Giant Baby Rodent Finds a Home After Rejected by Mother

A baby capybara has found a new home after being rejected by its mother. A female of the species was born in December, and when it became clear that she wasn’t being cared for by her parents, she was placed in the care of the Cali Zoo, in Colombia. A keeper there will be her surrogate mom, helping to feed, bathe and play with the little capy. Capybaras are the world’s largest rodents; they can grow to over four feet long and can weigh as much as 170 pounds.


  1. ex_novialatina


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    its a chiguiro smh

  2. Eddwardo Chesterfield

    Eddwardo Chesterfield

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    What kind of horrible mother- *Nicole Watterson voice*

  3. Weilian


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    Bruh Im Fatter then them

  4. James


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    I kinda like that new ending but I much more prefer the old one

  5. David Corcoran

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  6. lane ziegler

    lane ziegler

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    how have i never seen them

  7. Laynna Lucia

    Laynna Lucia

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    I love capybaras... if i could have one as a pet that’s all I would want!!

  8. YOO U

    YOO U

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  9. Luis Guerrero

    Luis Guerrero

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    So cute 🥺 God bless people who actually take care of them and fill them with love and welcome them. ❤

  10. Justin's Cinema

    Justin's Cinema

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  11. Justin's Cinema

    Justin's Cinema

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  12. Maya


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    Dude its so cute when its swimming i cant-

  13. Angel Yukino

    Angel Yukino

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    Wtf is that.... look like it’s throwing up and water is so dirty

  14. Mofuqer


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    I ain't no wildlife aficionado however I'm a little bit split on the "mother rejection" thing!

  15. Megumin


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    What kind of dog is that

  16. Dolly


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    its like a dog and a hamster

  17. Jackie Salvatore

    Jackie Salvatore

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    She is the cutest rodent I have seen 😍😍😍

  18. Marlene Walker

    Marlene Walker

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    I am so glad she found a good home. Every creature big and small deserve their time here with everyone.

  19. Ponyo Legend

    Ponyo Legend

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    Awwwwwww babyyyyyy

  20. Kaitlyn Valle

    Kaitlyn Valle

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    What job do they have because I want it 😹🥺

  21. saikichitosakuya


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    i love me some capybara content

  22. Luke Amato

    Luke Amato

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    I want her lol shouldn't be hard to find a home for these cute critters

  23. Raven Luna

    Raven Luna

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    Well it looks like that capy is very happy 😂😂 soz bad joke

  24. Jenn Chronn

    Jenn Chronn

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    The mom just belonged to the streets I guess 🤷‍♀️

  25. I A

    I A

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    Couldent they have just put the word capybara in the title ?

  26. RAY-the-WAY


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    *Haha now she’s gonna be eating good while her deadbeat mom scavenges for food*

    • Crazy Devil

      Crazy Devil

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      Maybe the mum didnt have a choice but to abandon it

  27. Ek S

    Ek S

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    I think it can be put in the wild

  28. huajie666 liu

    huajie666 liu

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    So cute rodent

  29. Pinky HoodieGacha

    Pinky HoodieGacha

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    Time to go get a permit to the get a cabIbarra 😅

  30. Mia Koenig

    Mia Koenig

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    I love capybaras

  31. Brianna Maciel

    Brianna Maciel

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    I love

  32. Xana


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    I saved by monke

  33. Alex H

    Alex H

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    Yes, even animals can bad mothers

  34. Anna Marie

    Anna Marie

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    The title tho giant baby rodent

  35. MrJohnyApplez


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    People watching this gonna start adopting rodents now.. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  36. Augistine Aquinas

    Augistine Aquinas

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    they r so fun

  37. Anarina TV

    Anarina TV

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    Omg, i don't mind taking care of her. Hugs and kisses from the Philippines 😘😘

  38. Steady Bettie

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  39. Jaime Reynolds

    Jaime Reynolds

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    I want to pet one

  40. Caitlynn Dawood

    Caitlynn Dawood

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    She is so cute I love them so much I got one she is a girl her name is lucky

  41. Extremis 7274

    Extremis 7274

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    Ah yes the animal that generates peace.

  42. PainMaker


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    my favorite animal..

  43. JessenLH


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  44. Bruce


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    They taste like chicken

  45. austin bevis

    austin bevis

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    Really cute, but I feel like these would chew everything in sight

  46. ღSwnsasyღ _

    ღSwnsasyღ _

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    I really wish humans would do this with their kids if they don't want them instead of harming them.. Just drop them off at a hospital or fire station no questions asked and move on so that child can have a great life!

