How New York Hotel Workers Feel Returning to Work After a Year

Thousands returned to their offices across the country today, including the staff of the Westin Hotel in New York’s Times Square, who are back on the job for the first time in over a year. Eighty-thousand New York City employees were also ordered back to their offices, and some were not happy about it and protested. As many prepare to return to the office, etiquette expert Thomas Farley says to be prepared to make some adjustments.


  1. John john

    John john

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  2. Bryan A.I

    Bryan A.I

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    You know, it's just gets me every time i see the expert, where do i see his face before.....oh WILLIEM DAFOE !!! He looks like him

  3. hurricane


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    stay safe and healthy!

  4. Louis Vespia

    Louis Vespia

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    I just smoked the fattest J

  5. Steven Alexander

    Steven Alexander

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    Wow a year paid vacation sweet

  6. Lucas Pajak

    Lucas Pajak

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    More Stupid news. These idiots should of been back a while ago

  7. Jim As

    Jim As

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    They be, no more paid time off 👀

  8. buckyboard


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    You have to be the laziest, and least successful person to take a full year off

  9. QueenCoCoaMocha


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    I would have forgotten how to do my job...but would be happy customers and co-workers won't be all up in my face spitting and breathing hot founky breath

  10. Matthew Equalizer

    Matthew Equalizer

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    I will never forgive white people

  11. Knight Shift

    Knight Shift

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    No more funemployment? 🤷🏾‍♂️ Thought Biden had our backs? Guess help is just for the illegals and baby Makers "🤦🏿‍♂️"

  12. Nee Nee TV

    Nee Nee TV

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    I'm not here for going back to the office. I've gotton so used to being in my shell at home.

  13. Over-Bite


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    Even though I have been in a enclosed space in school not vaccinated and healthcare workers have been working since the beginning.

  14. Benjamin Kidman

    Benjamin Kidman

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    WE SHOULD STAY AT HOME WORKING like we doing it for almost a year now , is same thing & same JOB/work done , WHY dealing with traffic . freeways & homeless ..don't make any sense ..i wanna stay HOME

  15. fatehyabali


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  16. Coors light

    Coors light

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    Lazy ass get to work

  17. haha :p

    haha :p

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    *Good. Go back to the office. Let us essential workers have our chance to 'work from home'. If you took that so called 'vaccine', then you should have ZERO problem going back!*

  18. TheReal Diel

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    Deez nuts

  19. Misfit 636

    Misfit 636

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    Shut up public sacrifices 🤣

  20. Ian Miles Chungus

    Ian Miles Chungus

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    All the non-essentials clogging up the streets again :(

  21. Beauty A.

    Beauty A.

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    mmm let's not get too excited it's still too early 😐

  22. Din Djarin

    Din Djarin

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    LA 0 deaths due tho Covid?

  23. Maddie Bianes

    Maddie Bianes

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    "A little concerned" yea, says the woman without a mask.

  24. mark brown

    mark brown

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    get the shot

  25. - Twicebestie -

    - Twicebestie -

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    Wow I really really hope that things go back to normal and we can do the things we loved once again ahhh 🙉 Without any COVID cases or COVID coming back

  26. Anne S

    Anne S

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    I was in the city on Sunday and it is so empty.

  27. Matt Sezer

    Matt Sezer

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    0 deaths on a Sunday doesn't count. It's more like the people reporting the deaths took the day off.

  28. Lunch


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    i enjoy working from home cause i can get stuff done while theres downtime and also i was able to quickly pay off college loans, motorcycle payments etc. but i do miss talking to co-workers on the regular

  29. Devon Green

    Devon Green

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    Lol but keep the mask on... stupid.

  30. Mr Arizona

    Mr Arizona

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    LAZY... Is how they feel

  31. Carol Tahtinen

    Carol Tahtinen

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    Without paid sick leave you will see people still coming to work with a common cold

  32. Julio Rock

    Julio Rock

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    Honestly it’s still okay to go to work with the common cold like let’s be honest we Amit gonna not get paid cuz of a cold lol I need to pay my damn bills

  33. John Bedwell

    John Bedwell

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    No one listens & no one learns til Its to late.Covid is still in every state!!!!!!!!

