Dog Steals Reporter’s Microphone On Live Television

A weather report turned into a chase scene when a golden retriever, ready for a game of fetch, bounced into a live shot. Mir-TV was excited to tell audiences about warmer temperatures and used the spring-like weather as a good excuse to shoot out outside. Maybe the microphone looked a bit like a dog bone because the dog grabbed it and ran. After a chase and probably a belly rub, the golden retriever gives the microphone back, and even sits for an interview.


  1. Police penguin Of destruction

    Police penguin Of destruction

    8 órája

    The dog just successfully robbed a news reporter

  2. Prabha Senevirathne

    Prabha Senevirathne

    10 órája

    He just "retrieved" some bew stuff. Not a big deal ❤

  3. Zoo zoo

    Zoo zoo


    The in studio anchor looks like something tragically shocking happened. If I were her I would have been cracking up 😂😂😂

  4. Mademoiselle Diana

    Mademoiselle Diana


    That microphone looks like a colorful big bone in the eyes of the dog. 😂😂

  5. GrimBreaddie


    2 napja

    Anchor : Blyat Camera man : Blyat Reporter : Blyat Good Doggo : Ra Ra Rasputin Lover of the Russian Queen

  6. Dana Idahosa

    Dana Idahosa

    2 napja

    🤣🤣🤣 AWESOME!!!

  7. Ethan Faundo

    Ethan Faundo

    2 napja

    That dog was Russian so it makes sense

  8. Nathan King

    Nathan King

    3 napja

    "I'm never again going to do outside television newscasts!", said the TV news reporter.

  9. Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguez

    3 napja

    let me tell you something this dog is gold on the outside but black in the inside im balck to

  10. Dont eat Spiders

    Dont eat Spiders

    3 napja

    He wanted to speak too Lol =w=

  11. A2d333


    3 napja

    fake, the dog is a paid actor

  12. Cici Rosie

    Cici Rosie

    3 napja

    Cheeky doggo!

  13. Tonald Drump

    Tonald Drump

    3 napja

    I dont blame the dog that microphone looks like an ice cream

  14. Rival


    3 napja

    News bloopers

  15. Jeffrey Tong

    Jeffrey Tong

    4 napja

    Looks like a treat to me!

  16. Marisa Duffy

    Marisa Duffy

    4 napja

    So Cute 😍💓💗💕💖☺😍💓💗

  17. Triton Lord

    Triton Lord

    4 napja

    Oh hi Doggie

  18. bacon bacon

    bacon bacon

    4 napja

    camera dude did us a favor and point the camera at the dog

  19. Pooja


    4 napja


  20. Arya Stark

    Arya Stark

    4 napja

    The golden retriever just doing its job retrieving the microphone

  21. Franky Figueroa

    Franky Figueroa

    4 napja

    That dog gangstered his way in🤣

  22. khfan4life365


    4 napja

    Well, he is a retriever. He’s just doing what he knows best. 🤣

  23. GlitchDreamer1049


    4 napja

    Why did they even Made it LOOKED like a toy xD it even look like an ice cream xD

  24. singh


    4 napja

    Yeah , its perfect weather to play lol

  25. Hidiyaki Kliuka

    Hidiyaki Kliuka

    4 napja

    Americans cant do a russian stunt like that



    4 napja

    The dog is like give me my toy

  27. Altaf ali

    Altaf ali

    4 napja

    So angry because of corrupt media in Russia

  28. Chic Francisco

    Chic Francisco

    5 napja


  29. Ryan H

    Ryan H

    5 napja

    the dog is so agressive. they should put that thing down.

  30. itzadriana


    5 napja


  31. mieczyslaw W

    mieczyslaw W

    5 napja

    Dog tired of woke liberal media

  32. TheConorsmithusa


    5 napja

    I hate the way they just keep repeating the same shot of the dog grabbing the mike. Just play the damn clip in full inside edition!!

  33. Zac Jones

    Zac Jones

    5 napja

    Marley and Me?

  34. Roop KD

    Roop KD

    5 napja

    The best part was when they interviewed the doggo

  35. Mehak Arfan

    Mehak Arfan

    5 napja

    someone plz call emergency number the mic needs injections ......

  36. OM F Gosh

    OM F Gosh

    5 napja

    Help... The dog stole my heartttt....

  37. Sever


    5 napja

    this is so funny laugh laugh xd xd lol lol

  38. w er

    w er

    5 napja

    This dog should be arrested.

  39. Rozen Maiden

    Rozen Maiden

    5 napja

    Idk why but the anchor lady looks like morticia adams behaving like its just any other normal day even when the world is in fire

  40. Jack Mcslay

    Jack Mcslay

    5 napja

    A reporter with a heavy trenchcoat talking about warmer temperatures. Okay...

  41. GMC 100

    GMC 100

    5 napja

    AIRBUD 😌

  42. N. Saksham Krishna

    N. Saksham Krishna

    6 napja

    He thought it of an ice cream 😂

  43. spectra786


    6 napja

    The dog just grabbed the mic, mistaking it for an ice lolly.

  44. Patrick Cesalesta

    Patrick Cesalesta

    6 napja

    Doggo think it's a bone

  45. Flower on Discord

    Flower on Discord

    6 napja

    Thats a fun microphone Dog: *_its mine now_*

  46. hoopin


    6 napja

    Retriever he supposed to ....

  47. Sam Milun

    Sam Milun

    6 napja

    "Hey Bring That Back"

  48. White Mail Privilege

    White Mail Privilege

    6 napja

    That was a Golden retrieve

  49. The Liamster

    The Liamster

    6 napja

    This dog is the best reporter in all of Russia.

