How Fast Tiger Woods Was Going Before He Crashed

Tiger Woods was speeding at up to 87 mph in a 45-mph zone before crashing his SUV in February, authorities announced. The one-car rollover collision was primarily caused by “driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway,” the Los Angeles County Sheriff said. Woods was speeding on the way to a photo shoot when he clipped the median, destroyed a road sign, careened into oncoming lanes and rolled over several times before coming to rest.


  1. Ernest Hemingway

    Ernest Hemingway

    9 órája

    Should be arrested any else would

  2. Zurja


    10 órája

    Y'all acting like y'all don't speed or something hahaha. Is it shocking that famous people also speed? Acting like y'all go 39 in a 40 or something.

  3. Jaque Me

    Jaque Me


    thanks to him, there were more cops than usual :/

  4. Jojo


    2 napja

    BREAKING NEWS.........Tiger Woods being his normal entitled douchebag self 🙄

  5. physicals


    2 napja

    He was a risk to society, he should have been fined, he needs to loose points off his license.

  6. Alfred Awomi

    Alfred Awomi

    3 napja

    Between what's the use of the safety when only it could safe the driver only, what about passengers in the back and next to the driver. So, is it just be it! Huh!

  7. Jenson


    3 napja

    Typical unstable SUVs

  8. Kenneth Nwaogu

    Kenneth Nwaogu

    3 napja

    Damn guy thinks hes in a DeLorean

  9. sweet P

    sweet P

    3 napja

    The rule's should apply to everyone , not just certain people

  10. FloridaPlayzYT


    3 napja

    First GV80 Accident

  11. Jc's Photography

    Jc's Photography

    4 napja

    I got a ticket. I was on a backroad flying lost control and ended up in a ditch. No one saw the accident but i got cited for traveling at a unsafe speed

  12. Nicholas Kalushny

    Nicholas Kalushny

    4 napja

    Ok. I love tiger but i find that he should have gotted a citation

  13. Gucci the French Bulldog

    Gucci the French Bulldog

    4 napja

    Sounds like someone’s not doing their job he needs to get a ticket he could’ve killed someone hello am I in the twilight zone

  14. noahishere


    4 napja

    No attempt of braking after continuing to lose control? Attempted suicide or murder?!

  15. Courtney Ray

    Courtney Ray

    4 napja

    So if a bank robber, robs a bank, but police weren't there to witness it..... And if a murderer, murders someone, but police weren't their to witness it..... You get my point.....

  16. hami4life11


    5 napja

    His car was hacked

  17. King22muchh


    5 napja

    Its the celebrity privilege

  18. Mr. Garrison

    Mr. Garrison

    5 napja

    Was he running away from a wife trying to smash his face in with a golf stick

  19. Haley Faragalli

    Haley Faragalli

    5 napja

    Oh of course it's okay for a celebrity to break the law and not get fined...

  20. Ye


    5 napja

    Anyone else does 87 in a 45 they get a criminal speeding ticket and their license taken away. But since it’s him it’s “aww it’s okay I hope you feel better”

  21. Dalton Litz

    Dalton Litz

    5 napja

    I love how the end seemed like a subtle promo for the genesis gv80

  22. Zack Belletete

    Zack Belletete

    5 napja

    If that was me I would be In jail or have a massive ticket but money talks and woods walks

  23. Tropical Squad

    Tropical Squad

    5 napja

    When they said “tiger’s blood” I thought the snow cone flavor “tigers blood” hahah

  24. Jonathan terril

    Jonathan terril

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  25. Lena Carpenter

    Lena Carpenter

    6 napja


  26. Jose Maldonado

    Jose Maldonado

    6 napja

    He was also driving a Genesis, so that is a factor too.

  27. Chris Ramjohn

    Chris Ramjohn

    7 napja

    So the rich don't get a ticket..... wow 👏

  28. Nate childs

    Nate childs

    7 napja

    Stupid is stupid does.

  29. Zack liu

    Zack liu

    7 napja

    When you have money , you care nothing .

  30. HiveMistress


    7 napja

    What a shock... ;)

  31. Q8 Fly

    Q8 Fly

    7 napja

    Rookie driver

  32. Los


    7 napja

    Why didn’t he hit the breaks??

