Are These the Best Neighbors Ever?

You may know the phrase “Love Thy Neighbor,” but can you say that you practice it as well as these people? From running into burning homes to rescuing someone in a medical emergency, to simply spreading smiles, these are neighbors most anyone would be proud to have nearby. "When I opened the door, I knew that something was wrong and I knew that I had to do something - quickly!" one woman said of her life-saving skills. Inside Edition Digital’s Stephanie Officer has the details.


  1. Zoe Is best

    Zoe Is best

    3 órája

    One of my neighbor's left their bin bag full of trash in a windy day and when I woke up there was food every where and 1 of my over neighbor's picked it up because she could stand the mess on the street

  2. Emily Jefferson

    Emily Jefferson

    5 órája

    What that Veteran did for those children was so kind especially after everything he had been through. Warms my heart 😌❤️

  3. Maiam AlDarmaki

    Maiam AlDarmaki

    6 órája

    Awww ☺️

  4. silverserpants


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  5. bigboy Yasin

    bigboy Yasin

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    Sad thing is that it was recent like 2020 moving in 2021

  6. Sunset Roblox!

    Sunset Roblox!


    This is why you should let your children stay up late😊

  7. Jocelyn Larsen

    Jocelyn Larsen


    All so special💟

  8. Ziva Hanella

    Ziva Hanella


    George was truly a good neighbor

  9. bart man

    bart man


    The lazy cheek emotionally mate because bamboo comparably chase after a workable pajama. jealous, grandiose yew

  10. Scavenger Kids TV

    Scavenger Kids TV


    Yeah well I never had a nice neighbor he boards up his basement and he has the worlds biggest house

  11. Aesthetically Boring

    Aesthetically Boring


    Me and my neighbors don't communicate that much at all

  12. Marcedes OCCM-NR

    Marcedes OCCM-NR


    I'm not being a racist I did not know you were black you literally sound like somebody else but I'm not trying to be a racist but yeah

  13. I’m a Stove

    I’m a Stove


    if my neighbors house was burning down i will kick down the door to save em

  14. Jo Ann Myers-Robinson

    Jo Ann Myers-Robinson


    People who live by the golden rule! Thanks ♥️♥️

  15. DJ Alan JS 0588

    DJ Alan JS 0588


    I love this video. We need more people and videos like this. Have a very beautiful day everyone.

  16. NovaCawthon79



    0:08 *Bad jokes detected on American soil use lethal Force*

  17. Kevin A

    Kevin A


    My neighbor: can you please keep your sex noise down? Me: what? 🙄I'm just in the couch eating pizza and playing a video game. Smh

  18. Deadpool


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    2:58 now thats the greatest karen

  19. Enchanted Diamond

    Enchanted Diamond

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    I’m a kid the youngest of 7 and our neighbors well we don’t really talk to them, but we have a trampoline next to the fence the spilts our back yards, we play lots of games on the trampoline and loose lots of balls and toys over the fence, multiple times we went over the fence cause the neighbours before then were our friends we new our away around they back yard I FELT LIKE I WAS IN A STEALTH MISSION WHEN IT WAS MY TURN TO GET THE TOY.

  20. David Papile

    David Papile

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    imagine reporting as Inside Edition and publishing a 3 year old video as "news"

  21. SandZ Academy

    SandZ Academy

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    A couple of hours after it snowed, I looked outside to assess how much shoveling my husband had to do, only to find that our neighbor already did it. He shoveled the entire sidewalk in front of our house, our driveway, a path to our front stoop, and the stairs. I couldn't believe it. We're good neighbors to him and his family as well, but his neighborly generosity was over the top.

  22. -Gacha_Zone-


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    Did that kid just do a wheely!!

  23. •RamenBooble•


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    It’s GeorgeNotFound

  24. J Rideout

    J Rideout

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    Oh man, the one about the guy who built a pool for the neighborhood children because his life was too quiet after his wife died. The bit about her watch made me cry.

  25. Great Germany

    Great Germany

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    George was a simp

  26. Nathan Salinas

    Nathan Salinas

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    They can make a whole fire force

  27. Mallory


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    Its always those yellowish brick houses that start a flame easily

  28. Not_Me


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    my bff and her family plus her grandma lived just down the road and her grandma would give me and my brother gifts for our birthday and for christmas, but she got sick and does not remember most things and does not give us gifts anymore, im not mad tho i kept her cards and still read them sometimes.

  29. ideal


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    I am surprised that the police didn't arrest the kid for impersonating an officer.

  30. Hillario Torres

    Hillario Torres

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    3:00 Man that man now probably hates steak now.

