Cops Share New Motive in 1991 Abduction of Pregnant Woman

There might be a breakthrough in a cold case investigators have been trying to solve for 30 years. Angela Hammond, 20, was pregnant when she was abducted off the street in Clinton, Missouri. She hasn’t been seen since in 1991. Police say they have been investigating the possibility that it was a case of mistaken identity and that her kidnappers set out to abduct the daughter of a police informant. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.


  1. lilly peck

    lilly peck

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    This is absolutely heartbreaking

  2. Andrew R

    Andrew R

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    If anyone saw a 1960s or 1970s two toned green Ford pickup truck with a decal of a fish jumping out of water in Missouri or it’s surrounding states in 1991 or sometime before or after that then say something or if you knew someone who owned a similar or the same truck back then say something and see if you might have an old photo of it.

  3. Super Cesar

    Super Cesar

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    Stupid police officers

  4. Sammy and Andi's Family Fun Time

    Sammy and Andi's Family Fun Time

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    Robbie is suspect... I'm just gonna say it!

    • Seek1878


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      He was ruled out long ago.



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    Matthew 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

  6. Vibzz The Goat

    Vibzz The Goat

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    The zodiac is the smartest killer Ever

  7. Team Astro

    Team Astro

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    she dead

  8. salvijus sean

    salvijus sean

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    Imagine your car breaking down as you see your girl get kidnapped..

  9. J Pines

    J Pines

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    I remember that episode. I hope they find her. The story was super sad.

  10. EinieN J

    EinieN J

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    I remember seeing that UM episode, the car breaking down broke my heart.. Can't even begin to imagine what her fiance was going through.. 💔

  11. Mary-Helen Kolousek

    Mary-Helen Kolousek

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    How did the fiancé get to the payphone in time to see the truck speed off?

    • Seek1878


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      He didn't get to the payphone, he drove past the car on the road and saw his fiancee inside.

  12. Cynthia Castaneda

    Cynthia Castaneda

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  13. LemonChan is Random

    LemonChan is Random

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  14. bailey santiago

    bailey santiago

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    she deserves justice...

  15. Shey Anderson

    Shey Anderson

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  16. Rita Yadgar

    Rita Yadgar

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    Sending prayers

  17. Maria


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    I pray the mother gets answers to why it happened & where she is

  18. Julia


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    Which picture is which? I’m confused as to which one of these ladies was actually abducted and which one was the real target.

  19. Brooklyn Queen

    Brooklyn Queen

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    Gracie Osteen

  20. Glory Grace K.

    Glory Grace K.

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    Her poor Fiance! I am sure it haunts him to this day that his car broke and he lost his love!

  21. Georgie Simmons

    Georgie Simmons

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    Her unsolved mysteries segment is one of the creepiest you can Google it on HUeye. For many yrs they thought it was random evil guy the abducted her this is the first time hearing it was mistaken identity wow i pray her family gets answers and justice

  22. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer

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    This is crazy and so cruerl

  23. Eric Hernandez

    Eric Hernandez

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    Damn..his car broke down? Heartbreaking.

    • Seek1878


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      @John J What excuse?

    • John J

      John J

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      He was scared. He can throw excuses.

  24. Hi


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    I can't be the only one who thought the girl kind of looks like Trisha Paytas

    • Fayth Osborn

      Fayth Osborn

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  25. NoJusticeNoPeace


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    "We need to know what happened." Really? She dead. That's what happened.

  26. Jackson Smith

    Jackson Smith

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    I wouldn't know, I'm almost 32, so I was only 2 when this happened.

  27. Girl Goop

    Girl Goop

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    1991? Lmao righttttt and what’s the point of this? She goneee

  28. Zayne Yount

    Zayne Yount

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    She is in her forties right now my mom was born in 91 yeah I better go tell her that in the

  29. depdark1


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    Thats why no women should walk alone

    • depdark1


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      @Mi Nombre is not about blaming women. But why expose yourself to danger. Criminals will always be Criminals. Most will be punished for assaulting women. But women will never recover from traumatic situations

    • Mi Nombre

      Mi Nombre

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      Wrong, people should learn how to stop assaulting others, stop blaming women

  30. Robert Joseph

    Robert Joseph

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    For this to happen in 1991 there ain't no hope it was so easy to get away with murder back in the 80s & 90s she's most likely dead RIP TO HER AND HOPE THE KILLER IS CAUGHT!!!!

  31. Titus Maximus

    Titus Maximus

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    What the hell is taking 😳 so long to find her killer . This needs to be solved . This poor woman didn't deserve this.

  32. ThinLion Films

    ThinLion Films

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    I'm 50/50 on the fiance. He was able to get to the market just in time to see her being driven away and then the car breaks down? Why was she even calling from the pay phone? I need more details

    • Tracy Vegan TV

      Tracy Vegan TV

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      They were 20 and she was pregnant. It is possible that they didn't have a lot of resources, so that could be a motive. If it is the fiance, he is a criminal genius. He passed several polygraph tests, had an alibi, and cooperated with investigators. That's what makes this case so intriguing, she vanished without a trace.

