How to Charge Your Phone and Stay Warm in Power Outages

Wondering how to stay warm and keep your phone charged during a power outage? Lifestyle expert Trae Boge has a hack for charging your phone. All you need is a nine-volt battery, a spring from inside a pen and a car charger for your phone. If you’re looking to stay warm, you can use bubble wrap on windows to trap warm air in and keep cold air out. And if you’re looking for a light source, headlamps and flashlights fastened to a jug of water create lanterns for indoors.


  1. Rudy Rodriguez

    Rudy Rodriguez

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    Bubble wrap has 2 different sides. Mind blown

  2. CJ gaming-24-7

    CJ gaming-24-7


    People in Texas: write that down🤚🏾💀

  3. Lil Nugster

    Lil Nugster

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    Where was this 2 weeks ago

  4. DarthDavid 227

    DarthDavid 227

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    Wow that 9 volt trick is actually really cool

  5. RaidenPlays


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    Me watching this in Minnesota with the window up while it’s cold lol

  6. Calvin White

    Calvin White

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    How many of you viewers have even tried this ? 👎👎👎👎👎

  7. Maximum Fennell

    Maximum Fennell

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    If you’re in your car why don’t you just plug it in

  8. J L

    J L

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    How to charge your phone Is always more important than your life

  9. Amazing 6384

    Amazing 6384

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    Step 1 don’t live in the US

  10. Elias Reyes Jr

    Elias Reyes Jr

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    how bout you get prepared??? hows that for a "TIP"

  11. Elias Reyes Jr

    Elias Reyes Jr

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    we had NO SUN in Texas dummies

  12. xd_KURSED


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    They always say that the person is some sort of expert but, who dedicates their life to these things 😂

  13. Yeet yeet Azzzhaircut

    Yeet yeet Azzzhaircut

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    Mfs that sell solar panels must be rich rn

  14. ABEL


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    So just as a general rule with the normal batteries you will probably need a couple of them to even get a decent bit of charge, the lifehack is great in case of an emergency where you NEED your phone.

  15. kevin peng

    kevin peng

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    It doesnt wok

  16. coolalto940


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    just saying but Im pretty sure they dont have internet or mobile data to watch this?

  17. Adrian McGunerson

    Adrian McGunerson

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    Saving this for the next Texas freeze in 10 years

  18. Owen Gilbert

    Owen Gilbert

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    bubble wrap has two different sides? i thought it was the same?

  19. Blunzy


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    protect this lady at all cost

  20. Scary Phantom

    Scary Phantom

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    so your telling me that i pay lots of money for my energy bill when i can use a battery to charge my phone WHATTT

  21. Da Grand Pooba

    Da Grand Pooba

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    I bet inside edition still have their Christmas tree up💀

  22. The Farting Nugget

    The Farting Nugget

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    instructions unclear, started a power outage

  23. DevXo


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    9 Volts for 5 volt battarey? I undestand fast charging as 7 volts but 9???

  24. Lez


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    Just watch electroBOOM

  25. El_Mexicano 1

    El_Mexicano 1

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    Im like bruh use the car Charging port or have common sense and use a Power Generator

  26. Jeremy Acevedo

    Jeremy Acevedo

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  27. Phillip Balder

    Phillip Balder

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    who owns a spring, i cant find no spring in my home lmao

  28. AceyLaBoy 97

    AceyLaBoy 97

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    Lol you should see what they did when we was locked up, take the battery out of a flip phone and hook it to a battery pack made of tape and double A batteries connected by razors

  29. George Washington

    George Washington

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    When I was President, I didnt even have an iPhone 😭

  30. CassandraPlayzRoblox


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    Inside edition is now 5 minute crafts but *SMARTER*

  31. frank mundo

    frank mundo

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    Get a propane heater/water

  32. Marc


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    Lol well I just use a potato to charge my phone

    • Farhiya A

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  33. Mr. Night

    Mr. Night

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    What's the point of charging your phone if you DONT HAVE CELL SERVICE.

  34. Ninjatech 4

    Ninjatech 4

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    What if someone from Texas is trying to watch this and their phone just died during the video

  35. King-Vibez


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    Do you really need an expert just to tell you these things?

  36. Joseph Ganbat

    Joseph Ganbat

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    wait how did they know to target Texans-

  37. Fortnitemyboy214


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    This would of been handy before the storm

  38. Vans3151


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    Wow so I guess I learn something new. How to charge my phone without having to use plug in or power outlet.

  39. MangoMan ._.wierdd

    MangoMan ._.wierdd

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    Uh I tried this and my phone went boom boom

  40. Bronco Mata

    Bronco Mata

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    pro tip where we gonna get water from?

  41. DylanM.01


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  42. Brian Franco

    Brian Franco

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    The jug of water was stupid asf you could just point them upwards

  43. Wolfpack


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    we in the future wtf is this time to invent

  44. john smith

    john smith

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    i actually had the green solar lamp before, used it for a 3 day kayaking trip. wish i still have it.

