Former TV News Reporter Sucker Punched Out of Nowhere

It was a disturbing and random attack on a New York City street and the victim knows a thing or two about crime. Former TV news reporter Judith Thomas, 75, was walking to her sister’s apartment on Easter Sunday when she was attacked out of nowhere, leaving her face black and blue. "I see this guy coming towards me but he doesn't look dangerous,” she tells Inside Edition. “He didn't look threatening. All of a sudden he delivers this hellacious punch."


  1. Paul Allen

    Paul Allen

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  2. Lyse DesLune

    Lyse DesLune

    14 órája

    Legalizing drugs and rewarding bad behavior...

  3. John Meister

    John Meister

    14 órája

    Black man punched a old white woman in NYC. No news here.

  4. The wonderful wizard of cods aquatics

    The wonderful wizard of cods aquatics

    16 órája

    Powww right in da kissa

  5. Rock Hammer

    Rock Hammer

    23 órája

    Image that the guy was black. Where is the white outrage.

  6. brekkis



    i just wonder, do they all have a history of being black?

  7. huy pham

    huy pham


    All from BLM protesters

  8. phillip testerman

    phillip testerman


    I feel so bad for the elderly, they should never be treated that way, even though they were not in there 20s or 30s and as strong as they were like todays people, the elderly should be treated with respect and dignity

  9. Evan Fernandez

    Evan Fernandez


    So sad how people can be so cruel

  10. dog lover

    dog lover

    2 napja

    It's the medias fault. They want us to hate each other. You should report the truth from now on. Stop taking sides and JUST REPORT THE TRUTH. I'm taking about every network. You're all bad!!!

  11. 70sVibe!


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    I wonder if he would have hit a man like that?

  12. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana

    2 napja

    lol the honey i shrunk the kids guy was blind sided? wth i dont remember hearing about that lol

  13. Eva Gilkerson

    Eva Gilkerson

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    Hate crime straight up

  14. Alice 4 J.Christ Ruiz

    Alice 4 J.Christ Ruiz

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    He does not look homeless! He is well dressed.

  15. Colton Sheppard

    Colton Sheppard

    3 napja

    Carry a gun

  16. Dark Demon111

    Dark Demon111

    3 napja

    Better have your gun

    • Dark Demon111

      Dark Demon111

      3 napja

      Especially in NY

  17. caxadooledo


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    That happend to my mom that person in traill

  18. StripeCatFlip


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    BLM good for nothing period.

  19. Bravo Yab

    Bravo Yab

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    I see a correlation...

  20. jennifer king

    jennifer king

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    I truly hope they catch this cowardly POS!

  21. davey dudely

    davey dudely

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    hahha 3rd world problems. a country filled with billionaires who own everything and a government too cowardly and corrupt to provide mental health care to its citizens, or health care in general. they never make the connection do they?

  22. Streggea Studios

    Streggea Studios

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    Something is wrong. It's like someone has flipped a switch somewhere to cause all these people to do the vilest and weirdest of things. The frequency is troubling and does not make sense.

  23. PoopcadetG


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    I’m glad the doormen got fired

  24. Dasmond Fizer

    Dasmond Fizer

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    He gonna get you hurt worst just don’t say nothing don’t fight back unless you can fight.

  25. Joan Olga Keine

    Joan Olga Keine

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  26. 26Upvote


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    Attacking on the elderly.. wow That's absolutely absurd

  27. Les Ant

    Les Ant

    4 napja

    Unbelievable just unbelievable. Come on man ,you CANNOT do that to anybody specially seniors .

  28. Debra Johnson

    Debra Johnson

    4 napja

    Same on those men just not even helping that woman. Shame! Glad they were fired.

  29. Jet Nation

    Jet Nation

    4 napja

    it’s because of his mEnTaL hEaLtH

  30. Sumisu


    4 napja

    ofc its New York lmaooo

  31. who ever threw that your mom's a hoe! !

    who ever threw that your mom's a hoe! !

    4 napja

    There is a pattern with all these attacks... any one wanna guess

  32. NACA Farm

    NACA Farm

    4 napja

    Sick America

  33. Chris Farley

    Chris Farley

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  34. PoliticsCars yeah

    PoliticsCars yeah

    5 napja

    Good thing she wasn't Asian, double standards .

  35. Melina District

    Melina District

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    The mental illness in this country is growing and growing! Smh

  36. mimi herrera

    mimi herrera

    5 napja

    Wow what a coward man

  37. kjdnyhmghfvb


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    I didn't know Rick Moranis got assaulted

  38. Twelve years Not a slave

    Twelve years Not a slave

    5 napja

    The usual suspects.

