Meet the Creators Who Launched These Popular TikTok Dances

Jimmy Fallon danced his way into a controversy and is now trying to fix it. After the "Tonight Show" host had guest Addison Rae perform some of her popular viral dance moves, there was immediate backlash against Fallon for not featuring the creators of those dances, many of whom are young Black influencers. In response, Fallon put the spotlight on the young creators on his show. Rae says the original creators deserve all the credit for coming up with what she calls “these amazing trends.”


  1. Lord Woody

    Lord Woody

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    TikTok will be destroyed

  2. Tasty Burger

    Tasty Burger

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    They just give credit to these Black creators after receiving a massive backlash on Twitter 🤡



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    Delete tiktok Me and my homies watch HUeye shorts

  4. SpiderXtra


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    Charli and Addison did the same thing Steal moves from original creators and made themselves popular

  5. Manga Insider

    Manga Insider

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    She is really the creator of the DANCE? 🤨🤨🤨

  6. yanni11209


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    Y’all really didn’t have to put them split screen with her... 👀

  7. Erin Lozada

    Erin Lozada

    8 napja

    God forbid the girl just dances

  8. Lakshmi


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    Jimmy be like Of all the videos I created, this is the one that ended up in news! Who would have thought. No more tick tockers anymore

  9. Gsaavis -Amelia-

    Gsaavis -Amelia-

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    I don’t like Addison Ray at all

  10. Gsaavis -Amelia-

    Gsaavis -Amelia-

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    FINALLY! Thank you!!!!

  11. JodySoul


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    Tell this to Elvis Presley and his thief of "Hound Dog" from Big Mama Thornton!!

  12. JSC_Playz 123

    JSC_Playz 123

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    Fortnite Savage dance

  13. Sergio Renteria

    Sergio Renteria

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    It’s just a dance

  14. Philip Brockman

    Philip Brockman

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    Who cares what they think

  15. Mar Espinoza

    Mar Espinoza

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    So he went out of his way to have Addison blah blah on his show during a pandemic but could only bother for a Skype for the original creators mmmmm🤔

  16. Jeff Cunningham

    Jeff Cunningham

    9 napja

    Why did we bring race into this? Why couldn't we just have said the original creators

  17. Jeff Cunningham

    Jeff Cunningham

    9 napja

    Like listen I didn't see this as a rave issue. I just saw this as an problem cause the original people should have gotton credit

  18. RaskalYT


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    TIK TOK SUCKS Just my opinion

  19. John john

    John john

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  20. ForbiddenToothbrush


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    Bruh people getting triggered over body movement

  21. Crispy Cactus Studios

    Crispy Cactus Studios

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    If you think Tik Tok is cringe, like this comment. If not, post a comment why it is not.

  22. Brooke Bronson

    Brooke Bronson

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    So your saying every time I do a tiktok dance I school I need to say and the creator of this is... or if I make a tiktok I need to say the creator of the dance is... 😂

  23. Brooke Bronson

    Brooke Bronson

    10 napja

    @She makes it look awkward” “she has no talent” “she’s not even good at dancing”... why do y’all care?? Just let a girl live 😂

  24. Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

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    Black white Asian I don’t care if you’re on TickTok I hate you

  25. Isaak The Gamer

    Isaak The Gamer

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    I see nothing wrong here how’s this racist

  26. Gozorp


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    Screw tiktok man... most of the “celebrities” on tiktok steals other people’s dances and not credited it to the original creator



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    They want credit for those lame moves 🤣

  28. Benjamin Anderson

    Benjamin Anderson

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    I dOnT dAnCe fOr CrEdIt

  29. No One

    No One

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    The creators of the dances did SOOO much better than the little kids who stole it. Addison Rae should be punished by her mom kourtney kardashian 😂😂

  30. Hi Kevin

    Hi Kevin

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    Of course there was backlash. The 6lacks were outraged when they saw a white girl performing the dances. This country is such a joke

    • Elle


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  31. Jessica Lopez

    Jessica Lopez

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  32. FaZe ribena

    FaZe ribena

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  33. Matthias Ogrinc

    Matthias Ogrinc

    10 napja

    nobody cares. these black kids only want attention.

  34. Hannah Collins

    Hannah Collins

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    For the people talking about why race is brought into this its because its not a secret that specifically black creators work is taken by a white person and people make that white person famous cus they rather have a famous white person than a black person doing the exact same thing It wouldn't be about race If this happened a few times but its a trend that these people aren't getting credit RACIAL INEQUALITY EXISTS IGNORING RACE AND NOT WANTING TO TALK ABOUT IT AND THE REALITY DOESNT MAKE IT GO AWAY OR NOT EXIST Its not purposely making stories about race its literally being about race on its own whether u say it or not so why not raise the awareness unless u hate equality 🙄

  35. IamFonix


    10 napja

    Everyone who got upset at this should seriously get a life

    • Dominick Bustamante

      Dominick Bustamante

      9 napja

      Dude for real though😂

  36. King JCG

    King JCG

    10 napja

    That’s horrible credit n way too show who they were jimmy didn’t even put enthusiasm n energy in it like he did wit Addison

  37. thebestgurlie


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    its so sad how they stole other people's dances, got famous, and never credited them

  38. wHy ?

    wHy ?

