Candyman Makes Giant Chocolate Helicopter

A candy-maker in England made a giant chocolate helicopter, and though it may not be able to fly, it looks delicious. The choco-copter is over 7-feet tall and 9-feet long, and weighs more than 260 pounds. Chocolatier Jan Hansen says it took an entire weekend to build the craft. Hansen hopes chocophiles- and the just plain curious- will stop by his shop to make a donation to the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.


  1. Emily Paulson

    Emily Paulson

    19 órája

    Y’all really tryin to keep me fat-

  2. Gabriel Caramet

    Gabriel Caramet



  3. Titanus Doug

    Titanus Doug


    That’s not chocolate that’s a real helicopter covered in chocolate

  4. tiny gentlemen

    tiny gentlemen

    4 napja

    L4D2 Nick - maybe the helicoptor is made out of chocolate

  5. what did you do

    what did you do

    5 napja

    I wanna eat it

  6. Say Goodnight

    Say Goodnight

    5 napja

    Imagine if it could fly then it just melts in the sun

  7. isabel Marie reynolds Reynolds

    isabel Marie reynolds Reynolds

    5 napja

    I love it looks good

  8. Tatum Shane

    Tatum Shane

    6 napja

    I love this lol

  9. Trishana jam117

    Trishana jam117

    6 napja

    Buddy from cake boss:👀👀

  10. Pumpkin Jarl

    Pumpkin Jarl

    7 napja

    Now make it fly

  11. Blankmocha


    7 napja

    Maybe the helicopter was made of chocolate

  12. archie campbell

    archie campbell

    8 napja

    Is this made in York cause york is like chocolate city

  13. carbon robin

    carbon robin

    8 napja

    Fun fact nick give this to him so coach doesn’t get it but it failed

  14. BeaufortRyan


    9 napja

    He must of been a Willy Wonka

  15. •Izuku Midoriya•

    •Izuku Midoriya•

    9 napja

    My lil brother would just say this if he say that he would just say "Can i eat that?"

  16. Dark Nebula

    Dark Nebula

    9 napja

    Maybe the helicopter, maybe it’s made of chocolate -nick l4d2

  17. ????


    9 napja

    who is here know

  18. get noob

    get noob

    9 napja

    Get to the chocopter now

  19. Younes Zreika

    Younes Zreika

    9 napja

    I bet I could eat all of that myself in a month

  20. the mighty J

    the mighty J

    9 napja

    who the hell puts a evac station up 30 flights of god damn stairs

  21. Gaming squid

    Gaming squid

    10 napja

    Guy: makes Choco-helicopter Every L4D2 player: whoms’t has awakened the almighty one?

  22. Yvonne Gonzales

    Yvonne Gonzales

    10 napja

    Adding chocolate engine, help for the copter agency

  23. Anna Lynn

    Anna Lynn

    10 napja

    Okay so why was my first thought, “Does it fly tho?” And why am I so disappointed that it doesn’t?!?

  24. Hayden Martineau

    Hayden Martineau

    10 napja

    Coach was right, the helicopter is made of chocolate

  25. drunken mother

    drunken mother

    10 napja

    look who's laughing now rich boy

  26. Jessica Logan

    Jessica Logan

    10 napja

    Is that a kkk HAt??

    • CTSH1


      9 napja

      It’s a chefs hat..

  27. Josh Shanker

    Josh Shanker

    10 napja

    this is what i like to see on this channel

  28. fauxtawgrahfur


    10 napja

    Uuuuhm, they can't include the weight of the internal metal structure, that's not chocolate!

  29. indio peninsulares

    indio peninsulares

    10 napja

    Stop those blm protest. Burn loot murder movement Support this instead

  30. Momina Ansari

    Momina Ansari

    10 napja

    Kid: mom I want to make that Mom: that’s nothing but a waste of chocolate 🍫 and waste of money 💵 Kid : 😭

  31. PepperoniPizzaPlays


    10 napja

    "Weighs as much as 10000 bars of chocolate" .....What brand?