  33. E T

    E T

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    I wonder with cases like she alive & living in a basement?.....

  34. A


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    I'll never forget this story on Unsolved Mysteries. The fiance said his transmission gave out as he was trying to chase them down. So sad we still don't have answers.

  35. Joe Momma

    Joe Momma

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    People don't want cops now, might as well not do anything

    • Seek1878


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      @Joe Momma lol no it doesn't. Quit making stuff up.

    • Joe Momma

      Joe Momma

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      @Seek1878 wrong, they(blm) want to abolish the entire police. Says it on their website

    • Seek1878


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      People don't want abusive/killer cops. FTFY.

  36. Nikki Ocasio

    Nikki Ocasio

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    Why did she not fight for her life in that truck. I would and have done it before. I’m not going die today

    • Seek1878


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      Why do you think she didn't? He could have had a knife or gun to her head and she was scared due to her pregnancy. Stop blaming the victim.

  37. Nancy Torgie

    Nancy Torgie

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    OMG! That poor lady I can’t imagine the pain her family not knowing what happened to her.

  38. Dazzled by Keíí

    Dazzled by Keíí

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    I remember this like it was yesterday there’s no way someone doesn’t know what happened there billions of people in this world someone had to know

  39. LAMOI Lumley

    LAMOI Lumley

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  40. ymarrero23


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    This is heartbreaking 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭

  41. T y

    T y

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    I’m surprised they didn’t put two and two together 29 years ago.

  42. jihane


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    I dont understand how someone can do this i couldnt even kill a spider and feel guilty. Sick evil wicked people on this earth

  43. R Hayndr

    R Hayndr

    12 napja

    All that time and still no leads. I fear the worst. Her family needs closure and justice.

  44. Sad Alien

    Sad Alien

    12 napja

    I seem to remember that episode. So tragic that she was taken away so soon.

  45. Its Mikaa

    Its Mikaa

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    Im sorry if the vehicle broke down he should flagged somebody down or i would’ve stole somebody else car .. so sad because 9/10 she was killed

  46. Thin Line Of Sanity

    Thin Line Of Sanity

    12 napja

    Ill never forget that story cause her bf rushed to her and got into a chase with the kidnapper and her but his motor blew. 😔 he tried so hard to save her.

    • Zoo zoo

      Zoo zoo

      10 napja

      I remember it too. It's truly heartbreaking. That case and the Amy Lynn Bradley and Johnny Gosch cases really stay with me. I pray for them and their families often.

  47. starsoverthere


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    Why does she look like Trisha Paytas though?

  48. Sara Thomas

    Sara Thomas

    12 napja

    Respect the cops 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️ Thanks for all the work!

  49. abdullahi jama

    abdullahi jama

    12 napja

    smfh the car had to brake down at that moment why why

  50. Denise Rundle

    Denise Rundle

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    So not fair ...... my heart breaks for her partner and family

  51. gurpz singh

    gurpz singh

    12 napja

    1:48 words of wisdom right there.

  52. aembusiness


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    ...his car just happened to break down in pursuit of the abducted woman?? Yeah that’s pretty coincidental if u ask me.

  53. Lauren England

    Lauren England

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  54. ThePoreproductions


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    Wow! I live in Clinton, and had no idea this even happened! AND, I've walked by the exact spot where that phone booth was (it's not there anymore), and didn't know there was even a phone booth there!

    • Tracy Vegan TV

      Tracy Vegan TV

      10 napja

      What is in that spot now? I don't think the grocery store is still there, right?

  55. African Girl

    African Girl

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    so sad. hopefully the family gets justice

  56. O̊n̊l̊ẙÅl̊e̊i̊i̊


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    I hope shes out there somewhere nobody knows

  57. Carissa Guidry

    Carissa Guidry

    12 napja

    I actuallly remember watching this on Unsolved Mysteries....and I just kept thinking, if she saw a car kept circling....why not just leave?!!! She was having a whole conversation with her fiance and she could've just went home?!!!!!

  58. Andrea lee

    Andrea lee

    12 napja

    I remember this story, I hope someone pays for that.

  59. Donna


    12 napja

    It’s been so long you know the girl is possibly dead



    12 napja


  61. Katherine Long

    Katherine Long

    12 napja

    They need to update this case on another crime show. It been 30 years and the mother wants answers for happen to her daughter

  62. Mel


    12 napja

    I cant imagine being her and thinking she is going to be saved, and then sees her bfs car break down. Its heartbreaking. I hope this case is solved soon.

  63. Ilyssa Hagood

    Ilyssa Hagood

    12 napja

    If they wanted the daughter then wouldn't they have gone back to get her again. I think they got who they wanted and it's sad🥺

    • Ilyssa Hagood

      Ilyssa Hagood

      12 napja

      @Lady MF Unicorn yeah true

    • Lady MF Unicorn

      Lady MF Unicorn

      12 napja

      No, its was too risky by than. Easier to get caught. Also the shock of finding out you killed the wrong person and baby. Might also keep them from trying again.