  34. Nick Rolando

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  35. Eun Seong Lee

    Eun Seong Lee

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    By next week. Shut down again

  36. Seiminlen Kuki

    Seiminlen Kuki

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    First of all, can u not touch the escalator railing

  37. Ralfie Yuppies

    Ralfie Yuppies

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    Meaning of life is to work at a hotel

  38. knowasniya


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    I’m a little tired of these protests... like I’m Ready for the wrld to go back to normal man

  39. Eric Mesick

    Eric Mesick

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    I'm lucky to have worked all pandemic but damn, I'm tired as hell. I need a break

  40. isabel lind

    isabel lind

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    And no more bad breath (now that masks gave bad breath people a taste of their own medicine).😷👃

  41. Ad Am

    Ad Am

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    Unhappy of course , no more free money for them

  42. dope Lit only one

    dope Lit only one

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    *Back to work we go*

  43. TachankaHimSelf


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    Inside edition question do you have an experts to comment my comment

  44. Peace & Namaste

    Peace & Namaste

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    How about discarding the bad habit of coming into a boring, toxic, cesspool of a workplace every day!

  45. Lid Star

    Lid Star

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    Go to work in off it’s in off!

  46. Male


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    Stimulus check has run dry, eh?

  47. Lindstheteacher


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    Can’t believe these people waited this long. Everywhere is open where I live.

  48. Jule Hunter

    Jule Hunter

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    Too soon

  49. Es KM1

    Es KM1

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    Good news

  50. melanie zirixa

    melanie zirixa

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    A new era for people taking colds seriously??????? Not at my place of work. If you don't have a fever and throwing up (and sometimes a cough and diarrhea) then you work. (Also depends on which location I'm at. For example, my normal location take it all seriously, but the one I've been at lately helping out... They don't take it as serious which is both nice and annoying at the same time).

  51. tyrone b

    tyrone b

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    guessing some or many gonna try avoid coming back to job if can do all from home anytime. cause a year of ur own schedule and then back to same stuff but stuff u try avoid may not change much . so guess if peeps reminded of past hassles then it may cause some or many try to go back to home working and not be at job as much as before.

  52. BKNY


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    He's a expert at talking with his hands

  53. P L

    P L

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    I get so annoyed by coworkers who come to work sick. Now at least they will be more considerate about that or know to wear a mask if they do come to work.

    • The Screaming Banshee

      The Screaming Banshee

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      Ya these employees who think the Company cannot function without them. If they passed away, do you think the Company would go, " Oh so and so is gone, gotta close the doors!" 🙄

  54. BLOXY_YT


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  55. Jose Luis

    Jose Luis

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    They going to be walking back down in a few months

  56. joann Loves CountryLife

    joann Loves CountryLife

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    Every company I've ever worked for my many years.....made it clear....staying home because you dont feel well!!! Big required doctor receipt....!!!!!!! would be fired if it even more than a few this Corporate attitude changing????



    10 napja

    I wish I was in the US

  58. Tyler K.

    Tyler K.

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    I need a year off about now. I’m been busting all this whole pandemic and I’m tired

  59. BlacknBougie


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    I wouldn't dare. They should've used that time to start a business for themselves . What a bunch of sheep.

  60. Momo


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    It’s funny how people think we defeated the COVID. There is no even vaccine to kill the virus, just cuz we got vaccine, that we don’t even know what is it..... at least not killing the virus. what’s the point for getting shots!?? But still happy come back!!!!

  61. Jose Toral

    Jose Toral

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    I get hotel workers returning but why would office jobs be returning we've already proven that home working is effective and much more profitable than office working

  62. Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay

    Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay

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    Congratulations USA 🇺🇸 👏 💜 .

  63. ElJefeDe Texas

    ElJefeDe Texas

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    Me who's been working everyday even during lockdown: what

  64. Bro. 68 3738

    Bro. 68 3738

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    Texas did that a long time ago and it was no big of a deal

  65. Internet Troll

    Internet Troll

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    I'm so happy it's "after" the pandemic!