  32. Victor De Pablos

    Victor De Pablos

    10 napja

    what a nice man

  33. SM2939


    10 napja

    "Who the hell.. put an evac station up 30 flights of goddamn stairs." "Come on Coach, maybe the helicopter.. maybe it’s made out of chocolate.."

  34. AN P2P Zero

    AN P2P Zero

    10 napja

    Is This An L4D2 Reference???

  35. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    10 napja

    Sweet ride!

  36. Reyfan


    10 napja

    Coach will be happy hehe.. L4D2 reference btw

  37. Mr Frog

    Mr Frog

    10 napja


  38. LouisGalaxoz


    10 napja

    "Coach from L4D2 wants to know your location"

  39. OrangeSodaNoIce


    10 napja

    coach liked that

  40. Genuine John

    Genuine John

    10 napja

    Maybe the helicopter. Maybe its made of chocolate. ha, haha

  41. Darren Khosasi 2021

    Darren Khosasi 2021

    10 napja

    Why is it so fat?

  42. AJ E

    AJ E

    10 napja

    At first I thought it was a KKK memeber then i noticed it was baker 😂😂

  43. Captain Freedom

    Captain Freedom

    10 napja

    This would be newsworthy if it could actually fly.

  44. Stephanie Lucas

    Stephanie Lucas

    10 napja

    This is what the world needs more of now! Thank you, Candyman!

  45. Weather Tracker

    Weather Tracker

    10 napja

    incoming l4d2 references

  46. JessenLH


    10 napja


  47. PokemonMstr09


    10 napja

    Real talent right there🙇🏽‍♂️. Props to him!

  48. Goron


    10 napja

    Chocolate Helicopter? Where did i heard that before?

  49. You Liked Your Own Comment

    You Liked Your Own Comment

    10 napja

    That looks like the worlds largest turd

  50. Juece


    10 napja

    The Candyman just made chocolate out of helicopters

  51. MarieToni D.

    MarieToni D.

    10 napja

    Wow !! I love this featured story .

  52. Equinox79


    10 napja

    Wow cool 🚁

  53. James Bond

    James Bond

    11 napja

    That does not look like a helicopter

    • Owen Gratzer

      Owen Gratzer

      10 napja

      Looks like a buzzard off gta

  54. Beatriz Bio

    Beatriz Bio

    11 napja


  55. KatoLove24


    11 napja


  56. The True Patriot

    The True Patriot

    11 napja

    not that impressive.. it's a frame, it's not even solid chocolate.

    • Owen Gratzer

      Owen Gratzer

      10 napja

      Will you upload a video of you doing it please?

  57. Violent Presence

    Violent Presence

    11 napja

    After eating four windows...Die-abetes

  58. MichaeIJackson7


    11 napja

    dislike it doesn’t look like a Helicopter

  59. Sudzboi


    11 napja

    Tribute to Kobe

  60. Jsjwjja Gaming

    Jsjwjja Gaming

    11 napja

    Well,he dosent have a hook for a hand so I'll visit

  61. 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

    7 Time YouTube Outlaw

    11 napja

    I don't mean to downplay his work, but all he did was cover a gaint egg in chocolate. I'm surprised that took a whole weekend.

    • Owen Gratzer

      Owen Gratzer

      10 napja

      @7 Time HUeye Outlaw yeah probably. It also was probably hard to make the back bigger because it would need a stand or something.

    • 7 Time YouTube Outlaw

      7 Time YouTube Outlaw

      10 napja

      @Owen Gratzer Yeah, I guess. Just wasn't the best end result is my point. But Im thinking that had more to do with his own personal artistic limitations rather than effort ..

    • Owen Gratzer

      Owen Gratzer

      10 napja

      Well I men's he had to do multiple layers take breaks let it dry heat up more chocolate. Y'know

  62. Calvin I

    Calvin I

    11 napja

    I can fly it.

  63. RepleteJester23


    11 napja

    A bit too round but it doesn’t matter ima eat it!