  45. vanessa Borjas

    vanessa Borjas

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    I’ll try to remember this for next winter storm in 30 yrs 😉



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    This is a style Scrooge McDuck Uncle Scrooge 💰💰🪙🎩🍀 🦆

  47. Arbi M

    Arbi M

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    Lol lol wtf. No thanks. I’ll just charge it in my car here in california

  48. 50 Quarters

    50 Quarters

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    Play minecraft for 3 hours it wants yo phone enough

  49. Matt Mena

    Matt Mena

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    when i was in 6th grade we found solar panels and battery but the battery's part is another story but we kind of almost touched a electric chair with how much voltage we were touching with sticks but we did successfully charge a phone but it broke when we disconnected it.



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    late asfuck

  51. Yanis Agodor

    Yanis Agodor

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    Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)@

  52. tabora _

    tabora _

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    don't forget, dollar tree can be your friend. they have hand/feet/back warming packs for the winter that you can use to tape together for a heated blanket/mat

  53. the red monkey

    the red monkey

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    Ah yes, to help the people who dont have power to watch it

  54. Aiden Vlogs

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    Texas is down bad bruh 😂

  56. Patrick Star

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    I'd just use a powerbank.

  57. Corey B

    Corey B

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    Can we make mask illegal to wear if you aren’t sick??? Whatever happened to common sense

  58. _19yearslater_


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    People who’s phone battery is dead already 👁👄👁

  59. john carlberg

    john carlberg

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    I’m about to say something incredible and innovative that I think no one has heard of. It’s called a Portable Generator. They have small gasoline engines that spin an electrical generator and you can plug you whole house in to it to have power.

  60. Binh Nguyen

    Binh Nguyen

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    ok but, who actually has bubble wrap in their house though

  61. Just James

    Just James

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    this would’ve been great for all last week when we were in and out of power

  62. Almighty Ghost

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    Wow thanks a lot this could of be useful last week now we have power and heat but I

  63. 007 Dalerus

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    I will just use a bunch of potatoes

  64. I shit my pants

    I shit my pants

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    Me: lives in Cali Also me: i needa see this

  65. Dante & Willow

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    Become a Liberal.

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    Bubble wrap lol 😆

  68. boujee queen serenity

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    Ummmm this was on tiktok like 5days ago lol y'all lateeeeeee😂

  69. Sung-Jin-woo Shadow king

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    One month from now anyone that is in the south of the United States - there will be a snow storm coming for Texas - A month from now

  70. Inquire


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    could've used this 4 days ago

  71. Just A Guy Production

    Just A Guy Production

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    I invented a new app for staying warm without power: it's called Rolly 3d Maze, you play the game and then start a fire. The fire keeps you warm.

  72. Ribeiro Asmr

    Ribeiro Asmr

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    They stole this idea from the grandma on tiktok 😭😭



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    The hardest thing to do here is to resist popping that bubble wrap.

  74. SlimeWorks Studios

    SlimeWorks Studios

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    Another way, use the car charge with a car lmao

  75. Jason Seligman

    Jason Seligman

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    We rub balloons on our heads and then hook heaters into our mouths to run them

  76. NGLYoungBoy


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    If I become a lifestyle expert lodge a bullet into my skull.

  77. Tyrone G.

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    That's smart

  78. Breh if i comment your unfunny Very mutch

    Breh if i comment your unfunny Very mutch

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    this would have been helpful 4 days ago

  79. Sanaa Ferguson

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    I got a small solar generator . . .

  81. itazuranakisu


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    Obviously it’s mainly for people with WiFi so you can better prepare yourself if you’re in a bad situation instead of waiting for a bad situation so now you’re caught with your pants down like in Texas. And it would serve Texans well for the uncertain future once they get power. Honestly we as a country need PSA messages about survival during power outages and other situations especially when you can’t rely on a phone.

  82. Bow Tie the wolf

    Bow Tie the wolf

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    And most people don’t have solar powered lanterns

  83. Bow Tie the wolf

    Bow Tie the wolf

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    That is not safe! Connecting your phone charger to a 9 V battery It could possibly break your phone

  84. FrEdDiE


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    How to stay warm in power outages.... Live in California..done

  85. Celestial Wing

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    Such a clever idea

  87. Cheese Boi

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    Try coming to South Africa where the power is out almost every day.

  88. the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith

    the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith

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  89. Stephanie Wilburn

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    A few days late Texas has no snow

  90. Fresh. Mc

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    that is not good for ur phone

  91. Yasin Cadiry 7 Gustavslundsskolan

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    lmfaoooo sucks to live in texas!

  92. Antonio Rios-Segovia

    Antonio Rios-Segovia

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    Yeah let me go find a battery no one uses, has or sells in the middle of an outage

  93. Hannah Samuels

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    i thought he cracked his phone because of his wallpaper 💀

  94. InkMask


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    This is honestly so useful wtf



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    Cold can’t actually get inside

  96. Rad ROBLOX Channel

    Rad ROBLOX Channel

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    The question is *how can we charge the battery* 🧠

  97. Bella Reyes

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    Why didn’t you tell me earlier

  98. Blossom Utonium

    Blossom Utonium

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    Black grandmother demonstrated that phone charging thing literally days ago😒

    • roblue


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      many many other youtubers n stuff show this trick too tho

  99. Moist Peanut

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    “How to stay warm and charge your phone” Move out of Texas

  100. Omar Reyes

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    Lets see her do all that in a real life situation