How to Avoid Being Trampled in a Crowd

Forty-five people were crushed to death and more than 150 injured in a stampede early Friday morning during an ultra-Orthodox religious festival at Mt. Meron in northern Israel, Haaretz newspaper reported. The stampede occurred during the celebrations of Lag BaOmer, the first mass religious gathering to be held legally since Israel lifted nearly all pandemic restrictions. So how do you protect yourself from being crushed in a stampede if you find yourself trapped in a large crowd?


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    Covid outbreak to follow...

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    How to avoid being trampled by a crowd Don’t get in to one of course Some times my genius... is almost frightening

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    Whey were they all so crowded together during a pandemic in the first place?

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    I know a way dont for to events, etc. You get the deal

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    why didn't they just open up the mosh pit

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    This is why I do not attend concerts, large street festivals, etc..👌

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    How to avoid being trapped in a crowd 1.avoid them

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    Avoid large crowds.

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    No Mask fake news

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    Wtf lmao why this even a thing if there wasn’t so many people in the world it probably wouldn’t be a thing but this is crazy

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    It’s so much better that it’s a religious thing

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    No arms, no bag-pack will save you in stampede. You’re talking about thousands of people pushing against you... not even Arnold can keep them at bay.

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    This old man cant survive any stampede though

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    Free palestine!!!!!

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    Happened to me I’m elementary school, we were doing a race and I literally got stamped on by everyone....

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    And who was wearing a mask!

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    2 minutes on how to not get trampled in a crowd? Here you go stay out of crowds Jack ass the covid is still killing people. There you see took me 2 secs.

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    When someone drops a penny outside

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    How do you even become a crowd safety expert? 😂

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    its 'Palestine' not 'Israel '

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    Who wants to go to a festival full of sausages? Not me

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    Note to myself: never be on crowds :)

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    “One of the worst civilian disasters in that countries history.” What?? Really? Israel? Palestine? Really? Idiot.

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    Covid im coming!!!

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    There might be an expert at sitting who knows

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    Just start swinging fr

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    Step 1- Don't be in a crowd.

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    They said “covid who?”

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    "How to avoid being trampled in a crowd" Don't go mass gatherings. If you do, expect to get trampled. Also, crowd expert? Where do I apply? Lived in a single with eight brothers and sisters up until 18! 16 years of experience. What else do you want?

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    step 1 dont go to these massive gatherings, why? corona

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    Covid 19

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    This is why I don't like being in large crowds. Not even in concerts cause mosh pits. And after all the things during the pandemic.... stay away 😬

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    What caused for them to go on a stampede was there a shooter a fire or what?

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    You have experts for everything

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    now yall know why we got coronavirus? we should be staying indoors and not partying. we should wear a mask when outdoors.

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    Don't got towards the crowd Bring a taser Stay the back Don't go

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    I'm glad I have anxiety, I'd never put myself in a position like this

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    Jewish people look like white people…

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    None of this will work best tool for that situation is a gun. Fight for your life or get crushed to death

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    Don’t go 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    Praising your Lord then stampeding your congregation to death 🤦🏾

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    Jesus Christ is coming soon please please repent and be saved

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    Oh god no masks and a SUPER SUPER large crowd god not only was it overcrowded leading to a stampede but also the covid!

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    COVID who?

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    I’m throwing punches and elbows

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    They have a expert for literally everything

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    One reason why I don't do crowds. Walmart gives me anxiety

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    Intelligent people. "Suffocated by people tripping and falling.

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    Corona must’ve had a fun time

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    How about not going in the first place!!!

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    "crowd safety expert" 😎

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    We needed to know this January 6

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    They call Americans dumb😂

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    Stay away from crowds..

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    I feel like I can't breathe watching this



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    Wow a crowd safety expert oh well what else did I expect from Inside Edition

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      Experts on everything in Murica got to love it ,

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    Covid who

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    Sending prayers.

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    How to survive a mob pit

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    How to get out alive in a crowd stampede? STAY HOME.

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    That was just dumb to gather that many people

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    How to avoid being trampled in a crowd: start throwing the elbows. 😂

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    That’s some covid karma, Rest In Peace my dear Jews

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    why would you be in a crowd? black friday? concert ? me: Trying to get to my next lesson

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    #1 if it was this many people I would not be there at all

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    Can someone tell me what CAUSED the stampede???

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    Religious nuts

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    What about the risk for covid?

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      We have almost zero covid in Israel. Stop obsessing over this stupid virus.

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      U r every where. Stop it . Get some help

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    How to avoid being trampled step 1.Don’t go into the crowd

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    bottom line, Judaism is bad for your health.

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    40 religious nuts died

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    00:50 dancing and celebrating the death of Jesus Christ.

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      wtf u talking about

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    0:21 when I open a pack of *gum* in class

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    That reminds me of a lock down drill on the cafeteria when we all had to go through a 2 door exit it was so crowded!!! Everyone pushing and the knock the cafeteria garbage and broke it 😂 but it was so uncomfortable never want to experience that ever again!

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    Haha thank god i dont go to these

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    Rule number 1: dont block the exit with a barricade!

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    I’m amazed by how they have experts for anything and everything

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    Um yah... just don't go

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    How about staying ya ass at home?? Done.

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    Does COVID not exist there??

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    Darwinism doing its job

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    Covid def gonna get worse again

  91. ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɢʏᴀʟ ꜱᴜᴍᴀʀ

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    0:53 Apparently we didnt learn from India did we 🤦‍♀️ (or vice versa depending on which happened first)

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    45 dead.. real tragedy.. I’m scared to read the comments, please people, don’t laugh at our death... many children died too..

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    Literally more than 1% of Israel’s population was there.

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    how about how to avoid WW3 ?

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    Just climb on top and run on the top of there heads

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    Lost a buddy there:(

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    Social distancing?? anyone would think this was filmed before 2019

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    POV: you see a bunch of overused jokes relating to school



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    This video came out a little late don’t ya think?