  64. Money Blue

    Money Blue

    12 napja

    I thought it said abusive

  65. Bryant Navajo

    Bryant Navajo

    12 napja

    That poor mom and family. Having your family stolen from you Unexpectedly would be so tough to bare. God bless that family.

  66. K P

    K P

    12 napja

    I just watched that episode again 2 night ago, crazy!

  67. Binod


    12 napja

    This family needs justice soon.

  68. Khaleesi, The Mother Of Dragons

    Khaleesi, The Mother Of Dragons

    13 napja

    Unfortunately she’s dead Yall. They most likely realized she was the wrong target and killed her.

  69. Demarkest Turner

    Demarkest Turner

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  70. Frank Newton

    Frank Newton

    13 napja

    I feel for this mother and her unborn child. Praying for her family and friends.

  71. Prashas Sukitha

    Prashas Sukitha

    13 napja

    Omg 1991 r u kidding me

  72. Crystal


    13 napja

    I love the time they spend trying to find missing white women. Why haven't there been similar stories for missing black and brown people or those ones don't go missing or they have solved all of them.

  73. R P POKER


    13 napja

    It was some Puerto Rican guy

  74. K3NZ1E


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  75. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    13 napja

    So the cops got her killed... brilliant work, fellas.

  76. IAmJust Amanda

    IAmJust Amanda

    13 napja

    Damn!!! That's sad😨😨😨❤️

  77. Mad Drifting jr

    Mad Drifting jr

    13 napja

    Possibility:Well she could be dead she might not be alive if shes been missing this long the second the see they made a mistake they killed her bc she might have saw their faces and then they might have buried it somewhere

  78. Ls gaming

    Ls gaming

    13 napja

    Why was she on the pay phone with her fiance if he was that close I know they may have cleared him but sounds weird idk maybe just me then his car breaks down as well.

  79. Taylor Jade

    Taylor Jade

    13 napja

    the boyfriend did it.

    • Seek1878


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  80. K K

    K K

    13 napja

    is that trisha paytas?

  81. Miss Mocha

    Miss Mocha

    13 napja

    I'm glad they haven't given up on the case yet

  82. A J

    A J

    13 napja

    Doing this to a pregnant women deserves a special kind of punishment.

  83. MoLoves UBaby

    MoLoves UBaby

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  84. Morningside Drive

    Morningside Drive

    13 napja

    Damn the luck of your car breaking down at that moment.

  85. Yadunath Patel

    Yadunath Patel

    13 napja

    I can't mail cause,I came to the planet in 2003

  86. CapLotl


    13 napja

    30 years ago?! now this is terrifyingly interesting 😳

  87. headmister1


    13 napja

    I know a lot of people have very little faith that she is still alive but I hope that she is alive and her child is safe. Hopefully they crack this cold case wide open and figure out what happened

    • Carol Carol

      Carol Carol

      8 napja

      Sadly, I doubt that she is still alive

  88. Cynthia Jones

    Cynthia Jones

    13 napja

    Listen people Jesus Christ is Coming Back! Please trust alone in Jesus for your salvation, repent and believe.

  89. Blue Turtle

    Blue Turtle

    13 napja

    If they were after an informant's daughter, there's no way anyone will come to the police..

  90. EJ Animaton guy

    EJ Animaton guy

    13 napja

    Poor Robert lost his girl that night

  91. Vickie Finney

    Vickie Finney

    13 napja

    Talk about bad luck, your car breaks down chasing the vehicle that just kidnapped your pregnant fiance

  92. Taylor R

    Taylor R

    13 napja

    I saw the unsolved mysteries episode. For those wondering why the boyfriends car broke down, He and the guy passed each other going the other way and he heard Angela scream so he knew that that was the person that took her. As he realized that, he hit the breaks extremely hard and threw his car into reverse which devastated his engine and as he turned to chase the guy down, he only made it 1 mile down the road before his car broke down. Poor guy had to watch the man get away with Angela screaming for help

  93. Wanda Mendes

    Wanda Mendes

    13 napja

    Oh I remember that episode wow

  94. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    13 napja

    His car broke down??? Wtf!?!?!

  95. RodtheRichest


    13 napja

    I smell foul play🗣💯 The finances car broke down as soon as he made it to rescue his lady!!! That doesn't even sound right ..

  96. Natalie G

    Natalie G

    13 napja

    Can't imagine a mother pain for so many years.

  97. Logan Black

    Logan Black

    13 napja

    This happens everyday. I don't understand why people always surprise when someone dies. It's called life. As long there people in the world things like this going keep happening.

  98. Brent Walter ll

    Brent Walter ll

    13 napja

    Stay armed and if you see something like this happening, shoot to kill so they don't get a chance to do it again

  99. Melissa McClain

    Melissa McClain

    13 napja

    The boyfriend's car breaks down as he's about to pursue his pregnant girlfriends abductor! Talk about bad luck

  100. fatehyabali


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