IHOP Host Doesn’t Realize Adam Sandler Is Who Wants a Table

A host at an International House of Pancakes restaurant is mortified that she didn’t recognize funnyman movie star Adam Sandler when he came in looking for a table with his daughter. When Dayanna Rodan was approached by Sandler, she said she didn’t recognize him, and told him there was a 30-minute wait. Sandler politely left, and didn’t pull the “do you know who I am” card, which is getting him a lot of praise. Dayanna told Inside Edition, “if he’s watching this, I’m so sorry! Please come back!”


  1. Cipriano Sarraga

    Cipriano Sarraga

    5 órája

    Adam Shmandler, what about the Hostess tho 🥰😍

  2. Uber Driver

    Uber Driver

    7 órája

    And she did nothing Wrong lol.

  3. Shane Shadrach Ocampo

    Shane Shadrach Ocampo

    9 órája

    Why Adam Sandler's younger daughter is more like older than her sister😂

  4. Rollo_Tomasi


    9 órája

    And who gives a good goddamn? Adam Sandler hasn't put out a decent movie or comedy album in 25 years. I'll give him props for hanging around Hollywood for a paycheck as long as he has.

  5. Heene


    10 órája

    i didn't understand a word that woman said, but why should he jump the queue just because he is a celebrity?

  6. Scott MacIntyre

    Scott MacIntyre

    10 órája

    She treated him exactly right.

  7. Maddie Penalver E

    Maddie Penalver E

    14 órája

    Good job 🙋

  8. BYCM STUDIOS Ben Medeiros

    BYCM STUDIOS Ben Medeiros

    14 órája

    I like how he goes to ihop and doesn’t act like he’s on a high horse like many other celebrities lol

  9. Tayyab Warrach

    Tayyab Warrach

    15 órája

    Bruh I would’ve kept him company and gotten him a table ASAP

  10. Rafik Majam

    Rafik Majam

    16 órája

    Adam Sandler is always a god guy

  11. vince digangi

    vince digangi

    21 órája

    Did a celebrity just act like a normal person? I got a post this on HUeye do you know what I bet this will make news.

  12. Dan Hindman

    Dan Hindman

    23 órája

    Shes so wack!

  13. Ashur Oraha

    Ashur Oraha


    Big deal hes a freaking human like everybody else

  14. been in this fandom longer than taehyung's forehead

    been in this fandom longer than taehyung's forehead


    She gorgeous

  15. Daniel Lotridge

    Daniel Lotridge


    Im glad he didnt get special treatment

  16. Top Text Bottom Text

    Top Text Bottom Text


    That waitress probably didn't care because his movies aren't very good.

  17. Anthony Esquivel

    Anthony Esquivel


    Now she knows better

  18. Whodat Bankhead

    Whodat Bankhead


    Well I already dress like a multi millionaire so hopefully I’m on the right path lamo

  19. Edward Williams

    Edward Williams


    mmm mmm mmm the hostess lookin tastier than the milkshake tho

  20. Corbyn Brown

    Corbyn Brown


    So what he’s a human being like everyone else he has to wait like everyone else

  21. NotoriousMastaG



    eh good on her....... nobody should have to bow down to "Fame" ......that would be a SHEEP move. aye she's hot ASF THO

  22. Meetcho



    Lol how dear u say no to a celebrity

  23. Terry Tarver

    Terry Tarver


    If this waitress was ugly....lol

  24. Fabian Cruz

    Fabian Cruz


    Adam Sandler is a cool dude and the way he stressed out from a 30 minute wait response was so genuine. Awesome 👏🏻

  25. Tarzarian Lee

    Tarzarian Lee


    Bro i was the 1mil viewer

  26. Prince Hall

    Prince Hall

    2 napja

    He did what any normal person would have done when going to Ihop with their long azz waits 😂. Chuck those ducea and go somewhere else

  27. mario moralis

    mario moralis

    2 napja

    But I bet if it was Ellen



    2 napja

    An like an like God learn to speak sound so dumb

  29. RalfTheGreat_TV


    2 napja

    Hes no better than anyone! We all must wait!

  30. Open Mike

    Open Mike

    2 napja

    Diana is very pretty.

  31. BigMiniFridge


    2 napja

    Do you know who i am?

