6-Year-Old ‘Borrows’ and Crashes Truck Into House

Contrary to what you may have heard, 6-year-old children are not good drivers. That was proved once again recently in Arizona, when a child ‘borrowed’ their parents’ truck. The precocious would-be-motorist got a hold of the truck’s keys, and decided to take the vehicle for a spin one night. The child drove past three houses, before crashing into a fourth. That caused a gas leak in the house, and it was hours before the truck could be extracted from the building safely.


  1. Galaxy girl

    Galaxy girl

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  2. Cloud_ C

    Cloud_ C

    8 órája

    This is the result of allowing a 6 year old to plays GTA

  3. Silexpl


    17 órája

    Everyone in the comments supporting the kid. Yall really gotta understand he could have killed someone, it doesn't matter if he is 6 years old, there has to be some sort of punishment for him.

  4. Ruben Thompson

    Ruben Thompson

    19 órája

    If my kid even thought of doing that, he would be sentenced to a good whooping , and a very very long grounding

  5. Carlo S

    Carlo S

    21 órája

    Damn crashed into the electrical panel and cause a gas leak. 😂

  6. khuatvuonthuong uyen

    khuatvuonthuong uyen


    अच्छा वीडियो, मैं आपके दोस्त बनना चाहता हूं, ठीक है?

  7. LetsGoPlayZ




  8. Mario Trujillo

    Mario Trujillo


    lmao 🤣🤣

  9. Khalid Gabriel

    Khalid Gabriel


    The suite life of Zack and Cody: *London crashes car in hotel*

  10. Donky Kong

    Donky Kong


    Dat Fairlady Z at the back 0:15

  11. Jaxon Serfass

    Jaxon Serfass


    Well I mean he borrowed it

  12. M1zxry _TT

    M1zxry _TT


    My question how these kids know how to start cars and drive them.

  13. April Teniente

    April Teniente


    Six the age is too young to drive car or truck or van

  14. Eddie Bacon

    Eddie Bacon


    I’d sue the family and make them pay back every penny plus pain and suffering

  15. Sub or my potato will be sad

    Sub or my potato will be sad


    Haha this is hilarious am sorry but come on you can’t lie it’s pretty impressive how the six year olds little legs were able to even reach the pedals

  16. Aiden MacDonnell

    Aiden MacDonnell

    2 napja

    Kid just wanted to Go Places

  17. Crafting Maine

    Crafting Maine

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    The only mistake the boy made was not watching how to drive on HUeye first.

  18. Hi I play video games

    Hi I play video games

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    Want to know how he bent the back axle so much

  19. lou J

    lou J

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    6 year old “borrows” their parent’s truck ☠️

  20. Alyssa Bennett

    Alyssa Bennett

    2 napja

    “Once again?”

  21. Ram Mich

    Ram Mich

    2 napja

    "I wanna do good rat stuff with my friends"

  22. Rotten Cucumber

    Rotten Cucumber

    2 napja

    Arizona is slowly turning into Florida 2

  23. ItsRoverYT


    2 napja

    I honestly feel like i would be a good driver bc i drive a golf cart every day

  24. Itsyoboiivan 325

    Itsyoboiivan 325

    2 napja

    Don't worry its a toyota its designed to be total indestructible work truck

  25. turtleboi734


    2 napja

    Now, who's gonna pay for the damages to the house?

  26. Kill Manga

    Kill Manga

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    I know that sleep was good after that beating

  27. TheMan FromUSA

    TheMan FromUSA

    2 napja

    someone is going to be put up for adoption

  28. Watson 98

    Watson 98

    2 napja

    How did they mess up the rear axle

  29. Amex Cruz

    Amex Cruz

    2 napja

    Won’t be chargeeddddd??

  30. Jaman M. ツ

    Jaman M. ツ

    2 napja

    When kids can drive in gta and think it’s reality

  31. TSwany


    2 napja

    how was that little guy tall enough to shift the gear and floor the pedal at the same time???