    10 napja

    dancing you said? more like twerking sinner🤣

  39. wHy ?

    wHy ?

    10 napja


  40. Reeky


    10 napja

    I understand they deserve credit cause they made it. But why does it have to be a race issue?

    • LADY A

      LADY A

      5 napja

      Because Black creators make these dances and white girls steal them and get internet famous off them. Only reason Jimmy talked to the originators of the dances is because he got backlash for it.

  41. Cupcake Jr

    Cupcake Jr

    10 napja

    That’s just gross, why do people hate the dances made because it was by a black??? That’s gross

  42. ps5- 806

    ps5- 806

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    Dance exists Fortnite: mmmmm

  43. ——


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    She has her own song, could she perform that? .. or the song is not THAT good?

  44. YouNeverKnow


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    Jimmy handled it well. And Dorian is a sweetheart.

  45. Bup Potato

    Bup Potato

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    This is the most pity Excuse for a Controversy

  46. Hayden Routhier

    Hayden Routhier

    10 napja

    why does race matter?

  47. james lanz

    james lanz

    10 napja

    Literally no one cares

  48. Sharetha Nice

    Sharetha Nice

    10 napja

    Little too late. The girl made millions from receiving credit.

  49. H E R O gAmEr

    H E R O gAmEr

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    Tiktok is stupid

  50. BB


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    The cringe is unbearable

  51. IPPI HD


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  52. jay craig

    jay craig

    10 napja

    Why does color matter... it’s just a freaking tiktok..

  53. Vanix ツ

    Vanix ツ

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    All tho I don’t have tiktok good thing there credited

  54. Crusher 710

    Crusher 710

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  55. Deidara Master artist

    Deidara Master artist

    10 napja

    I cringed so hard just by looking at the title

  56. zgvqi


    10 napja

    Cool but how is this really news

  57. FarCough l

    FarCough l

    10 napja

    Ahh hmm... Fortnite

  58. Africwomenpower


    10 napja

    Respect Black culture.

  59. the gateway Drifter

    the gateway Drifter

    10 napja

    I hope tiktok become a dead app so finally my sister addiction will stop

  60. Prinisca Mckinney

    Prinisca Mckinney

    10 napja

    People make a fuss about everything

  61. Leaf


    10 napja

    Yea but she did it better. Don’t get me wrong like thanks for the dances to the OG’s, but guess what, Edison didn’t invent the light bulb, he just did it the best. Much love to everyone anyways ♥️

  62. LoNgGrEeNgRaSs PaNdApUsS

    LoNgGrEeNgRaSs PaNdApUsS

    10 napja

    So cringy! 😟

  63. Joaquin Lomeli

    Joaquin Lomeli

    10 napja

    Shame on Addison for trying to take credit for it all.

    • Jon Snow

      Jon Snow

      9 napja

      Man you always complaining about something

  64. michelle aguilar

    michelle aguilar

    10 napja

    Could he not have them there in person like he had Addison Rae

    • Zoe Hartnett

      Zoe Hartnett

      10 napja

      I mean it was kind of a quick response to the backlash and some of these creators might not be willing to travel to the show. Not saying it's a bad idea but there could be other factors.

  65. Roe Jogan

    Roe Jogan

    10 napja

    Wow just as awkward when Addison done it

    • LadyBug K

      LadyBug K

      10 napja

      Yea she looks weird 🤣 and then smiling all extra hard 😭 she looks like those cheerleaders in highschool vs the Black cheerleaders we cheer different than they do 😂🤣🤣🤣

  66. Simi 615

    Simi 615

    10 napja

    Some people should not be dancing especially when that have 2 left feet!

  67. Ace Anime

    Ace Anime

    10 napja

    Honestly, this seems trivial. But it actually isn't, there's many people that got fame, gigs, and money off of some else's idea and creation. And usually it is minorities, especially black people, that don't get the credit they deserve. At least Fallon corrected his mistake.

  68. jessica quinonez

    jessica quinonez

    10 napja

    I would hope the creaters get paid just as much the girls dancing.

  69. Lorelei K

    Lorelei K

    10 napja

    I dont get why they had to include race into it like good for them to get there credit but why did they have to say black creators

  70. Norma Villanueva Mendoza

    Norma Villanueva Mendoza

    10 napja

    Who cares 🤷🏻‍♀️

  71. Wabi Sabi

    Wabi Sabi

    10 napja

    How do I create moves too

  72. Samuel A

    Samuel A

    10 napja


  73. dumb absurd

    dumb absurd

    10 napja


  74. Arch-Cheriea Strachan

    Arch-Cheriea Strachan

    10 napja

    So basically this girl and Charli blew up off of other people's talent?