  32. Antonio Mitchell

    Antonio Mitchell

    2 napja

    She bad

  33. scale of truth eye opener

    scale of truth eye opener

    2 napja

    No VIP everyone should follow strick compliance.....that staff was following instruction in able for her to retain her job.....but literal as in honest opinion.....she was so beautiful and hot......AGREE?

  34. TomBreen


    2 napja

    bro I feel bad for adam Sandler and this girl but at least I mean she apologized so

  35. Azz Zie

    Azz Zie

    2 napja

    Adam sandler dress up like a typical middle age guy.. all dads do wear the north face

  36. natureboy inyourface

    natureboy inyourface

    2 napja

    I bet she'll recognise Ben Stiller.

  37. AmberRose Metz

    AmberRose Metz

    2 napja

    And this is news because?? He’s a person.... she’s a person... she did her job... he respected her. End of story. “Failed to recognize” what is he royalty? This is so dumb.

  38. Rmusik SEROLF

    Rmusik SEROLF

    2 napja

    Who can tell apart the fake post? Don't tell them

  39. Rmusik SEROLF

    Rmusik SEROLF

    2 napja

    How about yeah! He's gotta wait just like everyone else super Star or not.His gain does not benefit your Life..

  40. James Curtatone

    James Curtatone

    2 napja

    I was the millionth view lol

  41. Vanessa Trevino

    Vanessa Trevino

    2 napja

    Humble man

  42. Third World Rider

    Third World Rider

    2 napja

    Failed to recognise.....she failed?

  43. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson

    2 napja

    So in other words if she would have known it was saying she would have gave it to him. And he's getting respect because he did what any other normal person would have to do sad

  44. rbept915


    2 napja

    How people on this talk and act like they really know him or his character 😆..

  45. Clip Hangar

    Clip Hangar

    2 napja

    "I told you. We should have gone to Hooters." - Adam Sandler

  46. Unknown


    2 napja

    Who’s the girl she’s mighty beautiful

  47. SinOfPride


    2 napja

    Why is she apologizing he just another dude...

  48. MotherLoveBone


    2 napja

    Worth north of 300 million dressed like a regular dude going to ihop 🤙

  49. Scarborough lifestyle channel

    Scarborough lifestyle channel

    2 napja

    Sooooooo did he wait the 30mins or leave?

    • AR - 09ZZ 704501 Heart Lake SS

      AR - 09ZZ 704501 Heart Lake SS

      2 napja

      He left



    2 napja

    Why would he not wait 30 minutes....

  51. Jason Ritchie

    Jason Ritchie

    2 napja

    What a cutie

  52. Nonya Biz

    Nonya Biz

    2 napja

    Welp.. that miss out on a big tip that day.

  53. Doug Vansant

    Doug Vansant

    3 napja

    She’s hawwtt

  54. K P

    K P

    3 napja

    Who cares, they’re normal people too

  55. Stelven Sweet

    Stelven Sweet

    3 napja

    So we all just going to ignore the fact that she's a hottie 🔥

  56. Delta-5-1 /Esparrago

    Delta-5-1 /Esparrago

    3 napja

    Honestly if i see Adam Sandler by person i would ask him “Can you tell me a joke?”

  57. Dibyong


    3 napja

    She's pretty

  58. Joseph Rainbolt

    Joseph Rainbolt

    3 napja

    You did what he wanted you to do. We should all be equal. You saying you wanted to treat him special is not what he wanted.

  59. C Doin Work

    C Doin Work

    3 napja

    Knowing I might run into a hostess like that or Adam Sandler, I might have to start hitting up IHOP 👀🥞

  60. Mi Miii

    Mi Miii

    3 napja

    It's all good though. It can happen to anyone. I hope he comes back lol.

  61. Marlene Newman

    Marlene Newman

    3 napja

    She treated him like everyone gets treated

  62. Aaron Weinberg

    Aaron Weinberg

    3 napja

    He can wait

  63. Aaron Weinberg

    Aaron Weinberg

    3 napja


    • AR - 09ZZ 704501 Heart Lake SS

      AR - 09ZZ 704501 Heart Lake SS

      2 napja

      Why what?

  64. Marvin Constantino

    Marvin Constantino

    3 napja

    She's beautiful...

