Jill Biden Steps Out in Fishnet Stockings

It’s the first lady in fishnets! Jill Biden has sparked plenty of commentary about her choice of stockings that she paired with a leather miniskirt and high-heeled boots. As soon as she stepped off a plane in her ensemble the Twitterverse exploded. One person said she was dressed like a teenage girl, but many others applauded the look. First ladies are often critiqued for their fashion choices, whether good or bad.


  1. Adamxcix



    Imagine if Melania trump wore that trash!!! Such double standards

  2. Bub Vizion

    Bub Vizion


    Ew I don’t like it but meh

  3. 505errorcrash


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    I thought the title said joe binden in fish net stocking . Talk about 50 shades grey.

  4. Alice Mann ?

    Alice Mann ?

    3 napja

    I seen the first lady I. Those had no idea it was her rebuttal her dress like that so wut who cares 😓🙎🙏does her chic has anything to do with this still fleeting economy ? pretty sure the war possibly covid does nothings fun anymore 😫😭😭

  5. Jemela Jiminez

    Jemela Jiminez

    4 napja

    You go Jill!!!

  6. Marie McCowan

    Marie McCowan

    4 napja

    Trashy. Way out of date.

  7. Is Cottage a Cheese?

    Is Cottage a Cheese?

    5 napja

    So this is what a slow news day looks like.

  8. Bourjois M

    Bourjois M

    5 napja

    UGH! She reminded me of Madonna....it’s just awful !

  9. Anna Lexi

    Anna Lexi

    5 napja

    *_She does have nice legs 🦵 tho!!_*

  10. Steep


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    ok but who cares

  11. Jessica Sarah Liddell

    Jessica Sarah Liddell

    5 napja

    She looks amazing

  12. Mermaid1


    5 napja

    She looks ridiculous

  13. Paul Vest

    Paul Vest

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  14. Vibzz Gaming

    Vibzz Gaming

    5 napja

    Any askers?

  15. L J

    L J

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    You go Jill!!!

  16. Mary Copeland

    Mary Copeland

    6 napja

    Sorry, “Doctor”, but you’re too old to pull this outfit off as sexy. Booties, leather, stockings (not fishnet) short skirt, looks like tramp ware. Why would you as First Lady dress so poorly???

  17. Tatum Shane

    Tatum Shane

    6 napja

    Good for her, honestly to have that confidence

  18. Jan Bergh

    Jan Bergh

    6 napja

    Harris is no better

  19. Random Dude

    Random Dude

    6 napja

    wow so this is news

  20. J Laurent

    J Laurent

    6 napja

    First time seeing a "teacher & FIRST LADY" dressed like that!

  21. Susanne Bender - Constantino

    Susanne Bender - Constantino

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    OMG ... Mrs. Biden, you’ll be 70 in June!!!! What were you thinking with those stockings? BTW you’re also NOT a doctor. People should NOT address you as one.

  22. Emily Hotard

    Emily Hotard

    6 napja

    I personally don’t think the First Lady of the United States should be wearing a leather mini skirt and fishnet stockings but whatever

  23. Latifa Hajar

    Latifa Hajar

    6 napja

    Melania had style. She looked stunning all the time. Jill is far from that.

  24. SmarZ


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    I thought that was saying Joe Biden was in fishnets, now that would've been a headline!

  25. Firefly


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    Looks like the first lady is having a blast. Chill out, people. When it's your turn to become first lady, then you can have fun too.

  26. Rita M

    Rita M

    6 napja

    I am so glad I had a mother that dressed age appropriately. I wish you news people would not give her air time as it’s bad enough we have to see the baboon President.

  27. David Lane

    David Lane

    6 napja

    ..............…..............…..............…..............…..............…..............…..............…..............…..............…..SO WHAT???

  28. HayHay34


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    Oh noooooo God forbid she brings in and wears any sort of good fashion

  29. Gary Brierley

    Gary Brierley

    7 napja

    Bystanders close by swore the fish were still in the stockings

  30. JZ Gringo

    JZ Gringo

    7 napja

    I don’t think it should matter

  31. Darrell Rich

    Darrell Rich

    7 napja

    She looked good

  32. Michelle Rae

    Michelle Rae

    7 napja

    Here we go again with judging women’s age and clothing. As long as she’s happy and feels pretty she can wear whatever she wants! We all can.

