22-Year-Old Arrested at Mom’s Home Following Capitol Attack

A UCLA student photographed wearing a MAGA hat and waving a flag inside the Senate chamber during the Jan. 6 Capitol riots has been arrested. Christian Secor, 22, was taken into custody by about a dozen FBI agents in an early morning raid at his mother’s house, where authorities say he was hiding out. Authorities say 11 tipsters identified Secor after he allegedly breached while live streaming the attack on the Senate chamber, and sat in former Vice President Pence’s chair.


  1. dave johnson

    dave johnson

    Just like his hero, a tough guy coward. Wonder if he has bone spurs too?

  2. blez caballero

    blez caballero

    12 perccel

    Hiding in your mom's house!? Can't fix stupid.

  3. Tom Ko

    Tom Ko


    He will love men after jail.

  4. Isaac Voo

    Isaac Voo

    6 órája

    Imagine throwing everything for a chair. Hope that chair loves him back.

  5. Roy Monaghan

    Roy Monaghan

    8 órája

    make all the insurrectionists pay for their crimes

  6. Rhyas9


    10 órája

    Was he hiding specifically in his mom's basement?

  7. Lindalee Law

    Lindalee Law

    10 órája

    Happy Mothers Day . So proud. No father.

  8. John Doe

    John Doe

    11 órája

    22 years old and still living with mommy? LMAO at 21 I owned my own house!

  9. Youth Malikai

    Youth Malikai

    11 órája

    "Hey get out of the chair!" "No, this is OUR chair!" **COMMUNISM ANTHEM KICKS IN**

  10. Jasmin H J

    Jasmin H J

    11 órája

    Yahoo. Love that MAGA hat. Why hide at momma house? COWARD.

  11. j gorge

    j gorge

    11 órája

    Trump attacks STUPID! He said he loved the uneducated...

  12. kiva860


    12 órája

    Looser lol

  13. Larry Aldama

    Larry Aldama

    12 órája


  14. G James

    G James

    13 órája

    Love how Inside Edition threw shade just with the video title.

  15. Steve Harris

    Steve Harris

    14 órája

    I guess he not graduating

  16. Darth Mal

    Darth Mal

    14 órája


  17. Ronnie Baker

    Ronnie Baker

    14 órája

    I remember when Debbie Norville was just getting started in Georgia. She looks great for 62 y/o. I thought I was older than her.

  18. Joda Jackson

    Joda Jackson

    14 órája

    Awww, dude, you were hiding out at your mom’s house!?! That’s like the first place they would look. For that you might as well have just turned yourself in and saved the FBI the trouble,.... UCLA, you say,.....

  19. Liz Sanchez

    Liz Sanchez

    14 órája

    ❤ it.

  20. susy shepard

    susy shepard

    15 órája

    What a terrible thing to do to your mother.

  21. Oshun's Life

    Oshun's Life

    15 órája


  22. Dowane Lawrence

    Dowane Lawrence

    15 órája

    Young and dumb ! Having his face showing ; thought he was going to get away with that!

  23. jack mayhoff

    jack mayhoff

    16 órája

    i hope the FBI is working as hard at finding the ones who burnt down buildings, and looted private businesses during the BLM riots.

  24. William Zimmerman

    William Zimmerman

    16 órája

    LOL. Hid at mommy's house and threw away his academic life. LMAO

  25. Albert Johnston

    Albert Johnston

    17 órája

    His mouth is pretty! He'll do fine in prison.

  26. Conni Chandler

    Conni Chandler

    17 órája


  27. Graham Evans

    Graham Evans

    17 órája

    Cool guy alert

  28. Ra Gaufo

    Ra Gaufo

    18 órája

    Bye bye, arrest them....many innocent people died because of this moron🤮🤮🤮

  29. David Turner

    David Turner

    18 órája

    What strikes me as interesting is some of these people actually attempted to show some respect for the building they were in and as skewed as I believe their views to be they still had a sense of decorum and an understanding of the symbolism. Then you have people like this kid who displayed nothing but contempt and at the end of the day probably just wanted to watch it all burn. I don't understand the sense of entitlement of these people or the willingness to embrace the lies and conspiracy theories.