  65. Joe Soto

    Joe Soto

    3 napja


    • AR - 09ZZ 704501 Heart Lake SS

      AR - 09ZZ 704501 Heart Lake SS

      2 napja


  66. Lariana Bahena

    Lariana Bahena

    3 napja

    I love how Adam Sandler is not going to a super fancy restaurant and is going to IHOP as a regular person.

  67. Nick Banks

    Nick Banks

    3 napja


  68. Mad Max

    Mad Max

    3 napja


  69. Ren Hopez

    Ren Hopez

    3 napja

    Shes fine bye

  70. Alexandra Parker

    Alexandra Parker

    3 napja

    I bet it was refreshing to just be treated like everyone else!

  71. EDWin qaz

    EDWin qaz

    3 napja

    Atleast he never acts like drake

  72. ha ha

    ha ha

    3 napja

    And what? Give him a table on which he should wait?

  73. Ash


    3 napja

    I mean...he's a human being just like the rest of us, he's just a human that a lot of other humans know 💀

  74. David Figueroa

    David Figueroa

    3 napja

    Your gonna have to get on your knees and beg for a spanking bad girl!😁

  75. Mystic LGD

    Mystic LGD

    3 napja


  76. Khi Moo

    Khi Moo

    3 napja

    Adam Sandler been that guy

  77. rev. reality

    rev. reality

    3 napja

    Why should he get special treatment?

  78. Derrick Hamilton

    Derrick Hamilton

    3 napja

    Tf u apologize for? He breathes n bleeds like the rest of us. Kudos to Sandler for being REAL tho

  79. Gianni Puface

    Gianni Puface

    3 napja

    I hate everything about this. U dont have to wait because ur better than the rest of us? He was is a regular guy doing a regular thing that just happens to be famous. I like adam but why shkuld he get seated before anyone else in line?

  80. Qrayon


    4 napja

    Don't be sorry; you were right. He should wait in line like everybody else. Of course if he had slipped her a couple C-notes, that would have been a different story.

  81. Jrs


    4 napja

    If Adam Sandler wanted to be really cool he would have sat down on the little bench and waited for his ihop like everyone else.

  82. MrCaptainNObeard


    4 napja

    Why is this news?

  83. Tim Martinez

    Tim Martinez

    4 napja

    Love the sandman but goddamn that babe is the real star. Id hop

  84. keaniu GarciaYT

    keaniu GarciaYT

    4 napja

    Bruh she needs to get fried she didn’t recognize the legend him self

  85. Unknown


    4 napja

    She beautiful I forgive her in heart beat

  86. tenzin tenzin

    tenzin tenzin

    4 napja

    He had to wait like the others , celebrity or not. Both the waiter and Adam did the normal thing . No problem whatsoever

  87. L. Duke

    L. Duke

    4 napja

    Who gives a s*** if you're an actor? I doubt Gandhi or the Dalai Lama would have expected 'special treatment' though their contributions to mankind have been great so what does that tell you?

  88. y1521t21b5


    4 napja

    Imagine getting props for acting as you ought to...

  89. Cameron R

    Cameron R

    4 napja

    Hottest IHOP worker for sure lol

  90. tvfan312


    4 napja

    Fire the waitress for insubordination

  91. OT S

    OT S

    4 napja

    do gen z rele know adam sandler tho

  92. T-90A Tank

    T-90A Tank

    4 napja

    She cute tho

  93. Just A Moth

    Just A Moth

    4 napja

    I have no idea who he is-

  94. Alexandra Tonico

    Alexandra Tonico

    4 napja

    Adam is so nice♥️ he doesn't act stuck up like some of the other celebs

  95. Sho logs

    Sho logs

    4 napja

    She’s hot I’ll wait 30 min

  96. Robert Perez

    Robert Perez

    4 napja

    She’s cute

  97. Peter Logan

    Peter Logan

    4 napja

    Why? He can wait lime the rest of people.

  98. snaggs107


    4 napja

    Not only celebs fault.. U can seeShe wud have skipped ppl to seat him if she wud have recognized him... Enablers r way more at fault.



    4 napja

    Just because you're famous, doesn't mean you get special privileges like that. You're not a veteran, you're a citizen just like everyone else. I swear, sometimes people treat famous people better than the people who literally fight for this country.

  100. Jay Bee

    Jay Bee

    4 napja

    That’s not her fault. If it was s 30 min wait for him then it was a 30 min wait for everybody. If management wanted to seat him then managementshould have had more people on the floor workingvto keep flow that night.