Matt Gaetz Reportedly Had ‘Point System’ for Sexual Conquest

Allegations of inappropriate behavior against Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz keep accumulating. Now, a Florida state lawmaker is speaking out about a voicemail she says she received from Gaetz and former county tax collector Joel Greenberg in 2019. Greenberg is in federal custody awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges. He has pleaded not guilty. Gaetz also was known as a creep before he was in Congress; some Florida lawmakers say he used to have a point-based “game” for sexual conquests.


  1. BFI Ls

    BFI Ls

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    What a king

  2. Frank Munoz

    Frank Munoz

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    HE should LOSE HIS JOB and do jail time

  3. Rita Lawrence

    Rita Lawrence

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    Oh get real!

  4. Sheila hucke

    Sheila hucke

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  5. Patriots Nation 4 life

    Patriots Nation 4 life

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    Innocent until proven guilty

  6. Aquarius Universe

    Aquarius Universe

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    Frat Boys in Power. Nothing more scary.

  7. Pencilneck Schiff

    Pencilneck Schiff

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    Quid pro quo Sleepy Joe and Cocaine Hunter.

  8. dcningbo


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    Margerie Taylor Green was worth negative 50.

  9. fruit


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  10. Cubefarmer Hkc

    Cubefarmer Hkc

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    Frat boy who never grew up.

  11. Magic World

    Magic World

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    Usual suspect

  12. Timo Teoboldo

    Timo Teoboldo

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  13. shewolfinubaka


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    Ok but like let’s be honest he totally did it 😂

  14. Clee Boy

    Clee Boy

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    That creature doesn't even like the ladies. This is fake as heck!

  15. Gabriel


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    His face reminds he of that person in the Bee Movie lmfaooooo

  16. Anonymous Underworld

    Anonymous Underworld

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  17. Luke Amato

    Luke Amato

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    Nothing surpising here. He doesn't belong in politics. I'm assuming he still has 0 points by his system. But I'm sure in prison others will be making points on his @$$

  18. Henry Hill

    Henry Hill

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    Wow, this was funny/Comedy?

  19. Miss Marie

    Miss Marie

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  20. John Jason Tesla

    John Jason Tesla

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    political qualities?

  21. Oakcreek_angler


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    please... if you werent braindead you would know this is just a smear.. using pedophillie to blackmail members of congress.

  22. J V

    J V

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    SN: i hate when people say "comfort-ta-ble"....but Gaetz should go to jail

  23. I J Z

    I J Z

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    Wth is this

  24. Mahdi Farshchian

    Mahdi Farshchian

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    ok whaaa gate is fk lier but really u think that hitting on u like??????????????????????

  25. PaulieP


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    Bit of a reach no?

  26. Victoria Brooke

    Victoria Brooke

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    That was flirtatious? So men can’t even give women compliments without women thinking it’s flirtatious? so stupid.

  27. jon smith

    jon smith

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    If only IE was this diligent with the Bidens and Epstein

  28. Antoila80


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    Absolutely true for Republican voters - the more disgusting the character, the better their chances for occupying public office to represent constituents.

    • lil' Ed

      lil' Ed

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      Look who's in the White House!

  29. Harry Walker1

    Harry Walker1

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    He looks like a creep

  30. PMak


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    So SAD and DESPERATE to have to PAY and have point system to get laid by Gaetz....honestly, five finger Hail Mary is damn better than having to have that Face in front of you not to mention, it’s free, woo hoo!

  31. Crafty Gal

    Crafty Gal

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    He even looks like a creep.

  32. Ama Chisholm

    Ama Chisholm

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    Who cares about Gaetz and is minor "inappropriate behaviour"? I'd like to see some investigations in those who were on Epstein's island? That wasn't just inappropriate, it was criminal. Lets see some journalism instead of just gossip attacks inside edition.

  33. Brne14 /20

    Brne14 /20

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    Never been flirted to before?

  34. Erik Lopez

    Erik Lopez

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    What ab Andrew cuomo?

  35. Unpeace Officer

    Unpeace Officer

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    Republicans being pedos like always

  36. WhiteArrow76


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    That explains why he worshipped trump the way he did

  37. Eric Coleman

    Eric Coleman

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    1:36 notice how he says MAN In case you didn’t know that means he was doing the dirty when he was seventeen

  38. The Solar NERD

    The Solar NERD

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    At least he wasn't banging male hookers, right?

  39. Terry Smith

    Terry Smith

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    Eddie Munster all growed up.

  40. Cherokee Brown

    Cherokee Brown

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    The game sound kinda fun 😭😭😂

  41. Star Killer

    Star Killer

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    He looks like he could be the final boss in Phoenix Wright

  42. lilly peck

    lilly peck

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    You could have at least fixed your hair before this lady xD

  43. Michale Rudy

    Michale Rudy

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    Yeah so? what's wrong with a point system. Governments use point systems all the time. Most guys do rete women. Is that a crime ? No. This is stupid reporting.

  44. LA Raine

    LA Raine

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    “Lovely qualities” is sexual harassment now? 🤦‍♂️



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    "One month ago today I was happy as a lark, But now I go for walks To the movies, maybe to the park"

  46. raibhan s jadhav rsj

    raibhan s jadhav rsj

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    Based florida

  47. Chris Perrigue

    Chris Perrigue

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    My friends would give me 0 points if I slept with that uptight chick

  48. Chris Perrigue

    Chris Perrigue

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    This woman is so uptight. She’s is getting nice comments and she thinks she’s too good for it. I’m gonna start a point system ! Sounds fun. Also makes a good plot for a movie.

