Leaked Texts From Ted Cruz’s Wife Contradicts His Initial Story

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas remains in hot water after he got caught heading with his family to Cancún as millions in the state had no power or drinkable water during a freak snow storm. Cruz admitted it was a mistake, but the controversy isn't going away. The embattled senator first said he was escorting his family to a vacation and coming back, but leaked text messages surfaced from his wife Heidi that appeared to show the entire family was planning to stay through the weekend.


  1. Mr J

    Mr J


    Bruh so what if he went to Cancun he wanted to escape that hellhole he’s human he has the right to leave if he want to... Wait I got to the part where she said that they left snowflake that bastard I take back all I said before he’s a jerk

  2. DG


    2 órája

    That loser wants to run the country but can't even run a state haha

  3. fair is fair

    fair is fair

    3 órája

    You big dummie



    10 órája

    Well ted Cruze was on vacation AOC was down in TX “a state that hates her” and she was helping feed TX and she raised 5 million for that state to eat

  5. Melba 602

    Melba 602

    11 órája

    Omg what a surprise that someone political straight up lied..?! Smh. The whole system desperately needs a reset and fresh younger people instead of these selfish self centered pricks..

  6. Pinky Sunshine

    Pinky Sunshine

    13 órája

    This guy is on a campaign to never be elected for anything else again.

  7. Pinky Sunshine

    Pinky Sunshine

    13 órája

    You're making Taxans look like Floridians! You elected that.

  8. Diana Moore

    Diana Moore

    15 órája

    am i suppose to be surprised?

  9. AgentX


    16 órája

    This guy is a poor man’s trump. Can’t ride the shameless train

  10. Pinky Sunshine

    Pinky Sunshine

    18 órája

    Man wanting to take CARE of his family. Shouldn't the family he cares for be THE PEOPLE of his state at that point? Plus the weather report gave you plenty of notice that a snow storm was coming. You should have been caring long before the storm touched down.

  11. Tiger


    20 órája

    As if anyone believed his story

  12. danny carrasco

    danny carrasco


    When in doubt blame your daughters and leave the dog at home in a freezing house lmao

  13. Spikes



    So where's the criticism for Biden opening the border and giving amnesty 1st rather than opening schools and majorly vaccinating. So i guess Fauci said the wall prevents covid now

  14. Anne Sharp

    Anne Sharp


    His behaviour speaks volumes to his character or lack thereof.The usual self centered,selfish, greedy egomaniac.

  15. Observant Duck

    Observant Duck


    Leaked texts or tapped and stolen? Who then “leaked” the texts?

  16. Levon1



    His dog snowflake too,lol watch the whole interview not just this hit piece. not news this is propaganda

  17. Levon1



    Thats only part of what he said and a miss characterization. peeps go look for yourselves. he admitted he was going, thought better , and came right back ., its not an excuse . He said it all on tv




    People don't understand, that he was exhausted after defending trump. what a M-$#@$-f

  19. Luna Z

    Luna Z


    Thanks for reporting this, but I hope you do this for democratic politicians!!!!

  20. Forever Grateful

    Forever Grateful


    Plot twist: this is an add for Ritz in Cancun

  21. janie ram

    janie ram


    Ted Cruz asking everyone to lighten up about him and his family leaving to Cancun is DISGUSTING!! After a child died of hypothermia because many were left without power and water 😡😡😡

  22. Kristen X3

    Kristen X3


    Snow flake needs to take steamy dumps on all their carpets

  23. Tetley TV

    Tetley TV


    So, he’s only sorry he got caught?

  24. Unk Known

    Unk Known


    With people of this caliber leading who needs enemies good lord

  25. Unk Known

    Unk Known


    He should resign period. He left the dog omg Snowflake shouldve gone too what an😀A$$.

  26. jo jo

    jo jo


    All I can say Ted must have offended Heidi...no. Normal person would contact neighbors..maybe family..not neighbors...she had an agenda TED...WAKE UP...SHE NOT FOR YOU...ANYONE WHO WOULD DO THIS..IS NOT YOUR FRIEND...AND NOT A VERY SMART PERSON...???

  27. Grisselle I.

    Grisselle I.