  33. Jane Edwards

    Jane Edwards

    7 napja

    Reflects who she is, cheap!

  34. Justine Craven

    Justine Craven

    7 napja

    Noticed the wrinkled flag ? TRAITOR ..

  35. Raffaele Mescia

    Raffaele Mescia

    7 napja


  36. Raffaele Mescia

    Raffaele Mescia

    7 napja

    POOR AMERICA !!!!!!

  37. lane ziegler

    lane ziegler

    7 napja

    period omg

  38. Zizi Scorsese

    Zizi Scorsese

    7 napja

    I wouldn’t want a desk made out of a warship.

  39. Vjitsu 888

    Vjitsu 888

    7 napja

    Rock it!

  40. Kenny Whiddon

    Kenny Whiddon

    7 napja

    She looks like a lot lizzard.

  41. Raquel Perez

    Raquel Perez

    8 napja

    🎪 jajajaja 🤣

  42. MeDicen Chente

    MeDicen Chente

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  43. Dahlia 561

    Dahlia 561

    8 napja

    Why do people care about what other people wear get a life

  44. MF' Legendary Gaming

    MF' Legendary Gaming

    8 napja

    They have nothing else to post 😂

  45. Lova Ankrom

    Lova Ankrom

    8 napja

    🤢🤮 not appropriate for someone her age

  46. Wazz_Bree Wipple

    Wazz_Bree Wipple

    8 napja

    Good on her 👍.....

  47. Md Farla

    Md Farla

    8 napja

    Is that a Camilla Parker Bowles twin.

  48. Laraine Atkinson

    Laraine Atkinson

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  49. thatboyishgirl / Lerato

    thatboyishgirl / Lerato

    8 napja

    Twitter needs to chill

  50. Vintage Girl

    Vintage Girl

    8 napja

    I don't see anything wrong with what Jill Biden wore.

  51. robert lukenbill

    robert lukenbill

    8 napja

    It's called trying to polish a turd

  52. XO SO

    XO SO

    8 napja

    Menania posing nude wasn't a problem.

  53. I Eat Plastic

    I Eat Plastic

    8 napja

    It looks great on her

  54. Manuel Avianeda

    Manuel Avianeda

    9 napja

    I like biden but it is entertaining and i hope biden gets relecred in 2024 its my opinion and a free country im not arguing ok

  55. Yvonne Gonzales

    Yvonne Gonzales

    9 napja

    Desk competition who's the best

  56. Stock Papi

    Stock Papi

    9 napja

    Jill Biden looks like Stevie Nicks!

  57. Gsaavis -Amelia-

    Gsaavis -Amelia-

    9 napja

    0:35 hey buddy, you’re not president anymore. Get over it

  58. Gsaavis -Amelia-

    Gsaavis -Amelia-

    9 napja

    Ok don’t really care but she looks awesome

  59. Lisa Cup

    Lisa Cup

    9 napja

    Hahaha! Yet, they made fun of Melania!?

  60. Lori Belmore's

    Lori Belmore's

    9 napja

    She wanted Joe to smell her hair again!

  61. James Thong

    James Thong

    9 napja

    Jill in fishnet stockings is hot.

  62. Water Dog

    Water Dog

    9 napja

    O K A Y

  63. todd mccowen

    todd mccowen

    9 napja

    such a tacky way to dress ,ugly skinny legs and those boots -oh my god LOL.

  64. Angel Yukino

    Angel Yukino

    9 napja

    She looks good

  65. Scarlet Oh Arabia

    Scarlet Oh Arabia

    9 napja

    How very 80s

  66. Lou Dangelo

    Lou Dangelo

    9 napja

    She’s stylin and profiling for the next married man.🥴🥴

  67. Simon Stevenson

    Simon Stevenson

    9 napja

    Inside edition, quit stalking.

  68. Gogo Siman

    Gogo Siman

    9 napja


  69. W D S

    W D S

    9 napja

    Is she working or walking?

