How to Safely Transport a Mattress on the Roof of Your Car

When not secured to a vehicle properly, mattresses in transport can soar off and turn into missiles. Several videos of flying mattresses show it happening so fast, that some cars can’t get out of the way in time. To illustrate how improperly secured mattresses can wreak havoc on the road, Inside Edition enlisted the help of AAA’s Robert Sinclair. We tied a mattress on top of a roof rack using the twine and drove down the race track at New Jersey Motorsports Park to see if it would fly off or stay tied down.


  1. Silent Shadow

    Silent Shadow

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    I didn't know my bed could be dangerous

  2. Mr. Eddie Woods

    Mr. Eddie Woods

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    Inside edition: is attaching a mattress to the roof Also inside edition: uses the smallest most fragile string to hold it down

  3. cOOkie mOnster

    cOOkie mOnster

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    Yeeeee this happened to me and my mom her queen sizes mattress went flying off so whoever got a free mattress ad box spring ya welcome

  4. iimidnightxsp0tlight


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    0:26 that mattress flew for its life

  5. Olive Queen

    Olive Queen

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    Never thought this video would exist.... I was wrong

  6. Bern Buddy

    Bern Buddy

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    Matress just wanted to go to vacation without being squished

  7. Logan Cline

    Logan Cline

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    Tip: If you have a full size SUV put the mattress inside it!



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    John 9:5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

  9. ReachingBeyond Skies

    ReachingBeyond Skies

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    I try not to drive behind ppl with stuff on the roof....or with anything that looks like a "final destination" type situation. My rule, speed up and pass them or slow down and get in another lane far away from the potential travesty.

  10. Rob Andrews

    Rob Andrews

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    You don't tie it securely just so you can speed off the highway. These people 😂😂😂

  11. rageguy311


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    Use ratchet straps

  12. astrofive620


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    Ratchet straps ruin mattress, moved furniture for 3+ years. Makes a big bump from overtightening so you know. And I could tie down a mattress with floss if need be, just use the right method. Plus I've never seen any furniture store "make the customer" do it. America is spelt l.i.a.b.i.l.i.t.y.

  13. James D

    James D

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    That’s a mask alright

  14. The Streets of Bakersfield

    The Streets of Bakersfield

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    I mean, isn't it common sense to use a ratchet strap? Better yet, find a friend with a truck and give him a 6 pack.

  15. JM G

    JM G

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  16. Yoda Yoda

    Yoda Yoda

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    He not a true boy scout smh

  17. Buck Stickly

    Buck Stickly

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    Never put a mattress on top of a car period!!

  18. Warped Perception

    Warped Perception

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    If they used rope on the 1st test it would have been much worse, you would hit like 80mph then "snap!"

  19. takingu2skoo


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    we had a transit bus run over a mattress and it caught or bus on fire.

  20. Red King

    Red King

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    Mattress had enough they choose violence now

  21. Matt Mayers

    Matt Mayers

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    Get a truck!!!

  22. Eric Olsen

    Eric Olsen

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    Or you rent a Uhaul enclosed trailer or box truck. problem solved.

  23. Matthew Wheeler

    Matthew Wheeler

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    This happened to my Dad but we were in a 40 foot RV and we had to swerve



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    Proverbs 11:2 When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.

  25. jagfer8


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    me in beamng:

  26. Luswepo Mulenga

    Luswepo Mulenga

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    just shove it in the back

  27. DQRK TwisstEr

    DQRK TwisstEr

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    I like how they swerved out of the way but it didn't even matter

  28. Thytor


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    Beamng drivers: *interesting...*

  29. BigMerkGee


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    Everyone need to keep a set of ratchet scraps in the cars for towing.