  66. Carlos G

    Carlos G

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    Politics such Liars

  67. The Heel Synergy

    The Heel Synergy

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    We still got a lot of rebuilding to go.....

  68. Sandra Mckay

    Sandra Mckay

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    If there not happy to return to work give there job to someone who will be grateful.

  69. david B

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  70. Luke Sky Guy

    Luke Sky Guy

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    I guess the folk that ain’t happy just wanna be home all day miserable

  71. wlmarvin


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    1:01 how new yorkers feel?? and how she feels was not by what she reported to the news anchor..... by the finger she gave, that she even made sure that it was on camera....

  72. Skybe


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  73. Captain Lollipop

    Captain Lollipop

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    1:32 That pronunciation bothers me

  74. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith

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    I live in NY. There was never a moment where hotels weren't open. I don't know what this "reopening" business is.

    • Sena


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    • Kiwi&Wiki


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      Maybe only a vew hotels were open and was not enough for real tourism? 🤔 I can imagine that it's still a big change when more, especially the bigger hotels reopen. But I don't know the situation or how it was, so it really just a thought.

    • eve madlock

      eve madlock

      10 napja

      Lol the lies of the news

  75. Samuel Glasser

    Samuel Glasser

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    We entered a new EAR-a

  76. Nathan Hardy

    Nathan Hardy

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    I never stopped working, so im jealous but glad i never did stop working at the same time.

  77. Beatriz Bio

    Beatriz Bio

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  78. クッキーBlueberry


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    Wait what? So job was behind a screen this whole time?

  79. Spoogle


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    Good luck to everyone in the workforce!!!

  80. Piros mikey1157 None

    Piros mikey1157 None

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  81. josbtheonline Bartender

    josbtheonline Bartender

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    People still do that mundelein Illinois! Work.... BTC distribution stupe

  82. Michael Woodruff

    Michael Woodruff

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    The prices of the hotels were so low. What will happen to it?

  83. Jacob Watson

    Jacob Watson

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  84. John Friday

    John Friday

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    Inside edition is like muscle man they always know a guy

  85. Madelyn Nazario

    Madelyn Nazario

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    Well...the landlords will be happy now to collect their rent.

  86. Rachel Dane

    Rachel Dane

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    Damn...I felt weird being laid off. I got another job in 2 weeks.

  87. Alisha Brooke

    Alisha Brooke

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    I wish I got to work from home I’ve been in the office this whole time zzz

  88. JourneyMan Smitty

    JourneyMan Smitty

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    Still kind of feel jumpy about the whole situation but I guess everything's going to be okay🤔

    • Matthew Equalizer

      Matthew Equalizer

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      SHEEP. U don't know what's going on after a year?

  89. Zeuz


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    When we go back to lockdown and have a spike again we’ll see if this was a good idea

    • Just Suzie

      Just Suzie

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  90. evictionnotification


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    *Showing up to work in your underwear is now frowned upon?*

  91. Char1ez


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    0:08 sheeeeeeesh

  92. Michael Wolfe

    Michael Wolfe

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    Who really cares

  93. ツZEFIX


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  94. ~(Rogue Jedi)~

    ~(Rogue Jedi)~

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    So you’re telling me that these people haven’t been at their job for over a year and a half?!?

    • Obbi Fernandez

      Obbi Fernandez

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      They did, just not physical but online.

  95. Dikeledi Musi

    Dikeledi Musi

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    It wouldn't be an Inside Edition clip, without an "expert".

  96. pro minecrafter

    pro minecrafter

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    I can just feel the pain just by looking at their faces, they just be like "oh god I'm returning to work for money, i use to sleep for money"

  97. Franklin


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    Covid-19 gets wrost

  98. Random Videos

    Random Videos

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    Nobody wants to work😂

    • Jacob Watson

      Jacob Watson

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    • Random Videos

      Random Videos

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      @Franklin excuses 2021😂👊🏻

    • Franklin


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  99. lilly peck

    lilly peck

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  100. Daryl Herbert

    Daryl Herbert

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    Damn, 1st day back after a year+ my guy makes a ☕... haha on the news. That's Rich😅