Adam Sandler Recreates ‘'Happy Gilmore’ Golf Swing

Adam Sandler is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of “Happy Gilmore.” The movie, which came out in 1996, features Sandler as an unsuccessful hockey player who discovers a love for golf. In tribute to the anniversary, he dusted off his driver and recreated that famous swing from the movie to pay homage. What about his arch nemesis in the film, Shooter McGavin? Even he’s toasting to 25 years. Looks like the battle is still on all these years later.


  1. SweetPea QvQ

    SweetPea QvQ

    9 órája

    I will always love Adam Sandler

  2. Mike J

    Mike J

    20 órája

    Happy Gilmore 2 let's see it

  3. Lil Bo _1129

    Lil Bo _1129


    Bro this video is legendary

  4. Robert Jr

    Robert Jr


    They should do a remake!!!!!!

  5. Nick Hill

    Nick Hill


    Money??? The price is wrong beAch.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford


    Wow this made me feel so old

  7. ThaNarc



    The need a sequel with happy being a calm tutor

  8. matthew barela

    matthew barela


    Hell to the yes! Love both of these guys I'm going home to watch this movie now!

  9. Yung Metro

    Yung Metro

    2 napja

    One of the Best comedy of all time 🍿

  10. virt treks

    virt treks

    2 napja

    Now we gotta see old Sandler do the bobby brusheè tackle

  11. ninetokyo


    2 napja

    hes my favourite actor ever. im praying he lives forever

  12. Luis X

    Luis X

    2 napja


  13. Wish YT

    Wish YT

    2 napja

    Have a great day, God bless, Jesus Christ loves you all, John 3:16 God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son to whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life

  14. D Folks

    D Folks

    2 napja

    I was just watching all his movies this past few days. glad to see him. god bless America

  15. Yylow Ylowwy

    Yylow Ylowwy

    2 napja


  16. Dark Light

    Dark Light

    2 napja

    Thought he was going to recreate that intro the studio uses it.

  17. DankBong420


    3 napja

    Man I love Happy Gilmore, but it's nice to see after 25 years Shooter and Happy still has a rivalry against each other, even if it's now friendlier 😂

  18. Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen

    3 napja

    Try knocking someone out with the golf ball like in the movie happy Gilmore. I’ve seen the funniest part when a lady knocked out and fell out the window. But not for real .

  19. DOOM


    3 napja

    They should make a sequel.

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  21. Alexander Pomeroy

    Alexander Pomeroy

    3 napja

    That is cool awesome

  22. Zai the water demon hedgewolf

    Zai the water demon hedgewolf

    3 napja

    Shooter mcgavin XD What kind of name is that I’m gonna see this movie

  23. Tyler Kane

    Tyler Kane

    3 napja

    Now he needs the gator head

  24. Dandadabman 710

    Dandadabman 710

    4 napja

    To bad his son wasn’t here sad 😢



    4 napja

    WHERE'S PART 2!!!!!!!

  26. Freya Rayne

    Freya Rayne

    4 napja

    I still own this man's music cds 😁 and still love his movies to this day 💕

  27. Hydox Clips

    Hydox Clips

    4 napja

    Happy Gilmore two

  28. Steven Heath

    Steven Heath

    4 napja

    One of my best childhood movies, me an my dad would watch happy gilmore whenever it was on

  29. Memes are my life

    Memes are my life

    4 napja

    Adam sanders stereo is a Bose. Kevin odyle’s stereo blows

  30. Corey Zashley

    Corey Zashley

    4 napja

    Shooter the Man

  31. AdqrablyPhoebe


    4 napja

    0:19, He might be old, but he still got it 😎

  32. Kanegregg NatuFairy

    Kanegregg NatuFairy

    4 napja

    I wanna meet this God!

  33. Hulk-Buster111


    5 napja

    Nobody cares.

  34. GradentSans Videos

    GradentSans Videos

    5 napja

    I think Adam Sandler Won-

  35. Jhabari Owens

    Jhabari Owens

    5 napja

    Ok where is part two of this movie make it happen lol

  36. Trippy J.W.Craig.G

    Trippy J.W.Craig.G

    5 napja

    That shooter plays an uptight character in all of his movies that he stars in and or cameos like American pie. Yeah he played the main kids dad in one of them if I remember correctly.