  30. Georgia Fain

    Georgia Fain

    18 órája

    Idiot the education system is lacking. They know everyone who was in and around the Capitol that day with a cell phone. They have their own network that all phones in the vicinity connect to. They just have to find a pic of you in the building to make their case. Great the dumb dumbs did not do their homework.

  31. Peter Nguyen

    Peter Nguyen

    19 órája

    The hero ran and hid in mommy’s house 😂 😝

  32. Stacy Miller

    Stacy Miller


    Now that's a proud parent moment 😂😂😂 NOT

  33. Jeffery Montoya

    Jeffery Montoya


    Was an undergraduate student at UCLA. 😥

  34. Rick G

    Rick G


    “Get out of that chair... “ wait, this was insurrection wasn’t it? I see people upset with their alleged reps and demanding to be heard... I see Free Speech, the same way Commie Harris saw Free Speech when her terrorists were actually trying to kill federal officers.

  35. Shawn 1250

    Shawn 1250


    Well, at least he's 22 years old. It'll be years if not decades but he'll be able to repair his life if his dumbass chooses to.

  36. X Marks

    X Marks


    He’s gonna get far in prison with that attitude.

  37. X Marks

    X Marks


    Basement boy to Bubba’s boy.

  38. Matteo Prezioso

    Matteo Prezioso


    Hiding at Mom’s Home. Hiding. At. Mom's. Home.

  39. Gina Ke

    Gina Ke


    Hiding in his mother’s basement. What a cliche he is.

  40. _R_ _S_

    _R_ _S_


    I hope it was worth it!

  41. General Mailbox

    General Mailbox


    His parents must be so proud for raising a racist and a bigot who isn't smart enough to know that he had been played by Trump... Btw. while this kid is most likely going to do some jail time... Trump is playing golf, working on his orange tan and living in his country club where you would never be invited... Yep, his parents must be really proud...

  42. D Westwind

    D Westwind


    Stupid is as stupid does.

  43. Xerxes Coyco

    Xerxes Coyco


    Now, they just need to keep him in custody and not give him bond.

  44. Mark Macias

    Mark Macias


    I don't think he's going to finish his degree.

  45. Janet Wells

    Janet Wells


    I guess he had to come climbing up out of his mothers basement. Mommy Help!! The new name for all of these insurrectionists is the Mommy Heeelllpp Boys.

  46. Mister Mooster

    Mister Mooster


    I hope he doesn't get grounded.

  47. Steve Yoder

    Steve Yoder


    Patriot, No Siege, more faithful than Mike Traitor Pence. Demonstration, not Insurrection.

  48. tomitstube



    11 people turned him in, there's hope for you yet america.

  49. D'shawn Cherry

    D'shawn Cherry

    2 napja

    Of course , did he even vote?

  50. Ashley Ember

    Ashley Ember

    2 napja

    Haha... He was hiding in basement....

  51. Kyoshi _

    Kyoshi _

    2 napja


  52. Elated Jade

    Elated Jade

    2 napja

    the number of them found hiding in their mother's house is so fitting.....

  53. videos4mydad


    2 napja

    We need to put a live feed of Trump playing golf in every Capitol rioter's jail cell. Their Great Leader was supposed to walk with them, lol.

  54. Linda Simons

    Linda Simons

    2 napja

    Mommy must be so proud😪

  55. Mojo Devirus

    Mojo Devirus

    2 napja

    He should go to 1100 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480, United States Mar-a-Lago Club to hide. The resident there loves you.

  56. Christian Serna

    Christian Serna

    2 napja


  57. Christian Serna

    Christian Serna

    2 napja


  58. Edmond Cheval

    Edmond Cheval

    2 napja

    😂😂😂😂😂Shame on him

  59. Glen Johnson

    Glen Johnson

    2 napja

    Hide me mommy!

  60. Redwood Madrone

    Redwood Madrone

    2 napja

    Is the mom complicit?

  61. hey daddy

    hey daddy

    2 napja

    Mega trumpanzee

  62. hey daddy

    hey daddy

    2 napja

    '' What about BLM '' another excuse from trumpanzee to overthrow the government

  63. mister deeds

    mister deeds

    2 napja

    Hiding in mom's basement. How befitting is that? Won't get caught, huh? Big man on campus, no doubt? Ha! What a child!

  64. Rob S

    Rob S

    2 napja

    Where did you think he would be living?