  31. Zamiiz


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    Stories like these makes me wanna meet my neighbors... then I watch nightmare HOA videos then become conflicted

  32. Gloria Lopez

    Gloria Lopez

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    𝗟𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗮 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗻𝗲𝗶𝗴𝗵𝗯𝗼𝗿....... 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗳𝗮𝗿𝗺 𝗶𝘀𝗻'𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲

  33. RydiaLS83


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    My cross street Neighbors would clear away: our snow cover driveway, our steps, our car and our path way. just because they knew I can't lift anything heavy, due to my back injury. they also knew my dad has a heart condition. they just come over and clear snow out for us, without say anything or asking for anything in return. all they told us, this a thank you for being a very Nice Neighbor to them, through out the years ^^

  34. Kash Qadeer

    Kash Qadeer

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  35. HueyR6


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    when that guy said "paul" I definitely didn't expect him to say they won the nobel prize

  36. Peachy Vibes

    Peachy Vibes

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    The pool one is so cute 😭

  37. Fat Body

    Fat Body

    3 napja

    5:41 but where ever he is I hope he knows I had to clear snow off my car every time it snowed and I really hope he knows how much of a pain it’s been ever since he moved. Is what she really meant to say

  38. AMY LH LEE


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    I wish I had these neighbours. Not like my neighbours karaoke all night ..

  39. olivetreepigg


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    FLORIDA MAN and a nice KAREN

  40. Muhammad Haziq Fawwaz Ni`mannasir

    Muhammad Haziq Fawwaz Ni`mannasir

    3 napja

    he is an experienced cop 1 second later: does a wheelie

  41. M


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    2:53 The best karen-

  42. Keenan Brenning

    Keenan Brenning

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    2:23 Is his name Billy Bass!?

  43. Sharon Taylor

    Sharon Taylor

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    My neighbor is among the best. We live in a townhouse complex so he's right next door to me. During winter when it snows, he cleans from my front door all the way down to the end of my walkway. During summer he cuts the grass at the front and back of my house when he's cutting his own. His wife tends to the flowers in the garden that we share at the front. Blessings come in all forms. He is one of my biggest blessing👍👍.

  44. Grim Fire

    Grim Fire

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    Damn Stephanie 😳

  45. thedaper


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    shes a good karen

  46. Jill S

    Jill S

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    Did you notice the shirt he was wearing?? SUPERMAN!!

  47. Javi Ceni

    Javi Ceni

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    The Nobel peace prize would’ve been cool to win but not after they gave it to Obama, it’s a joke after that one lol

  48. joshmo27dhtotrnts


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    That lil kid would be a good cop... I'd like to think....

  49. Club fantasy Frog

    Club fantasy Frog

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    Omg the one where he let all the kids swim in his yard 🥺🥺

  50. shogun fiBer

    shogun fiBer

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    i live in a young liberal arts area and its amazing

  51. sword slayer Gaming

    sword slayer Gaming

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    I hate how the name is karen when they did such a nice thing

  52. poopy


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  53. Nimixcs


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    George in the comment section?

  54. Kown Alqallaf

    Kown Alqallaf

    3 napja

    My neighbors broke our trampoline and use to hit us with rocks and ones the rocks reached my head and I still have the bump from that day!!! The best neighbors award 🥇

    • Dead Channel

      Dead Channel

      2 napja

      Ya those neighbors better stop their act

  55. Sterling Dudley

    Sterling Dudley

    3 napja

    I had a nice neighbor they gave me my dog and they let me play with there dogs when I was younger they also invited me over and they taught me how to ride a bike when I was younger

  56. YoshTheRandom


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    the last one is just teamwork

  57. Jamie Robins

    Jamie Robins

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    *Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there*

  58. I love fabric and flowers

    I love fabric and flowers

    3 napja

    about the bloke choking. This happened to me and I live remote. I slammed my back into the wall by taking a fast step backward. I felt the nut 'fly up from my windpipe, hit the back of my throat, and straight back down to where it was before. I hit my head on the wall and knocked myself out. Woke up later with the nut in my mouth. It must have been when I hit the floor that I dislodged the nut and without the force of gravity did not go back down.

  59. Leh Fab Duck

    Leh Fab Duck

    3 napja

    Everyone in my neighborhood keep to themselves

  60. KCs Funhouse

    KCs Funhouse

    3 napja

    I love this, it should be a requirement that every news station show things like this after every sad or horrific story they broadcast.

  61. Myth!


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    Wow, y’all have such horrible neighbors. Here in Canada everybody is friendly in my area.