  33. Edna E’ Mode

    Edna E’ Mode

    7 napja

    If this happened to me, I would have my car impounded and also a speeding ticket

  34. Joe Gug

    Joe Gug

    7 napja

    He’s lucky he did kill anyone.

  35. ADK Man

    ADK Man

    7 napja

    No tickets issued!! Anyone else would have received speed not reasonable, failure to keep right and reckless and endangerment at the very least......the reckless and endangerment charge would be for doing almost twice the posted speed limit. No preferential treatment my ass!!!

  36. Amy and Princesa

    Amy and Princesa

    7 napja

    Anyone else would have been arrested for reckless driving but because hes a celebrity they didnt do anything. Not even a citation. Wtf

  37. Juan Ramirez

    Juan Ramirez

    7 napja

    No ticket or anything??

  38. zero tsang

    zero tsang

    7 napja

    lol they used his car accident to promote their car.

  39. Scott Dawson

    Scott Dawson

    7 napja

    what a POS, he could have killed someone. I understand we've all driven over the speed limit but I've never done almost 90mph in a 45mph speed limit.

  40. swampratt36


    7 napja

    Clearly that sheriff has tiger kawk in his mouth , cause I thought I heard him say no preferential treatment was given .

  41. I KH

    I KH

    7 napja

    well now GENESYS SALES GO UP

  42. Marisa Beltran

    Marisa Beltran

    7 napja

    South Park is probably working on this right now.

  43. Marisa Beltran

    Marisa Beltran

    7 napja

    No special treat meant, "yea right"... Wait until SNL makes a sketch of this.

  44. Marisa Beltran

    Marisa Beltran

    7 napja

    If OJ could get away with murder, Tiger can get away with texting, speeding, damage to city property, and doing drugs.

  45. Introoda


    7 napja

    This is the best Genesis advertisement I've ever seen

  46. Mario Viñas

    Mario Viñas

    7 napja

    What if he tried to kill himself?

  47. Cuban


    8 napja

    He shouldn’t to be allowed to drive a car

  48. Wavy F. Baby

    Wavy F. Baby

    8 napja

    So if you commit a crime and there is no cop or witnesses, it’s ok? 😂

  49. John sang

    John sang

    8 napja

    The fact that he said PERIOT thata my job

  50. Charles Parker

    Charles Parker

    8 napja

    If he had hit another car the sheriff would have said it was the other driver’s fault

  51. Alejandro


    8 napja

    hmm a multi-million USD ad for Genesis /s

  52. Nick E

    Nick E

    8 napja

    Shoulda went to the Kevin Heart School of Driving, first off you gotta get out from behind the drivers seat, get a friend behind the wheel.

  53. Ohioan Guy 89

    Ohioan Guy 89

    8 napja

    Was he even arrested for going double the speed limit.

  54. Wilbur r

    Wilbur r

    8 napja

    Damn she sounded like she just cracked the case when this started *HE WAS GOING TOO FAST*



    8 napja

    No matter what he broke the law’s its a miracle think that no one was ninot hurt by him of that accident

  56. Andrea lee

    Andrea lee

    8 napja

    Seriously why ? He could of killed someone

  57. Transformer guy reviews

    Transformer guy reviews

    8 napja

    If he went 88 miles an hour he would have achieved time travel

  58. bw2krazyman


    8 napja

    Rumor has it he was paid by Genesis to show the car’s safety...

  59. Jane Pearson

    Jane Pearson

    8 napja

    Tigger wants to kill himself

  60. G C

    G C

    8 napja

    It’s always been proven, but this is just extra evidence that anyone rich, famous, or has influence can get away with just about anything

  61. HawksFan32


    8 napja

    I bet if this happened to someone random no one will even care

  62. Marcella Sheridan

    Marcella Sheridan

    8 napja

    He got off lightly because of who he is, nothing more nothing less.

  63. FDR Productions

    FDR Productions

    8 napja

    How many trees is this guy going to crash in to?

  64. Stoner posts

    Stoner posts

    8 napja

    he was probaly high from weed, A high person can have impared driving but still be able to talk fine. he was also arrested while driving high on weed, in I think 2017

  65. 235 Giraffes

    235 Giraffes

    8 napja

    they really should have given him a citation. 40mph over is wreckless driving.

