Billie Eilish Had to Dye Her Hair 4 Times to Get This Blonde

Billie Eilish is debuting a whole new look on the cover of British Vogue! The Grammy-winning “Bad Guy” singer, known for her shock of green hair and baggy outfits, traded in the oversized shirts and pants for latex and lingerie, along with a blonde hairdo reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. The hair was not an easy transition from it’s previous black and green, and took four dye jobs to transform into its current platinum look.


  1. Chyanne Rodriguez

    Chyanne Rodriguez

    9 órája

    She did not die her hair her green and black hair was actually a wig because in one of her lives you can see her pull the wig back up

  2. ray the man

    ray the man


    Of course

  3. R4Z13L Z3D3X

    R4Z13L Z3D3X

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    Who's that girl in the cover of vogue (shows her name)

  4. Nicole Melia

    Nicole Melia

    4 napja

    🥺🥺🥺 I miss the real Billie Eilish I don’t want her to change 😭😭😭

  5. Alexander Barcenas

    Alexander Barcenas

    4 napja

    Guess who cares?,nobody

  6. Annamarie Lewis

    Annamarie Lewis

    4 napja

    Now this is the height of hypocrisy. She was so against all the body stuff. Hypocrite, hypocritical, liar, liar, liar. NEver liked her look to begin with. Now I just don’t like her. Hypocrite!

  7. Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia

    4 napja

    She looks like Scarlett Jo

  8. Coco Lee

    Coco Lee

    4 napja

    Wth that is Billie Eilish

  9. G •

    G •

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  10. axeriia


    5 napja

    did he say the n word at 1:11

  11. xxshadowlilyxx


    5 napja

    Not gonna lie she kinda looks like Lee pons

  12. Adhaan _

    Adhaan _

    5 napja

    Y'all do realize that she was also a MINOR when she was specifically wearing baggy clothes

  13. Adhaan _

    Adhaan _

    5 napja

    I totally forgot that she's a natural blonde

  14. gue_ss


    5 napja

    i wouldve put a wig on and called it a day

  15. Vulicity


    6 napja

    Inside Edition finds this newsworthy?😂 🤦‍♂️ this isn’t even newsworthy what the hell.

  16. Anonymous


    6 napja

    And my dream finally came true

  17. - Eliana Artz -

    - Eliana Artz -

    6 napja

    They had literally said that her green and black hair was a wig???

  18. flayful


    6 napja

    Billie Eilish: I'm sorry, Brad Mondo 😂

  19. Abigail Grant

    Abigail Grant

    7 napja

    I was waiting for her to break out of her shell.

  20. Rizki Maulidan

    Rizki Maulidan

    7 napja

    she should do onlyfans tho

  21. Ayleen Reyes

    Ayleen Reyes

    7 napja

    Man her hair must be pretty dry

  22. GO AGANE!


    7 napja

    who asked

  23. suny :]

    suny :]

    7 napja

    i love her hair!

  24. Ghost


    7 napja

    1:11 at least some people had positivity

  25. Xtreme Stuntz

    Xtreme Stuntz

    7 napja

    There is a slave trade going on in Liberia...

  26. YouTube Freak YouTube Freak

    YouTube Freak YouTube Freak

    8 napja

    Satan love blondes and btw this was a satanic ritual

  27. Norskit


    8 napja

    i don't really think anybody actually cares

  28. Nora Star

    Nora Star

    8 napja

    she liked someone’s photo and then unliked it, same hairstyle the person had in the photo lol.

  29. Natinha Maranhão

    Natinha Maranhão

    8 napja

    She is beautiful

  30. James Barrera

    James Barrera

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  31. Waidens


    8 napja

    I thought it was scarlet Johansson ngl

  32. Money Slaps

    Money Slaps

    8 napja

    Ok Arnold 🤣

  33. Heather


    8 napja

    That color looks awful! Especially with her dark eyebrows.

  34. Teethless Man

    Teethless Man

    9 napja

    some people literally have no purpose in new life other than follow celebrities breath count.

  35. Kiss My Ass Dickhead

    Kiss My Ass Dickhead

    9 napja

    She looks like a busty European model for photo shooting in France.

  36. Iron Butterfly

    Iron Butterfly

    9 napja

    Just wear a blonde wig!

  37. Y /n

    Y /n

    9 napja

    Billie at that point just wear a wig 😩 we don’t wanna damage that beautiful hair!!

  38. FaZe TRAPO

    FaZe TRAPO

    9 napja

    I was shocked tho

  39. Masrur


    9 napja

    I did it on 2 times I got lucky 😭

  40. Vanesa Vega Cendejas

    Vanesa Vega Cendejas

    9 napja

    My goodness 😍 sign me up🤤

  41. chloe fisher

    chloe fisher

    9 napja

    Its real go to her channel

  42. Vitor Bowen

    Vitor Bowen

    9 napja

    She looks fine but I always saw her as a little sister, so it's weird her in that way

  43. ArmyTrashhh


    9 napja

    Didn’t know she had all that cake. Damn!

  44. Elle_anime_lover


    9 napja

    Why didn’t she wear a wig this could of damaged her hair

  45. Reality Check

    Reality Check

    9 napja

    So Billie Eilish turned into Scarlett Johansson.

  46. Kelda's True Crime

    Kelda's True Crime

    9 napja

    A wig would have been so much healthier.

