Family of 5 in Flipped Hummer Pulled to Safety by Veteran

A hummer flipped on its side and a family of five was trapped inside the wreckage, along with their giant Great Dane. Robert Lee and his wife, Nancy, came upon the scene and captured the dramatic rescue on their dashcam. “I was expecting to see something really, really bad,” Lee, a retired national coast guardsman, said, “I was afraid to look in the window.” But miraculously, the family was only shaken.


  1. Sean Bailey

    Sean Bailey

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    Anybody else catch that towtruck on the scene... observing some prey. Glad everyone is alright!

  2. ryro


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    Luna is my dogs name

  3. Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd

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    Who cares drive better

  4. Vibzz Gaming

    Vibzz Gaming

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    Car went: ⬆️➡️⬇️⬆️➡️

  5. Emma Shannon

    Emma Shannon

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    Im so happy the great dane survived the wreck! And the whole family

  6. Ramons Media Blog

    Ramons Media Blog

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    It’s great to see people stepping in.

  7. Jahaira Zavala

    Jahaira Zavala

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    Who was texting?

  8. Jahaira Zavala

    Jahaira Zavala

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    Who cares if he's a veteran.

  9. Jeffrey


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    Amazing when humanity works together. Lets start acting like this everyday. No more blm or anticop rhetoric we all matyer

  10. memes gotspice

    memes gotspice

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    Just to clarify humans help each other, each and everyday, most of it isn't documented.

  11. Ronelle Coetzer

    Ronelle Coetzer

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    Brilliant job done to help save them

  12. :Honey Lemon:813

    :Honey Lemon:813

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    A HUMMER door is super heaving I’m surprised how easily they open the doors

  13. F P

    F P

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    ?????????????why did the truck flip in the FIRST PLACE? Nice story telling, Inside Edition. As usual, you ignore the elephant in the room.

  14. Eloy Castillo

    Eloy Castillo

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  15. Parkercir 1015

    Parkercir 1015

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    The Dog stolen the show

  16. Nintendo master S

    Nintendo master S

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    How do you flip a hummer?

  17. Phillip Kremer

    Phillip Kremer

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    Because every family needs a hummer. Welcome to Baghdad folks!

  18. Ricardo Wanderer

    Ricardo Wanderer

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    UUhhh ... a veteran

  19. hotdog ambassador

    hotdog ambassador

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    Damn that car tho

  20. Arvin


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    Hummer is safe but also dangerous at the same time

  21. 3P_1C NITRO

    3P_1C NITRO

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    I hate it when someone’s first instinct is to record and not help. Like bro people could be dying 🤦‍♂️. Still glad everyone’s ok

  22. KissMyAxe


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    "it's a very very bad wreck" I far as car wrecks go...that wasn't the _worst_ one. She made it sound like it had crumpled into a ball, it had just tipped on its side. I'm glad everyone got out okay though. Mad respect to the vet.

  23. Miguel Sarria

    Miguel Sarria

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    Next round is on me for all those who stepped on to help. Nicely done folks

  24. kingslayer3219


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    She said yanked the doors open he opened it like you normally get into a car

  25. Laura Ramirez

    Laura Ramirez

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    Ohhh I,m so happy they ok

  26. Lilly Moore

    Lilly Moore

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    OMG! I passed that exact road yesterday! I go down that street like everyday!

  27. Flordude


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    It feels like humanity got a curse. We have to deal with COVID, riots, protests, and other terrible things

  28. Black !

    Black !

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    Now this is what America should be like 🖤

  29. BIBBO


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    Dog: “get me, the duck OUTTTTT OF HEREEEEEEE”

  30. Donovan Landeg

    Donovan Landeg

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    one less hummer and a safe family. win win

  31. Siren Head87

    Siren Head87

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    How does one flip a hummer? it seems weird and hard to do that.

  32. Joe G

    Joe G

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    God loves you to whoever is seeing this comment🥰😁

  33. Pamela Wallace

    Pamela Wallace

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    Beautiful miracle

  34. Chibu O

    Chibu O

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    What about the black guy, wasn’t he just as helpful..!? Oh, no crime, no story...

