Krispy Kreme Gives Vaccinated People Free Doughnut All Year

Getting America vaccinated will go a long way toward helping the country return to some sort of normal. For its part, Krispy Kreme is offering anyone with proof of a COVID-19 vaccination a sweet incentive - a free glazed doughnut. In a promotion that runs through the end of 2021, any customer with a valid COVID-19 vaccination card will be eligible to receive one free glazed doughnut every day at participating locations nationwide, according to Krispy Kreme Chief Marketing Officer Dave Skena.


  1. Drinking Water

    Drinking Water

    6 órája

    I’m buying a fake vax card now

  2. JJ PM

    JJ PM

    9 órája

    Just got vaccinated yesterday 😎 boutta get a donut 😎😎

  3. Nicole Watterson

    Nicole Watterson

    17 órája

    To those who oppose this or say that it promotes obesity, you do realize that you have a choice to eat it, right? Maybe you should go back to school and educate yourself because you clearly don’t know these words called “moderation” and “choice”.

  4. Fiddleronthecube


    22 órája

    English grammar slob at work.

  5. Charlton Gio Prepeña

    Charlton Gio Prepeña


    That's expensive doughnuts in the Philippines.

  6. Dynvsty



    no fair I can't get vaccinated yet 😠

  7. Annoyingly Depressed

    Annoyingly Depressed

    2 napja

    Damn I’m not old enough to get the vaccine yet. It sounds great but I can’t let myself go in the summer.

  8. Acg blah

    Acg blah

    2 napja

    Piece of she-it sell out collaborators. I barely go there. I shall not ever go again. Bill of attainder commies. A new chapter in the cv 19 religion. You sheeple praising it's name with glaze dripping down your chins.

  9. Logan


    2 napja

    im gonna go there and take them all

  10. Acg blah

    Acg blah

    2 napja

    A new chapter in the cv 19 religion. You sheeple praising it's name with glaze dripping down your chins.

  11. Acg blah

    Acg blah

    2 napja

    Piece of she-it sell out collaborators. I barely go there. I shall not ever go again. Bill of attainder commies.

  12. MR_hitstick.42


    2 napja

    Lol bet

  13. Brandon Riggins

    Brandon Riggins

    3 napja

    Guess I'm still going to be paying for Krispy Kreme donuts

  14. Alice Mann ?

    Alice Mann ?

    3 napja

    A free box of doughnuts everyday all the way til the end of the year jus if your vaccinated ? That doesn't sound too smart there nor healthy 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩😓😦 especially since that stuffs fried I mean yeah can compare this too a ep of 6teen but hmm yes notta clever marketing technique even if the box is free still had no idea krispy cremes a place it wasn't just a donut flavor ? OK hmm sorry but imma stick with coupons from Dublin donuts I may still have too pay n tjry might expire but least it's a temp

  15. Henrythe 10

    Henrythe 10

    3 napja

    They just want people to just the vaccine more and more people like tf

  16. The Foamery

    The Foamery

    4 napja

    Antivaxxers: its promotting obesity

  17. ItsJoe


    4 napja

    I'd rather people be fat then keeping this virus a thing and having lots of people die plus you cant get that fat for eating 1 donut a day as long as your getting some type of exercise

  18. Dragon Slayer2056

    Dragon Slayer2056

    4 napja

    This is one of the most American thing i've ever seen

  19. Ryan Catapano

    Ryan Catapano

    4 napja

    Just imagine if the government gave you money to get the vaccine. Amount of vaccinations would go through the roof!

  20. Faith Jona’e

    Faith Jona’e

    4 napja

    Okay Megan McClain...Olive Garden gives unlimited bread anyway.🤣🤣🤣

  21. Peyton Cannon

    Peyton Cannon

    4 napja

    Pause at 23. Phat ass.

  22. Q


    4 napja

    Stimulus checks attached to the vaccines oh hell nah wtf wrong with her 💀

  23. Duje


    4 napja

    Now I kinda wish I live in America...

  24. xXBLADEXx


    4 napja


    • bruh moment

      bruh moment

      4 napja


  25. Daddy Longdong

    Daddy Longdong

    4 napja


  26. Swannonymous Ex

    Swannonymous Ex

    4 napja

    It pays to be vaccinated. 😯

  27. Spooky_ Lxix

    Spooky_ Lxix

    4 napja

    I rather get obese than get covid 19

  28. Avery Martin

    Avery Martin

    5 napja

    My fat ass can overcome my fear of needles for this.

