Meet the Creator of the 1st Black Cereal Brand Proud Puffs

At first, Nic King stepped away from his corporate sales job during the pandemic so he could spend more time with his 15-year-old son. Then over the summer, at the height of worldwide protests over racial injustice, he got an idea to form Legacy Cereal Company, whose first product will be a chocolatey cereal called Proud Puffs. “I have other initiatives. One initiative called Operation Love, to where we address food deserts and things like that. So those are things that I really want to focus on. I think the cereal industry for me is like the vehicle to it,” King said. Inside Edition Digital’s Stephanie Officer has the details.


  1. Samyueru Lagann

    Samyueru Lagann

    3 órája

    This is AMAZING!!!

  2. cupcake of death

    cupcake of death

    6 órája

    Why fist violence won't save any thing I can say this

  3. Ghost Budd

    Ghost Budd

    9 órája

    Im creating White Cone Crisps for my cereal. Who wants some?

  4. Reddy ice cream :D

    Reddy ice cream :D

    11 órája

    I never heard of that.

  5. Juan Macias

    Juan Macias


    Have you guys forgotten about booty O’s

  6. eli ni

    eli ni


    Am going to try that food am sure it tastes good

  7. South Texas Angler

    South Texas Angler


    So we can have this but we can’t have aunt jemima or uncle Ben back?

  8. Itz Ariel

    Itz Ariel


    PFFT y'all think we care? Even with Google the black heart next to black owned business WE LEGIT DONT CARE AS LONG AS THE PRODUCTS GOOD

  9. KookieKoala


    2 napja

    No one cares about who owns cereal , it’s the TASTE it’s FOOD

  10. Weeb fangirl

    Weeb fangirl

    2 napja

    Bro idgaf who made it how tf does race have anything to do with food bruh-

  11. Phillip Hancin

    Phillip Hancin

    2 napja

    Imagine not playing the race card.

  12. Big Fat Meanni

    Big Fat Meanni

    2 napja

    What has race got to do with a cereal? I thought u were just supposed to eat cereal, not make it all about race. I wanna know, who here actually thinks about the color of skin the brand owner has when they eat cereal?

  13. Eddie Vr

    Eddie Vr

    2 napja

    I hate black people plz reply (cause I’m Lon Y) :(

  14. exahtahtor


    2 napja

    Would be better if he just market his cereal as a healthy cereal instead of black

  15. TaylorAnn Lawless

    TaylorAnn Lawless

    2 napja

    So many negative comments. Shows just how much racism is alive and well. Let this man live and become successful. This piece was in promotion of “Black History Month. It is inspiring for black peoples to be shown doing other things from athletes or entertainers. And for the record, other races DO have their own racially owned products. Stop dog whistling.

    • TaylorAnn Lawless

      TaylorAnn Lawless

      6 órája

      @keen This very same channel a few days ago reported on alleged Asian hate crimes when in actuality Asians aren’t victimized anymore than anyone else. So, according to this channel race does seem to matter. Dog whistle elsewhere.

    • keen


      14 órája

      Or maybe not everything has to be about race

  16. P Cee

    P Cee

    2 napja

    Nice idea but he’ll have to study the importance of branding and graphic design. There’s nothing appetizing about that logo, name and design. The alliteration is okay but it’s cliche. The purple colour box isn’t appetizing and the real humans on the box is also unappetizing. He’ll get it though!



    2 napja

    im not even going to try this cereal

  18. Joseph Hussain

    Joseph Hussain

    2 napja

    hey guys, i think i should be the first honduran to make a condom brand

  19. Jazzy gaming Love

    Jazzy gaming Love

    3 napja

    Where can I find these

  20. DLø Whösoever

    DLø Whösoever

    3 napja

    If this were from a white man....

  21. Acanuro Memes

    Acanuro Memes

    3 napja

    Everyone gangster till the cereal says it's chocolate flavor

  22. Elle


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    Yes! Go CT!! 🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️

  23. nonfatalfonso


    3 napja

    george floyd aka fentanyl floyd

  24. Crystal Ortiz

    Crystal Ortiz

    3 napja

    Hi I am interested I want some

  25. ae


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    Man can't even eat a cereal without hearing about race.🤦‍♀️

  26. ghostintheface


    3 napja

    Got Nipsey Hussle motivating him. I can dig

  27. JoEd Yngx

    JoEd Yngx

    3 napja

    I really like his eplxanaton

  28. radchoco


    3 napja

    this comment section is not it. Congrats for your brand!

  29. Club fantasy Frog

    Club fantasy Frog

    3 napja

    Im proud to be white, but im not making a white cereal... Now im gonna get attacked for being "racist"

  30. Club fantasy Frog

    Club fantasy Frog

    3 napja

    Tbh, if we want everyone to be equal... Everyone should stop making anything extra for any race at all, its not making everyone equal by making black cereal.. attack me if you want.

  31. Jeb


    3 napja

    If it doesn't taste good then good luck on that working out my dude

  32. ezra chang

    ezra chang

    3 napja

    so he made a crappy political version of coco puffs? ill pass

  33. ezra chang

    ezra chang

    3 napja

    ok who cares? i buy cereal if it tastes good. i dont care if the person who made it is black or not

  34. [REDACTED]


    3 napja

    All lives and black lives matter

  35. YoshTheRandom


    3 napja

    looks yummy hopefully one day it will be on store shelves!