  39. Tyresetheboss


    5 napja

    she forgot to bake him cookies

  40. Paul Bernal

    Paul Bernal

    5 napja

    Witnesses said she hurled the n word at him because he was walking in her direction... so I dunno

  41. Evan Brad

    Evan Brad

    5 napja

    I hate China but if we lived there this people would have been in internment camps a long time ago!

  42. Anpu


    5 napja

    coward isn't strong enough to fight his age

  43. Marisa Beltran

    Marisa Beltran

    5 napja

    Euthanize the homeless.

  44. Mother of Kittens

    Mother of Kittens

    5 napja

    This is not on us the crazies, we have parks to mop

  45. Simple Sid

    Simple Sid

    5 napja

    75 year old lady ... WTF is going on in the world .

  46. Jay Denero

    Jay Denero

    5 napja

    Black metal health issues at its finest

  47. Painting Misfit

    Painting Misfit

    5 napja

    I get social distancing... but why dafaq would you release those people from jail?! Put them in solitary confinement if y'all concern about social distancing!

  48. Gummy


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    I can't feel sorry as she isn't mexican



      5 napja


  49. Michael JoToya Jackson

    Michael JoToya Jackson

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    +MARY'S BABY BOY : I don't believe your Black.... because there is no way in hell (YOU) can see that "GRAINY" footage to know those men where "BLACK MEN" so stop being a Uncle Ruckus and stop Shucking and Jiving. 🤔🤔

  50. Jolie McCallips

    Jolie McCallips

    5 napja

    I don’t believe In torture, but If you abuse an elderly person a child or an animal, I’d make an exception.

  51. Neon Aspect

    Neon Aspect

    5 napja

    If you attack anyone especially a older person I hope you have the most painful thing ever

  52. Chris Y. Kim

    Chris Y. Kim

    6 napja

    A Governor dealing with Sexual Harassment allegations by multiple women and a Lame Duck Mayor riding out his final term. What could go wrong?! 🤦‍♂️

  53. Nora Wilbur

    Nora Wilbur

    6 napja

    If this were a white man to a black lady it would be a 'race crime'. Just saying..

  54. Michael Liang

    Michael Liang

    6 napja

    I don’t understand why I just rlly don’t understand what’s the pleasure with hurting people who can’t defend themselves?

  55. Anayiah Munoz

    Anayiah Munoz

    6 napja

    I feel terrible for this lady I can’t imagine the pain she felt and other elderly’s around her they really don’t deserve this.

  56. Killer Cyborg

    Killer Cyborg

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  57. Alex Rekzu

    Alex Rekzu

    6 napja

    2:05 thought dude was gonna run and punch her 🤠

  58. Maru


    6 napja

    All sorts of new trends in America

  59. T Brown

    T Brown

    6 napja

    Homeless need jobs and stimulus or it only going to get worse

  60. Budget Madam

    Budget Madam

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  61. Tatum Shane

    Tatum Shane

    6 napja

    That person is disgusting, the poor thing

  62. Khanyisile Kubheka

    Khanyisile Kubheka

    6 napja

    Awwww so sorry mama 😢, last month was in NY 42nd St ,saw this guy coming straight to me ,looking crazy I just ran inside H&M ,he stood there ,then decided to leave after few minutes

  63. jiu jai

    jiu jai

    6 napja

    "THIS TIME it was in NY city"? It's EVERYTIME

  64. Aubrey Ndlela

    Aubrey Ndlela

    6 napja

    I just don't get it sucker moves sick fight a man....😤

  65. isabel Marie reynolds Reynolds

    isabel Marie reynolds Reynolds

    6 napja

    Who would do such a sick thing it is not funny and not cool

  66. isabel Marie reynolds Reynolds

    isabel Marie reynolds Reynolds

    6 napja

    The poor woman

  67. Luke Amato

    Luke Amato

    6 napja

    I think alot of this is serious mental illness, delusion and schizophrenia play a big part in many of these types of crimes

  68. rahma huseen

    rahma huseen

    6 napja

    Looser 😞

  69. Lion Phoenix

    Lion Phoenix

    6 napja

    Blm right guys? Blm?

  70. Alice Mann ?

    Alice Mann ?

    6 napja

    In wut happened too her n wut her old job used to be that was kinda ironic 😓😓I mean guess she was lucky it never happen live after all fair game hmm sad crime still nuts as it was back in the day my advice stay vigilant cause even u know crazy people cannot be talked down ugh/smacks



    7 napja

    Is BLM around ?