  32. Coronel Family Adventures

    Coronel Family Adventures

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  33. Juan Ramos

    Juan Ramos

    2 napja

    The kid got a 10 years head start

  34. Xavia Mussenden

    Xavia Mussenden

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  35. Trisha Wilkerson

    Trisha Wilkerson

    2 napja

    That's why you watch your kids like a hawk !!

  36. joseph stalin

    joseph stalin

    2 napja

    When’s the funeral? Cuz U steal my truck and wreck it? Oof I brought u into this world and I’m taking u out

  37. Alex Brody

    Alex Brody

    2 napja

    Just like in Full House

  38. Mathias Dybvadsskog

    Mathias Dybvadsskog

    2 napja

    0:15 is that a 350z?

  39. Matthew Mckinney

    Matthew Mckinney

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  40. Alex • 10 years ago • Updated

    Alex • 10 years ago • Updated

    3 napja

    *up for adoption*

  41. Andrew Sadono

    Andrew Sadono

    3 napja

    Full House flashbacks

  42. Duncan Campbell

    Duncan Campbell

    3 napja

    im just sayin n1 how did his feet reach the pedals n2 how does he know how to unlock a fricking door put the keys in the car and flipping drive like tf???

  43. Takumi Fujiwara23

    Takumi Fujiwara23

    3 napja

    Also howd he even know how to get in the truck with keys??

  44. Takumi Fujiwara23

    Takumi Fujiwara23

    3 napja

    Me be tokyo drifting

  45. Marina Santiago

    Marina Santiago

    3 napja

    Where they left the car key

  46. iSore


    3 napja

    House Durability Test

  47. Green Mamba Games

    Green Mamba Games

    3 napja

    I could drive better than that when I was 6

  48. Elle


    3 napja

    Prob wasn't the first time

  49. jjj023


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    I learned to ride dirt bikes, shift 3 on the column and all that when I was young. Maybe the difference is my parents weren't helicopter parents and gave me limits and I UNDERSTOOD that. Go have fun and be a boy but ALWAYS respect others. Me and my buddies rode dirt bikes everywhere and back then the local city cops were so cool (and dads) they watched out for us boys. Let kids be kids and be dumb...we all were. What we worry is about their safety...need good cops like in my day.

  50. Aranya Shoupita

    Aranya Shoupita

    3 napja

    Poor Toyota Tundra

  51. Jesus christ

    Jesus christ

    3 napja

    Si quema cuh

  52. Leaving-_-East LA

    Leaving-_-East LA

    3 napja

    I guess he’s punished till he’s 18?

  53. One_and_only


    3 napja

    Kid just played gta 5 in real life

  54. S.V. Claybaugh

    S.V. Claybaugh

    3 napja

    I feel sorry for the kid's backside.

  55. Tlaw_sanitation


    3 napja

    Plot twist: the kid also stole a brick so he could reach the pedal

  56. Blackbird


    3 napja

    My kid ain’t touching my Charger

  57. A50ftfall


    3 napja

    Say that to some kids who drove around better than some adults

  58. Ninjaflash_


    3 napja

    What a stooge

  59. Jhavoy Pryce

    Jhavoy Pryce

    3 napja

    This is not the land, this is ✨ Glendale ✨

  60. XL 82

    XL 82

    3 napja

    me playing Teardown realizing you can crash into people's houses:



    3 napja

    He's still a better driver then most adults on the road

  62. txmba _

    txmba _

    3 napja

    Shii I was a good driver at 8

  63. Diego Rojas

    Diego Rojas

    3 napja

    Suprised he was able to put it in drive and floor it

  64. Cameron Taylor

    Cameron Taylor

    3 napja

    Let me guess Lamilton Taeshawn from boondocks is back.

  65. Skeleton on crystals

    Skeleton on crystals

    3 napja

    I have a feeling if cars were a thing when I was a child this would be me

  66. Nga Nam

    Nga Nam

    3 napja

    The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

  67. Lacy Green

    Lacy Green

    3 napja

    Kid: "borrows" my pencil **breaks it* **keeps it*

  68. Signes Adventure

    Signes Adventure

    3 napja

    6yr old me: Eats clay at the playground 6yr American: Drive cars

  69. Natepower20


    3 napja

    10 years to early little one

  70. Krishil Modi

    Krishil Modi

    3 napja

    When 6 year old children play a lot of GTA 5.......