    • Justice Lopez

      Justice Lopez

      10 napja

      they dont even have the same energy as the original creators addison and charli do the dances stiff-

    • Crystal Kerstal

      Crystal Kerstal

      10 napja

      It’s almost like when someone makes you a meme. The person that made you a meme doesn’t get credit. It’s the actual person in the meme that gets the credit. We don’t ever go looking for the person that made a meme we all repost. We just simply repost.

    • Twinkle Pink peach

      Twinkle Pink peach

      10 napja

      Yup it’s ridiculous that’s why I don’t support them

    • Razor blade Kisses

      Razor blade Kisses

      10 napja

      Yes, the girl who made renegade was upset that she didn’t get the credit and charli changed some of the moves

  75. Alex AJ

    Alex AJ

    10 napja

    F-ing CRINGE 🚫

  76. Shannon DeCillis

    Shannon DeCillis

    10 napja

    Notice how she puts no life into the dances compared to the creators. Why is she famous?

  77. Kylie Tannenbaum

    Kylie Tannenbaum

    10 napja

    What’s this Bring It On white girl gets famous off stealing black people’s choreography

  78. Skully_!


    10 napja

    we wuz kangs in sheeit

  79. We want A 104th battle pack

    We want A 104th battle pack

    10 napja

    I agree the people, who created it should get credit but I don’t think pepoel should make it race cause I don’t care what your race is honestly

    • Emanlaine M

      Emanlaine M

      9 napja

      It will always be about race, no matter what

    • Bacon lettuce tomato

      Bacon lettuce tomato

      9 napja

      The thing is jimmy fallon got a white girl on stage performing dances made by black creators.

  80. NIKKK


    11 napja

    i don’t use tik tok for this exact reason

  81. Wus Kraken

    Wus Kraken

    11 napja

    Man Tik tok and jimmy Fallon drama is so interesting and important and meaningful and there is literally nothing else news worthy other than jimmy Fallon and tic tok

  82. You Liked Your Own Comment

    You Liked Your Own Comment

    11 napja

    Fallon didn't know because he was laughing uncontrollably because a pen dropped on the floor

  83. Your Mom

    Your Mom

    11 napja

    Ah gotta make the black kids look good to cover up the two who brutally murdered an innocent man in DC. Without looking it up do you guys remember the name of the man who was murdered?

  84. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan

    11 napja

    😂what a joke

  85. Quady


    11 napja

    Honestly I hope TIKTOK gets banned world wide

  86. wolfraider15


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  87. jelleyfa


    11 napja

    It's just a dance idc who created it

  88. Frenite


    11 napja

    TikTok is the cancer of society. People get more stupid every time they watch it.

  89. wald Padi

    wald Padi

    11 napja

    Tik Tok it's okay

  90. MarcAnthony Martinez

    MarcAnthony Martinez

    11 napja


  91. Joanna Farias

    Joanna Farias

    11 napja

    She didn't even dance well. The black people who did it do it way better!!

    • LadyBug K

      LadyBug K

      10 napja

      Us Black people can naturally dance it’s in our Blood Even Latinos can dance to .... those Dances come originally from my Ancestors from Africa it’s nothing really new

  92. Beatriz Bio

    Beatriz Bio

    11 napja


  93. Ian Ray Flora

    Ian Ray Flora

    11 napja

    Cringe fest

  94. Qrex


    11 napja

    So childish

  95. KatoLove24


    11 napja


  96. trent_b


    11 napja

    black people dont own the dance

    • Mi’ahno


      10 napja

      @trent_b we never said that we owned the dance y’all can dance to it freely but just credit & recognize the ppl who did it ORIGINALLY . This has happened so many times where white ppl did stuff like this.

    • trent_b


      10 napja

      @Mi’ahno they act like white people cant dance it

    • Mi’ahno


      10 napja

      This comment literally doesn’t make sense 🥴

  97. Mike MEME

    Mike MEME

    11 napja

    Still though TikTok is the worse place to express yourself on.

  98. ARtEMiS


    11 napja

    I'm sorry I dont know who she is, no internet for 5 years, no headaches and diffently not missing out on Dumbasses

  99. *6th* Temporary Account

    *6th* Temporary Account

    11 napja

    And they're blk matters why? Ohhh, it doesn't. Racist just made it about race. Got it.

    • MrCrackshot


      10 napja

      Lol thats so true

  100. Tino Gadaga

    Tino Gadaga

    11 napja

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    • mateosuv


      10 napja

      @Society is a nightmare LMAOO-

    • Society is a nightmare

      Society is a nightmare

      10 napja

      You're making jesus sound like a pedophile.

    • Angry Raisin

      Angry Raisin

      10 napja


    • R. Kelly

      R. Kelly

      10 napja

      Lol i remember when i believed in santa clause also