  30. TheMysterious U9l_y

    TheMysterious U9l_y

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    America: *Uses ramen noodles for transporting mattress*

  31. Dank memes click here

    Dank memes click here

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    S-si-sin Clair

  32. Nick Saban

    Nick Saban

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    Every man needs a pick up truck. Stop being a weenie

  33. Elgixxer2006


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    I’d safely transported a mattress before am I considered an expert 🤔 🧐

  34. Ethan Wainland

    Ethan Wainland

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    Just pay the $100 or whatever it is to get it delivered

  35. Scramator *

    Scramator *

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    I always use 4 straps two for the sides and two for the back and front

  36. Scottish Pancakes

    Scottish Pancakes

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    Beamng Drive players take notes

  37. dumpsteRat


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    Even better idea order from Amazon they got great deals

  38. Supercar Gaming

    Supercar Gaming

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    "How to safely transport a mattress on the roof of a car." *I LEGIT DON'T CARE*

  39. John Smith

    John Smith

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    Be careful of that chick who eats mattresses

  40. Howard


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    Love this reporter his voice is amazing

  41. MrArob826


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    Yeah you can do that too, but I didn't have any, so I tied it from front to back and side to side. Went from Southern California to Northern California

  42. GrandMasterLynx


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    But did he hit 88 MPH

  43. Inner Thoughts

    Inner Thoughts

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    Or maybe find a friend or family member with a pickup truck

  44. JetFalcon


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    Should do a test that if you can shake the vehicle only by tugging on the mattress and it doesn't come off, then it should be good to drive, but still need to drive slow. Or take local roads even if it takes a little longer. I've moved a mattress around, ratchet straps usually work well to get a solid hold on a mattress. I was inexperienced but I made it work.

  45. Ruby Urquiza

    Ruby Urquiza

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    Good thing i have a mexican dad😌

  46. First Last

    First Last

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    Just don't take it home on a car. For gods sake. A free transport isn't worth peoples lives.

  47. raquel arenas

    raquel arenas

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    Did they just said North Carolina me living in North Carolina 💀😭

  48. lilly peck

    lilly peck

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    Recipe for disaster

  49. Ayleen Reyes

    Ayleen Reyes

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    Wow I'm here before the god bless everyone guy

  50. Aaron Rodriguez

    Aaron Rodriguez

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    I thought it said how to safely teleport a mattress.

  51. GOALZ2021


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    That thin ass string what the hell.

  52. Reverse Eddie

    Reverse Eddie

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    Mattress really just said “Ight I’m bout to head out” 💀

  53. E C

    E C

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    To be far ppl know what there going to buy and never come prepared

  54. It's Totally What It Looks Like

    It's Totally What It Looks Like

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    0:25 why am I laughing? 😂

  55. steppin 4real

    steppin 4real

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    0:39 I couldn’t tell who was who

  56. Lee Hunt

    Lee Hunt

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    Wow they made mounting a mattress in beam a real thing!

  57. Kstone1603


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    I put three straps on car I show how work is safely I put 2 straps top car and 1 under door to door and then you close it door I can do 100km hr no problem always keep eye on it

  58. Rockstar16


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    so if the mattress kills someone does that mean the police have to arrest it and charge it with murder? LOL XD

  59. Peter Singster

    Peter Singster

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    Can you show me how to tie down a quad mine keeps falling off and my trailer keeps riding on the wheel on the front when i hit 100 on the highway

  60. justin baca

    justin baca

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    This for Americans only

  61. A Simpson

    A Simpson

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    A lady my mom knew died years ago trying to hold onto a mattress in the back of a truck... so so sad

  62. Jamail Boone

    Jamail Boone

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    Not sucred properly. You can use that string. He didn't tie it correctly . All for tv

  63. White Thread

    White Thread

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    I'll tell you I'll sleep on it before I transport a mattress on my car roof again..

  64. Booking With Jessie

    Booking With Jessie

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    I’m surprised they didn’t bring in a mattress expert

  65. Kenneth Promo

    Kenneth Promo

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    y’all remember that episode from malcolm in the middle? where hal had the couch on the top of his car, and it somehow got left behind on a rail road track and caused a whole gas leak 🤣

    • LA’s Totally Awesome

      LA’s Totally Awesome

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      Pepperidge farm does

  66. Jerry Diaz

    Jerry Diaz

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    A.k.a. common sense

  67. ilive4anime


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    Those mattresses fit inside those cars-_-

  68. anDROID Gameing

    anDROID Gameing

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    What dumbass puts stuff on the roof of their car

  69. angela diaz

    angela diaz

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    Ratchet straps and roof racks ✊🏻

  70. Caillou


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    1:24 put it on the top of the bloodhound ssc going full speed

  71. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

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    People have trucks in min and suv right

  72. Kalinin Dippy

    Kalinin Dippy

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    Every time I see a load that looks in any way sketchy on the road ahead, I drop waaaay back and watch. That woman whose car was hit by the mattress could have been safe if she had started backing off sooner. Just take your foot off the accelerator until you have some reaction time for what's inevitably coming at you fast and hard.

