21 Chihuahuas Are Rescued From Deplorable Conditions

A pack of chihuahuas are seen crammed into a small RV in downtown Los Angeles and appear to be in distress. Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero was tipped off about the dogs’ wellbeing and went to check out the situation. Guerrero called 911 to alert authorities. The woman agreed to hand over the dogs when assured none would be euthanized. She said that’s why she didn’t call an animal shelter in the first place. The dogs were also in desperate need of medical care.


  1. Over Rated

    Over Rated

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    i have a problem with lisa putting people on the spot when she doesnt know their situation . instead of calling her home filthy , why not have compassion towards the woman ? shes probably doing the best she can do . she didnt even want them euthanized . i hope one day that you approach the wrong person & they attack you

  2. Isaiah Lassiter

    Isaiah Lassiter

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    Lisa is such a stereotypical news reporter🤣🤦🏽

  3. Slushy


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  4. Alvin San Antonio

    Alvin San Antonio

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    I bet more than one of them bit someone

  5. R P Poker

    R P Poker

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    Who cares ?

  6. lyingTony


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    Call peda

  7. lyingTony


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    Call pedad

  8. Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

    Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

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    My chihuahua has been missing for a very long time and I really miss him so much

  9. Cesario69opw H

    Cesario69opw H

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    Her heart was hopefully in the good just she didn’t take it to the right direction by not realizing the condition the dogs were in

  10. toad meloo

    toad meloo

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    Lisa keeps roasting about the van being dirty atleast she did not abuse them and kept them so they dont get killed she did the right thing ❤

  11. Donnia Mckee-Griffin

    Donnia Mckee-Griffin

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    I would absolutely love to have one of these. But I’m al the way in South Carolina!!

  12. Lslsl Jskskke

    Lslsl Jskskke

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    I mean it’s better than taking them to a shelter where they ain’t being love and being put down

  13. Hannah Shaine Anne R. Cantero

    Hannah Shaine Anne R. Cantero

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    The owner probably really loved her dogs... I mean if she didn't she could easily just left them alone somewhere...

  14. Steve Utgaard

    Steve Utgaard

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  15. Erica C

    Erica C

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    They were all taken to Deity Animal Rescue in Beverly Hills, CA. You can also see their stories on IG under RV CLAN.

  16. Lea Shimanek

    Lea Shimanek

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    I like how Lisa was stern in questioning while still sounding compassionate and somewhat protective of the lady who owns the RV. It’s not the hoarders fault that she has unaddressed mental struggles.

  17. kato


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    Why'd the give this lady dog food and dog beds knowing that the dogs were about to get taken away? Did they assume she would get at least one of her dogs back or what?

  18. Homies Adventures

    Homies Adventures

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    Poor doggy’s

  19. Kosha Trullz

    Kosha Trullz

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    Where’s a good authentic Chinese restaurant when you need one?

  20. Eric Mondragon

    Eric Mondragon

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    I was working in rescue when we found an RV with kittens as well. LAPD came quick and they helped us break in and get them out. Eventually the RV was towed

  21. Platinum Mew

    Platinum Mew

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    Those aren't full blooded Chihuahuas. I kinda wanna know what they're mixed with tbh. They look more like weiner dogs than Chihuahuas a bit honestly

  22. Sandoval X33

    Sandoval X33

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    Ion know bout y’all but Alissa is annoying asf

  23. Elena


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    I really hate dogs but I feel so bad for these dogs and a little for the woman.

  24. Mar T

    Mar T

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    I want to adopt one !!

  25. Amirah Multani

    Amirah Multani

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    0:45 did y'all see that front dog trying to eat the other dog's head 😳

  26. C M

    C M

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    Sanctimonious ç un➕

  27. offenxiv


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  28. Carolyn Tyson

    Carolyn Tyson

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    I've been its not right to put her living conditions out there helps one thing but thats not right to make her look bad she keep the warm an feed !!! An a live

  29. krepnata kadara

    krepnata kadara

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    Love is good, but you need limit to make it reasonable and fair

  30. kitteekittee


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    This is so sad 💔 these poor babies

  31. KatiuskaWook


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    Come on!! She was running her own Puppy Mill!! She sell those puppies outside supermarket or local flea markets. I'm done with people always excusing a woman like this.

