smiths grove.

  18. Jonathan G

    Jonathan G

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    An American hero at its finest! Rest in peace. We will never forget...

  19. Jerri Weller

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  20. Eddie R

    Eddie R

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    My grandfather survived pearl harbor harbor thank god🙏

  21. jakeman025


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    This was one of the last generations of true men.

  22. Thomas Plouffe

    Thomas Plouffe

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    Those faces, I can almost hear a family member go “hi grandpa”

  23. disney 2

    disney 2

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    He’s cute

  24. Gum


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    Me at 18 struggling to find a job, Shame on me.

  25. Bzake


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    He died at 18 while the men in suits who gave the orders lived till 80

  26. Samuel A

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  27. Deaconator22 Official

    Deaconator22 Official

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    Peter Griffin: Hehe hehe Seamen.

  28. John Brown

    John Brown

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    This is why we can never let fascism return. Learn from history so these tragedies don’t return. RIP

  29. Promise You

    Promise You

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    He looked like a funny guy who loved to laugh

  30. Just Me

    Just Me

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  31. hurricane


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    seamen. lol i’m immature.

  32. hurricane


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    i thought the title meant something different. lol

  33. Natalia Munoz

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  34. Bethany Mount

    Bethany Mount

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    What a hotti .... Glad he can fully be laid to rest may he Rest in Paradise

  35. Michael Lovely

    Michael Lovely

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    This reminds me of how the Vietnam War veteran who was previously interred in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers was finally identified in 1998 and his remains were returned to his family in St. Louis, Missouri.

  36. Random Videos and Music

    Random Videos and Music

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    SEMEN hehe

  37. equarg


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    😢 RIP young man. Your finally going home.

  38. American artist

    American artist

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    So sad he died young my great grandpa fought in the war he was very lucky to survive

    • American artist

      American artist

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      @Zero Todona I’m sorry I meant in the war I’ll change that I had a little brain fart

    • Zero Todona

      Zero Todona

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      You know there was no fighting, right...? The Japanese kamikazi the ships aka pilots yolo into ships.

  39. The Ava Stark

    The Ava Stark

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    He saved us all.. Not realising today's generation that im apart of, shamefully, is soft af probably accuse this hero of slavery

  40. Boldly Colored Lizard King

    Boldly Colored Lizard King

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    May this young man Rest In Peace but May his family remember that he’s not gone, he will be with us forever. 🌻💐🌹🌷🌺

  41. lakshmivallabh


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    🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  42. lakshmivallabh


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  43. Meg Ustare

    Meg Ustare

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    If you're ever visiting Hawaii, I highly recommend sight-seeing at Punchbowl! Very beautiful!

  44. Crystal_wolf


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    I all most cried my eyes out he is from my state and it’s just so overwhelming I have lost uncles that I have never met from word war II

  45. Matt gaming

    Matt gaming

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    RIP big man!!!!! 💙

  46. Badgalriri


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    The 3,700th like (37 my lucky number)! Anyhow RIP Howard really hope he still has Family as it’s about to be 80yrs died on the 7th & identified on the 7th! The 2nd Solider they’ve just found in 2wks hope more will be recovered! Love & Blessings from London 🙏🏾💜

  47. Bjørn Jordan

    Bjørn Jordan

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    Rest in peace sailor! We thank you!

  48. Dropping 2020 in every video

    Dropping 2020 in every video

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    Damn.. At 18 he died for his country.. Now you cant talk to 18 year olds without hurtin their feelings.

  49. KunoichiHawaii


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    He was such an adorable boy, beautiful soul may you rest in place

  50. 2112Nightshift


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    My father was in Pearl when it got hit. He was aboard the USS Phoenix. They were moored near the mouth of the harbor and got out during the attack. His stories of that day were chilling.

  51. Titilia Navukaro

    Titilia Navukaro

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    Bittersweet moment.

  52. CoralineBlue


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    True patriots. Not those gun-toting idiots who stormed capitol.Thank you for your service sir.

  53. Kaiya


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    This is probably rude but he’s good looking but he was young🥺 he served our country as a American, hero, son and soldier. May be Rest In Peace now

  54. Russ


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    Anime is the payback we received for Nuking Japan.

  55. Harrison Banks

    Harrison Banks

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    Navy seaman lol.

  56. JessenLH


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    heroic man

  57. WickedlyMe328


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    My Grams cousin was also on the Oklahoma and was among the remains identified.

  58. Adam


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    I have the peace of the Oklahoma in my room right now, got it from my grandpa. RIP Howard Magers, thank you for your service.

  59. The Oklahoman. BB 37

    The Oklahoman. BB 37

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    As an Oklahoman, he will be considered as one. We love our sailors and our old ship. We respect those who serve, and mourn those who lost their lives on that day. Fly high soldier, your sacrifice was not in vain.

  60. Chris belli

    Chris belli

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    Too young to be at war



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    💙 to the family of.....May he NOW REST IN PEACE ☮️.....🍁🇨🇦

  62. ChickenFish999


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  63. Caleb Salinas

    Caleb Salinas

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    No more whitewashing Mexican culture with Caucasian salsas please

  64. Crystal Kerstal

    Crystal Kerstal

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    Thank you for your service, Howard S. Maggers🙏 Welcome home, and may you now Rest In Peace💙

  65. Dirty Sanchez

    Dirty Sanchez

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    I'm happy our hero will finally be laid to rest properly. Bless his heart, and his family. 🙏❤️✌️🇺🇲

  66. Ordinary Politics

    Ordinary Politics

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    I bet he will be sad to hear those black peoples rioting

  67. Payton laga

    Payton laga

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    I am very happy that we have identified one more person from the attack of Pearl Harbor it is sad that we did get attacked and lost a lot of people. I hope that everyone who has died in the attack has a nice rest in peace. As a person who lives on Hawai'i I do thank them for fighting back on the attack of Pearl Harbor.

