2 Reporters Are Sentenced to Jail for Filming Protests

Two journalists have been sentenced to serve two years in a Belarussian jail. Darya Chultsova, 23, and Katsiaryna Andreyeva, 27, were arrested in November 2020 for filming and live-streaming protests for their employer, Belsat TV. They were found guilty of “organizing a demonstration that grossly violates public order” by streaming the protests. The American Embassy in Belarus calls their conviction “an attempt to silence the media.”


  1. FireFoxGaming


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    This country is going to hell

  2. Aya Nonvabiznes

    Aya Nonvabiznes


    That’s messed up

  3. ̣



    imagine, have a technology to record a history, but get arrested longer than any true crime.

  4. Lauryn Seaborn

    Lauryn Seaborn



  5. Mj



    And people say the US is the only one with its issues. The WORLD has its issues. We all got our own issues within our nations. May be the same, but most likely different




    ummm when you guys cant find real crime-

  7. David Cross

    David Cross


    Yummy yummy

  8. Sub or my potato will be sad

    Sub or my potato will be sad


    Who knows what they were doing

  9. Just a guy Being a dude

    Just a guy Being a dude


    I why they get it

  10. Edge Lord

    Edge Lord

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    Imagine like that one guy gave a tip not to get a ticket by pushing the speed camera/camera upwards and get sentenced to jail for 8 years?

  11. Malcolm3368


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    2 years for filming protests?

  12. Raphael Villalobos

    Raphael Villalobos

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    When the USA gives a statement that reflects the past administrations actions hmmmm

  13. Troy Manansala

    Troy Manansala

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    Just how petty some governments could be. They're reporters, they were literally just doing their jobs for crying out loud!

  14. karina w

    karina w

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    as a polish person i am actually offended because ppl need to see what’s happening in my home country

  15. Hunter Postelmans

    Hunter Postelmans

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    “But if they were black they would’ve died”

  16. Robert Rosas

    Robert Rosas

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    I really hope Trump does this to big tech and fake news CNN and inside edition. The media is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

  17. Darya Lucky

    Darya Lucky

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    Yes, its happen in my coutry

  18. blueberryskeppy


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    and theres the guy who killed four driving while drugged and drunk af who got parole

  19. Rigel


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    Lmao not the Americans acting all high and mighty when they treated protesters just as badly.

  20. Luisanna marcelino ventura

    Luisanna marcelino ventura

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    Bruh...? They just needed to report! Being a reporter is a job, why jail them?

  21. toad sage

    toad sage

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    They love the attention



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    Ok but why they throwing peace signs.... annoys me tbh... they organised the protest they deserve to be in iail

  23. Jemya Franks

    Jemya Franks

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    That crazy!!!🙄😱

  24. Lynn Little

    Lynn Little

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    What is this? China?

  25. Toriann Beckford

    Toriann Beckford

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    This is just ridiculous I don't see a sense in arresting them just for that

  26. Rat Mouse

    Rat Mouse

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    They should plead innocent. They did not organize it. They reported about it. Sometimes I forget how controlling Belarus is.

  27. Athena Green

    Athena Green

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    Says America, the country who's former president was also anti-media.

  28. Magic Shadow

    Magic Shadow

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    These people must hate whistle blowers or something, I mean seriously,

  29. Zeus The mighty Greek God

    Zeus The mighty Greek God

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  30. DarthDavid 227

    DarthDavid 227

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    Other countries don’t have the same rights as Americans do. Yes, you can be jailed for filming they don’t want protests live streamed, it hurts their image. It’s awful censorship but legal in their country

  31. Lala


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    The whole world might aswell get arrested because we've all done something wrong in our lives

    • Aquarium Boy123

      Aquarium Boy123

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      I don’t think the entire world should be arrested, can’t imagine the world like that

  32. Lala


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    Our world is seriously messed up.

  33. Lala


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    In a high security prision. Wow. For filming one picture of a protest. Its not like theyre gonna beat someone up or smthing.

    • Aquarium Boy123

      Aquarium Boy123

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      The video stated they will be in a minimum security prison, not high security. Missed it?

  34. savy88


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  35. CIA Agent

    CIA Agent

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    1:10 this is literally happening in the US.

