Camera on Train Shows Moment of Impact in Taiwan Crash

Newly released on-board camera footage from the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board showed the devastating moment a passenger train struck a truck on the tracks and derailed. The train was packed with over 500 people. Dozens of people were injured and killed. First responders worked to pull people trapped in the crumpled wreckage. The rescue operation was complicated by the fact that the train was entering a tunnel as it derailed.


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  2. Crazy


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    Damm that's a lot of people rip

  3. DeJay100


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    When I see I tire I realy want to jump on it

  4. KiLL gnarly Axstro Luv

    KiLL gnarly Axstro Luv

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    I send my heart to all the people that die and i hope u do to.

  5. - guy113-

    - guy113-

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    "The train was packed whit over 500 people, thousands were inured" Wait what 500 people but 1000 inured ....

  6. Rob Grenzeback

    Rob Grenzeback


    Inside Edition: Taiwan is a country. *CCP China triggered*

  7. achimay


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    With the advanced technology there is, isn’t there ways to put some kind of sensors to alert incoming train of objects in their path?? Rip to those people who died.

  8. Spencer Hundertmark

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    It’s the engineer

  9. CallMeIsaac


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    Stoping the train in gta 5

  10. Aven Jiang

    Aven Jiang

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    thats why nyc doesn’t have these high tech trains

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    Nic ,

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    They’re so prideful.

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    The Doge meme

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    What happened 😳😳😳😳

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    My question is who put that truck there 🤔 also the person who put that truck there killed 50 people

  15. fAtTy


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    Mainland China now started sabotaging their trains🤦‍♂️. HK is not enough, they want Indian borders and Taiwan to bow down to dictator Winnie the Pooh

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    500th comment

  17. Eating Pizza In The Woods

    Eating Pizza In The Woods

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    Wow, Taiwan sure is a great country for responding fast.

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    50 :S thats a lot Rip from heart !!!

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    Ok I'm really curious tell me if you disliked the video.

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    My dad's country. Usually pretty peaceful.



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    When they wreck they wreck... nothing that bad happens in the US even though things aren't as fast and nice

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    How fast was it going 💀💀

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    I pray for those families impacted by this terrible accident ❤️❤️❤️

  25. CZ Texan

    CZ Texan

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    Ok but 50 people? I get the Driver for hitting head on into concrete of the tunnel. When I heard of the Deceased I was shocked. RIP to all the victims my condolences to the families.

    • Matt


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      Train derailed right before before entering the tunnel and then bounced between the walls

    • Pitepalt productions

      Pitepalt productions

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      At least the trains we have in Sweden, I think most trains anywhere, there's no seat belts.. Soo.. When a train crashes everyone is flying :// Even though it doesn't look like a big crash, inside the train it's chaos

  26. Chevy to The levy

    Chevy to The levy

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    So heartbreaking prayers

  27. Logan Hughes

    Logan Hughes

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    That stretch of road should have had adequate guardrail. That truck would never have fell on the tracks had that been the case

    • Kokonut Flavored Cheese

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      it was on a construction site and left unattended for the workers' lunch break

  28. Corey Cottrell

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    This so sad. Praying for the families of the loved that passed in this horrible accident.

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    Damn. RIP people. Awful.

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    0:28 i got nothin to say.

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    *Chinese train

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    Who ever dis likes this I swere they just no lifes

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    Gta in real life

  34. Mabdaa


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    Props to first response. I salute them.

  35. growingup15


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    Its crazy that this is a rare thing over there. meanwhile here in america like every year theres a train accident because of failing infrastructure

  36. Tatum Shane

    Tatum Shane

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    Rest In Peace to all whom passed, wishing quick recovery’s to the injured, and love to the the grieving families

  37. Dxstxrb


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    GTA train: ha coward

  38. Ralf marq

    Ralf marq

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    dam rip passengers 🪦🕊🕊

  39. kamal khairi Kamaruddin

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    Reminds me of ANGEL BEATS

  40. Kid Richard

    Kid Richard

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  41. Watcher


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    "A train struck a truck on the tracks." My new favorite tongue twister. Some people might've had more than their tongues twisted in the accident but hey! Take everything with a grain of salt.

  42. Rafael Mendoza

    Rafael Mendoza

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    Trump typing............

  43. NotABridger


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    Some of the people who died literally exploded. A lot of the bodies were unable to be identified, so they had to use DNA. A voluntary group were put together to put the body parts of the lost ones together. One of the volunteers had to put together a 5 year old's body, he said that he cried in his truck for two hours before returning to work.

    • kylexrex


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      thats awful

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    Andrew Tan

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    Train to busan is coming near to your death

  46. Saturn


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    Someone obviously put the truck there

  47. steeve steeve

    steeve steeve

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    How the truck was able to fall on the rails please

  48. Natalie Attrell

    Natalie Attrell

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    What a disaster in this world.

  49. •

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    Most likely that truck was a work truck parked up the hill and it rolled down the hill without anyone knowing

  50. Theo Estandarte

    Theo Estandarte

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    Rip driver

  51. Lift Lingo

    Lift Lingo

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    It’s half staff inside edition not half mast. A mast is on a ship

  52. Kayla S

    Kayla S

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    How does a truck end up on the tracks in the middle of nowhere...a worker must’ve forgotten about it

  53. Awilda Medina

    Awilda Medina

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    Where’s Walter O’Brien and scorpion when you need them

  54. McPigNation406


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  55. Abbygail Tai

    Abbygail Tai

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    So my friends, friend is actually rushing back because his wife and son were in that train... they have both passed and they still can’t find the son’s arms and legs. Prayers for him 🙏

    • Abbygail Tai

      Abbygail Tai

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      @Seth Manuel I’m so sry! God bless your friend

    • Seth Manuel

      Seth Manuel

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      I'm So sorry for your loss! I was at the other station waiting for my friend... Sadly he never came

    • Abbygail Tai

      Abbygail Tai

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      @Pitepalt productions yeah it’s really bad there.