  65. Lianne459


    2 napja

    Lock up every domestic terrorist while their lying orange idol golfs. Morons.

  66. 1258stdavid


    2 napja

    Big tough guy hiding in his Mommy's basement.

  67. You Are A Fart Knocker

    You Are A Fart Knocker

    2 napja


  68. Kaybee


    2 napja

    “This is OUR chair!” Imagine claiming ownership of the chair that your tax probably paid for 1/330,000,000th of its share.

  69. Rob Kb

    Rob Kb

    2 napja

    Lock them up lock them up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  70. the bassman

    the bassman

    2 napja

    Awww he ran away to mommy's house 🏠

  71. Jessie Joseph

    Jessie Joseph

    2 napja

    Hiding at Mom's house bragging he would never be found, how did this idiot get into UCLA? He must have paid someone to write his entrance essays.

  72. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith

    2 napja

    Lock Him up !

  73. Timotiyos Mattithyahu

    Timotiyos Mattithyahu

    2 napja

    Lock his ass up. Give him his MAGA hat to wear while amongst Black Men in prison.

  74. Jeneland


    2 napja

    Glad he got busted caught 🤐

  75. Charles Merritt

    Charles Merritt

    3 napja

    22 years old living with mommy. i served 3 years united states army before i was 21 years old. then and now.

  76. chink dink

    chink dink

    3 napja

    As trump and his cult would say....LOCK HIM UP 👀😂

  77. Brad Telso

    Brad Telso

    3 napja

    Gotta catch 'em ALL!!

  78. El Master

    El Master

    3 napja


  79. Vector Hold

    Vector Hold

    3 napja

    Big shocker. Another Mama's boy.

  80. Buck Futtler

    Buck Futtler

    3 napja

    But he was Antifa, right, cult members????

  81. Matthew Mckinney

    Matthew Mckinney

    3 napja

    If it was my kid id be tempted to of turn him in

  82. Vibin Lol

    Vibin Lol

    3 napja

    Pu$$y hid in his mum’s house, and while he was at the capital he would do whatever he wanted, literally a baby

  83. JauDonna Daniels

    JauDonna Daniels

    3 napja

    Knock, Knock. Mom: Who is it? The FBI..

  84. Robert West

    Robert West

    3 napja


  85. Visor Overwatch

    Visor Overwatch

    3 napja

    That hair thou lol. He should had went to the Barber instead of Rioting.

  86. Mohmee Gaik

    Mohmee Gaik

    3 napja

    Another wasted intellectual.

  87. Matt Thompson

    Matt Thompson

    3 napja

    If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. His mom should also me arrested for helping him.

  88. Mike Rew

    Mike Rew

    3 napja

    I guess UCLA doesn't offer a civics class...

  89. KelseyMarie’


    3 napja

    USC ? LMFAOO that says allooott

  90. Mark Oldham

    Mark Oldham

    3 napja

    Goodby life

  91. Sonic Crash

    Sonic Crash

    3 napja

    How is it these idiots call themselves independent freedom fighters. But still live with mothers? Try moving out first

  92. barontime74


    3 napja

    Can you imagine the terror this patriot felt when he realized that federal prison is a real possibility, with make up he'll make a pretty girlfriend for his cellmate

  93. France Richards

    France Richards

    3 napja

    Damn fools!!!!!

  94. HP


    3 napja

    The tough man was hiding inside mommy’s skirt. I love it!!!

  95. Frankie Chong

    Frankie Chong

    3 napja

    Bet he felt real tough when the feds and cops showed up. Coward.

  96. Griff


    3 napja

    these filthy terrorist were lucky they were not shot.

  97. Jesus Cerda

    Jesus Cerda

    3 napja

    Is so satisfying seeing all the terrorist get arrested.

  98. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

    3 napja

    Caused by Black Lives Matter?

  99. Dre Bundy

    Dre Bundy

    3 napja

    Lol what a jackass😭

  100. Aladár Mező

    Aladár Mező

    3 napja

    Looking at him I'm sure he wasn't the one who fought with the police. You guys have to focus on them, not on the people who just walked in afterwards. But do you know who else is in his mom's basement? All of the antifa and blm terrorist in the summer who doesn't have a job and is out there 0-24 rioting