Mom Secretly Films 6-Year-Old Being Paddled by Principal

A Florida elementary school principal is under investigation for paddling a 6-year-old student who allegedly damaged a computer, according to reports. The child's mother recorded the corporal punishment with her cellphone. The young girl can be heard sobbing as the principal and another female school employee hold her against a table, and then strike her three times. The prosecutor's office is weighing whether to file charges against principal Melissa Carter and her colleague seen in the video.


  1. uh hi peter

    uh hi peter

    2 órája

    she’s SIX. this woman is crazy

  2. Richard Garcia

    Richard Garcia

    6 órája

    Wow... If the mother took that paddle and hit the principal with it to protect her daughter, the mother would have been arrested for assault.

  3. LostAmmo


    8 órája

    That happened to me 6 to 10 times a year from kinder to 4th grade i was scared of bullies teachers just everything the school system in Arizona back from 86 to 91 and I think beyond that gave me ptsd I think I always had sweaty hands just jumpy.

  4. Silent Shadow

    Silent Shadow

    11 órája

    Lol she so weak she had to hit her with a paddle

  5. xfxcksxapsx


    15 órája

    that child does not weigh 40lbs💀

  6. TherealJerrellW


    17 órája

    I got whip by my teacher in elementary school by a long wooden ruler

  7. Laurie Anne

    Laurie Anne

    18 órája

    The Mom pff ( I will just record) .. for the law suit!!

  8. Bryson Queen

    Bryson Queen

    18 órája

    this is how america was made, it is not wrong the little girl needs to learn

  9. Lia Rose

    Lia Rose

    20 órája

    Tf they would have caught these hands.

  10. Wrenn’s Fins

    Wrenn’s Fins

    23 órája

    The mom was watching

  11. tennisball 77

    tennisball 77


    All of that just because of a scratch on a computer screen

    • ashley leseur

      ashley leseur


      ikr, the parents of the child couldve just payed for a new computer instead of letting the freaking principal hit the child

  12. cheristar



    What a horrible principal. That poor baby girl.

  13. Lil brycen007 L

    Lil brycen007 L


    I thought paddle is a legal

  14. AQW Arima

    AQW Arima



  15. A A

    A A


    It’s not that bad.

  16. Yao M

    Yao M


    If did that to my chilid i would stab the principle 1000000000””0000988829299006279282736383929times

  17. Yao M

    Yao M


    Omg god

  18. Awribalh Idugagk

    Awribalh Idugagk


    No one is going to abuse my kid while I'm there.

  19. Sky Mole

    Sky Mole


    That person should go to jail for life by the court of law

  20. Cadence Paullus

    Cadence Paullus


    I would smack tf outta that teacher

  21. Nicholas Liddelow

    Nicholas Liddelow


    She’s going to hell because she’s hitting woman

  22. Shaden Ibrahim

    Shaden Ibrahim


    That Is Sad 😢 And Rude. Stupid Ladie.

  23. Carmen Fowler-Perry

    Carmen Fowler-Perry

    2 napja

    EW no

  24. Sabeeha Mumtaaz Khan

    Sabeeha Mumtaaz Khan

    2 napja

    That was disturbing to say the least! As a mom I'd have drop kicked that teacher to the next year!

  25. Tairen Woods

    Tairen Woods

    2 napja

    She’s only six I think she doesn’t know what she’s doing and when I was six I did the same thing 20 times and I didn’t know what I was doing

  26. Brianna Holguin

    Brianna Holguin

    2 napja

    This is the definition of a cold hearted principle. Who has the audacity to hit a child let alone a 6 year old over a computer??? What is wrong with people the mother is the one who should discipline their child not a principal! Ugh this is horrible!

  27. Estaban B

    Estaban B

    2 napja

    Proverbs 23:13-14

  28. Estaban B

    Estaban B

    2 napja

    Proverbs 29:15

  29. Estaban B

    Estaban B

    2 napja

    Proverbs 22:15

  30. Sydney Mingz

    Sydney Mingz

    2 napja


  31. •Suga wifey•

    •Suga wifey•

    2 napja

    The sad truth is they do they do this at my old school and it would be so sad



    2 napja

    this is really sad

  33. sandman 01

    sandman 01

    2 napja

    that'd be the day I caught a case

  34. Grimm


    2 napja

    What happened to that child shouldn't happen to anybody

  35. Tijah George

    Tijah George

    2 napja

    It was an accident!!!! Accidents freaking happen,she acts like no one can accidentally scratch the computer screen,i bet u its because the child is black