  68. Brandon


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    People in the past seems a lot of braver. Though that is probably because they had to. In my generation everyone would start screaming if they see a spider or any bugs. It’s crazy how before young people seem to be so brave, literally seeing and hearing gunshots and watching others die, but he still can’t/wouldn’t start crying.

    • Upstreamtoast35


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      @Josh Kolbo well yes actually

    • Josh Kolbo

      Josh Kolbo

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      Well I mean there’s no point of war anymore

    • Justin Neri Panotes

      Justin Neri Panotes

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      I'm sure their generation would also be startled by a multi legged creature

  69. Kevin Perez

    Kevin Perez

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    I bet when he was dying, he didn’t think about posting a video on tiktok and cry to a sad song...

  70. Chrylilbumbum


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    Hol up they removed the dislike button on comments

    • Chrylilbumbum


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      @Mister Y Go look on any video with comments no comment has dislikes

  71. When you see the boys gangsta without you

    When you see the boys gangsta without you

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    He would be 98 if he is still alive

  72. Jsjwjja Gaming

    Jsjwjja Gaming

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    RIP to all who died fighting for us

  73. the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith

    the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith

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    Poor boy

  74. James Smith

    James Smith

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    This is why threatening other countries isn’t a joke.

  75. Explorer2400


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    Amazing after all this time. Now he can finally rest in peace ☮

  76. Fireball


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    Yes thanks for killing other people and yourselves so we can get more land we won't use

    • Fireball


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      @Anything Funny No I just explained what war is and wasn't just referring to this guy

    • Anything Funny

      Anything Funny

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      @Fireball yes because an 18 year old on a ship is is a killer. Anti American 🤡

    • Fireball


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      @sam jones what no war

    • sam jones

      sam jones

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      Self defence??

  77. Jesus Wept

    Jesus Wept

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    Sad died so young, but at least he gets some recognition for his sacrifice now.

    • BJ_MC30


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      No one cares

    • Chase Thomsen

      Chase Thomsen

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      @André Yamashita yeah you can’t just attack a neutral country and then say our response was too much

    • Shroomy Guy

      Shroomy Guy

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      @André Yamashita shouldn't have attacked us then now Japan knows

    • André Yamashita

      André Yamashita

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      Yeah this is sad but two atomic bombs in a row ...

  78. Jude Anaya

    Jude Anaya

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    Hmmm his hand don’t match the face looks like someone else’s hand???

  79. Firefly miesumae

    Firefly miesumae

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    Good for his family

  80. anija maman

    anija maman

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    I like your videos

  81. Nana Ama Bedua Mensah

    Nana Ama Bedua Mensah

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    What matters is that he helped to save America. He will forever be remembered, RIP

  82. Cameron_ McB

    Cameron_ McB

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    My b-day was on Pearl Harbor day. Very sad though

  83. Wallnut 58

    Wallnut 58

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    This is what America does to ya kids

  84. Chantilly Lace

    Chantilly Lace

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    Rest in Peace, soldier. Thanks for serving our country.

  85. Wallnut 58

    Wallnut 58

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    First 10 seconds of the video *"Kentucky"* *Me* - Kentucky Fried Chicken

  86. Legend on YT

    Legend on YT

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    18 year olds now: shake their ass to get clout, on their phone all the time, and sleep all the time.

    • Legend on YT

      Legend on YT

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      @Unknown I didn't say all 18 year olds

    • Unknown


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      Not all 18 year olds

  87. Israel Muamua

    Israel Muamua

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    why the dislikes you heartless cows.

  88. Thunder Bro

    Thunder Bro

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    You have done your country proud boys

  89. Genesis twinkie

    Genesis twinkie

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    This is amazing and my class is learning about pearl harbor bombing in school

  90. Richard O'Donnell

    Richard O'Donnell

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    R.I.P buddy🇺🇸

  91. Bandit99


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    Rip sailor

  92. pixel mods ttv

    pixel mods ttv

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    Pearl harbor was the biggest mistake Japan ever made

  93. Devilman Crybaby

    Devilman Crybaby

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    1940’s 18yr olds serve their country. 2021 18yr olds On Tiktok exposing their body. oh have times changed smfh

  94. William The Conqueror

    William The Conqueror

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    I read that as 18-Year-Old Pearl Harbor Sailor Remains Identified.

  95. Auto Matic

    Auto Matic

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    😭😭😭 God Bless This True Warrior!!!

  96. Screen Apple

    Screen Apple

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    strange people exist on earth... hologram people...In new york city. I remember overcrowded. Covid-19 wipe out of the population. Ghost people or hologram people exist and don''t exist on earth.... I tried to read the bible....I found the story abot lots guest..... do hologram people exist? like this boy....

  97. KWMIKAZE Grim


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    Navy semen hahahaha

    • CIA Special Activities division

      CIA Special Activities division

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    Making the ultimate sacrifice. Very thankful for these young boys especially during those dark times back then. I sure hope that he may Rest In Peace 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  99. Adam kalaf

    Adam kalaf

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    I miss old inside edition :c

  100. Shanon kaur

    Shanon kaur

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    I wanna share a war story I don't rlly know all the details but i remember my grandad telling me that his dad(my great grandad) died fighting the british for the freedom of the British Raj in Afghanistan and since then my grandfather grew up and when he was ab 18 he sat in the back of a cargo lorry from Pakistan to Afghanistan, then on a ship to France and then a lorry to the UK and that's how I'm here today friends

    • Shanon kaur

      Shanon kaur

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      @Upstreamtoast35 no he didn't

    • Upstreamtoast35


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      Did he get deployed to iran