    • boaty msboatface

      boaty msboatface

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      No woman wants compliments from creeps- especially in a random party pals phone call at night.

  49. Kram Noslaw

    Kram Noslaw

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    Sure hes a sleezy republican republican that's all you need to know

  50. Hamham


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    For any other job you would be immediately suspended or fired for this type of behavior, but it seems like it's part of the job for politicians 🤷🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  51. Micaela Garcia

    Micaela Garcia

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    I love SNL

  52. Mr. Skippy

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    Wtf is up with those TEETH 👁 👃🏻 👁 🦷🦷🦷🦷 🦷🦷🦷🦷

  54. N Nj

    N Nj

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    Also looks like Woody Woodpecker

  55. N Nj

    N Nj

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    He's the grown-up Eddie Munster

  56. JRC


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  57. Loca J.Biggs

    Loca J.Biggs

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    Just another sleezebag

  58. Paul S

    Paul S

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    Huh? We can hear the message. Didnt sound too weird.

  59. Russel Furtado

    Russel Furtado

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    I thought this was a Scandal episode plot once...

  60. Mister B_Sr.

    Mister B_Sr.

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    Wait- 150 points for Pelosi?!? It's far worse than we thought.

  61. Joaquin Phoenix

    Joaquin Phoenix

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  62. anthony mo

    anthony mo

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    The thumbnail defenetly makes him look like a creep

  63. Samuel A

    Samuel A

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  64. Ɗɾσ𐌶ҽყ


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    He looks like one of those fake azz televangelist.

  65. Brian Herrera

    Brian Herrera

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    Straight Sleeze Ball. Best word for him.

  66. Mr. Chocolate

    Mr. Chocolate

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    After voting no against the human trafficking bill, I’m not surprised about these allegations.

  67. wayne41235


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    Let's see how many republicans get attacked while sleepy joe is president

  68. D Eppe

    D Eppe

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    Huh, based on what I've seen and heard from him I would have guessed the only way he's had sex is by paying for it and I feel bad for the providers of the service because really there just isn't enough money to touch him. Eeeeeeewww.

  69. Daniel van der Merwe

    Daniel van der Merwe

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    Omg she’s loves it.

  70. Botney J

    Botney J

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    why release it now

  71. T J

    T J

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    Nancy Pelosi is the 150 points btw incase you all were wandering..

  72. obi wan Kenobi

    obi wan Kenobi

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    The heck is flortashis

  73. WorkableRouge08 00

    WorkableRouge08 00

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    Ok so if this happened in 2019 why didn't she bring it back up then instead of 2 years later??

  74. All


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    Democrats will do anything to tear apart republican. And this women seriously was way too sensitive.

  75. Carly Crays

    Carly Crays

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    This guy is making it too easy to focus on him instead of Cuomo.

  76. Josh McCarthy

    Josh McCarthy

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    It felt uncomfortable a whole 2 years later...

  77. hollysaga


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    His case aside wtf is wrong with that lady being interviewed?? Honey thats pointless be real

  78. ACG 97

    ACG 97

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    I dont see the point in this.

  79. TrynaBeALady


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    Lol I’m glad I’m not the only one who can see villainy on his face. Man looks like a criminal

  80. Steven Mancera

    Steven Mancera

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    Pete Davidson is so terrible at impressions lmao

  81. Steven Mancera

    Steven Mancera

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    Matt Gaetz is a long life Republican right? Am I not? Why is she congratulating or encouraging a Democrat? Seriously wondering. Unless that call was *to hit on her*

  82. Mi Mi Blue Music

    Mi Mi Blue Music

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    His face is imitating just saying 😂

  83. 2112Nightshift


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    Gaetz is radioactive. No one has his back anymore. And no one should.

  84. How to change name?

    How to change name?

    11 napja

    Just 150 points? Imagine how much point you can get if you were Epstein's friend

  85. C P

    C P

    11 napja

    She’s not that great looking. I doubt they were hitting on her.

  86. Lorenzo


    11 napja

    So let me get this right Matt Gaetz flirting is a scandal, but Como letting elder people die and RAPE allegations is not a big deal. Well done Inside Edition.

  87. World Changer

    World Changer

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    Nothing reasonable comes from Florida.

  88. likeablejhgyg


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    What a disgusting human being

  89. Pothead Inc

    Pothead Inc

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    Boys will be boys

  90. The Cat

    The Cat

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    This guy probably uses tar to grease his hair back.

  91. Anthony M

    Anthony M

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    SNL should do one on Bill Clinton, Jeffery Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Michael “Big Mike” Obama

  92. Kim's~It Is What It Is

    Kim's~It Is What It Is

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    Eewwwwweeee he is so creepy 🤢

  93. Needless Needles

    Needless Needles

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    Perfect character for the next “It” movie.

  94. Tam Rose

    Tam Rose

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    Funny how the public hasn't been shown any proof of these allegations against Matt Gaetz. I mean how many times has the left and fake news went on and on about a Republican sex scandal? None of which were found to be true btw.

  95. 064678543


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    1:40 Said Bill Clinton's publicist

  96. Workin Onit

    Workin Onit

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    Saturday night Live isn't funny anymore



    11 napja

    It’s Michelle Obama that’s 150 pts

  98. Jason Beddis

    Jason Beddis

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  99. Phil J.L Fig

    Phil J.L Fig

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    Seems like he’s compromised and needs to be out

  100. rockman fan

    rockman fan

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    I hate when men hit on women. Like what man in his right mind would ever hit on a woman. He's being confident too! Like what gives him the right to have confidence in himself. I'm disgusted

    • jb b

      jb b

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