  36. Gabriel2005_11 / gaming

    Gabriel2005_11 / gaming

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    at least they have each other to talk to.

    • Gabriel2005_11 / gaming

      Gabriel2005_11 / gaming

      3 napja

      @Lala oh

    • Lala


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      Its not atleast, they would probably be seperated and why where they arrested in the first place!

  37. harrypottah


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    imagine how many people were sent to jail for just being at the protests i-

  38. Robin Redbreast

    Robin Redbreast

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    When I first read the topic I thought this had happened in America. You know we come very close to this kind of thing happening right here in America.

  39. Hisoka Morow

    Hisoka Morow

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    2 years for taking a picture?

  40. Joe Bidome

    Joe Bidome

    3 napja

    Isnt this kinda a dictator move?

  41. Chickennrice


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    Dang, as an American, I am thankful for my fist amendment rights. I hope these women stay safe out there

  42. Tech Tech

    Tech Tech

    3 napja

    Bulshit free them

    • Lala


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  43. Massacre Maker

    Massacre Maker

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    This is loss of freedom

  44. neo the cat

    neo the cat

    3 napja

    They were doing their friggin JOB!!!!!

  45. Ja’Crispy


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    All you entitled Americans don’t realize that in other countries the government does what they want. The people don’t have rights

  46. Tomatoe Undercover

    Tomatoe Undercover

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    0:23 😐😐 They only did is take a picture.

  47. CBV •

    CBV •

    3 napja

    Will Eastern Europe ever get a non corrupt goverment

  48. Bianca Pech

    Bianca Pech

    3 napja

    Them the whole time 👁👅👁 ✌🏼 👁💋👁

  49. ED


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    I literally got a ad about lack of free speech in China lol

  50. Ok 2021

    Ok 2021

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    No freedom of assembly ?

  51. A. K.

    A. K.

    3 napja

    Thanks for this story Inside Edition !!! 💯👍 Freedom of Speech is being ripped, all around the globe. 😤😡😡

  52. A. K.

    A. K.

    3 napja

    How hypocritical of the U.S. to speak out about this when Facebook and Twitter shuts down people's accounts for opinions they don't like. SMH I despise hypocrisy !!!

  53. Blue Darkness

    Blue Darkness

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    That is not right, they just show what it happens inside of jail

  54. Zarrea


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    WHAT? i hate the system so much

  55. Penny Pillow

    Penny Pillow

    3 napja

    isnt he the guy that got upset about a woman winning his old position?

  56. Kayla Newbill

    Kayla Newbill

    3 napja

    This is ridiculous.

  57. Daniel Fuck u

    Daniel Fuck u

    3 napja

    belarus lol what a country

  58. grape juice

    grape juice

    3 napja

    Most rapists don’t even get one year. Patriarchy at its finest

  59. Frederick Forshag

    Frederick Forshag

    3 napja

    But cant report on the crooked democrat's running a muck and the crooked media here in the U.S.A. go figure.

  60. abood kram

    abood kram

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    99% الفنانة يسرا

  61. X123Monster EX4

    X123Monster EX4

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  62. aryaa 1917

    aryaa 1917

    3 napja

    if you think the government has ever been there to help you, you need to look again. from myanmar to belarusia, from malaysia to indonesia from south africa to venezuela

  63. Venom


    3 napja

    Arrest then for showing what liberals were doing makes sense hope they get out sooner

  64. Porkchops


    3 napja

    What about the owner of Belsat TV, did they get a sentence? if they told them to film.

  65. Nate C

    Nate C

    3 napja

    That's messed up, someone should do something about it

  66. robsrx7 ira

    robsrx7 ira

    4 napja

    🇺🇸 will be the same soon

  67. King Qua

    King Qua

    4 napja

    Lol what did they expect

  68. Abhilash Paul

    Abhilash Paul

    4 napja

    This has gone to far. Thought Belarusian President was reasonable. This shows the opposite or the courts fault.