  71. Jöhann Aleksei

    Jöhann Aleksei

    3 napja

    pretty stupid for the parents..

  72. Kris Rose

    Kris Rose

    3 napja

    I would have been killed by my parents

  73. Caesar


    4 napja

    Get a manual car. Children cannot drive those at all.

  74. kabashi jay

    kabashi jay

    4 napja

    currently Playing gta v...

  75. L.T.Tacobell Call Of Duty L.T.タコベルコールオブデューティ

    L.T.Tacobell Call Of Duty L.T.タコベルコールオブデューティ

    4 napja


  76. Kim Brown

    Kim Brown

    4 napja

    Everyone saying its unbelievable that the kids can reach the pedal... no its not its seeing out the window at the same time. My son was about 6 when he ran my car in a ditch.. but my husband let him😒🤫

  77. Taylor Knight

    Taylor Knight

    4 napja

    Talk about fast and furious.

  78. Eric Gonzalez

    Eric Gonzalez

    4 napja

    I didn't know that Toyota had 4 wheel steering

  79. dumpsteRat


    4 napja

    How did something like this occur?

  80. Southeast Michigan Rail Productions

    Southeast Michigan Rail Productions

    4 napja

    I don't ever recall being that skilled at driving when I was 6 years old... Because I never drove!!! 😆😬

  81. Edgar Mora

    Edgar Mora

    4 napja

    When i was six, i was eating dirt.

  82. Frans Schreuders

    Frans Schreuders

    4 napja

    Oh how cute!... they almost blew the neighbors up to smithereens.

  83. Hybrid Don

    Hybrid Don

    4 napja

    Thinking about it 6 year old me would of got a beating to remember once my parents get ahold of me.

  84. 52637837735556467662


    4 napja

    Poor Tundra 😢

  85. Benjamin Matejka

    Benjamin Matejka

    4 napja

    Totally used wooden blocks to reach the pedals like in Indiana Jones

  86. 25 In30s

    25 In30s

    4 napja

    I did this when I was under 10 but didn’t crash and came back safely without them knowing lol

  87. An Average Adolescent

    An Average Adolescent

    4 napja

    Oooooooh no more games for this kid

  88. angie Brookes

    angie Brookes

    4 napja

    So who's gunna fix that house wow. No one will be charge nice but expense is left behind

  89. Bruh Man

    Bruh Man

    4 napja

    There’s already been people who have received prosthetics, this is so stupid

  90. Jovani Ruiz

    Jovani Ruiz

    4 napja

    this is what happens when your parents let you borrow la mamalona cuh😢

  91. Frenite


    4 napja

    The parents really should have kept a better eye on their kids. This could have ended so much worse.

    • Chris Bradley

      Chris Bradley

      4 napja

      it was never revealed what tiem though if it happened during sleeping hours when everyone else was asleep

  92. El Rubio

    El Rubio

    4 napja

    POV: he accidentally honked in a toreador

  93. R P Poker

    R P Poker

    4 napja

    GTA for kids

  94. Remmyboo Aj

    Remmyboo Aj

    4 napja

    How did he even like, get to see out of the windshield? Or reach the pedal? Or even know how to navigate passed 3 houses? Like dude, this kid got legit skill 🤨

  95. Nancy Molina

    Nancy Molina

    4 napja

    But the 6 yr old kid’s parents gotta pay the fine of the neighbor house damage. If I were his parents, it must b responsibility n fix their house damage that my kid had done.

  96. JT TurboZ

    JT TurboZ

    4 napja

    When the kid gets older. Teacher: Ok class each person will tell the class a funny childhood memory. Kid: well...

  97. Carlos Quezada

    Carlos Quezada

    4 napja

    Says who I been driving since I was 5 👶🏽

  98. Dani X

    Dani X

    4 napja

    Take their grand theft auto away 💆🏾‍♂️

  99. 2


    4 napja

    Reminds me of full house

  100. Satoya Williams

    Satoya Williams

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