  62. L Allred

    L Allred

    3 napja

    A strong thunderstorm was headed our way. It would arrive before the neighbor returned from work. So, after the trash was picked up, I brought their trash can in from the curb when I retrieved mine so it wouldn't blow away. After that, they would race to see if they could return my trash can to me before I could get theirs to their house. Very sweet people. That went on weekly for four months. Then they moved away. The new neighbors were caught stealing from my car the first week they lived there. Sigh...

  63. Hakan C

    Hakan C

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    i wish all neighbors were like these people

  64. Kelly Rosepetal

    Kelly Rosepetal

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    When homeless people dig through my trash can at 1 am

  65. デミロード


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    0:28 mans Doing a wheelie

  66. Cademan Caden

    Cademan Caden

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    Please keep us updated on George.

  67. All Knowledge Philly

    All Knowledge Philly

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    Ok Stephanie...

  68. racing and gaming

    racing and gaming

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    I choked on water and died

  69. Simon North

    Simon North

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    Honestly, I wouldnt help my neighbor, he always parks in front of our home when there is space in front of his house, I will let his house burn! I am a good christian.

  70. [2iq] Dust

    [2iq] Dust

    4 napja

    He is a real hero with the super man shirt 2:04

  71. SaltyPanda


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    My worst nightmare having a fire in the middle of the night and having to run out the house dick swinging.

  72. Miya Yunos

    Miya Yunos

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    Glad I live in an apartment 😃😊

  73. uEternal


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    2:45 " You choking? " No, I'm playing Mime. stupid af lol

  74. ammaria hamel

    ammaria hamel

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    Finally good news with the word florida man in it

  75. Wonderland 820

    Wonderland 820

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    When you have nice neighbors you'd wish your office was at home and spend weekends with your neighbor buddies cooking barbecue or maybe out of town.

  76. Rocco Ferrante

    Rocco Ferrante

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    The message of the story is... Buy a ring doorbell.

  77. Hxøney Boba

    Hxøney Boba

    4 napja

    Oh so when that little kid pretends to be a police officer it’s cute and he gets his own card. But when I do it I get arrested charged with impersonation of a police officer. 🙄

    • SandZ Academy

      SandZ Academy

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    • CaptainCC


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      😂😂lol the sad truth btw i love your profile pic of hanako-kun😊

  78. virade Stafel

    virade Stafel

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    He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry, "the prophet pbuh"

  79. HereIsAMac


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    Honestly theres like a billion fires here

  80. Frenite


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    0:20: That officer in the back has one of the weirdest shaped heads I’ve ever seen.

    • Alaa M

      Alaa M

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  81. Josh Shanker

    Josh Shanker

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    imagine paul at 2 am hearing “you won the nobel prize”

  82. World Changer

    World Changer

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    I hope George reach out to you!

  83. Dusty Wilson

    Dusty Wilson

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    I swear if they cancel that kid...

  84. {?Yuki?} :D

    {?Yuki?} :D

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    the first one made got me dead

  85. Hayden Wolf

    Hayden Wolf

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  86. littledood


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    I smiled way to hard for this

  87. Mia Allem-Shapiro

    Mia Allem-Shapiro

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    Meanwhile my neighbor called security on me cause I was pounding some chicken with a meat mallet 😆

  88. Muna Ahmed

    Muna Ahmed

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    accepting that an elderly man to change his sleep pattern so she could not be irritated by snoring is heartless at: 4:49

  89. big booty jooty

    big booty jooty

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    yo wsg im george

  90. Grace M

    Grace M

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    Whats with the bad audio in this one?

  91. Jaiden Buultjens

    Jaiden Buultjens

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    Meenwhile my neighbours complain when I walk my dog

  92. Kimberlyn Roberts

    Kimberlyn Roberts

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    This is the America I know and love.

  93. N K

    N K

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  94. Opium Ball

    Opium Ball

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    I never knew who was talking now I now

  95. Iampiggygirl Games

    Iampiggygirl Games

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    The neighbours be like “quick get out “out mine... YoUR CaR Is 2 InChEs over and ruining my birthday 🎂🤣

  96. Smile


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    caroline is a good karen

  97. Jonas Correa

    Jonas Correa

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    My neighbor leaves alone he has 2 huge houses. One day he decided to gift my 7 year old daughter one of the houses. Its gorgeous and I am so happy that she already have a bright future to looking forward.

  98. Big Mac

    Big Mac

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  99. Gustav Lindman

    Gustav Lindman

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    Can we just talk about how sad it is about the guy choking on steak, he ate it alone, it’s so sad

  100. king k

    king k

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    I choked on a Gobstopper once when I was 7 my Mum saved me