  72. Tyler Sheehy

    Tyler Sheehy

    7 napja

    2am at texas never forget

  73. unknown unknown

    unknown unknown

    7 napja

    All live matters not only yours😠

  74. Donna


    7 napja

    Man😭😭😭😭 no

  75. Alex Seravilo

    Alex Seravilo

    7 napja

    This is why I don’t trust people when I’m walking on the sidewalk. Seriously afraid I’m gonna get decked

  76. Zekth Zekth

    Zekth Zekth

    7 napja

    America loves sucker punching people.

  77. Anna Brown

    Anna Brown

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  78. DirectorOfFun


    7 napja

    All black dudes huh. This is exactly why I hate them. Wake up white people

  79. Gregory Vincent

    Gregory Vincent

    7 napja

    Deliberately & maliciously attacking the elderly ?? Wow takes a special kinda “coward” to accomplish that smh

  80. Taurus 03

    Taurus 03

    7 napja

    Making Black people look bad. I despise him. 😡 Why did he do that?!

    • Taurus 03

      Taurus 03

      5 napja

      @Mackenzie Collie Kinda is; people like to generalize.

    • Mackenzie Collie

      Mackenzie Collie

      5 napja

      This isn't about race

  81. Harry Knutts

    Harry Knutts

    7 napja

    If only it was don lemon

  82. Ginger Marie

    Ginger Marie

    7 napja

    The Living God loves us all so very much that He sent His sinless Son Jesus, to earth, to be born of a virgin, to grow up & die on the Cross for our sins. After He died on the cross for our sins, Father God raised Him to life again, & he appeared to people and went back to heaven.We must receive Jesus into our life sincerely to be His child(John 1:12) & after we get saved by grace through faith, we need to obey Jesus if we really love Him(John 14:15). Jesus said in Mark 1:15 says "And saying, the time is fulfilled the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe the Gospel." John 14:15 Jesus said: "If ye love Me keep My commandments." Revelation 21:8 says: "But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, there part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone..." Please receive Holy Jesus-- sincerely and repent, before it's too late.

  83. Young Young

    Young Young

    7 napja

    Judith was a lovely young woman. I am sure she is a lovely older woman without her battered face.

  84. Rip Steele

    Rip Steele

    7 napja

    We need Charles Bronson.



    7 napja

    What a coward! Hope he watches this video and sees the comments

  86. Bread Slasher

    Bread Slasher

    7 napja

    she is very pretty tho

  87. The Observer Guy

    The Observer Guy

    7 napja

    Another black lives matter

  88. Kaitlynn Honeycutt

    Kaitlynn Honeycutt

    7 napja

    Jesus Christ dude, have respect for the elderly. I wonder what his grandmother would say about that. Thumbs up this video in support of that lady and give it a thumbs up if you want these stupid attacks to stop!

  89. pol' khalifah

    pol' khalifah

    7 napja

    Am sorry Maam!

  90. Edwin Loja-Pauta

    Edwin Loja-Pauta

    7 napja

    What I wanna know is why do y’all have to bring Democrats into this?

  91. Hazel Diez

    Hazel Diez

    7 napja

    Ok we all know this guy cant even beat an ally cat in a fist fight. he was so mad that he punched an old lady then when he was going home he was betten and robbed by 10 year olds

  92. HGmatrix


    7 napja

    New York is a wild place



    7 napja

    ALL these “random attack” videos the guy looks REALLY similar to the all the others. Hmmmm.... related?! Or hmmmm.... what do they all have in common? Trying to figure it out, there’s SOME thing that’s alike.

  94. Gemini Cxrpse

    Gemini Cxrpse

    7 napja


  95. LionnelSky FN

    LionnelSky FN

    7 napja

    He probably hought she was Asian

  96. GOD HOLY SPIRIT destroyed ALL MOBS AT ONCE amen


    7 napja

    GOOD arrested them all .....ATTACKs IS AN OFFENCE against the LAWS TO ALL OVER THE WORLD...tks GOD HOLY SPIRIT in the name of JESUS amen😇

  97. Antajuan Grady

    Antajuan Grady

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  98. Daniel Blakeley

    Daniel Blakeley

    7 napja

    This guys karma will come

  99. Kenny Michael Alanya

    Kenny Michael Alanya

    7 napja

    Lots of crazies in NYC. Leave that hell hole. Karma is taking care of that wicked city. Sin city is next