  32. dumpsteRat


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    I've got a pure bred that barely weighs 3 pounds, so adorable

  33. Bamboo


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    Imagine having her as wife. 😟

  34. Soham Sagar

    Soham Sagar

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    fact:- In india, chiwava cost over 600 dollars!!!

  35. Cramone Love

    Cramone Love

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    They're all so cute. I want one

  36. Jen TheReader

    Jen TheReader

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    But what about that lady she still in that “filthy dirty” RV

  37. Maria Sol Fernandez

    Maria Sol Fernandez

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    I cried...I’m so happy the rescuers people rescued them ❤️

  38. FallingFromWillows 511

    FallingFromWillows 511

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    The pandemic has absolutely nothing to do with this lady hoarding dogs in an rv. Period.

  39. Evelyn Mercado

    Evelyn Mercado

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    Good job 👏

  40. Fernando Reyes

    Fernando Reyes

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    So Lisa was the only one that noticed all those dogs cramped in the vehicle??

    • SnowySunflower


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      Probably not but she was the only one who cared though!

  41. JuanM


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    Poor 21 mexicans🤧🤧☹☹

  42. Andrez Hernandez

    Andrez Hernandez

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    Great job Lisa 👌😎

  43. TheJCraft


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    The news women is something else trying for clout 😂 and for the first time these puppies felt life outside the RV 😂😂😂

  44. Rambo Tango

    Rambo Tango

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    Can you give me info I like one of those dogs I been looking for a long time for it it would mean a lot if you can help me please

  45. Scorpus Balbus

    Scorpus Balbus

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    Dear lord .

  46. Queen Jayla

    Queen Jayla

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    I want one

  47. abdurrahmani hakizimana

    abdurrahmani hakizimana

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    I say let em die👎🏾

  48. John john

    John john

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  49. Dozroo


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    0:46 okay but why isnt anyone acknowledging this sad sight, poor puppy was getting eaten by another pup

  50. Jordy Puta

    Jordy Puta

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    Send 2 to Holland contact me. For ever Home and NOT alone

  51. vanilla99


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    I love chi chis 🥺😭💜

  52. earth strong

    earth strong

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    Good work Lisa 👍❤

  53. Debbie Taylor

    Debbie Taylor

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  54. Kelsey A

    Kelsey A

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    When I saw Lisa I clicked right away 🥰

  55. Victor Greystoke II

    Victor Greystoke II

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    I have two beautiful Doberman and I love them both! 😊😊😊

  56. laggysyrup yt

    laggysyrup yt

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    Thank you lisa respect 🙏🏼

  57. mouselita


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    i love chihuahuas so much, i hope theyll be happy and healthy now. poor little things

  58. Juliana Blewett

    Juliana Blewett

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    You mean they were liberated from Trump supporters?

    • swag e

      swag e

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      turning everything into politics, arent you special

  59. Jin Gao

    Jin Gao

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    finally lisa does something else then say "hi I'm lisa guerrero from inside edition and we would like to ask you a few questions

    • SnowySunflower


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      Wha...what do you mean? That's her job! She's suppose to ask questions. I-

    • Jin Gao

      Jin Gao

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      no really though i like how lisa does that

  60. HybridFlu6 -

    HybridFlu6 -

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    Lisa be snitching on her day off.

  61. unknown unknown

    unknown unknown

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    Poor dogs

  62. 90loneeagle


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    That’s ma boo

  63. Dina Pabon

    Dina Pabon

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    They will have a good homes

  64. Doug Shelton

    Doug Shelton

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    LOL...Bet that RV had a lot of Tootsie rolls in it....

