How This Ferret From 1988 Was Cloned

Cutting-edge technology is meeting cuteness overload with the first ever U.S. endangered species to be cloned - a black-footed ferret named Elizabeth Ann. She was created from the frozen cells of a ferret named Willa, who died in 1988. Elizabeth Ann’s cells were carried by a surrogate ferret and her birth was the culmination of a seven-year effort between U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the San Diego Zoo and biotechnology nonprofit Revive & Restore. Inside Edition Digital has more.


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    can't wait till we get jurrasic park in real life!

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    The willow army of Farrets is coming.

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    Begun, the clone wars have

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    Imagine cloning some dinos

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    Can i clone my grandma?

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    I wonder if this could happen to all of us Well one day

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    How do you go from a ferret to a pigeon to a damn woolly mammoth😂😂

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    To cheat death is a power only one has achieved. The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider unnatural

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    Why would you want to bring back the Wholly mamath

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    What 😳

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    This has been around forever. A couple cloned their dog in China years ago. And it's definitely been done with humans already. Once they discover something they keep it hidden then reveal it and push the limits they can do with it they wouldn't stop with just animals.

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    I love it

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    I edited this comment so people don’t know why it has so many likes 😊

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    anyone here from science class?

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    I want small domestic dinos I must get into genetic modification

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    Begun, the clone wars have

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    Oh no. People we should not be playing god like this. we can not,repeating can not. Bring extinct animals back from the dead.

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    I wanna see them do this with a dog that died and see if it recognizes their owner

    • Moneka Woods

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      Cloning is not resurrection.

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    Tasmanian Tiger?

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    Sooo cute

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    Wow im scared for the future generations😔

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    Star Wars Episode VI Return Of The Ferret

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    Dino nuggies gonna be real?

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    I always wanted a twin so please clone me with a twin

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    some animals went exteint for reasons dont mess with all of them

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    Dinosaur please

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    Perfect main character story

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    What the hell

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    There playing god...

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    ferrot 😭

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    Ok now clone anime characters.

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    I wanna clone myself and raise myself

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    Thats really cool

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    Ummm how???

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    If this ain't scary to y'all then...

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    None wants the Willy mammoth 🦣

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    clone my dead rat they're in my freezer still

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    ferret must be like: "yoooooo how'd I get here wait whats coronavirus?"

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    I live in Colorado omg🥺

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    Bruh the Dinosaurs about to make a return

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    This is amazing BUT our Lord Jesus gona bring his wrath to this earth

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      You better preach

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    Yo we finna have clones of us everywhere

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    In the future human Clones will become possible.... Let's clone MxR, Markiplier (good Humans really) and military personnel for war!

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    Alright clone me so I can kiss myself wait would that be 🏳️‍🌈

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    This is *insane*

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    Years later: *clones humans*

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    Trike is next

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    Star wars attack of the clones

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    Can't wait to meet a dodo bird

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    So in a way she’s the oldest ferret in existence and one of the youngest depending on how you look at it

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    Wow! Why do I have a feeling this might not end well?

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    I want to be cloned

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    Oohhhhh wtf Walt's head must be doing jumping jacks waiting for his turn

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    I love her

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    So so so so cute

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    I can already hear “hello everyone, this is your daily dose of internet”

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    Welp, I guess someone in the K-pop industry leaked out their cloning tech.

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    Come on bro just get a new ferret

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    Ferret army

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    When a mad scientist starts cloning dinosaurs 💀

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    Ppl think tht cloning ppl ain’t impossible 😆

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      @my cheeto is burmt33 Ik tht jus sayin

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      It is possible

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    Trying to play God? This is wickedness and witchcraft. It is from the devil. Judgment is coming soon. No where you can run when God shows up. Looks like the devil knows he has but a short time.

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    what this audio quality be tho

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    Bring back Whitney Houston 👀👀

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    Could've sworn Somewhere there's a place where they breed dogs by taking their dna and implant them into impregnate dogs so when newborn comes they have their own clone puppies Dogs that been deceased and somehow managed to bring them back to life

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    Ugh oh, playing God, we dead!

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    Bring back Megalodon

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    *Clone Wars Theme Intensifies*

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    show me your power ferret:/clone me 666 everyone:hacker this is sponsored by overpoint

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    Welp that's it for the human race say you last goodbyes

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    Am I the only one that feels bad for it?

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    Dis is amazing how da USA is doing dis 👏🏼👏🏼

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    And that’s how Jurassic world began

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    I hope the kaua’i o’o to come back i need a complete duet of that song ;-;

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    Clone wars V2?

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    Fact:if you receive lots of likes on your comment,don’t edit it nobody cares for your “OH MY GOSH THX FOR DA LIKE😭😭”like it’s annoying

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    Guaranteed a daily dose of internet video

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    Well boys we wont need a draft for world war three

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    Dog ferret

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    Can this be done with humans

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    We’ve been cloning for so long now that there’s most likely at least one clone living amongst the public

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    Wtf would we want to bring back woolly mammoths?!

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    Ellie: Mr. Hammond, we're back in business! 6-Foot Ferret: *ROAR!*

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    Wth we don’t need a woolly mammoths back tryna kill us we already have rhinos and bulls-

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    So this is why Larry King wanted to get frozen

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    Welcome to the world, little one!

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    I bet the extinct animals and endagered will be forwarded to mars when we colonize it. If its true people in the future like my comment!

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    don’t bring back the damn wooly mamoth

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    I’m sorry. WOLLY MAMMOTH?!?!

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    In about 10 years I will come back and say something

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      Bet I’ll look up to it

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    I hate humans Well atleast the bad ones

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    begun, the clone wars have

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    Why would y’all wanna bring back a mammoth-