  37. Koamua808💙🤙🏽


    5 napja

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💙🤙🏽 THAT WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL

  38. Dirty Dirt McGogurt

    Dirty Dirt McGogurt

    5 napja

    My roommate in college was really good at golf, and tried the Happy Gilmore swing one time at a driving range (it was his last ball of the day). The thing with this driving range was that it had two levels (two floors), both made of concrete. ***Back Swing, Trots forward, Blasts it....... slowly loses grip of club, club flies in front of two golfers, before the club shaft shatters after hitting concrete roof, spraying fiberglass shards all over the driving range. Everyone stopped, stared, and made him go pick up all the pieces of his golf shaft on the range. LOL, good times. The golf shaft literally exploded.

  39. K M-18

    K M-18

    5 napja

    ♥️♥️♥️ I love this channel

  40. Sir Hoopalot

    Sir Hoopalot

    5 napja

    Where is the “jackass” guy lol

  41. Look Alive

    Look Alive

    6 napja

    I'm watching happy gilmore right now

  42. Ashlynne Stark

    Ashlynne Stark

    6 napja

    This was too good!!!!!!

  43. Silmary Torres

    Silmary Torres

    6 napja

    Hahahaha my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. C


    6 napja

    Finally something important from the media

  45. Sosa's world

    Sosa's world

    6 napja

    Happy Gilmore 2 coming soon!!

  46. Dee Bee

    Dee Bee

    6 napja

    Not the same, please stop👎😂

  47. Watson Harrell

    Watson Harrell

    6 napja

    Jesus loves you brochachos

  48. Mud MiXah

    Mud MiXah

    6 napja

    Boy: "Hey mister you got to wear a helmet" Happy: "don't worry about" Boy: "awesome" 😂😂🤣😆

  49. Matt gaming

    Matt gaming

    6 napja

    Im a simple man

  50. Mud MiXah

    Mud MiXah

    6 napja

    What's going on here? Happy: o just looking for the other half of this bottle.. 😂😂😆🤣😭

  51. CJ HotWheels

    CJ HotWheels

    6 napja

    Shooter: "You're in big trouble though pal, I eat pieces of s*** like you for breakfast." Happy: "You eat pieces of s*** for breakfast?" Shooter: "NO!!"

  52. Kayleigh Johnson

    Kayleigh Johnson

    6 napja

    Lol one of my favs including Wedding singer and Billy Madison.

  53. AndyGinterBlues


    6 napja

    "Shooter McGavin"'s brother is a slumlord in upstate N.Y. who stole everything I owned.

    • Joe P

      Joe P

      3 napja

      Did you look like a homeless alcoholic before or after he "stole everything you owned"?

  54. fish tank noob

    fish tank noob

    6 napja

    Is he wearing Js??

  55. Daniel the low preist

    Daniel the low preist

    6 napja

    Happy Gilmore!! Haha the old guy fighting

  56. MAGS How To Videos

    MAGS How To Videos

    6 napja

    Who here thinks they should make a sequel?

  57. Benjamin Franklin III

    Benjamin Franklin III

    6 napja

    All aging like milk bruh

    • Mud MiXah

      Mud MiXah

      6 napja


  58. Rubén Maldonado

    Rubén Maldonado

    7 napja

    Zionist POS

  59. Eric Rosas

    Eric Rosas

    7 napja

    Smells like sequel

  60. Dark Light

    Dark Light

    7 napja

    This man still can't find a t-shirt that's his size

  61. Lex Lim

    Lex Lim

    7 napja

    You should guys play a game of golf and have it televised hehe

  62. CADsAnonymous


    7 napja


  63. Jason Spades

    Jason Spades

    7 napja


  64. Everyone Is Fighting Some Kind Of Battle

    Everyone Is Fighting Some Kind Of Battle

    7 napja

    After he smashed that ball, It would've been perfect for someone behind the camera to say "you hit that guy!", and for Sandler to reply "he shouldn't of been standing there"

  65. SmokyBacon XD

    SmokyBacon XD

    7 napja

    And off in the distance you can see Franklin driving his golf cart into the pond while being in hot pursuit but the police

    • Trippy J.W.Craig.G

      Trippy J.W.Craig.G

      5 napja

      Where? I never saw it and I was actually looking for it :(

  66. Lorenzo Carmagnola

    Lorenzo Carmagnola

    7 napja

    Happy one more time gilmore.