  65. nathalie wade

    nathalie wade

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    i love my chihuahua very much id never put her in that situation x

  66. MQJD


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    I dislike dogs

    • My dude

      My dude

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      They dislike u so you're both even

  67. Andi Leigh

    Andi Leigh

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    Oh my God.

  68. n. p.

    n. p.

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    Every time I have gone to adopt an animal at our local shelter there is a giant notice that says "WILL NOT TAKE PRIVATELY SURRENDERED ANIMALS". Been adopting my pets since 2001. So maybe don't give people the wrong vague information

  69. Roxy Coco

    Roxy Coco

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    Yo quiero Taco Bell!!!!!! 🌮🔔

  70. joe andrade

    joe andrade

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    They look like real chihuahuas too.

  71. Anime22


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    It’s wrong for her to be labeled a hoarder, she just wanted to protect them, they look very sweet🥲

    • Robyn Goldie

      Robyn Goldie

      7 napja

      she’s a hoarder...and after watching the vet clinic speak about their conditions, it’s confirmed

  72. E.t.


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    but isnt this basically another KAREN calling the cops again ? Another Karen not minding her own business??

  73. Amit das

    Amit das

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    TY 😊

  74. Jule Hunter

    Jule Hunter

    8 napja

    How can anyone be so cruel to animals? We have a male cat, that vets won't neuter, because he has allergies. I'm trying to find sa vet thst will take care of him.



    8 napja

    Maybe we can give those puppies to the children still locked up in the cages they were separated from their parents at the border🤪

  76. Erica The Friendly Pisces

    Erica The Friendly Pisces

    8 napja

    How can I adopt one?

  77. Rosa Maria Cooney

    Rosa Maria Cooney

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    Thank god

  78. Jo Jenny

    Jo Jenny

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    Oh MY GOD!!!!!!

  79. bebe cow

    bebe cow

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    as a chihuahua mom this hurts me

  80. Rick Stearns

    Rick Stearns

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    Good job

  81. little Lele Skinner

    little Lele Skinner

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  82. jimmyjohnn19


    8 napja

    The USA treats dogs better then it’s homeless

    • My dude

      My dude

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  83. David Jay

    David Jay

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    Good work!

  84. Geo76


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    Ugly mut.

  85. Alejandra 619

    Alejandra 619

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    I’m a dog mommy of a beautiful Chihuahua named Pepper. She is soooooo loved. I hope they all find loving homes. ❤️

  86. DM Macaw

    DM Macaw

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    yeah hand over alot of them,but keep 1 or 2 if need

  87. Vanessa F

    Vanessa F

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    You guys have to put a link to where we can apply to adopt! Social media is the best platform 💁

  88. Antwoine Mcknight

    Antwoine Mcknight

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    The dogs look healthy, the reporter is a Karen for sure.

  89. Sean John

    Sean John

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    LISA ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  90. Sean John

    Sean John

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  91. JuiceeDROPS


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    I was watching this while my chiwawa was sleeping whit me

  92. BillyMadisonsShampoo


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    No. Dont just take them to the shelter. Do ur research.

    • archerlady


      7 napja

      Especially not PETA's shelter

  93. Sandra Soto

    Sandra Soto

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    I love Lisa Guerrero

  94. Paige Madden

    Paige Madden

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  95. Ser Ka

    Ser Ka

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    How the hell this woman got so many dogs? They look beautiful but not a good space for them for sure - I feel So bad for animals sometimes thankfully they ENEDED up in good hands and hopefully they will be going to loving homes ❤️🕊

  96. a1228a


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    I found a dog that was dumped in my neighborhood 5 years ago. I took him to shelter, hoping the owner would come forward. The shelter staff told me if no one comes forward within 4 days, the dog was going to be euthanized. So I don't blame the woman keeping all those dogs. I end up adopting the dog that I found.

  97. Valerie Musto

    Valerie Musto

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    this is so nice

  98. La Br

    La Br

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    that is so sad omg

  99. henry


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    i wood really take two of them,we lost our precious lola on labor day

  100. evergreen2y


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    I hate mini chihuahuas, im so glad these arent them