Free Climber Scales 380-Foot Skyscraper Without Safety Gear

British Free climber George King was at it again, scaling a hotel in Barcelona that was nearly 400 feet tall. King’s feat drew a crowd of the curious in the Catalonian city. They watched as he climbed the skyscraper, using only his hands and feet. Police and firefighters also looked on. When King reached the summit, he spread his arms in triumph, while people below applauded. When he returned to street level, he was arrested by regional authorities.


  1. Leaf


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    Whats next thr berg khalifa if he climb that that guy is a god




    They should’ve put a track list in the description, I’d like a word with whoever made the song at 0:40

  3. A mildly Disappointing Salad

    A mildly Disappointing Salad

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    Yo who tf made this nickelodeon game beat bro😭

  4. stunna


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    00:40 yooo who made the beat 💀💀💀💀💀

  5. Best Of

    Best Of

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    How does he get down, that must be much more nerve wracking then going up

  6. txmba _

    txmba _

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    0:40 dat bg music 😹😹😹

  7. SaturnZ


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    I low key want to know the beat at 0:40

  8. Haley Faragalli

    Haley Faragalli

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    I'm sorry what?

  9. Ezgi Ezgi

    Ezgi Ezgi

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    The vast stamp curiously wrap because encyclopedia fortuitously marry at a decisive tabletop. free, inquisitive drama

  10. Berta Diaz

    Berta Diaz

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    Until one day he runs out of luck

  11. Berta Diaz

    Berta Diaz

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    Until one day he runs out of luck

  12. Cutt Boy

    Cutt Boy

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  13. Tatum Shane

    Tatum Shane

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    That is terrifying

  14. Emiii mm

    Emiii mm

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    I just don’t see the point of this???

  15. Grayson Mantione

    Grayson Mantione

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  16. Sir Bobio

    Sir Bobio

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  17. ComradeConstantine


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    Bruh tf is the music

  18. Suleman Raja

    Suleman Raja

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    Imagine getting tired. That feeling is not good.

  19. Harry P

    Harry P

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    All that to get a night in jail also a fine

  20. Oj Simpson

    Oj Simpson

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    Eyooo tf is this background music💀💀😂

  21. Ramons Media Blog

    Ramons Media Blog

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    That’s pretty ignorant

  22. w O

    w O

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  23. apersonthatplaysroblox


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    Next story: Man falls 400 feet while attempting to climb building without protective gear.

  24. qweasdqwe


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    I like how the music is normal until 0:38, then it’s just turns into lord knows what

  25. Fern Hamilton

    Fern Hamilton

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    And I oop

  26. DOA Haud

    DOA Haud

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    Yeah we ain’t makin it out the hood 0:40

  27. Chez Anderson

    Chez Anderson

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    Ok that’s cool an all but how did he get down..????

  28. Lmfy


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    Damn, talk about daredevils. Otherworldly braveness and stupidity, but he did it so congrats! And he good-looking too, with a mask anyway. Lol

  29. Yoshi but kage Kira

    Yoshi but kage Kira

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    I swear this is getting crazy, 5 years ago we got a man with a vaccum cleaner climbed the trump tower, Now we have this.

  30. Brisa Mercado

    Brisa Mercado

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    Dude crazy

  31. RandomRedbox453


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    • DinosaurBanana


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      Watches imdontais reaction on it 😂

  32. asdiiigodiii


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    *Gen z getting bored*

  33. Rodan with Internet

    Rodan with Internet

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    The human King Kong

  34. Jacob Reynolds

    Jacob Reynolds

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    Yikes 😳

  35. arger798


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    Wish they could report Dream :)

  36. Nile Perch

    Nile Perch

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    My knees start knocking together just getting on the roof of my house !!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣

  37. LazerBoi


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    suction cup man

  38. Turtle 2

    Turtle 2

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    we not gonna talk about the beat 00:40

  39. Mike M

    Mike M

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    Imagine if he gets tired while climbing.

  40. Wael Ahmedi

    Wael Ahmedi

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  41. SidemenPredict


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    he was climbing only using his hand and feet? hmm what else could he use his ear lobe as a swing

  42. Sturdy Sofa Gaming

    Sturdy Sofa Gaming

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    He is the beta spider-man

  43. Nate. F

    Nate. F

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    Why would you fine him he’s a bloody legend

  44. llama logic

    llama logic

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    Sheeesh, they got the DJ out for this video

  45. Annabelle Phen Lee

    Annabelle Phen Lee

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    Dosen’t his palms and feet get sweaty???????

  46. Dominus


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    Until he falls.

  47. j4st cam

    j4st cam

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    Imagine looking down 800feet and saying its a nice view instead of sweating and having organs fall out your nose

  48. Essex Hoop

    Essex Hoop

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    I not scared of heights,but when ever up high always had a urge to jump. Crazy I know,so hence try to avoid. Lads got some minerals 4 sure.

  49. Sherry


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    Played Assassin's Creed to much

  50. Jason Allen

    Jason Allen

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    He’s got balls of steel. I can’t even get to the second step of a step ladder without getting dizzy.

