Britney Spears’ Piggyback Ride on Hike With Her Boyfriend

Britney Spears went for a hike with boyfriend Sam Asghari, but didn’t do much hiking, as the pop singer got a ride on his back. Britney was having so much fun, she compared Sam to a horse. And it’s the story of a mother’s mission to find out what happened to her missing daughter, and Deborah Norville is an executive producer. The new Lifetime movie “The Long Island Serial Killer: A Mother’s Hunt for Justice” tells the true story of Mari Gilbert and her search for her daughter’s killer.


  1. Malcolm3368


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    Weird transition

  2. jules bailey

    jules bailey

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    Wait... Brittney Spears is the biological missing daughter of Mary Gilbert? They sure look alike

  3. w e ¡ r d c o r e

    w e ¡ r d c o r e

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    *she’s kinda being selfish making her boyfriend do everything. Talk about how to loose a boyfriend.*

  4. Tiaan Burger

    Tiaan Burger

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    Uhm? Whats the last part? Disturbing story choice

  5. will weedman

    will weedman

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    Those puny chicken legs look like they might buckle.

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    What's up with this voice she uses its so annoying

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    I’m so confused💀

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    Change the title to: Because Britney Spears using her boyfriend as a horse

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    The topic change gave me a seizure.

  10. Peppie Tree

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    *My question is she ain’t married with him yet? That’s not a good sign*

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    So what’s the main topic here???

  12. Jamie Sneddy

    Jamie Sneddy

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    The good old bait and switch. L o l

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    That was two totally different topics

  14. CypressFN


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    I Actually Went To The Place They Were Hiking At

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    The same memelord that made all those confusing titles is back to confuse people watching clips on yt... cool xD

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    I went from watching murder stories to this!

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    This is 6yo me with my dad at the mall

  19. Tinnybird G

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    How is britney spears doing THESE days? I used to jam on her music years ago.

  20. Martin Virgen

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    😭 poor her

  21. Jessica Meza

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    What a editing job. Lol seriously 😳

  22. hmongster84


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    I see how Brittany and the story of Mary Gilbert is related. Brittany looks exactly like the mother.

  23. Juan Rubio

    Juan Rubio

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    What is this? I thought the video was supposed to be about Britney Spears and her boyfriend.

  24. Peace & Namaste

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    Why do they always throw in some totally random story. Weird!?!?

  25. raegqn


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    it feels scripted-

    • raegqn


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      what I mean is britanys video*

  26. Amanda Todd

    Amanda Todd

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    Grab your boyfriend and run on the hiking trail run b***h run

  27. Vibe420


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    "I don't feel like walking right now" why in the hell u go out to walk then u lazy women

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    Who edited this?! Not even a transition.

  30. Embracing Te Reo Māori!

    Embracing Te Reo Māori!

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    So the horse killed Britney's missing daughter???

  31. Mike Dub

    Mike Dub

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    Ummm...So, did Britney and her boyfriend Sam find a body while hiking and riding an imaginary horse?

  32. Demitrius L.

    Demitrius L.

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    0:27 me: wow Britney looks old af!! **8sec later** wait what?.. wtf just happend!?

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    So y'all just change the topic like that?

  35. Leo F

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    So y'all just change the topic like that? But RIP to her daughter.

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    What kind of follow up video was that ?? I clicked for Britt!!

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    Wait. What? This makes no sense.... Lol

  39. JourneyMan Smitty

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    I didn't even know Britney Spears had a boyfriend at least you happy but strangely enough the tied this would the serial killer story🤔

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    Wait what happened?

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    Oops she did it again,🤣🤣😅lol

  43. k


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    Say what?

  44. ChezFeroce


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    so this is just a pseudo-promo for the lifetime movie?

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    Who cares

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    That second part was just tacked on there, wasn't it?

  47. john palma

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    I'd really like to know who at Inside Edition put this stuff together. This is edited, voiced over and published, and everyone in the process of making this video thought it made even a bit of sense?