  36. botkid67 Havoc

    botkid67 Havoc

    2 napja

    The mother too come on how you gonna let that happen just say don't touch my daughter or tell the husband or something

  37. Andrew ski

    Andrew ski

    2 napja

    This is a damn joke. Obviously the mom approved of this. The media is a joke

  38. Artist_who_ loves_sharks

    Artist_who_ loves_sharks

    2 napja

    I'd punch that principle right in the bleeping nose. Ain't nobody touching my daughter's no no square. (No i do not have kids)

  39. Ava Garrett

    Ava Garrett

    2 napja

    I would hold down the princapal and call the cops

    • GamerArtificialYT pros

      GamerArtificialYT pros

      2 napja

      You can't

  40. Syeda Sarah

    Syeda Sarah

    2 napja

    If I would be that girl I would be *bye mom bye teach*

  41. Lee Bell

    Lee Bell

    2 napja

    Why not say something?

  42. s shapiro

    s shapiro

    2 napja

    Mother requested the paddling.

  43. Noneya Noneya

    Noneya Noneya

    2 napja

    only suspended no charges and mom didnt catch a neglect...... sick

  44. Raylene Gonzalez

    Raylene Gonzalez

    2 napja

    The mom spoke a different language so she felt overpowered, she played a smart move recording.

  45. Julie Smith

    Julie Smith

    2 napja


  46. itsme itsme

    itsme itsme

    2 napja

    Mom is disgusting.

  47. Toni Thompson

    Toni Thompson

    3 napja

    If other school weren't allowed to do this then I dout she would have used that type of "abuse" even as a parent in England if you hit your kids you can go to jail she deserves the beating inside jail she's ganna get! Horrible person she is!

  48. Happy_Howellzz


    3 napja

    I’m not afraid to have a body count

  49. Snowflower Yay

    Snowflower Yay

    3 napja

    How could a mother watch that?if me or my mother saw me get paddled she would most definitely stand up for me and how old was that child 6 ofc she’s gonna make a mistake like that!

  50. Carol Dean

    Carol Dean

    3 napja

    ABUSED 🙄

  51. Victoria Ortiz

    Victoria Ortiz

    3 napja


  52. Ruby Ramos

    Ruby Ramos

    3 napja

    🥶 the mother could have done something not Gonna lie

  53. Debreps


    3 napja

    Parents literally loved a kid getting assaulted by a principal.

  54. TFUFOR Entertainment

    TFUFOR Entertainment

    3 napja


  55. Kim Jackson

    Kim Jackson

    3 napja

    Bruh that’s a 6 year old so sad like really this girl SOULD be fired and she SCRACED the computer screen🥺

  56. Amanda TheWifigurllシ

    Amanda TheWifigurllシ

    3 napja


  57. Mayte Miranda

    Mayte Miranda

    3 napja

    Did she go to praising pls go

  58. Toni In the house

    Toni In the house

    3 napja

    She said to the jail that’s a bad principle

  59. Ribbit


    3 napja

    The mother LET her kid go through that so she could file a lawsuit. Shame on that lady for allowing her daughter to be paddled like that. Disgusting.

  60. Evdoyi Merxas

    Evdoyi Merxas

    3 napja

    She must be charged for crime act

  61. Noemi Espinoza

    Noemi Espinoza

    3 napja

    Is this lady crazy

  62. Rie ver

    Rie ver

    3 napja

    Sometimes people with that much charm and popularity had some sort of sociopathic tendencies alongside malignant narcissism. Like behind popularity they hit or abuse someone.

  63. Russell Depina

    Russell Depina

    3 napja

    wtf thats not a crime i swear if someone did that to my child i would take it from her and do that to her

  64. Fiona Zhang

    Fiona Zhang

    3 napja

    4 MORE YEARS 4 MORE-- No scratch that 12 MORE YEARS COME ON 12 MORE YEARS

  65. Naomi Hoover

    Naomi Hoover

    3 napja

    Those two women needs to go to jail.

  66. S Barber

    S Barber

    3 napja

    Why is this allowed in 17 states in your country?

  67. Coco&Loco


    3 napja

    If thar wa sme cause in 8 I would if token teh paddle a way from her and give her one luck side her face

  68. Egal Ramla abdi ali

    Egal Ramla abdi ali

    3 napja

    In Africa that's fine.

  69. winq.


    3 napja

    "school is a safe and nurturing environment." THEN WTF IS THIS HUH!?

