4-Year-Old Gets New Toy Tractor From Police

Gerald’s dad Peter Philbrook built a ride-on tractor for his son, but it was stolen off the back of his truck. Tempe Police saw Peter’s online plea, and gifted 4-year-old Gerald with a brand new tractor when they were unable to find the stolen one. Gerald is still learning the rules of the road, and driver safety, but there are big smiles all around with his new set of wheels. Inside Edition Digital’s TC Newman has more.


  1. Nathan’s super game Channel

    Nathan’s super game Channel

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    So heart warming

  2. Puppy ?? Or dog ??

    Puppy ?? Or dog ??

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    Making my way downtown lol

  3. Cheeseboy5000


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    A yes I see what the police do with there time now!

  4. Reyli Perez

    Reyli Perez

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    im so jelly that kid has a better whip then me

  5. Maxim schols

    Maxim schols

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    its a raptor not an tractor

  6. Francisco Tiko

    Francisco Tiko

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    Some Karen somewhere “dEfunD tHe pOliCe”

  7. Sara


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    People need to realize there’s good and bad in this world, and this is an example of good

  8. Conway Wasson

    Conway Wasson

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    I love this little kid he’s so cute

  9. Parker Gray

    Parker Gray

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    “ACAB” 🤡🤡🤡

  10. RemingtonOutdoors


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    That ain’t no tractor lmao its side by side

  11. They


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    Then the same peoples stole this tractor

  12. Kevin Berube

    Kevin Berube

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    Can I have this child? 😂

  13. [•]Løñley_Føx[•] YT

    [•]Løñley_Føx[•] YT

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    Aww how adorable!

  14. Josh Carlson

    Josh Carlson

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    Ok hear me out can we get something going to get this kid to come to our farms with his tractor and help be awsome

  16. Async_ Bruins ツ

    Async_ Bruins ツ

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    this just shows that our world isn't all bad.

  17. HyperSonicXtreme


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    The thief after watching the boy has a better tractor than his. Thief: Lucky bastard

  18. Android Nerd

    Android Nerd

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    This is so cute🥺

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    Laura Lucchesi- Wright

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    So kool 😎👌😍🙌😄

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    Mason Koski

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    This is adorable :3 (but who tf names there kid Gerald?? Lol)

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    Jacqueline Lee

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    This is so wholesome 🥺❤️

  22. Dnieto


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    Aww cops out there have true hearts if you run into the right people!

  23. TheBLACKKING25


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    Great seeing cops display moments of human compassion 👏🏾

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    salted salt

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    that’s a fresh whip

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    Peri Jetton

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    I back the blue all day, everyday! 💙💙💙

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    Lone Note

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    This is awesome glad the kiddo is having a blast

  27. Drac Williams

    Drac Williams

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    I just finished watching a teacher pick on a student for calling the police heroes. This proves the student correct.

  28. annabelle Fiel

    annabelle Fiel

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    Fun isnt something one considers when balancing the universe but this does put a smile on my face -thanos

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    Rusty -overwatch -crook

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    BACK THE BLUE ‼️‼️‼️

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    -Generic-Apex Player

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    Next on inside edition: Toy tractor stolen AGAIN!

  31. Reka W

    Reka W

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    He look so cute in his sunglasses

  32. Qwerty manoppo

    Qwerty manoppo

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    If he was black... officers will give him handcuffs cause little kid cannot drive without a license!

  33. Scotty Lewis

    Scotty Lewis

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    Were the tractor thieves ever caught?

  34. mm


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    Can't get more heart warming than this

  35. Ray Mak

    Ray Mak

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    I hope that their kindness and the kindness will be repaid one day.

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      @Agnes S I'm just saying that commenting everywhere won't really give you any subscribers, and people would only subscribe to channels if they provide very well entertainment and other types, not comment everywhere.

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      @Terique Bernard lets see you get 11k views on a yt vid.

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      @Terique Bernard ikr?

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      Terique Bernard

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      Fact: Commenting everywhere won't save your dead channel.

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      @Reixl Shorts so is he not allowed to comment? 🤦🤦🤦🤦

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    Fenkell Boyz

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    This is not news

  37. Recroom Gamer

    Recroom Gamer

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    Don’t just think about the outside think about the inside

  38. Road Runnerr

    Road Runnerr

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    Meanwhile somewhere some innocent black man is most definitely not receiving a free tractor.

  39. AK


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    Nobody cares this doesn’t bring back the thousands of Americans murdered by the gang cops in America

    • Jason Baka

      Jason Baka

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      Police brutality coming up

  40. super kert pogger

    super kert pogger

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    Police showed respect

  41. facts dont care

    facts dont care

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    OMG this glorifies police this video is cancelled.