  66. Dennis Vidot

    Dennis Vidot

    8 napja

    Havilah Cunnington I Do Boundaries: A Bible Study to Discover your Power, Protect what Matters, and Stop Feeling Bad about It

  67. King Of The Swing

    King Of The Swing

    8 napja

    Any non celebrity would have several charges against them. Special treatment for celebrities is getting out of hand. The police that handled this should be fired

  68. PrimeKeane


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  69. Sung-Jin-woo Shadow king

    Sung-Jin-woo Shadow king

    8 napja

    You know it’s funny how most cars have 145 mph but he have to go around 10-80 mph It’s like they want us to break the law and go past the speed limit

  70. Mark Manuella

    Mark Manuella

    8 napja

    Why is this news yall clowns or sum

  71. Natalia Argueta

    Natalia Argueta

    8 napja

    Just because he’s famous and rich he’s not getting a citation🤦🏽‍♀️

  72. Trebor


    8 napja

    10 airbags.... these expensive car companies dont want these drivers injured otherwise they will have no one to spend the amount of money on these cars 🤭

    • Mr Ransom

      Mr Ransom

      8 napja

      It’s almost like they care about the safety of their customers

  73. Jeffrey


    8 napja

    No sympathy for him. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

  74. R.Javier Yepes De V.

    R.Javier Yepes De V.

    8 napja

    10 airbags!!! Quito-Ecuador 2021

  75. Austin Howells

    Austin Howells

    8 napja

    Tiger woods getting sued by the cops

  76. cheekyoziechick


    8 napja

    Stupid is as stupid does.. outside the golf course..he isn’t real smart.

  77. jess burt

    jess burt

    8 napja

    Mmmm u should of broken his arms lord rotfl not his legs

  78. ReligiousZombie


    8 napja

    As if his years of cussing on live TV and womanizing wasn't enough, now we see that he is a reckless driver too. What does he need to do to fall from the sainthood anointed him by the obsequious media?

  79. Bjay Brown

    Bjay Brown

    8 napja

    Must be nice to be famous

  80. GT TV

    GT TV

    8 napja

    That bald dude a Karen 🤦‍♂️

  81. Robert Lee

    Robert Lee

    8 napja

    Leave the dude alone. Thousands of people get in accidents daily. No biggie.

  82. david e taylor: The full frontal exposure

    david e taylor: The full frontal exposure

    8 napja

    Anyone see the why we dislike law enforcement

  83. Spencer Jameson

    Spencer Jameson

    8 napja

    What kinda wishes this man got?

  84. abraham cholula

    abraham cholula

    8 napja

    What I think is tiger woods paid the officers like the police that said he didn't find any signs of alcohol in his car so tiger woods paid him to not say anything 🤔🤔🧐🤨🤨🤨

  85. Nicole Angelella

    Nicole Angelella

    8 napja

    What a guy lol

  86. George Maitlin

    George Maitlin

    8 napja

    He fell asleep that why he crashed the vehicle. Ironically, he was offered a driver yet, turning it's down due to the virus.

  87. Damien L

    Damien L

    8 napja

    I hope he never walks again.

  88. A Nava

    A Nava

    8 napja

    seems like he broke the same amount of bones as the same number of women he cheated on his wife with

  89. dee


    8 napja


  90. Jennifer


    8 napja

    y’all cite regular citizens via camera everyday ... but u can’t cite him bc .... ??? oh right. he’s a celebrity.

  91. Nebraska Picker

    Nebraska Picker

    8 napja

    I would get a ticket you would get a ticket but tiger Woods no he doesn't

  92. ryan zheng

    ryan zheng

    8 napja


  93. Traveling4fun


    8 napja

    Give him a speeding ticket

  94. 5minutes 4fighting

    5minutes 4fighting

    8 napja

    87mph pfffft, hold my beer 🐅...

  95. BeaufortRyan


    9 napja

    So he basically broke a rule

  96. Falcon on YT

    Falcon on YT

    9 napja

    Tiger Woods probly only speeded because he was late for his golf tournament

  97. Bruce7


    9 napja

    Just like Hillary Clinton.....

  98. mrcadair


    9 napja

    Special treatment

  99. deetus yeletus

    deetus yeletus

    9 napja

    r.i.p genesis gv80, irresponsible driver screwed you over.

  100. Tman


    9 napja

    God must have him for reason that he got this lucky 😆