  70. Raelyn Pezdirtz

    Raelyn Pezdirtz

    3 napja

    Omg 😱

  71. Matty boy Plays

    Matty boy Plays

    3 napja

    Hell no idk what the hell the mom was thinking idk what amount of fear I have I would🔪🧎🏾‍♀️🪦

  72. Kristian Jaku

    Kristian Jaku

    3 napja

    This is why we hate principals.....

  73. King of Newyork

    King of Newyork

    3 napja

    I'm sorry but if that was my kid that lady would have had hands put on her!!!!

  74. Jimmy Johnson

    Jimmy Johnson

    3 napja

    What an absolute POS parent. First to allow this. Second to record it. Finally releasing it to everyone. The child should be removed from his or her custody. PS the principal aka C U Next Tuesday should be in jail!!!

  75. idk idk

    idk idk

    4 napja

    I went to a school that did this. I was in kindergarten ;-;

  76. Jay Yap

    Jay Yap

    4 napja

    That's too harsh to punish the elementary school student like that. Oh my goodness!

  77. Amy Richardson

    Amy Richardson

    4 napja

    Mom would rather seek a lawsuit, then to intervene. She wasn't intimidated by her, she was thinking dollar signs!

  78. rexman muscles man

    rexman muscles man

    4 napja

    Americans: this is so cruel Africans: first time

  79. Phobos


    4 napja


  80. Anti YT

    Anti YT

    4 napja

    Me who used to get disciplined by the charger cable:🙃

  81. Isiah O'Canas

    Isiah O'Canas

    4 napja

    10 years later the kid came back with a shotgun

  82. Snodge Kat

    Snodge Kat

    4 napja


  83. Shannon Mickle

    Shannon Mickle

    4 napja

    They should ban this in the school and the video

  84. Nunyah Bizzniss

    Nunyah Bizzniss

    4 napja

    The anger that hit me watching this OMG I am traumatized by watching this is outrageous 🤬 wtf

  85. Diego's Kitchen

    Diego's Kitchen

    4 napja

    The mom just wanted the lawsuit she doesn't care about her daughter if she cared about her she should've fight the teacher

  86. Ricardo Pratt

    Ricardo Pratt

    4 napja

    And bro it's not the70s to 2009 anymore just stop bro things change yah they say were rude now but jeez just stop I could see if this was 2008 or 9 but no its 2021 I swear if this was a supernanny episode jo would have just given her a time out not beat her with a paddle

  87. Cary Schroeder

    Cary Schroeder

    4 napja

    That principle is insane and that mom is greedy!

  88. J~Bugg


    4 napja

    That lady is crazyyy. What the heck

  89. Astronaut Cricket

    Astronaut Cricket

    4 napja

    A lot of schools do this. Always have. They have your parents sign for it at the beginning of the year either giving them permission or not. My mom always said no. If I misbehave at school they have to write a note or call her. Or find some other way to discipline us. Like quiet lunch or no recess or something.

  90. Senior Partner

    Senior Partner

    4 napja

    Okay, I seriously thought the school sign at 1:20 said ‘paddle up for success.’

  91. Emily Vasquez

    Emily Vasquez

    4 napja

    Wth is wrong with the mother! I know the principal is a horrible person! But the mother! Omg she shouldn’t be ‘frozen with fear’! What a great mother 🙄🥱

  92. jedidiah digma

    jedidiah digma

    4 napja


  93. MrAlfie132


    4 napja

    Mother intimidated? Lol. Shame on her. She wanted her girl to be straightened, and now she’s taking advantage of the situation. She does not deserve to be a mother.

  94. Jessica Harris

    Jessica Harris

    4 napja

    I have so many questions

  95. Jair Vicente

    Jair Vicente

    4 napja

    Hit my siblings like that I’ll show you how hard that paddle hits

  96. aman sandhu

    aman sandhu

    4 napja

    If she hit my daughter. That women wouldn’t live today .

  97. Sarah Lyons

    Sarah Lyons

    4 napja

    This is absolutely traumatic that poor girl is going to remember this for the rest of her life! I hope justice is served and I hope the little girl gets the help she needs.

  98. Donny


    4 napja

    The state attorney says no crime was committed, does that mean if I go into her office with a baseball bat and attack her there is no crime committed or do I just get someone to hold her then attack her with the baseball bat

    • Aayush Patel

      Aayush Patel

      4 napja

      Lol yes, you will not be committing a crime, and if you get charged, that will show the hypocrisy of this situation.