    How did they even get hand on the texts? Don't believe everything you hear on the news

  28. Badass Muscle man

    Badass Muscle man


    Blame your daughter for your own stupidity...how low can you go

  29. evans mcevans

    evans mcevans


    This is the trash that people in Texas voted for to make law for the country ,Texan got to be so blinded by fleeing Ted lies that they voted for him, He continues to lie ,his wife emails shows his lie ,RESIGN A HOLE CRUZ, JUST TO LOOK AT YOU SICKENS ME ,get rid of that GUTS JACK A

  30. IAmErk


    2 napja

    I heared he watched Coco and wanted to see if skeletons, and guitars were real, so he went to Mexico

  31. dema alnuaimi

    dema alnuaimi

    2 napja

    I would leave too because I hate winter and I would rather go to a nice place then stay in a house that is freezing cold

  32. Joanie Schoenfeld

    Joanie Schoenfeld

    2 napja

    Cancun Cruz doesn’t deserve to keep that poor dog.

  33. Justin's Cinema

    Justin's Cinema

    2 napja


  34. Justin's Cinema

    Justin's Cinema

    2 napja


  35. Bong X

    Bong X

    2 napja

    Lol. Can’t wait till snl do a skit about this 😂👍

  36. Urbanomics


    2 napja

    I wonder does Texas still want to be its own country.

  37. Becky Zaugg

    Becky Zaugg

    2 napja

    Americans should recall the brilliant phrase from Jefferson : “ people deserve the Government they elect” And his wife! Phuey!

  38. Abraham Flores

    Abraham Flores

    2 napja

    Wow, I mean it’s dumb he did this but not really that big of a deal. Were all human.

  39. Alex Soto

    Alex Soto

    2 napja

    politicians don't care about people who suffer. they only care to keep their position

  40. Lizbeth Ramirez

    Lizbeth Ramirez

    2 napja


  41. alex nadeau

    alex nadeau

    2 napja

    Post hunter Biden’s videos

  42. Chris R

    Chris R

    2 napja

    Imagine whats he’s doing for himself in that position....

  43. reijei saimon

    reijei saimon

    2 napja


  44. Nan Lin

    Nan Lin

    2 napja

    Flying lying Ted is lying about flying.

  45. Boris Sheen

    Boris Sheen

    2 napja

    why do people care about this story? i mean cmon. none of this really matters.

  46. Hobbes


    2 napja

    Its not the fact that he went to Cancun during the whole incident but that he LIED about it and blamed his daughters

  47. Shelly Bash

    Shelly Bash

    2 napja

    But no issues with the PRESIDENT not even mentioning the Texas situation? Proof only conservatives get bashed.

  48. Danny007


    2 napja

    Wow, the dude who supported Trump's supreme court nominee, despite previously saying it shouldn't be done in election year, has no morals? Who could've guessed. It's almost like he has a history of casting aside his morals when it suits him.

  49. Randall Laue

    Randall Laue

    2 napja

    They were going longer than said... stop lying.

  50. nancybc74


    2 napja

    Big surprise! Ted Cruz is a liar!

  51. Mike B

    Mike B

    2 napja

    At least he looks constantly embarrassed by his own useless, pathetic existence. The gene pool needs to reassess what should be allowed to exist much more carefully.

  52. DarthDavid 227

    DarthDavid 227

    2 napja

    How is this bad? If hell froze over in my state I’d want to leave too, everyone and anyone should have the right to escape awful weather

  53. Simon Hernandez

    Simon Hernandez

    2 napja

    The dog has security!!? So the dogs guarding the house and the security is guarding the dog?

  54. Mike Phillips

    Mike Phillips

    3 napja

    Another lying ass politician. No surprise

  55. TheWildernessEnthusiast


    3 napja

    Why haven’t you said a single thing about Andrew Cuomo?

  56. bedowiiu


    3 napja

    i dont understand whats the issue with this?

  57. MoTone GearChannel

    MoTone GearChannel

    3 napja

    What a disgraceful slug of a human

  58. Ben Wolf Necklace

    Ben Wolf Necklace

    3 napja

    He hates Mexican, but loves their country...am surprised the GOP has not tried to steal Mexico.

  59. Ben Wolf Necklace

    Ben Wolf Necklace

    3 napja

    So typical of grandpa munster and the rest.of the GOP!

  60. Connie Crawford

    Connie Crawford

    3 napja

    Heidi is no humanitarian either!

  61. dakritic


    3 napja

    A mistake is burning toast. This was an arrogant and selfish act.

