Firefighter Was at Work When Told New His Bar Was on Fire

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, riots in Minneapolis caused at least half a billion dollars in property damage and displaced hundreds of small businesses, many of them minority-owned. As lawmakers argue over whether to fund rebuilding efforts, shop owners wonder if they’ll ever be back in business again. Ten months after the tragedy, Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian talked to business owners who say they are still hurting.


  1. Hayden


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    I can assure you folks it was a peaceful protest

  2. Mario The Gamer

    Mario The Gamer

    11 órája

    80% The Title. 20% About the video.

  3. alex toll

    alex toll

    22 órája

    *The way people respond to a black man being shot by cops is to burn down a black mans bar?*

  4. Navi Gation

    Navi Gation

    23 órája

    Where is the insurance?

  5. JahziyaThe ExpediaMetlifeKFCLeafs&SpongebobFan2005

    JahziyaThe ExpediaMetlifeKFCLeafs&SpongebobFan2005


    *His New Bar Was On Fire




    To the protesters how does it feel that you ruined an innocent persons life who is the same race as flyod

  7. its just Baseball

    its just Baseball


    Its been 1 week and no one fixed the title

  8. its just Baseball

    its just Baseball


    Bro wtf is that title

  9. goig



    Now look what you have done, society. If this is getting "more attention" for people, isn't the motive already to stop being racist to black people? Like it's just harming people, even the BLM community, it's best not to do this, because you realize that that would do more harm than "getting more attention."

  10. Seann



    "When told new his bar was on fire" Can anybody tell me what the heck does that even mean? Im not american idk what that means

  11. Aye_Its_Karate



    "Demonstrators set the whole block on fire" I thought we called them rioters?

  12. Michael Bowdidge

    Michael Bowdidge


    *death of black man causes riots* *BLM sets fire to buildings during riots* *BLM crushes dreams and financially destroys a black mans future* BLM: *Surprise Pikachu face*

  13. TreatsandTravels 06

    TreatsandTravels 06

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    Um I read the title 3 times 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. Adrianna Gamboa

    Adrianna Gamboa

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  15. young remjx

    young remjx

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    When inside edition messes up the youtube title 😭🖐🏻

  16. Alisa Hammons

    Alisa Hammons

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    I'm so sorry that happened, I hope someone can help him

  17. HowToRage101


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    We want justice served but also our businesses to thrive. Well stop burning everything then!

  18. JOBY


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    The irony

  19. Mz. Togar

    Mz. Togar

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    Ya ppl forgot about the riots and bitched about the Capitol, half of this country was destroyed by liberals

  20. Evan Wilson

    Evan Wilson

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    Who did they employ to make these titles, a 5 year old?

  21. Leelikesdick


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    I’d love to see people try to justify this 🙄

  22. Becca Ashley

    Becca Ashley

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    BLM Burning down black owned businesses?

  23. Colton Sheppard

    Colton Sheppard

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    How is burning down other black peoples businesses or businesses in general helping show justice for George Floyd.... please tell me

  24. Leila Shalhoub

    Leila Shalhoub

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    Okay but the title though? 🤯🤯🤯

  25. lacy russell

    lacy russell

    3 napja

    Vandalizing is never the answer and now you just hurt another fellow black man.

  26. Brooklyn Hancox

    Brooklyn Hancox

    3 napja

    They did good should have burned more stuff u lost a building but a back man lost his life

    • Zoke


      7 órája

      I can tell you're like 9..they ruined somebody business for no reason. I'm black and what they did was stupid ash

  27. Yoda'd & Yeeted

    Yoda'd & Yeeted

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    BLM is such a joke

  28. Cheesy Sunday

    Cheesy Sunday

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    Looting a store and committing crimes as such isn’t a peaceful protest. It’s vandalism and domestic terrorism

  29. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky

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    Yo the vocabulary is atrocious

  30. MCN05H RBLX


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  31. Tommyinnit


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    Theres a difference between criminals and protestors

  32. Ed


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    Wait so burning buildings didn’t help black community’s?

  33. keanu ramos

    keanu ramos

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    I got a thought I had a stroke from reading that title

  34. ANME IDK


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    We might need police to go to insider and check if the title maker is good

  35. pet mak

    pet mak

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    "peaceful protesters" 🙄

  36. Spearfisher 85

    Spearfisher 85

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    Nice to see black people supporting black business owners. SMH🙄

  37. MaxJuices!


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    i had a stroke reading that title

  38. Vyknee


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    Did the title person have a stroke?



    4 napja

    It is war torn



    4 napja

    Firefighter and no fire suoression

  41. CZ Texan

    CZ Texan

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    Just because of the title this video deserves a Dislike

  42. owlventure


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    People : Black lives matter Also People : Burn down a property fo a black man

  43. Le Fried Chicken

    Le Fried Chicken

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    The comments: 100%~TITLE TYPO!



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    Me when I saw the title 🤔😐🧐

  45. Randy B

    Randy B

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    Anyone who starts a fire, especially with people inside deserves to be roof korean’d

  46. O O

    O O

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    "Free state of George Floyd" Damn what has this world come to?

  47. Tanjim Fardin

    Tanjim Fardin

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    Bro what kind of title is this

  48. ಠ

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    Had a short stroke reading the title

  49. Ra Ro

    Ra Ro

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    Sad to say but its not safe to go there.