  35. Satan Lucifer

    Satan Lucifer

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    Oh thank goodness everyone made it out safe

  36. Subxaanalah Allahu Akbar

    Subxaanalah Allahu Akbar

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    That rescuers could go to jannah for what they did if they were Muslims not if they weren’t Muslims

  37. Kuri0


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    That will buff out

  38. Infamous Silver

    Infamous Silver

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    Should've had a hummvee

  39. Israel Rivas

    Israel Rivas

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    I know whats a bad accident and this isnt one. But still happy most of them got out unscratched even.

  40. jv


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    Aww god is good

  41. Chulo Productions

    Chulo Productions

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    Coast Guard? I thought y’all meant a real veteran 🤣 good to see tho

  42. Tr3yLayo 1090 Euro Shit Ask Ya Mother

    Tr3yLayo 1090 Euro Shit Ask Ya Mother

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    Stuff like this make me happy in this world

  43. brianna’s world

    brianna’s world

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    wow God hugged them tight there

  44. Team Super Match

    Team Super Match

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    God Bless Americans and Republicans🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  45. inzane


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    what caused this tho

  46. heidi baur

    heidi baur

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    Thank you for your service and for rescuing that family and their dog. What a wonderful story.

  47. Dalovely Daria

    Dalovely Daria

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    Thank God everyone survived and is alive and well❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ God is good all the time all the time God is good❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  48. Augistine Aquinas

    Augistine Aquinas

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    ive been in some dire straits, but luckily there is always a kind person nearby to help. i try so hard to my part every day

  49. Windsaint


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    That’s amazing there all okay 👍 including the dog 😊

  50. Eli Rodriguez

    Eli Rodriguez

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    I know where this is its right next to jumping world

  51. gordon r

    gordon r

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    Rescue ? What a load off bull

  52. Typical Koala

    Typical Koala

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    Damn machine gun Kelly kinda a vibe tho 🤷🏻‍♂️

  53. Satrick B

    Satrick B

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    How did these people get a hummer? It is very rare due to gas price.

  54. Hunt


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    Luckly their were in a heavy vehicle because it took most of the impact

  55. depdark1


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    Overreacting they just flip 😅😅

  56. Brendan Yuki

    Brendan Yuki

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    This legend put his dog’s life over his. THAT LEGEND

  57. The M3M3 Monster

    The M3M3 Monster

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    They had a really safe car a hummer luckly it was not a subaru or something like that

  58. Rain Falls

    Rain Falls

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    Thank God, all were saved!

  59. CZ Texan

    CZ Texan

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    This how humans should be.. there’s too much hatred in this world and especially this country.

  60. The Row (The Time Change)

    The Row (The Time Change)

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    This is what is right with our species.

  61. Kelly Stanley

    Kelly Stanley

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    So thankfull the family is ok.

  62. AZN 3PRO

    AZN 3PRO

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  63. Daniel


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    Their goes the new hummer sells 😂😆🤣 The reason why people don’t help others is for liability reasons. What happens if one had a broken neck taking them out the vehicle like that isn’t recommended because you can cause more damage and once you help you’re involved. But thank God for good samaritans and making sure they was okay and got the out safely.

  64. LveMlike


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    The dog is more important that’s the report is saying Nobody about humans Just the dog

  65. Carmen Krone Chase

    Carmen Krone Chase

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    And no one cared about the car the end..

  66. Maxgenadiy


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    Even the H3 is sturdy! Imagine if they were in a H2, they'd feel nothing!

  67. A Guy

    A Guy

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    So no one's going to ask how it rolled? To roll a hummer, how fast were you going on a busy intersection? But if someone else had done it, they would have been labeled as bad parents. No one asked was he under the influence of something? White privilege

  68. Gbus92570


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    The wife was probably driving the hummer

  69. Sophia Patriot

    Sophia Patriot

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  70. Cyndi brent

    Cyndi brent

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    Thankful everyone is ok!!

  71. Dustin Is Cooking

    Dustin Is Cooking

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    Only the craziest things happen in Alabama, and sometimes the most amazing as well.