  29. Bamboozle Skadoodles

    Bamboozle Skadoodles

    5 napja

    Just exercise lol

  30. Bear


    5 napja

    LMAOO no I’m still not getting the vaccine, Lotto headlines could say that they’re gonna give $50,000 to everybody per household that gets vaccinated and I still wouldn’t do it.

    • Bear


      3 napja

      @Dps_ Dogeye because I haven’t gotten sick once , ever since covid started, I work out, eat healthy and smoke a lot of weed, I think I’m good as long as I continue to wear my mask

    • Dps_ Dogeye

      Dps_ Dogeye

      3 napja

      Why not

  31. HCMSurvivorJake


    5 napja

    Why do I have to be 12.

  32. Miko-chan o*U*o

    Miko-chan o*U*o

    5 napja

    Meanwhile, I'm scared of needles and have no idea where to get vaccinated TvT

  33. Prince Jordan

    Prince Jordan

    5 napja

    fat anti vaccinators punching the air right now

  34. Brian Goku

    Brian Goku

    5 napja

    Freak it.

  35. Aidan Vue

    Aidan Vue

    5 napja


  36. Esau Gonzales

    Esau Gonzales

    5 napja

    Why would you slam them? In college people donate blood for pizza 😂

  37. Madeleynne Gochez

    Madeleynne Gochez

    5 napja

    Honestly. I wasn’t motivated at all to get the vaccine because I’m scared of the symptoms and side affects. BUT NOW I AM HELL YEAH, FREE DONUTS? SIGN ME UP IDC

  38. Isaac


    5 napja

    We finna go back to normal tomorrow!

  39. V N Z

    V N Z

    5 napja


  40. Joeriel


    5 napja

    Does this only apply to the US?

  41. THANOS


    5 napja

    Me getting my vaccination on January 1st 2022: Yeah This Is Big Brain Time

  42. sobordinates


    6 napja

    bruh theres always someone that's jealous

  43. Fredo Banny

    Fredo Banny

    6 napja

    Let me just get a fake card 😂

  44. The FlashofLife

    The FlashofLife

    6 napja

    Say less Im already vaccinated so

  45. lightning70


    6 napja

    Didn’t they vaccinate a donut

  46. Damien Vdveen

    Damien Vdveen

    6 napja

    Lol, I would go out of my way every day to get my free donut if I lived in the USA

  47. Poop Fart

    Poop Fart

    6 napja

    Damn wtf i cant get the vaccine so im missing out

  48. yeehawcowboy


    6 napja

    The vaccine isn’t even available for me yet, I want a free donut too 😭😭

  49. brandon strickland

    brandon strickland

    6 napja

    I work at Krispy Kreme and it surprising on how many people actually come for one donut.

  50. First


    6 napja

    Great idea! Get the free vaccine and get free donuts!

  51. Alaya Goodson

    Alaya Goodson

    6 napja


  52. Sanjay Productions

    Sanjay Productions

    6 napja


  53. Leaf


    6 napja

    Yea here’s some free diabetes if u get this shot from the government.

  54. noob man132

    noob man132

    6 napja

    Today I got a box for free

  55. VividFlames


    6 napja

    If we had a Krispy Kreme here, my fat ass would be in there getting my free donut every day. They wouldn't even have to ask me what I wanted

  56. ARKKO


    6 napja

    Police stations about to have them out of business.

  57. Dr. Pepsi

    Dr. Pepsi

    6 napja

    Anyone with a local family owned donut shop in their town is like 🥱

  58. elimsFN


    6 napja

    DONT TAKE IT IT TURNED ME donuts tho ain’t complaining

  59. Rangel Ramos

    Rangel Ramos

    6 napja

    Well fock wished I'm there

  60. Julio De Los Santos

    Julio De Los Santos

    6 napja

    No Kristy Cream anywhere near Naples,FL. Even though I'm not taking that poison shot.

  61. Christopher Jackson

    Christopher Jackson

    6 napja

    Wow free 2 cent donut that's overrated unless your a child or...just fat

  62. Charles Simonsen

    Charles Simonsen

    6 napja

    Oh great, I've been afraid to get vaccinated but krispy kreme is tempting me to get a shot. I want my free donut!

  63. TheGameBros X

    TheGameBros X

    6 napja

    When u live in massachusetts and just want one donut

  64. djw j

    djw j

    6 napja

    An occasional donut isn’t going to make you obese Karen.