  67. Lorenzo Carmagnola

    Lorenzo Carmagnola

    7 napja

    Hahahahah. Nice.

  68. Alligator Sam

    Alligator Sam

    7 napja

    I take it the elderly man that beats him up is not available to his skit.

  69. enjoyitbro


    7 napja

    Was it really a "blockbuster" hit though

  70. Khalid Gabriel

    Khalid Gabriel

    7 napja

    Does he play golf every day

  71. Ezekiel Lister

    Ezekiel Lister

    7 napja

    Love that movie

  72. Paul Zaj

    Paul Zaj

    7 napja

    Ben Stiller was awesome in this movie as well I know the ratings where average for this movie but i loved it one of my favourite movies

  73. Parkerrr


    7 napja

    My dogs name is shooter McGavin

  74. Ciaran Robinson

    Ciaran Robinson

    7 napja

    Golf courses still open during pandemic? Well isn’t America lucky

  75. BillyMadisonsShampoo


    7 napja

    I love it!

  76. M B

    M B

    7 napja

    They really should do another movie.

  77. Mass Pyro

    Mass Pyro

    7 napja

    I met Adam when he was filming Grown Ups. he was with his daughter at an ice cream place and seafood restaurant. he had a small crowd of people around him in the parking lot. he chatted with everyone, took pics, signed autographs. he was a really cool dude.

  78. C NOTE

    C NOTE

    7 napja

    Where's Bob Barker

  79. roto moto

    roto moto

    8 napja

    Hey shooter haven't you forgotten your 9 iron

  80. roto moto

    roto moto

    8 napja


  81. Austin Cagan

    Austin Cagan

    8 napja

    It’s the zohan what a legend 😂 I vwant to gut heurrr

  82. Wendell Greenidge

    Wendell Greenidge

    8 napja

    Man this put a huge smile on my face

  83. Tom k.williams

    Tom k.williams

    8 napja

    A quarter of a century 😬

  84. Just stuff With Wolfe

    Just stuff With Wolfe

    8 napja

    Hey I made my mum feel old

  85. Ryan Evanego

    Ryan Evanego

    8 napja

    Did anyone els see this on Instagram first lol

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    • Zi & Shye Vlogs

      Zi & Shye Vlogs

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    • Jason Spades

      Jason Spades

      7 napja

      No, because we got into an argument and haven't spoken to each other in 8 months because SOME PEOPLE don't buy a new pair of socks EVERY 12

  86. MCgamerGSR


    8 napja

    Everybody gangsta till taylormade sponsors

  87. Kimchi FN

    Kimchi FN

    8 napja

    Happy Gilmore 2 in the making

  88. Jon B

    Jon B

    8 napja

    He's about to capitalize on this with a Netflix special "Happy Gilmore 2"

  89. Ray archuleta

    Ray archuleta

    8 napja

    They should make it Happy Gilmore 2

  90. AleJandroLeal3


    8 napja

    Happy Gilmore 2

  91. ImThatOneDude-


    8 napja

    Some how in some way when the world is side ways Adam Sandler finds a way to put a smile on my face. Happy Gilmore will forever be my number one movie and I will show my kids and there kids the movie.

  92. Bic Mitchum

    Bic Mitchum

    8 napja

    Yooooo they should do a happy Gilmore 2

  93. güg elle

    güg elle

    8 napja

    lol honesty tho, classic

  94. Mandy Candy

    Mandy Candy

    8 napja

    Happy place lol

  95. Mandy Candy

    Mandy Candy

    8 napja

    Did it all for Grandma lol

  96. killahboi84


    8 napja

    Please out of all the lousy sequels made. Give us gilmore 2? Maybe since he got the house for his grandmother, you can call it. Happier Gilmore...i mean it's a start.

  97. aware24


    8 napja

    I’m gonna recreate wearing a diaper from my baby days, it will surely work and be cute.

  98. Johnathon Barker

    Johnathon Barker

    8 napja

    They still got it :)

  99. Kae saysstfu

    Kae saysstfu

    8 napja

    Im disappointed he didnt ride the club

  100. räygun


    8 napja

    my 9 year old self loved this movie and still do