  64. Gordon Ramsey

    Gordon Ramsey

    11 napja

    Gordon Ramsey: Holy shi-

  65. Le Pain

    Le Pain

    11 napja

    Left 4 dead 2 predicted this

  66. dragonlover3


    11 napja


  67. Scotty Lewis

    Scotty Lewis

    11 napja

    Willy Wonka wants to know your location

  68. Joseph Ybarra

    Joseph Ybarra

    11 napja

    I got diabetes just by watching this

  69. Carwyn Davies

    Carwyn Davies

    11 napja

    *(Insert Left 4 Dead 2 intro reference here)*

  70. Star Killer

    Star Killer

    11 napja

    Behold my friends. The flying diabetes

  71. James Ervin

    James Ervin

    11 napja

    Get to the choppa!!

  72. ScratchNOFF 760

    ScratchNOFF 760

    11 napja

    Soooo worth it

  73. Kaburaki


    11 napja

    Naa its flight worthy..... In terms of blood sugar levels

  74. KLanky Burd

    KLanky Burd

    11 napja

    I can't wait to get diabetes😋

  75. Dragon S

    Dragon S

    11 napja

    Well i gues after 1 year of Corona he finally got bored HIM: this sucks how am i going to suport ambulance team? Brian: chocolate heli

  76. DLC 1266

    DLC 1266

    11 napja


  77. Wedvender auzell Bindo

    Wedvender auzell Bindo

    11 napja

    Nick : come on coach, maybe the helicopter maybe it's made of coklat *THIS IS A JOKE FROM THE LEFT 4 DEAD 2 TRAILER*

  78. lowery cocke

    lowery cocke

    11 napja

    Not lifelike at all

  79. Fernando Santos

    Fernando Santos

    11 napja

    It's a Coco Puff with a propeller

  80. Rossana Vuitton

    Rossana Vuitton

    11 napja

    Now we're going to need a new ambulance, because of the diabetes

  81. Cristopher Alexander

    Cristopher Alexander

    11 napja


  82. ImNotAsThinkAsYouHighIAm


    11 napja

    Yo, Inside edition coming through with the straight BANGERS today. 🍫🚁

  83. Jennifer Coleman

    Jennifer Coleman

    11 napja

    What a wonderful idea to help give back

  84. The Liamster

    The Liamster

    11 napja

    The Chococopter can fly if it believes it.

  85. Rainbowdash214_YT


    11 napja

    Amoumg chocolate

  86. Zai the water demon hedgewolf

    Zai the water demon hedgewolf

    11 napja

    If Homer Simpson was real he would have eaten in split second

  87. Jacob Pesta

    Jacob Pesta

    11 napja

    I would love to eat the chocolate helicopter or chococopter

  88. Dmitry Klevtsov

    Dmitry Klevtsov

    11 napja

    It's no Candyman.... this is kukluksman

  89. Ale La

    Ale La

    11 napja

    Nick was right, it was made of chocolate.

  90. Username Error

    Username Error

    11 napja

    Imagine all those hard working cocoa farmers having to watch this and being upset how their hard work ended up being.

  91. JackieDJ


    11 napja

    I want to eat it

  92. Sterling puffer

    Sterling puffer

    11 napja

    i mean it’s cool, but like it has a shell not like a hollow supported thing.

  93. Lion Poker

    Lion Poker

    11 napja

    He had the opportunity to make a goddamn Da Baby car

  94. Crimson Mortal Slayer

    Crimson Mortal Slayer

    11 napja

    I’m Turned On and Hungry

  95. Unsatizfacted


    11 napja

    Ac: "Breaks" Why even make it when Summer is nearing

  96. The Mixer

    The Mixer

    11 napja

    That tail router looks like the German cross

  97. HoaX


    11 napja

    The next thing u know there's a chopper landing on ur roof.

  98. Le Cynical Fox

    Le Cynical Fox

    11 napja

    When you can’t afford a helicopter but you can afford a ton of chocolate.

  99. wald Padi

    wald Padi

    11 napja


  100. Da homie Mason

    Da homie Mason

    11 napja

    Hey kids, I got candy in my chocolate helicopter🥴