  36. chase halverson

    chase halverson

    3 napja

    Why do people care about if the business is black owned. I want to eat the food that taste good, not because it’s a black owned business. I want the best of the best and if it’s a black person good for them. I don’t care who’s making the product but I don’t think black owned business should be lifted on a pedestal because it’s a black owned business. It should be lifted on a pedestal if it’s a good product

  37. J L

    J L

    3 napja

    I don't eat cereal

  38. Incognito Twitch

    Incognito Twitch

    3 napja

    But theres coco puffs...

  39. Ferret Man

    Ferret Man

    3 napja

    Waiting for Lenin-o’s.......

  40. Ferret Man

    Ferret Man

    3 napja

    If it was Asian or white they whould freak out......

  41. Juan Yepez

    Juan Yepez

    3 napja

    That’s racist because it’s just black people. 😂😂😂

  42. Tyler Kane

    Tyler Kane

    3 napja

    It's creative I would try it. There r multiple reasons other than ppl not supporting the cause that would make this hard as a business, don't base the sales and support off a campaign like purpose, it's still a cereal brand and will be treated like one.

  43. it's not for everyone

    it's not for everyone

    3 napja

    Good luck selling it.

  44. Thom Dean

    Thom Dean

    3 napja

    No one cares if it’s black owned or not. It’s all about taste and price

    • swallowedinthesea11


      3 napja

      They're taking pre-orders and the cereal costs $8 on their website.

  45. Obblical Tongey

    Obblical Tongey

    4 napja

    Im going to make a cereal called Proud Boys.

    • Obblical Tongey

      Obblical Tongey

      3 napja

      @NuggetTacoGuyPerson hehehe

    • NuggetTacoGuyPerson


      3 napja

      Twitter is going to go ballistic

  46. Obblical Tongey

    Obblical Tongey

    4 napja

    So stupid

  47. ThatSintixGuy


    4 napja

    Why tf does everything have to involve race anymore holyyyyyy. Like this is just sad at this point. 0 people care about if it’s black owned, white owned, Asian owned, whatever, I just wanna pop open a box of lucky charms and vibe, not get a mouth full of alt left lmao. I’m ready for the “your white privilege is showing” and so on, which shame on you if your thinking that.

  48. BuinduJanet Kamara

    BuinduJanet Kamara

    4 napja

    1.2k dislike, Why?🤷‍♀️

    • Obblical Tongey

      Obblical Tongey

      4 napja

      Not everything should be about race.

  49. Katrina Wall

    Katrina Wall

    4 napja

    Get hooked up with Master P. He has his own cereal too. I hope it's good , I would like to try.

  50. Under Muncher

    Under Muncher

    4 napja

    Wasn't cocoa puffs first

  51. Jordan -

    Jordan -

    4 napja

    this generation has me worried 😑

  52. Deema Alshmri

    Deema Alshmri

    4 napja

    I’m just imagining if a white person did that 🙂

    • Obblical Tongey

      Obblical Tongey

      4 napja

      The left would murder them probably

  53. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

    4 napja

    What? Grape pop next? Makes no sense.

  54. pro pi extras

    pro pi extras

    4 napja

    I’m investing in that.

  55. mr.chicken nugget of the west

    mr.chicken nugget of the west

    4 napja

    Want happened to booty os

  56. voomvoom goes the chicken

    voomvoom goes the chicken

    4 napja

    Seems racist to me

  57. Carla Harris

    Carla Harris

    4 napja

    Why is he focusing more on things that happened in the past regarding discrimination and not the product itself? Sounds like hes trying to stirr up drama to give himself an image.

  58. Taylor Wilson

    Taylor Wilson

    4 napja

    I live in ct too!

  59. IForgotMyUsername YT

    IForgotMyUsername YT

    4 napja

    Go on shark tank :)

  60. Frenite


    4 napja

    I understand it’s black owned, but he has to realize that that’s not what people look for in a cereal. People care about the taste and nutritional value. He needs to better brand his cereal instead of just saying “black owned”.

  61. Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    4 napja

    I got Proud Family Vibes 😊😂

  62. Stagea


    4 napja

    I’m white, will people call me racist?

  63. OxyPerm


    4 napja


  64. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

    Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

    4 napja

    That’s cool- but why bring race into cereal? It doesn’t matter what race it is, as long as it tastes good and it’s healthy!

  65. Chris Cote

    Chris Cote

    4 napja

    My new cereal: “Whitey Puffs” Let’s see how long before it’s yanked off the shelf and I am neck deep in lawsuits.

    • Sis I-

      Sis I-

      2 napja

      We want white puffs, I hate black burnt puffs

  66. Testosterone Ape

    Testosterone Ape

    4 napja

    It seems a bit too in your face.

  67. Błüę


    4 napja

    Ok but does it taste good?