  72. Scalie Boy

    Scalie Boy

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    Everybody celebrating and they don't even noticed they don't even use a facemask bruh 💀

    • ViperWiper


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      They’re in a car... with their family

  73. Abel Gonzalez

    Abel Gonzalez

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    Hooyah Semper PARATUS!!! Even when retired

  74. Georgie Cota

    Georgie Cota

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    Wait, how did the hummer flip over in the first place?

  75. Yvonne Gonzales

    Yvonne Gonzales

    10 napja

    True heroes

  76. Sakinah Albaiqr

    Sakinah Albaiqr

    10 napja

    that happened with my family also in texas

  77. Ged Gen

    Ged Gen

    10 napja

    Is it bad that I wood save the dog first

    • Blue Line God

      Blue Line God

      10 napja

      What’s about trees again? I’m kidding I’m kidding well idk because I love dogs but I don’t wanna just leave the kids and save the doggo first

  78. Sara A

    Sara A

    10 napja

    The Doggo was like “IMMA HEAD OUT”

  79. Jekeoti Williams

    Jekeoti Williams

    10 napja

    That was nothing but Jesus who kept that family safe and who had sent those caring people to help💯🙏☝

  80. introverts Rock

    introverts Rock

    10 napja

    1st...glad humans & pup OK. Next car....more research to for a safer car

  81. Mason Meaders

    Mason Meaders

    10 napja

    eez koot leetle puppy we must give zee leetle puppy ALL ZE PETZ

  82. Brianna Marie

    Brianna Marie

    10 napja

    Their guardian angels were with them that day. 3 kids, 2 parents and a big ass Great Dane ALL who were uninjured in a totaled car wreck?! To call this a miracle would be an understatement... bless the family and the good citizens, this kind of humanity is what needs to be restored in today’s careless society. Glad everyone was okay!

    • Brianna Marie

      Brianna Marie

      7 napja

      @CountryCash Entertainment we don’t know the real damage... there’s no video of the truck being flipped back over. The bottom of the truck is gonna be fine obviously because it didn’t suffer the impact of being slammed to the ground. The hood however and the roof of the car could be in pretty bad shape... which yea would be an easy fix, you would just get another frame put on, but that wasn’t the point of my comment. Totaled or not this isn’t a kind of accident you would see an entire family come out of unharmed.

    • CountryCash Entertainment

      CountryCash Entertainment

      8 napja

      That truck isn't even "Totalled" It could easily be fixed

  83. Sharif Abdul

    Sharif Abdul

    10 napja

    Byjus ass is here too

  84. emmerrald


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  85. James Guthrie

    James Guthrie

    10 napja

    Man said he was scared to look in the window they’re in a hummer armored truck on wheels essentially they’re fine

  86. Rasheed Franklin

    Rasheed Franklin

    10 napja

    Hummer don't just flip, the driver did something stupid

  87. Braden Schimmels

    Braden Schimmels

    10 napja

    This is why we don’t disrespect the police, firefighters, paramedics and all vetrans

  88. Alex Zabala

    Alex Zabala

    10 napja

    The dog is like: "Deez cwazy hooman dwivers!!!"

  89. jacob Carter

    jacob Carter

    10 napja

    Good Thing The Great Dane Is Alive

  90. Yinnie182


    10 napja

    Pfffff.... Coast guard haha

  91. Shelby Machado

    Shelby Machado

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    I was scared then I saw the dog then I saw the dog I died

  92. Dr. Spencer Reid

    Dr. Spencer Reid

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    Awww thankgod and what a beautiful doggo!!!

  93. Life Power

    Life Power

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    So.... how did that military suv flip over?

  94. X6800


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    Aw, there's a dog too. 😟

  95. za


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    That is not a very bad wreck

  96. Vickie Finney

    Vickie Finney

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    Thank God that dog was friendly

  97. za


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  98. MBA


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    What did y’all think? It’s a hummer!!

  99. Trump Tard

    Trump Tard

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    Who drives a hummer?

  100. Avengers West

    Avengers West

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    The curved part orally continue because libra partly please qua a cold volcano. moaning, adamant south korea