  65. Poppylan


    6 napja

    Yo, it's a pain to find a nearby Krispy Kream..nobody gonna go there everyday. And one doughnut not gonna kill you



    6 napja

    Looks like I’m never getting a free donut

  67. Karla The Voss Lawfirm

    Karla The Voss Lawfirm

    7 napja


  68. MQJD


    7 napja


  69. Miaplays


    7 napja

    Mom...... cN we go to Krispy kremes

  70. ツEndless


    7 napja

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 this shi just jokes at this point dont be surprise if other companies do dis

  71. John Friday

    John Friday

    7 napja

    All anti maskers: 👁🕳👁 well..... you know people change

  72. i will defeat good content v2

    i will defeat good content v2

    7 napja

    Imagine not being old enough to even get the vaccine I'm 14 goddamn it!

  73. Kevin Byrnes Jr.

    Kevin Byrnes Jr.

    7 napja

    This woman is stupid nothing is normally free in this world so I would obviously go every day

  74. KingZakkuu


    7 napja

    Bruh why does everyone gotta find something negative about something like this. They want to reward people for getting the vaccine. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

  75. Jimuel Espiritu

    Jimuel Espiritu

    7 napja


  76. Jit


    7 napja

    Still not getting it

  77. PodrumKaleto


    7 napja

    I am surprised how people go after obesity and don't immediately start to make conspiracy theories about "vaccines bad the lizards try to bait us into taking them for donuts"

  78. Stuart Quillen

    Stuart Quillen

    7 napja

    Give me all those donuts gimme gimmes gimme

  79. Carlos lopez

    Carlos lopez

    7 napja

    I mean only for stupid people I’ve seen how big those lines can be I won’t even go for free donuts

  80. FlyAcorn


    7 napja


  81. Steebunz


    7 napja

    Guess I’m having a donut for breakfast.

  82. GOD BOSS


    7 napja

    Imma put together a small army of homeless people. We gonna run them out of business

  83. ME Toons

    ME Toons

    7 napja

    Sana all

  84. Michelle Rae

    Michelle Rae

    7 napja

    Vaccination is a big deal, when I got mine I was thanked by the people at the clinic. It’s nice to be rewarded, that second shot was no joke.

  85. Cameron Oneal

    Cameron Oneal

    7 napja

    And no one sees anything wrong with her saying you shouldn't get a stimulus until your vaccinated

  86. Cameron Oneal

    Cameron Oneal

    7 napja

    And this is how it starts lmao youll have to be vaccinated to do anything

  87. jeux


    7 napja

    Krispy Kreme isn't even that good

  88. Diane Ruiz

    Diane Ruiz

    7 napja

    Getting my vaccine on the 14th so can’t wait

  89. Zeus Richard

    Zeus Richard

    7 napja

    So I guess you force yourself to get vaccinated just for a donut ?

  90. Big Jim

    Big Jim

    7 napja

    Why do all of these big companies and corporations want people to get vaccinated? What’s the real motive here? 🤔

    • Liz :/

      Liz :/

      7 napja

      the real motive is for people to stop DYING. Like, how hard is it to understand that 😂

  91. starry skxes

    starry skxes

    7 napja

    I wish I could get vaccinated rn 😭😭

  92. Harmony Reilly

    Harmony Reilly

    8 napja

    ? Is this just in the usa or

  93. Azerty


    8 napja

    Who would drive all the way to K K for one donut??

  94. Ethan O

    Ethan O

    8 napja

    When they give out $10,000 I’ll get the vaccine



    8 napja

    this aged very well

  96. Chicodeine


    8 napja


  97. Pancake Waffle

    Pancake Waffle

    8 napja


  98. ParkTech


    8 napja

    "Get vaccinated to stay healthy" *Proceeds to eat donuts every day of the week*

  99. tarun


    8 napja

    so krispy kreme will be out of buisness by 2022

    • Liz :/

      Liz :/

      7 napja

      u act as if there’s only krispy kreme in America. Plus, people get dozens, coffees from there too? How dumb can u be

  100. Avaleigh Davis

    Avaleigh Davis

    8 napja

    guess i’m gonna continue to pay for my donuts

    • Avaleigh Davis

      Avaleigh Davis

      7 napja

      @Liz :/ okie dokie 🤡liz🤡

    • Liz :/

      Liz :/

      7 napja

      okie dokie ✨avaleigh ✨ 🇺🇸🐴🐟