  68. Andrew Azurdia

    Andrew Azurdia

    4 napja

    Whats next chocolate milk? 😂

  69. Smoked Out

    Smoked Out

    4 napja

    Let me guess, anyone who sees this cereal and picks up a different cereal will be called a racist or trump supporter, despite not knowing the reason they picked up the other cereal. I'm a poc but i won't be buying this cereal, because i know what cereal I like such as frosted flakes, cinnamon toast crunch, fruity pebbles, etc. If that bothers you then too bad.

    • Obblical Tongey

      Obblical Tongey

      4 napja

      @swallowedinthesea11 Cereal is cereal, not history.

    • swallowedinthesea11


      4 napja

      Have fun buying things you know nothing about their history and the history of the creators. I will always support this brave man. Don't reply. Don't even read this comment. He's doing more for the world than you. This cereal is $8 and I pre-ordered fifty with my stimulus check.

  70. Kai Anderson

    Kai Anderson

    4 napja

    I’d steal a box 😁

  71. Forest Dweller

    Forest Dweller

    4 napja


  72. Clinkus


    4 napja

    I'm gonna be honest here, Nobody cares what race makes breakfast cereal? Like really lol, why bring race into cereal...

  73. Adapa


    4 napja

    Black this, white that, who tf cares... He created a cereal brand, good for him. Has nothing to do with race.... Liberal media is brutal...

  74. Notta Nuke

    Notta Nuke

    4 napja

    Looks corny.

  75. Wilted


    4 napja

    i’d rather eat booty’os cereal 🤣

  76. Max The Goat

    Max The Goat

    4 napja

    sry i want cereal not a lecture

  77. Captain Freedom

    Captain Freedom

    4 napja

    Rough n stuff with my Afro Puffs.

  78. Fat Jesus

    Fat Jesus

    4 napja

    wait ive been eating white cereal this whole time???? what does this mean?! nothing. means nothing

  79. Indigo Lilies

    Indigo Lilies

    4 napja

    Wouldn't reese's puffs kind of be the first tho... I am not racist this is so sweet tho!😊

  80. DanDCool


    5 napja

    This comment section is different than i thought for real

  81. coockie bee

    coockie bee

    5 napja

    Sorry I like strawberry

  82. Brenda Short

    Brenda Short

    5 napja

    Wow, what a great idea...New Brand of Breakfast food. I wished when I was kid they had more products that support people of Color. But, its wonderful and about time products for those of Color being created and to show the world that Beautiful things come in all packages...Black, Brown and in between. Good job can't wait to buy and taste this New cereal. 👍☺☺☺🍲

  83. MLBman6d


    5 napja

    *booty O’s from “the new day” in the WWE is the first black owned cereal 😂

  84. KLGoodman


    5 napja

    This video is too long

  85. George Washington

    George Washington

    5 napja

    When I was president, I used to eat cereal for breakfast! Such nostalgia!

    • Brooklyn Frazier

      Brooklyn Frazier

      4 napja

      why did you have slaves

  86. g johnson

    g johnson

    5 napja

    Thatʻs y u donʻt tell an share everything until... I'm proud of u brother!

  87. Mr. Night

    Mr. Night

    5 napja

    Yeah no I'm not paying 16 dollars for two boxes of some cocoa puffs.

  88. CoolKat07


    5 napja

    🎵🎶Proud Family🎵🎶 Oscar Proud: From the company that brought you Proud Snax, now presents Proud Puffs. One bite will make your taste buds holla. 😻😻😻😻

  89. Penta


    5 napja

    nicr to meet you

  90. Bar Mater

    Bar Mater

    5 napja


  91. Scotty Kilmer

    Scotty Kilmer

    5 napja

    I hope stores dont sell this. This is just stupid

    • Scotty Kilmer

      Scotty Kilmer

      4 napja

      @swallowedinthesea11 lol please upload a picture of you're pre order i dare you. Oh wait you wont because you didn't. Doing more in the world? lol profiting from racism yea? Ok?

    • swallowedinthesea11


      4 napja

      Have fun buying things you know nothing about their history and the history of the creators. I will always support this brave man. Don't reply. Don't even read this comment. He's doing more for the world than you. This cereal is $8 and I pre-ordered fifty with my stimulus check. And your car reviews suck.

  92. Titli Ghosh

    Titli Ghosh

    5 napja

    No wonder China is overtaking the USA 🤣🤣🤣

  93. Becky with the good hair

    Becky with the good hair

    5 napja

    I dont care if its black owned or not as long as it tastes good 😗

  94. zay cd

    zay cd

    5 napja

    IDGAF even know I'm black I just want good cereal that taste good

  95. Lolo Mikel

    Lolo Mikel

    5 napja

    How tf do you bring race into cereal? smh

  96. Tenaja Gibson

    Tenaja Gibson

    5 napja

    I want some !!!

  97. Zelda47


    5 napja

    bro is lucky charms gay cause they have a rainbow charm

  98. lil peanut butter

    lil peanut butter

    5 napja

    Hot mess 😂

  99. my bun is in danger

    my bun is in danger

    5 napja

    Who buys ceral because of the race 😂

  100. liloboy911808


    5 napja

    I'm I the only one who thinks this is from the Proud Family?