  50. Kaito


    6 napja


  51. Tatum Shane

    Tatum Shane

    6 napja

    Haha I love this

  52. Mira


    6 napja

    What a cute pup 💜 haha That moment was priceless 😆 He looked like a shark. All you can see is the snout. 🤣😂🤣

  53. Mia Livesey

    Mia Livesey

    6 napja


  54. Bra KwAmE

    Bra KwAmE

    6 napja

    We ain't playing here,ma'am be a serious reporter

  55. Definitely a HalfGoldfish

    Definitely a HalfGoldfish

    6 napja

    You know it’s good when a news channel is covering something that happened on a news channels

  56. Darren Khosasi 2021

    Darren Khosasi 2021

    6 napja

    That microphone looks like a paint roller

  57. La Ode Muhammad M

    La Ode Muhammad M

    6 napja

    He is Doug from UP, he just meet reporter and he love her. She become the new master.

  58. Skanthan Danaraj A/L Domnic Danaraj Skanthan Danaraj A/L Domnic Danaraj

    Skanthan Danaraj A/L Domnic Danaraj Skanthan Danaraj A/L Domnic Danaraj

    6 napja


  59. Ava S

    Ava S

    6 napja

    "The weather is windy, now gimme the mic"

  60. High Stereo Love ♥ Best Reggae Music

    High Stereo Love ♥ Best Reggae Music

    6 napja

    Jeez, I would so the same if the mic looked like a popsicle! 😅😂

    • Cameron Nesta

      Cameron Nesta

      5 napja


  61. Elise Jinhaji

    Elise Jinhaji

    6 napja

    "Shes probably in Gulag now" -Americans

  62. Pancake Waffle

    Pancake Waffle

    6 napja


  63. the 4cats

    the 4cats

    6 napja

    the news anchor is clearly not a dog person

  64. Kiki Pokorná

    Kiki Pokorná

    6 napja




    6 napja

    I should try this with my dog just to meet women, I wonder if the dog's owner is a bloke

  66. Flame Lily

    Flame Lily

    6 napja


  67. Americas best memes

    Americas best memes

    6 napja

    Dog:i got some words Karen Karen:aaaa

  68. David Gruen

    David Gruen

    6 napja

    Opposite of a golden retriever, a golden taker.



    6 napja


  70. Francis Dedumo

    Francis Dedumo

    6 napja

    Dog: Is that Ice Cream???? Gimme!

  71. Mellisa Vogel

    Mellisa Vogel

    6 napja

    what was the name of the last man you had sex with?

  72. SciencePhillia With Tushar

    SciencePhillia With Tushar

    6 napja

    Dog be like :bylat it's our microphone.

  73. Caribbean Soul A&R

    Caribbean Soul A&R

    6 napja


  74. Zeffy Richard

    Zeffy Richard

    7 napja

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she pose professional immediately,.. while inside 'wt kkkkkkkkkkkk😂😂😂😂

  75. Mr Hadron

    Mr Hadron

    7 napja

    i don't blame the dog, the phone looks like a chew toy with that color

  76. MR. FLUFF


    7 napja

    The dog: Hippity hoppity this is now my property.

  77. Mary Anna

    Mary Anna

    7 napja

    Priceless! 😂

  78. c gar

    c gar

    7 napja

    The look on the anchor's face, "We'll never see her again when Putin hears about this." 😐

  79. ruuoxi


    7 napja

    I could imagine k drama scene doing this... ya! give me back my mic! you won't ruin my first live appearance!

  80. Alief Alyansyah

    Alief Alyansyah

    7 napja

    The mic looks like an ice cream to me

  81. Luciana Alba

    Luciana Alba

    7 napja

    Where is the owner 😂😂

  82. orestes720


    7 napja

    Looks like that reporter had a ruff day.

  83. Plain Grace

    Plain Grace

    7 napja

    I love it

  84. Kenya Hilton

    Kenya Hilton

    7 napja

    This dog is so cute 🥰 I love dogs

  85. Andy


    7 napja

    Hahaha good boy 👍



    7 napja

    Well here mic did look like a rainbow ice pop lol.

  87. Goat


    7 napja

    I mean it was a Golden RETRIEVER

  88. Sprinkles The Cat

    Sprinkles The Cat

    7 napja

    In soviet Russia dog fetch YOU

  89. Khalifa Alabbar

    Khalifa Alabbar

    7 napja

    The dog like: I want that

  90. Sam Loney

    Sam Loney

    7 napja

    DOG: I see a toy YEEET GINE THIS



    7 napja

    It's not surprising. The thing is literally a popsicle

  92. HHH


    7 napja

    Anybody else hate dogs? Like pls



      7 napja

      i dont and many aswell Probably gets a lot of dislikes

  93. Vince Nayman

    Vince Nayman

    7 napja

    Inside edition is that one girl in class that thinks everything is a gossip

  94. Joshua Kim

    Joshua Kim

    7 napja

    Dam the news woman at the station was lowk hot



      7 napja


  95. margareth michelina

    margareth michelina

    7 napja

    In Mother Russia, the dog interviewed you

  96. ֆǟʀƈαʂȶɨς _ɱเɳɖ

    ֆǟʀƈαʂȶɨς _ɱเɳɖ

    7 napja

    *"Plot Twist:"* The Dog is a Paid artist and working for the channel to create news

  97. ItzVicPlayz


    7 napja

    I saw this on tv lmao🤣🤣

  98. Bidoof


    7 napja

    What a friendly dog hahah

  99. Daniel Jalmaani

    Daniel Jalmaani

    7 napja

    Russian Government: Dog I have a mission for you...

  100. Thurman Merman

    Thurman Merman

    7 napja

    Even dogs hate reporters lmao