    • Joe Mama

      Joe Mama

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      People should use the trunk

  73. C B

    C B

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    The problem is people don’t know how to do proper knots

  74. Aj Valeza

    Aj Valeza

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    Philippine tricycle: *We can do it without safety straps*

  75. Violet Hamer

    Violet Hamer

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    That's like using shoe lace and also I didn't even know some stores gave you stuff to tie it down or try to at least

  76. No_Name_Needed


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    One time when my sister was driving, a giant tarp was flying down the highway. We narrowly avoided it, but I looked back and saw it color another cars windshield. I was so scared they were gonna crash, and I can only imagine what the people inside that car were thinking...probably screaming if I were them.

  77. Kyle Everage

    Kyle Everage

    11 napja

    This needs to be outlawed in my opinion. One guy around me was driving a petroleum truck and tried to swerve to avoid a mattress. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. Rent a truck/suv for the mattress (to go inside) or secure it properly on top of the car.

  78. greek yogurt

    greek yogurt

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    It's not hard to ask for delivery when you don't have the correct one....

  79. Caleb Jones

    Caleb Jones

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    1:12 we swerved out the way just in time... lol it was already on the ground.

  80. Mr. Skippy

    Mr. Skippy

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    1:06 The guy with the black jacket put his see through mask wrong 🤣🤣🤣

  81. Beau M

    Beau M

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    "Look what happens when you use dental floss to tie a mattress to a car"

  82. Alien 4960

    Alien 4960

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    Good information once I cross the boarder to the U.S from Mexico I’m confident I could fit in one

  83. g b

    g b

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    we swerved out-of-the-way just in time lol

  84. JxsonKing


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    “We swerved out of the way just in time.” Proceeds to drive straight forward as if nothing happened

  85. nehemiah alfaro

    nehemiah alfaro

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    Everybody thought it was a napkin/matress

  86. ij! Mix

    ij! Mix

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    For a second I thought where ever you get those strings or those ropes idk what is wrong with you

  87. Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

    Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

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    That so scary and terrifying

  88. Brother Bulldozer

    Brother Bulldozer

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    O my God how helpful 🙄

  89. deetus yeletus

    deetus yeletus

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    Title of the video: BeamNG players: *"We don't do that here"*

    • SpaceGood


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      I was looking for this comment

  90. Copycat Singers

    Copycat Singers

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    no one drives 60 mph on the highway, the slowest vehicle drives at least 75 mph

  91. Copycat Singers

    Copycat Singers

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    if you tie it down real good even that rope would hold it. Looks like he did not make a knot.

  92. Copycat Singers

    Copycat Singers

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    does ting it with ropes real tight ring a bell? smh What's next? how to breath safely

  93. Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson

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    Yeah , this is I order my mattress. 😂😂

  94. juan rodirr

    juan rodirr

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    "Alright I'm doing 60...65". Don't go up to 88 mph Marty!

  95. arod


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    Careful Charlie you have a missile on the top of your truck

  96. arod


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    Matress turned into flying missile come on now it’s not a flying missile it’s a flying Matress I love the way the media over kills everything and makes it sound so freaking bad yes there was an accident and somebody probably died but it’s still not a missile come on now

  97. Gaotosky10


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    The weirdest thing about this video is how I was the 4,000th like.

  98. VonAssRipper


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    Convenient I’m about to buy a mattress and don’t have a pick up truck.

  99. LovingAtlanta


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    👍I have never ever used a ratchet strap but I want to however they scare me & that’s how I ended up here. This video is fantastic! I appreciate you. Thank you sir 🙏 from all of us daddyless daughters out here. Daddy taught me a lot of stuff but he didn’t get around to teaching me about ratchet straps. RIP daddy. 🙏💝

    • LovingAtlanta


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      @hayley ! - Thank you. 🙏💝

    • LovingAtlanta


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      @hayley ! - 😞Thank you. 😞

    • hayley !

      hayley !

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      Rest in peace to your dad 💕

  100. LovingAtlanta


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    😡That mattress retailer & the idiot who recklessly put that mattress on the vehicle using an itty bitty string should be held against criminal charges! 😡