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    lew!!! worrich

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    hey i didnt hit the bush this time

  43. Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

    Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

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    Why would anyone steal this kid toy tractor from him

  44. Trina Hill

    Trina Hill

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    That is so nice of them and what a father he said he would have preferred them to take his car instead of his son toy car that touched my heart my father passed away a couple of years ago and he loved me like that I miss my father so much I’m happy for this little boy way to go Dad

  45. Lucas The Lucario UwU

    Lucas The Lucario UwU

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    This is why we need police

  46. American artist

    American artist

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  47. Eugene


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    Respect +

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    watch to this guy gonna be in the next fast and furious movie :DDDD

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    Show this to the ACAB idiots

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    Imagine they end up finding the original one the next day lol

  51. Rpmerrill 16

    Rpmerrill 16

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    I live where this happened

  52. MasterRio


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    for a second i thought they had a typo on the title.. *Tempe*

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    Mclovin Hopkins

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    That’s pretty awesome.

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    Dylan Hopkins

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    Lmao I love how he goes “yess didn’t hit the bush dis time” as he takes the corner at full speed

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    Loren Melton

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    So sweet

  56. Seth Laphan

    Seth Laphan

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    Why do people dislike wholesome videos like this?

    • Seth Laphan

      Seth Laphan

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      @ElliottFishs Ah. That explains it.

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      Because they hate seeing police that they’ve been brainwashed to hate

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    "I just crashed right into this thingy, oh dang!" 🤣🤣

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    Emanuel Martinez

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    He looks like the Mexican gardener that works at my school

  61. Seasonal Sunset

    Seasonal Sunset

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    Racists be like: Cops only did that cause hes white!1!!1!1!

  62. Cynthia Jones

    Cynthia Jones

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    Wonderful News Jesus Christ is Coming Back, repent and believe, trust alone in Jesus.

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    Diego Lopez

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    I just ate a taco with tapatio on it and it was goos but there is still a burning sensation in the back of my throat

  64. Taylor Brost

    Taylor Brost

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    So the dad put an unlocked kids tractor in the back of his truck and was surprised it was stolen?

  65. Fostoria District Railfan Productions

    Fostoria District Railfan Productions

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    thats a f****** gator man

  66. Freya Blight

    Freya Blight

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    "YES! Didn't hit the bush this time!!" Hahaha THIS WAS AWESOME!

  67. Restoration work

    Restoration work

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    When the father said i would rather of had my actually truck stolen that broke my heart poor guy took the time to build something with his son who steals a kids toy anyway

  68. Beatriz Bio

    Beatriz Bio

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  69. jcat W

    jcat W

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    What an uplifting story. Thank you

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    DeFUnd tHe pOLice

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    From there own pockets or with tax payers money they bought him that toy

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    It made my day😊

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    Sophie and Gwenny show

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    Who would steal a toy tractor from a 4 year old ?

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    Adorable 😍

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    Adil Hamzah

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    Decent driver for a 4 year old

  77. Him Him

    Him Him

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    Would they do this if the child was bIack? I think not.

  78. JourneyMan Smitty

    JourneyMan Smitty

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    That is really awesome there is nothing more greater in this world to see a child's happiness🤔

  79. Ricky Spanish

    Ricky Spanish

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    Why? Ppl need supplies, not toys. & the father is kinda dumb b/c he said he rather have his *Truck* stolen instead of his sons toy car which is worthless after a year of growning up only to be a *huge* virgin still. Thanks to the toy car he will always be a loser w/ no experience of have fun w/ any friends @ all.

  80. Logan malough

    Logan malough

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    Who would steal a toy tractor?

  81. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

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    I'm a full grown adult but I still want to drive that little tractor

  82. Patrick Makkink

    Patrick Makkink

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    That is not a tractor that is a gator

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    Imagine if they found the original lol!

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    Kid lucky 👍

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    Gerald is such an old person name!

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    The dislike is from the person that stole the original tractor

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  89. YAYA


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    I hope they put a tracking device in the new tractor so they can find the people who stoled

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    Didn't hit the bush this time 😂🥰❤

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    How sweet

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    How cringe...

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    No masks???

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      @Honey Crueller hah they lifted it in Texas and cases went down so chill pyhco take a breath of air

    • Honey Crueller

      Honey Crueller

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      @Mat A lmao that’s what happened where I’m from and the Cases started soaring. I expect a surge in the USA soon :)

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      Mat A

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      No mandate 🥰

  94. iam2bear


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    A feel good story is needed. One question=how was it paid for?

  95. Phantom Games

    Phantom Games

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    We need more cops like this.



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    ⁱᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ 👍👍👍



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      @fedora the explorah sometimes you see them

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      You can't see who is subbed to you genius

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    He’s an amazing father for trying so hard to get his son’s truck back. Hats off to the police for getting the truck for the boy!

  98. Bella Supreme

    Bella Supreme

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    hes a cool kid

  99. Zin


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    When you steal something from someone but they get a cooler version of the item you stole..........

  100. Aspect


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    Brings me back to when I was 9 and had something like that. 😎