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    What the hell was this all about again??????

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    why did you include a non relevant topic? Bad content.

  51. Steady Cuzzin

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    Wtf? I clicked to see what Britney Spears has been up to. Wtf just happened? Did Inside Edition not have anything to talk about. Or was this just a Bait Trap to make us click on the video? Hmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔



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    I'm sorry but what.

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    Good morning to everyone except Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears dad

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    What is up with these topic changes without warning all the sudden? This is the third video I had to rewatch because I didn't understand how I got to the topic I was watching. Its super annoying.

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    Wtf just happened

  57. Lifeasanauthor LadyRoyal

    Lifeasanauthor LadyRoyal

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    is Britney spears special or something? The way she talks is just.... I don't know... weird...

  58. NDN AF

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    This video just had a bipolar manic episodem

  59. Azan Ali

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    That boyfriend is a SIMP!!!

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    When the story changed to that other woman i thought thats what britney looked like now.

  61. Scootchie and Boo

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    Brittney spears piggybacks actual news story about courageous mother

  62. Carly Crays

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    I'm Brittany Spears a serial killer?

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    I went in the wrong way

  64. Louis Ed Nacion

    Louis Ed Nacion

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    I went in the wrong way

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    Why does he do the talking when interviewing about Britney situation she has a mouth to speak up he's using her for attention he's in it for the money

  66. Kaden Swift

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    Plot twist, Britney is the serial killer

  67. koko nana

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    It takes me to the end to realize that Britney Spears is not part of the serial killer episode.

  68. Levante


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    What the actual hell

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    Inside edition is literally the same as fox news, their title dint make sense

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    The Djentleman

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    who cares? how is this important enough to waste your time and platform on?

  71. VideoJunkie


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    So is britney going to play her daughter? I dont get it. What does one story has to do with the other? Did britney went hiking where the bodies were found? Oh wait is britney playing the serial killer??

  72. DanDCool


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    Lol it was funny i liked the topic change Thought Britney was lost and killer and what

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    I was confused at first and then I realized this is two separate stories in one episode.

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    “Did a full 180” 🎶

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    I was so damnnnn confused wtf lol

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    When the comment section makes way more sense then the actual video...🙄 I thought i was too tired and missed something there..Thanks YT😪

  78. Diogenes • 108 years ago

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    this channel a hotmess but I'm here for it

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    Oh no way so if I piggy back ride with my dad I will be on Inside edition

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    Who friggin cares...



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    Thanks inside edition you did it again once again you dam confuse me I thought Britney spears was the one missing and the lady was her real mother looking for her

  82. Gracious B

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    I’m so confused what is this video even about

    • Elaina Kosmidis

      Elaina Kosmidis

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      Good question: This video is about some paparazzi getting a bit of BRITNEY footage, selling it to INSIDE EDITION & making a quick buck. Be well. ☮️😷

  83. Craig Gurule

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    Boy!!! Really need to rename the title of this video, maybe call it the things Kevin Federline may or may not do,lol

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    Wtf happened in this video

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    Lmao what does the queen have to do with the killer movie

  87. Lily Heitz

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    Not to disrespect and movie about a death to a missing death but promoting a tv show has nothing to do with Brittney Spears thinking she better then everyone and riding her boy friend.

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    Bro no one cares

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    Ok why is Britney important to that tho

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    Well, someone is earning his keeps 🤭

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    what is this video? what was the point of the first part? they didn’t even have a conclusion about it. it would’ve been more interesting just to talk about the second story

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    Bruh tf was that changed jesus

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    Alrighty then. Lol

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    Uhhhh inside edition, this isn’t the first time the title doesn’t describe the whole video...... unrelated content included -_-

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    So this video has not much to do with the title. Is this part of the conspiracy around Britney? lol what you trying to say, Inside Edition?

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    Great mashup.

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    Okay, they can just have a piggy back ride without a HUeye channel reporting about it

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    Wait what? The Topic change to serial killer?

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