  69. The Appliance Guru

    The Appliance Guru

    4 napja

    That's a corrupt government sending a message. "You shall not escape the strong chains of oppression"

  70. Chill Vibes

    Chill Vibes

    4 napja

    Y’all gave them 2 years for THAT?!!! Smh 🤦🏿‍♀️

  71. steven_cos


    4 napja

    All they did was film live video of a protest they had no part of other than reporting on it like their job would why would they target the two women given the report to do this and not Target on focusing on suing the Polish Network for letting them film this if it was such a big deal cuz normally you would sue the company and not put someone in prison and just get a bunch of money from the company

    • MissShey


      4 napja

      It is easier to target individuals than it is to target corporations. The Belarusians know it is a bogus charge, they would be laughed out of court during an international lawsuit. As the govt already had the women in custody, it is easier to make an example of them.

  72. Elie


    4 napja

    Have a great day god love you

  73. Geo Xoro

    Geo Xoro

    4 napja

    ATP throw the whole government away

  74. Cody Higinbotham

    Cody Higinbotham

    4 napja

    Two women film & take photos - 2 years in prison Person rapes and/or kills someone - A few months or no jail time That’s our legal system. If it sounds wrong, it’s because it is

  75. Critic Cal

    Critic Cal

    4 napja

    Ahhh the unholy filthy trinity of Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

  76. Victor Chico

    Victor Chico

    4 napja

    Hope they learn their lesson😈

  77. R P Poker

    R P Poker

    4 napja

    Shameless dictatorship

  78. Ariel Kahen

    Ariel Kahen

    4 napja

    The US is next

  79. Ms. Curious

    Ms. Curious

    4 napja

    But yet trump was acquitted for doing worse??!!

  80. Mr. Ruizzz

    Mr. Ruizzz

    4 napja

    Love or hate the US, at least I can film protests against Biden.

  81. Firefly miesumae

    Firefly miesumae

    4 napja

    They look happy though

  82. branden8045 theultramangofighter

    branden8045 theultramangofighter

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  83. Nitty Lord

    Nitty Lord

    4 napja

    No different than in America. The American government is just more suddle

    • Randy B

      Randy B

      3 napja

      And you can’t even spell “subtle.” You’re clearly way too ignorant to be speaking on American legislative policies when it comes to laws.

  84. S O

    S O

    4 napja

    this is what the media in the US caused

  85. Garbo


    4 napja

    That’s sad they cute too

  86. Kasual Beauty

    Kasual Beauty

    4 napja

    They were filming what was already there

  87. Chad Gossman

    Chad Gossman

    4 napja

    Wtf. This is crazy . 2 years for this???? Y'all need get your priorities straight that just blows my mind

  88. Israel Cordova Flores

    Israel Cordova Flores

    4 napja

    Women need to step up and come more in power in Russia!

  89. Ajainthen Thillaivalavan

    Ajainthen Thillaivalavan

    4 napja

    They were invading there privacy for recording them but the sentence was stupid, dumb stupid

  90. Ajainthen Thillaivalavan

    Ajainthen Thillaivalavan

    4 napja


  91. Broly The Legend

    Broly The Legend

    4 napja

    Lukasenko ftw, jail all forren agents in your country.

  92. Jill Seufert

    Jill Seufert

    4 napja

    That's idiotic.

  93. Xenomorph


    4 napja

    My God the world is nuts ruled by so many dictators. Absolutely disgusting.

  94. Cole Johnson

    Cole Johnson

    4 napja

    The president of Belarus would hate to live in the U.S.

  95. Danyelle Lopez

    Danyelle Lopez

    4 napja

    So sad they did nothing wrong. Yet in the us you can vandalize things, break into place all in the name of protest and not a damn thing happens to you. That’s the American way

  96. Tony Ferguson

    Tony Ferguson

    4 napja

    Let them go❤️

  97. Lslsl Jskskke

    Lslsl Jskskke

    4 napja

    They need to sue

  98. Leonel Esparza (Student)

    Leonel Esparza (Student)

    4 napja

    Simp you arresting people for filming protesters

  99. J. O.

    J. O.

    4 napja

    No one cares about the US opinion anymore.: focus on protecting your capitol next time

  100. Samiksha


    4 napja

    This is happening in India right now. A woman was arrested last week for "inciting violence" when the only thing she did was share a protest tool kit used by greta thunberg......... This is not uncommon. Few months ago a 14 year old was doxxed for sharing a carrd on Twitter regarding the farmers protests going on in India. If you've clicked on this video, please hear our voices as well. They've silenced the farmers long enough, now they're silencing whoever is talking about it.