  47. Desiree Wyatt

    Desiree Wyatt

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    I hope that zoo is a good one and their animals have huge gigantic prisons I mean cages ....

  48. 407 Kidd

    407 Kidd

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    News networks really struggling after Trump got out of office..

  49. You Liked Your Own Comment

    You Liked Your Own Comment

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    Sorry, worlds largest rodent is 6ix9ine

  50. likeablejhgyg


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    I believe that’s a Banana Rat

  51. Julia Jaramillo

    Julia Jaramillo

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    The slumpbean isn’t gonna like this...

  52. DMTandTHC


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    As an owner of Several Guinea Pigs, i'll take 7.

  53. Big bonnne

    Big bonnne

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    Giant dinosaur rat

  54. Susy Hunter

    Susy Hunter

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    For a sec I thought that the person who found the rodent was abandoned by their mother

  55. Daughter of the King

    Daughter of the King

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  56. Frenite


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    Hats off to the people who decided to take care of her!

  57. Joanna Farias

    Joanna Farias

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    Aaaaawwww baby 🍼🍼🍼

  58. ZombieDeathRace


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    CAPYBARAS!!! I loves them.

  59. Fantastic Stranger

    Fantastic Stranger

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    Dude that saxaphone solo at 0:58 was clean 👌

  60. Owen Chua

    Owen Chua

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    I love Capybaras

  61. M H

    M H

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    GIANT baby? Such an oxymoron

  62. Celeste Corcoran

    Celeste Corcoran

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    Guinea Big

  63. JupiterKnight


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  64. kms scharnhorst

    kms scharnhorst

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    Best video

  65. john ayacko

    john ayacko

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    dont use the world "rejected" it hurts my feeling.

  66. gamer jake

    gamer jake

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  67. Yesenia Bonilla

    Yesenia Bonilla

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    They can get as tall as me ... oh no 😅

  68. TheGodFather


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    Skin it.

  69. Magdalena Diaz

    Magdalena Diaz

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    POV:Your own mom doesn't even know what a Capybara is.😅😂

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    Here we go

  72. Typical American

    Typical American

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    I want one so bad

  73. kaden wild

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    This is news?

    • Seek1878


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      Lighthearted news is a thing, it doesn't always have to be murders and wars.

  74. Rossana Vuitton

    Rossana Vuitton

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    Why was I about to say, " WHOO girl! You're eyeliner's on fleek!" To the capybara... ???

  75. Perfect Linnamon roll

    Perfect Linnamon roll

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    It’s a giant guinea pig 🥺😩😭

  76. Cindy Jefferson

    Cindy Jefferson

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  77. Hunter Knight

    Hunter Knight

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    Put some respect on their name.

  78. KeyGuardian


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    Pure baby giant potato’s 🥰

  79. Nuage Art Studio

    Nuage Art Studio

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    Chinese restaurants has entered the chat !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. Him Him

    Him Him

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    Thats a capybara

  81. Jennifer Coleman

    Jennifer Coleman

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    She's adorable

  82. Mr Cyborg

    Mr Cyborg

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    Aww a giant guinea pig

  83. Commander Cody

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    Thats one cute rodent

  84. Gsaavis -Amelia-

    Gsaavis -Amelia-

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    Y’all it’s called a capybara

  85. doodleartlover


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    Beautiful little girl! God bless! 🙂✌👍❤🙏

  86. Jonathon Aguinada

    Jonathon Aguinada

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    For the largest rodent they sure do seem much more adorable than I expected

  87. Dana Ngannou

    Dana Ngannou

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    So what you're telling me is the election was rigged and to take the heat off the socialist rat in the white house you show us this adorable creature? Ahhhh 😍

  88. lidiya dzhygnyuk

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    So cute

  89. That weird Moldy carrot

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    Dont let slump see this

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    Oh, so precious😩💕👍🏻

  91. DinosaurKing300


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    I want one of those animals they look so cute

  92. Dylan Rancourt

    Dylan Rancourt

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    So I saw “giant baby” and said oh that sounds interesting

  93. Barbara Skeen

    Barbara Skeen

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    I like the after tune

  94. JohnQarbuckl e

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  95. F.B.I.


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    the mother must be like: "I don't like the color of this one can I get a new one"

  96. noob man132

    noob man132

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    I have a few traps in my house should come visit

  97. Victor Thomlinson

    Victor Thomlinson

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    Seriously. My daughter has guinea pigs and they freak me out. I’d die if she brought a capybara near me.

  98. OP_Alejandro


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    Pls subscribe to soccer nurd

  100. Natalina Garcia

    Natalina Garcia

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    i could never, they look like a giant rats and i’m not bout that life but i’m glad she has a loving home :)