  50. Light Fortalejo

    Light Fortalejo

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    What was the title all about? Im having stroke by reading it😭

  51. Denmark


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    BLM raised over 90 million dollars in donations, this man will see none of that, instead the BLM leaders will buy luxury houses and cars far away from the inner-city and the black community.

  52. Gamin DJ's

    Gamin DJ's

    5 napja

    So you’re telling me that the police can’t go in that area and take it back, excuse me, use your armored vehicles, get the FBI involved, and if you have to, use the national guard. There’s no excuse that the police can’t go down there and kick their asses out

  53. Nick Saldana

    Nick Saldana

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    Did anyone else have a stroke reading the title

  54. JD Poquiz

    JD Poquiz

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    oh" so the people think what they did was for george floyd

  55. JD Poquiz

    JD Poquiz

    6 napja

    "Firefighter Was at Work When Told New His Bar Was on Fire"

  56. Henri Verbrugghen

    Henri Verbrugghen

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    BLM at its finest 😂 ALM

  57. The Danish Guy

    The Danish Guy

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    BLM protest is making it worse if they wan't peace make the movement with peace and not with hate

  58. DolphinBlade


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    I had a stroke reading that title

  59. J Laurent

    J Laurent

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    *Firefighter work told bar fire was* There! Fixed the title.🤣

  60. Koushik Pathak

    Koushik Pathak

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    Wtf with the title?

  61. Red X Lion

    Red X Lion

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    Bruh what is this title

  62. SimplySV Clips

    SimplySV Clips

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    So much for blm right guys? They burn buildings that have black owners.

  63. The Internet’s Lawyer

    The Internet’s Lawyer

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    *Can I hug this man?*

  64. Inferno1master YT

    Inferno1master YT

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    POV: you lost brain cells seeing the title

  65. 0m3n


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    BLM was a smart move to make the select few rich... And suppress everyone else who gets in the way no matter the race

  66. Dawson Ratcliffe

    Dawson Ratcliffe

    6 napja

    So rioters burned down a black guys livelihood during a BLACK lives matter "protest" but you still call them demonstraters?

  67. Unknown_Dragocian


    7 napja

    I think they need to do an inside edition on inside edition, about the titles on their own videos...

  68. The gamer boy and more

    The gamer boy and more

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    Man 👎 to those people who burned down his thing

  69. Commander Bruh

    Commander Bruh

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    I like the title

  70. Suliasi Turagabeci

    Suliasi Turagabeci

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    The title made me have a headache in my tummy

  71. No Name

    No Name

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    Liberals hurting minorities again. Nothing new.

  72. shrimp


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    the title oml

  73. Marcus Deron

    Marcus Deron

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    Wow give the person that wrote this title a raise

  74. Chase 999

    Chase 999

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    I lost brain cells reading the title

  75. Ozzie_Time


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    What I get from this: Justice: Burn your community down and act like terrorists

  76. Enzo Ocampo III

    Enzo Ocampo III

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    BLM should pay does people than freeing criminals those people that they ruined lives by burning there bossiness have potential to do good in there community helping people get jobs in there community and they burn it because of a dead man I bet George Floyd doesn't like what you did

  77. James Jones

    James Jones

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    They burnt it down for old fentanyl floyd what a powerful message

  78. Rapid Jerky Tumbling Movement

    Rapid Jerky Tumbling Movement

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    I almost have a stroke from the title

  79. Dale Smith

    Dale Smith

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    It’s sad that all of these hate groups destroyed that poor mans bar.

  80. Panda killer Po

    Panda killer Po

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    Swear to god I loss brains cells reading he title

  81. Maxilious


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    Inside edition title maker r u high man?

  82. LifeAddict


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    🤔 I’m actually confused 😂 does the title make sense to anyone else???

  83. Cliff Cruise

    Cliff Cruise

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    WTF is that title about? A 2-year old cannot even comprehend that!

  84. Dave Marco

    Dave Marco

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    Godzilla just got coma from understanding that title

  85. Pro4ever657


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    I feel bad for the guy but not the girl

  86. NSA


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    I dont understand that title

  87. Blade alot

    Blade alot

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    i read the title it almost threw me off i think you guys were trying to say news

  88. That Xbox Channel

    That Xbox Channel

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    Thank you Inside Edition for actually saying they were riots not “mostly peaceful protests”

  89. David Sida

    David Sida

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    Go home inside edition, you're drunk.

  90. daphnelu7


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    So much for peaceful protests from BLM

  91. Saf3 Tundra

    Saf3 Tundra

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    Da deer djjdjcjcjcjcnfnc the title

  92. Jason Hernandez

    Jason Hernandez

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    I thought the guy in the thumbnail was yg

  93. Ryan McInerney

    Ryan McInerney

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    they weren’t demonstrators they were rioters

  94. Alpha Boys

    Alpha Boys

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    He overdosed 😂 I can’t breathe

  95. Yayo The Jowen

    Yayo The Jowen

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    I had a stroke after reading that title

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    • Beans Vapes

      Beans Vapes

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    Ks halo motion

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    Godzilla had a stroke reading the title

  98. tay ra

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    What was this title??

  99. Siwon Ryu

    Siwon Ryu

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    I had a seizure trying to read that title.

  100. 15DudeAwesome


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    Just a bunch of Redditors freaking out over a typo