  47. Cheez


    9 napja

    "You'll never guess who it is" *Proceeds to show a cover with her name in the middle of the page*

  48. JJzozo OCEguera666

    JJzozo OCEguera666

    9 napja


  49. Hope King

    Hope King

    9 napja

    Will Smith looking like an average person. I like it. It's not healthy to be totally shredded.

  50. Nini Kisses

    Nini Kisses

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  51. Yanu Yanu

    Yanu Yanu

    9 napja

    I saw, scarlet, j...

  52. NhlProShawnPS4


    9 napja

    I gagged. Looks like a transwoman.

  53. Meme Lord

    Meme Lord

    9 napja

    This is not gonna end well for he

  54. pro minecrafter

    pro minecrafter

    9 napja

    Inside edition really wanted to expose her like that

  55. Aron Sumisu

    Aron Sumisu

    9 napja

    congratulations 😐

  56. margotfleurs


    9 napja

    1:12 what is that last name??

  57. Mel


    9 napja

    Obviously. You can't go from black hair to platinum blonde in 1 session.

  58. The One Human

    The One Human

    9 napja

    I liked the old Billie

  59. Din Djarin

    Din Djarin

    9 napja

    Ouch poor Will 😬

  60. Chloe Langley

    Chloe Langley

    9 napja

    This girl doesnt know what a wig is

  61. Rey Santana

    Rey Santana

    9 napja

    Billie Eilish is a 1:1. 🥰😍

  62. Kaiju Girl

    Kaiju Girl

    9 napja

    Anyone can get their hair that color. How is this a big deal? It just you're everyday average hair dye. I don't see how this is news.

  63. Evan Wilson

    Evan Wilson

    9 napja

    Did Arnold call America fat? America is the land of the fat.

  64. Trigger Holaday

    Trigger Holaday

    9 napja

    Thought she wanted to be original, familiar spirits will always think and move the same.

  65. Captain Freedom

    Captain Freedom

    9 napja

    Epic hooters.

  66. Cammy


    9 napja

    Never gonna stop simping

  67. alstrss


    9 napja

    She's looks good for the name billie with blonde hair

  68. Tessyyy


    9 napja

    did he just said the n word

  69. Christopher Rodriguez

    Christopher Rodriguez

    9 napja

    That will smith post is so relatable, I get it 🙌

  70. wwk I am

    wwk I am

    9 napja

    Mom bod ? If that's what a mom bod is ,that is one good looking mom

  71. Matthew Decker Official

    Matthew Decker Official

    9 napja

    Welcome to moi life like you want white hair you have to work boo unless you were born lucky

  72. Celathian Aaron

    Celathian Aaron

    9 napja

    She’s the best!

  73. Shaw


    9 napja

    Umm... wig next time maybe

  74. EinieN J

    EinieN J

    9 napja

    She is beautiful either way! 🖤💚

  75. Binod


    10 napja

    *Why the hell is Billie Elish & Will Smith on the same video? Isn't that one part of the whole issue she's making in her statement.*



    10 napja

    what abs

  77. Ms.Krueger


    10 napja

    She is gorgeous!! 💜

  78. Swag Wagon

    Swag Wagon

    10 napja

    Man they dont have anything to do when vids like this start coming out

    • Swag Wagon

      Swag Wagon

      10 napja

      Cant blame them though

  79. Judd C

    Judd C

    10 napja

    This is what hollywood does to you folks. Still think fame and fortune is worth is?

  80. larry robinson

    larry robinson

    10 napja


  81. Claris Curve

    Claris Curve

    10 napja

    Yesssss Billie😍😍😍

  82. Angel Things

    Angel Things

    10 napja

    It feels so weird to see Billie looking so promiscuous . Of course she can do anything she wants with her body but she's barely an adult, it feels wrong

  83. Thomas Beast298 Playz

    Thomas Beast298 Playz

    10 napja

    It looks like black widow

  84. iikoffeebxns


    10 napja


  85. Neil


    10 napja

    HUeye Algorithm is getting a little ridiculous with their comment removal, and censorship! 😠

  86. rhonda3837


    10 napja

    Very nice😀

  87. Mark Kenneth Herrero

    Mark Kenneth Herrero

    10 napja

    Lmao arnold just burned 90% of america. He must be part of of the peaceful but fiery protesters. 😂

  88. That One kid

    That One kid

    10 napja

    Can you believe she is only 19 🥶

  89. Akario


    10 napja

    Billie da 💣

  90. Yourlocalmemevender 987

    Yourlocalmemevender 987

    10 napja

    I thought it was a wig!

  91. Samuel A

    Samuel A

    10 napja

    beautiful. good 4 her. stunning

  92. Mrfluffybeehive


    10 napja

    “How about you watch your mouth”

  93. Sh4unity


    10 napja

    Saggy af. 🧐

  94. Mdancer


    10 napja

    I have a feeling it’s because she wanted to wait till she was 18 or over

  95. Beastmasterislive


    10 napja

    Will Smith looks Indian in this Pic 😂

  96. Might Build A wall idk

    Might Build A wall idk

    10 napja

    So fake lol, how much editing went into this.

  97. avah Thomas

    avah Thomas

    10 napja

    She looks old

  98. Mei Hui Ooi

    Mei Hui Ooi

    10 napja

    Billie eilish vogue book not very seen 📛♀️🚺💟🌈🦄🍭🎉🎊😭😢😥💔

  99. Walking Dead Girl

    Walking Dead Girl

    10 napja

    She bleached her hair not dye it.

  100. shane phelan

    shane phelan

    10 napja

    Billie she's pretty as hell.....come visit me in Canada Lady