  70. Bonnie Lockwood

    Bonnie Lockwood

    9 napja

    How old is she anyway?

  71. Jan Landman

    Jan Landman

    9 napja

    No wonder Joe had placed a restriction in his will that Hunter should not come within a mile of his (Joe's) widow!! It reminds me of the phrase in a Paul Simon song "they've got no culture"

  72. Simon Salinas

    Simon Salinas

    9 napja


    • Simon Salinas

      Simon Salinas

      9 napja

      Let her be edgy.

  73. *6th* Temporary Account

    *6th* Temporary Account

    9 napja

    0:35 No, no it doesn't...

  74. *6th* Temporary Account

    *6th* Temporary Account

    9 napja


  75. Ziyou Pai BaiChi

    Ziyou Pai BaiChi

    9 napja

    Maybe Jill was playing Doctor 🤡

  76. Cruz Malibu

    Cruz Malibu

    9 napja

    If Melania wore the same outfit, the liberal media would call her “slutty”...

  77. Marie Lawrence

    Marie Lawrence

    9 napja

    Ummm why dose the title say: “joe Biden steps out in fishnets” like honEy wut

  78. John john

    John john

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  79. chicken nuggie

    chicken nuggie

    9 napja

    Wear what you want unless it's legal and not offensive...

  80. Jimmy Krackin

    Jimmy Krackin

    9 napja

    Hahahahhaahahhaag Wow Inside Edition. You nailed it this time!!! Wtf did I just watch? The desk part was the best! I don’t even know what to say..... Get Woke people

  81. Angela Coker

    Angela Coker

    9 napja

    Damn she's desperate!

  82. tecuani tetlajsojtlalistli

    tecuani tetlajsojtlalistli

    9 napja


  83. Marty


    9 napja

    I thought that was just a random teenager I had no idea that was jill

  84. 夜色朦胧


    9 napja

    I like fishnet 😂

  85. Brittany Titus

    Brittany Titus

    10 napja

    Who cares what someone wears . She ain't naked

    • Brittany Titus

      Brittany Titus

      9 napja

      @Mr Pickle that's very true.. and I really hate that.. I think everyone feels some way about their bodies.. Everyone should mind their business if they can't handle clothes... smh... I wish everyone had each other's back.. that would b so dope

    • Mr Pickle

      Mr Pickle

      9 napja

      People who don’t like how they look so they take there anger on others

  86. michaels Shawn

    michaels Shawn

    10 napja

    And this is news how?

  87. Miss Trippy1

    Miss Trippy1

    10 napja

    Cute... And very stylish! Nice to have a Jill, a real first lady back in the white house instead of an "escort" fake Einstein VISA model. Bunch a bitter hags being jealous

  88. Just a random Otaku

    Just a random Otaku

    10 napja

    Also as some pointed out, that’s not even actual fishnet.but even if it was, what of it?

  89. Jazmina Garcia

    Jazmina Garcia

    10 napja

    Atleast the First Lady has style age don’t matter ! You go girl!

  90. EzSnipes LT

    EzSnipes LT

    10 napja

    Nobody cares

  91. Robert Crittenden

    Robert Crittenden

    10 napja

    i think she looks hot!!! do not like the bidens's but she looks hot!!!!

  92. Mr Wick

    Mr Wick

    10 napja

    Is this really what America uploads as “News”

  93. Shrimp


    10 napja

    Keep searching boys, we gotta find who asked

  94. Anne


    10 napja

    When you try to be stylish but failing miserably

  95. Tokuko Kitagawa

    Tokuko Kitagawa

    10 napja

    Next Episode: Ariana Grande sneezes a bit too viciously and causes a scandal

  96. Mary A M

    Mary A M

    10 napja

    All i see anytime i see a Biden is that poor little boy crying at the boarder and toddlers being dropped over the fence. Im embarrassed to be an American for the first time. 😬🙈

  97. Killerofkings 101

    Killerofkings 101

    10 napja

    How and why is this important? Im curious

  98. Shawty Shawty

    Shawty Shawty

    10 napja

    Our alt queen 👑

  99. ba55letmysoulfly


    10 napja

    Much better than “I don’t care do you?” Coat... but also in this particular situation I don’t care.