  51. steven gray

    steven gray

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    Tom cruise who

  52. My name is Laksh

    My name is Laksh

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    I can barley jump down a trampoline my guy jumping somthing like 20x bigger

  53. Raw D

    Raw D

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    Man hell naw

  54. Peter


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    He is a road man

  55. Debra Lynn Bailey

    Debra Lynn Bailey

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    I’m glad to see someone went out of the BOX 📦 just think what we all could do and learn if we did 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  56. Nathen


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    White people

  57. Jc grant-stuart

    Jc grant-stuart

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    Imagine I'm jus watching this an my legs start to get weak 💀☠ stomach start to roll😖😖😖

  58. Mellen Omweno

    Mellen Omweno

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    Tell me you’ve got a death wish without telling me

  59. MrSunshine96


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    Not to be rude but these sorts of people always end up dead, that’s why you only ever see like two-three videos don’t reply to this comment till he’s concrete paste please.

  60. Andrew James

    Andrew James

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    after all at least he has a nice ride going to jail

  61. AceyLaBoy 97

    AceyLaBoy 97

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    He is in incredible shape

  62. Simon Riate

    Simon Riate

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    Don't try this at home It's dangerous 💀

  63. Liam Watson

    Liam Watson

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    This was scary! My blood curdled watching this!

  64. Chris Dogg

    Chris Dogg

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    Im really impressed how did his hands never start to get fatigued estimating that its 400 feet at the least it Would take him 20 mins to climb but considering the pace he was going maybe like 30-40 mins like on top of how tf did you not get fatigued from the climb the strong air up there would fatigue you even quicker just how also the climb down 10× harder then up also im scared of heights never in my life Would i ever do anything like this even with gear

  65. christina Eh!

    christina Eh!

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    Stupid is as stupid does. I don't understand why you can't have a parachute just incase, because your still doing the feat.

  66. GradeEhCanadian


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    I'm surprised he made it to the top...with the weight of those balls of steel....

  67. Ballplaya96 X

    Ballplaya96 X

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    What he get arrested for?

  68. Kalvin King

    Kalvin King

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    What the heck is this Spider-Man Climbing 🧗‍♂️ on wall

  69. Jim Torborg

    Jim Torborg

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    He’s like a Florida man but just from Britain

  70. Refined Phenomena

    Refined Phenomena

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    And now kids want to attract attention just like him, and decide to try it then it ends differently. Please stop covering stuff like me outside, how about that

  71. Maple_Syrup_Boy _

    Maple_Syrup_Boy _

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    How many pounds did he get

  72. TheUnkownBandit


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    It’s completely stupid that he got arrested honestly if he loves climbing stuff let him be don’t punish him for it your it’s like your trying to ruin what he loves to do and it’s completely stupid in my opinion

  73. TheUnkownBandit


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    It sucks when people get arrested for doing what they love unless if it’s like robbing a store or hurting someone or doing something bad but climbing a building it’s like oh if you climb a big tree you won’t get in trouble but if you climb a small building or big building you get hated

  74. Duck Life

    Duck Life

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    That's a death wish

  75. Itszcvq


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  76. Tracy Grey

    Tracy Grey

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    Nice choice of music

  77. The M3mes

    The M3mes

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    Did he just expose the dude’s passport? VERY ILLEGAL!!

  78. Gabriel Montanez

    Gabriel Montanez

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    Man: *Climbs building* Man: *Starts singing High Hopes*

  79. i2N Prodigy

    i2N Prodigy

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    0:39 what is that garbage beat



    9 napja

    W Music

  81. Do It

    Do It

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    He needs to do his next climb in a spider man costume

  82. Noah Romero

    Noah Romero

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    wow, someone recorded me playing the climb 2 on my quest

  83. B ESP

    B ESP

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    Pros: you get to climb the building. Cons: you might die Go to jail Pay a fine Yeah, I’ll pass..

  84. jk swagger

    jk swagger

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    Spiderman would like a word with you

  85. RepleteJester23


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    Good job man you did it! Ok to jail you go

  86. YourAverage Gee

    YourAverage Gee

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    Anyone’s hands start sweating on there phone😳

  87. Matt Martin

    Matt Martin

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    Dude in the us man woulda been shot down



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    Holy Jarvis

  89. Jessica Rabbid

    Jessica Rabbid

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    Wow he's quite tall. I thought tall people weren't so sturdy?

  90. desiree perkins

    desiree perkins

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  91. String Face_yt

    String Face_yt

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    Climber go splat

  92. Emily Bourke

    Emily Bourke

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    Mom I’m stuck help me down



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    Remember u can't fly

  94. Shadowblade200 YT

    Shadowblade200 YT

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    Everybody gangsta till he slips

  95. Adam Lewis Jon McBryde

    Adam Lewis Jon McBryde

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    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yes u savage

  96. Panda YT

    Panda YT

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  97. REAL Me

    REAL Me

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    Me who can't even climb a tree😅

  98. bobbleheadmoe


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    This is stupid

  99. Gunther Stottlemyer

    Gunther Stottlemyer

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    If he fell he would just respawn at the nearest hospital

  100. tinaj sews

    tinaj sews

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    Repent , Repent , Repent , Jesus Christ* loves you He died so that we can live ,..