  62. Sherry Cabler

    Sherry Cabler

    3 napja

    If ya'll could afford to go to tropical climates during this snow. You would all do it. Don't lie

  63. kharlie22


    3 napja

    He basically just said "If I knew people would think it looked bad, I wouldn't have done it." 🤦🏾‍♀️ Sooo how did he think it was gonna look/be perceived? 🙄

  64. spyweb314


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  65. Tammy Wilcher-Martinez

    Tammy Wilcher-Martinez

    3 napja

    I think that 'Old Teddy Boy' is lying through his teeth! He made up lies about his daughters being invited on a trip by friends and then lied some more to cover those lies! He has no shame or loyalty!

  66. SsameliOn1sard


    3 napja

    Is this dog-sitter/security guard paid with TX tax dollars?

  67. Elise Starr

    Elise Starr

    3 napja

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Never trust a Republican and never trust no Christian!

  68. Diana H

    Diana H

    3 napja


  69. TRELL5044


    3 napja

    He need to resign & go vacation with his wife and family. they want to be celebrities so bad.

  70. Alexander Martinez

    Alexander Martinez

    3 napja

    *Cruz leaves behind the dog. Cruz: "It's okay, he has fur."

  71. Alexander Martinez

    Alexander Martinez

    3 napja

    He left THE DOG?! Ok. Thank u, next. ✌🏼

  72. kdogg071


    3 napja

    And after a story of being too cold for Rich elite members of society. The dogs name is snowflake. Priceless

  73. les heyward

    les heyward

    3 napja

    The village IDIOT..

  74. kdogg071


    3 napja

    If a political figure hasn’t seen his wee wee since the Reagan administration, he’s too comfortable. Perfect example of term limits.

  75. UZI’s Audi R8

    UZI’s Audi R8

    3 napja

    at least there was a security guard taking care of the dog

  76. GothEvilButterfly91


    3 napja

    Funny how it's a mistake once you've been caught in your lie.

  77. Uriel Valdez

    Uriel Valdez

    3 napja

    And yet AOC and Beto raised 4 million for Texans. What a disgrace this guy is!!

  78. Ethan Forgy

    Ethan Forgy

    3 napja

    Bro how people gonna complain like they wouldn’t do the same thing if they could

  79. Chris Tollefson

    Chris Tollefson

    3 napja

    God he’s so foul. 😆

  80. Scott Schmitz

    Scott Schmitz

    3 napja

    If this were nanci pelosi or joe biden doing this, each and every one of you would be completely silent on the matter.

  81. Eddie Walldez

    Eddie Walldez

    3 napja

    "Oooooooo" hell nooooo ..they left the dog ..

  82. Stephen Anderson

    Stephen Anderson

    3 napja

    He tried it and got caught

  83. Roblox baller gaming

    Roblox baller gaming

    3 napja

    i mean it’s not long his house had power.

  84. Shekhar Moona

    Shekhar Moona

    3 napja

    Why is a security guard taking care of a dog? I hope got paid more. 🤣🤣

  85. Shekhar Moona

    Shekhar Moona

    3 napja

    He's no conservative. I expect this from leadership in a communist regime.

  86. Enki Enlil

    Enki Enlil

    3 napja

    Like nobody expected like him

  87. kris santhemum

    kris santhemum

    3 napja

    Lyin Ted!!!

  88. xGibey


    3 napja


  89. Ikaika Cricket

    Ikaika Cricket

    3 napja

    The Ritz should be ashamed of itself.

  90. NickA


    3 napja

    what is ted cruz supposed to do? make the snow go away? when louisiana got hit by hurricanes obama spend his time in martha's vineyard!

  91. JMaxim 34

    JMaxim 34

    3 napja

    Where has the president been???

  92. NxT_ Blood

    NxT_ Blood

    3 napja

    This is where you get a private jet

  93. DankBong420


    3 napja

    Lol, America is sad 😂

  94. Blue Berry

    Blue Berry

    3 napja

    A poisonous snake is more trustworthy then Ted Cruz. Can't believe the idiot voters in texas elected him over Beto.

  95. Mat A.

    Mat A.

    3 napja

    Probably the first time that family ever tasted poverty.

  96. Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy

    3 napja

    Ted Cruz just looks slimey, like a snake oil salesman. Little wonder he is not liked that much.

  97. Ora Daniels

    Ora Daniels

    3 napja

    I wonder why they didn't take the dog?!!! 😳

  98. Cruz Malibu

    Cruz Malibu

    3 napja

    Slow news day Inside Edition?

  99. Its Cubz

    Its Cubz

    3 napja

    I don’t know how Jimmy kimmel, is so funny

  100. Albert Rojas

    Albert Rojas

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