    • Pitepalt productions

      Pitepalt productions

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      That's awful... I'm soo sorry😫😔

    • Abbygail Tai

      Abbygail Tai

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      @America Ball YT thank you 😊

  56. krisskevin


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    DEVASTATING !! that curve made it a blind spot to the driver with no reacting time RIP CONDOLANCE to the FAMILIES WHO LOST THEIR DEAR Once

  57. earthrocker 48

    earthrocker 48

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    Living in the planes and by a train track... I can say trucks don’t go there. It’s horrible so Many were lost

  58. Josh Alcazar

    Josh Alcazar

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    Hopefully the Taiwanese government learns from this and implements safer precautions for traveler's.

  59. Ed Helms

    Ed Helms

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    Can’t imagine what the truck driver is thinking right now. Let alone the victims families. Rest In Peace.

  60. get nae nae'd

    get nae nae'd

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    Why was there a truck on the tracks?

  61. Robert Mendivil

    Robert Mendivil

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    Was the train crash sponsored by Fila.🤔

  62. hydramere


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    Respect to the Tiwan leader for paying her respects to the people who died in the accident

  63. VVhaRR XD

    VVhaRR XD

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    1:07 idk random

  64. Bennyc


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    That is so sad. The train hit the truck right before entering the tunnel. You always get a little bit scared entering a tunnel. It's a horrible nightmare come true. RIP to the casualties

  65. gold apple

    gold apple

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    The train driver on a bullet train seeing a parked truck: Guess I'll die

  66. iRey


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    How they don't know something is on the track. We need sensors that detect a big amount of weigh and cameras. I want to say it's simple but it's probably not.

  67. Lightning


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    R.i.p that is sad to Those people who lost there life’s

  68. Transformer guy reviews

    Transformer guy reviews

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    Rip to the people passed away

  69. PlayLyss Aka Ayssa Leiby

    PlayLyss Aka Ayssa Leiby

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    Sad sad and terrifying. :(

  70. Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson

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    How the truck fell on the tracks? Asian driver.

  71. Dennis Vidot

    Dennis Vidot

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    Scarlett Scott Her Deceptive Duke (Wicked Husbands

  72. Ethan Clee

    Ethan Clee

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  73. J Wodehouse

    J Wodehouse

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    This mass loss of lives is so sad. How did the truck end up on the tracks...that back story? Don’t they have longer range warning systems for track disturbances

  74. Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo

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    Who da fk leaves a truck like that

  75. Jonathan Ulloa

    Jonathan Ulloa

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    Tbh it doesn't look like a truck it is a mangled mess of an accident on a train track. I pray for all the families that lost loved ones 🙏

  76. Freddi


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    Rip to all families an to the driver of the train rip . 🙏✝️

  77. Mailee Vyne

    Mailee Vyne

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    Life is so unpredictable 😔

  78. ghostshell30


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    My Condolences to the families and Rip to the victims !!!

  79. Evan Young

    Evan Young

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    I like how Inside Edition called Taiwan a “country” it’s subtle but means a lot.

    • Yuki Esu

      Yuki Esu

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      Well the west is allied with Taiwan of course they will recognize it as a "country". Only the CCP doesn't consider its Independence.

    • Kuri0


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      Literally everyone but Chinese media would call Taiwan a country Redditor

    • Matthew R. Mendez

      Matthew R. Mendez

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      They aways been doing that man, over 80% of the world knows Twain is the real Chinese state, that sadly flea after losing the civil war. It's just a matter of time before of mainland china will be know again as the Republic of China.

  80. Nicholas Schnee

    Nicholas Schnee

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    The truck slid off the curve whilst going downhill

  81. Piero Martorana

    Piero Martorana

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    Yikes that’s all im gonna say

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    stop the bassline

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  89. Alpha Dolla Life Music

    Alpha Dolla Life Music

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    Rest easy, this sounds like a set up

  90. Alpha Dolla Life Music

    Alpha Dolla Life Music

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    Sounds like a set up !

  91. Ja'nya Deshields

    Ja'nya Deshields

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    Ok the problem is the branches were on the track

  92. Ollo آلاء

    Ollo آلاء

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    very sad. I can't imagine the driver shock!!.. :'((( may they be in heaven and God's mercy I pray for all their families and loved ones to heal from all the sadness and pain.

  93. Joe Who

    Joe Who

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    My condolences 💐 to the people who’s family was lost

  94. C S

    C S

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    That truck likely fell from the road above, meaning the person driving probably died, and was never recovered

  95. SumBum


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    1:01 There was a land slippage! The truck must have fallen from above

  96. CraftDudeGuy


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    I feel bad for the people that died and what is a car doing there

  97. Luz Murillo

    Luz Murillo

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    Rest In Peace to all these wonderful souls!

  98. Adapa


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    Make sure you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.. life can be snatched at any moment..

  99. ??? ¿¿¿

    ??? ¿¿¿

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    May those who lost their lives Rest In Peace, and may the ones who got injured get better.

  100. Shan Dawson

    Shan Dawson

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    R.I.PARADISE TO THOSE WHO GOT KILLED.. This is beyond sad😔. Why would the truck be on a train track 🛤 knowing that 🚆trains have to come through the tunnel 🤔