Nurse Stuck in Mexico Positive Despite Vaccination

Nurse practitioner Diane Schmidt was on a well-deserved vacation following a year of helping patients in the pandemic and thought she was clear to travel since she was fully vaccinated. She and her daughter flew to Mexico with two other mother-daughter duos, but after a couple days, she started feeling a bit sick. CDC guidelines require Americans who’ve left the country to test negative for COVID-19 before re-entering, and Diane was shocked when she was positive. Now she’s stuck alone in Mexico.


  1. L Muro

    L Muro

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    Travel at your own risk! 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Nicole Redwin

    Nicole Redwin

    9 órája

    You can still get COVID with the vaccine, just prevents serious illness/death.

  3. Wiremu


    19 órája

    You can't cure stupid! That's another positive not in your favour. And you're a nurse? Pray to God for common sense coz right now lady, u need a miracle to save u from urself!

  4. Liily Rose

    Liily Rose

    19 órája

    Boohoo cry me a river with her little fridge little tv little space lol

  5. Jenny Santiago

    Jenny Santiago

    22 órája

    There's thousands who tested positive after the jab. Israel have 12,000 people who contracted cov19 a week after the so called 🙄 safe vaccine. Hummm

  6. Lynyngrag Funkyfoot

    Lynyngrag Funkyfoot


    She want hospitalized so that's good.

  7. CJ Krug

    CJ Krug



  8. Wilson


    2 napja

    She wanted a vacation and she got it 🤷‍♂️

  9. LP Labella

    LP Labella

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    That's a really nice room, looks like she is well taken care of

  10. la1negrita


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    I think there's a lot of positive of course including her. She's got a nice room to be isolated her food is delivered. Wow! Size of that tv is also a positive. The greatest positive thing is that she's not at the hospital gasping for air. Very fortunate nurse.

  11. Melissa McClain

    Melissa McClain

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    That was the most confusing video title EVER!! And lady that is not a small room 😂

  12. PureChaos100Games


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    Look at the bright side, your chance of dying is slim! xD

  13. BeccaMason1987


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    If you’re a nurse, how do you not know you’re not immune to getting Covid even after the vaccine? So dumb

  14. unapologetically me

    unapologetically me

    3 napja

    Shouldn't she of all people have known better than to travel if it werent essential? 🤔🙄

  15. Rose tv blueray

    Rose tv blueray

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    Pfizer pfizer astra westra Johnson johnson 😆



    3 napja

    They vaccinating people with covid itself... keep getting them vaccines

  17. Ralph 187

    Ralph 187

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    Let's be real she's happy af she's stuck in mx in a nice room

  18. Wubbleon


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    Getting vaccinated doesn't keep you from getting covid, it just helps your immune system fight it better

  19. peacelife


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    She should have gone to Maldives. They have better protection and isolation. She should known better as a nurse. It said vaccinated doesn't prevent u from getting it or passing it on just build up immune so u don't die from it. They didn't say anything about her daughter. Just imagine the other mom. She probably freak out bec she came in contact with her

  20. Okayish Stoners

    Okayish Stoners

    3 napja

    Looks pretty luxurious in a HOTEL

  21. Kristyn Hoffner

    Kristyn Hoffner

    4 napja

    Maybe the vaccine is like my chicken pox vaccine. No matter how many times or how often I get the chicken vaccine barely any titers show up

  22. Happy


    4 napja

    Shes priviledge but shes still complaining. I hate americans

  23. Moe Kanye west

    Moe Kanye west

    4 napja

    Everyone is acting like it’s a cure

  24. TiCTAC2930


    4 napja

    She looks good for someone that has COVID I guess she can thank the vaccine for that.

  25. Maria Crisostomo

    Maria Crisostomo

    4 napja

    No one ever guaranteed that the vaccine would prevent you from getting the virus

  26. Barbara Gremaud

    Barbara Gremaud

    4 napja

    Sinus pressure/congestion was my most prominent symptom.

  27. Bleach Drinker

    Bleach Drinker

    4 napja

    More like saying that that the vaccine doesn’t work because it never has they have never gave the COVID patient it because it never has worked

  28. Mary Elizabeth

    Mary Elizabeth

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    They did say just cause you got the vaccine you still need to be safe it lowers the chances but it doesn’t mean your safe safe yet .

  29. Yoshiko Takahashi

    Yoshiko Takahashi

    4 napja

    That's what you call "little" room?? That little room is the size of an average apartment!

  30. Trash Can

    Trash Can

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    Stop giving attention to white women. They make stupid decisions, no matter their career.

  31. Xombbq


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    “Small room” dude that’s then my kitchen and dining room combined

  32. Steven S

    Steven S

    4 napja

    I ain't taking it 🚫

  33. New Beginning

    New Beginning

    5 napja

    I have been in my room by myself for the last 4 years and three months and eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner alone. Here she complaining being in her room by herself for the past 6 days.

  34. Phusion


    5 napja

    And she a nurse still don't know why got the Covid19

  35. bearbear


    5 napja

    I hope this goes viral and gets suggested to people soon instead of 4 yrs from now.

  36. Cayden


    5 napja

    Apparently inside edition doesn’t know how the covid vaccines work. Which is scary for a news outlet thats supposed to be correctly informing us. The covid vaccines don’t prevent you from getting covid. they teach your cells how to handle it if you were to get it. To prevent it ruining your lungs and ending up on a ventilator. You should probably change the title inside edition🙄

  37. the hotter cupid

    the hotter cupid

    5 napja

    Title is misleading, the vaccine doesn't grant immunity. It helps your body fight it off.

  38. J444


    5 napja

    As a nurse, she should have known better. But common sense isn't so common

  39. Laura Buckley

    Laura Buckley

    5 napja

    Have Americans been told that you can’t catch covid if you get the vaccine 😂

  40. Yah Go'el

    Yah Go'el

    5 napja

    I tell you the truth. Never listen to the lies of Lucifer! If Satan whispers in your ear “Go do this you will be safe.” Don’t listen to him. That punk was murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth because there is no truth in him. When he lies it is consistent with his character; for he’s a liar and the father of all lies!

  41. B G

    B G

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    "small room" lol okay....

  42. Elisabeth Estevez

    Elisabeth Estevez

    5 napja

    I got the flu even after getting a flu shot 🤔 Same thing with COVID. You can still get it. Just not as severe 🤦‍♀️ I’m surprised her being a nurse would assume the vaccine made her immune to the virus 🦠

  43. Marlen Sierra

    Marlen Sierra

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    0:36 oh wow a vaccine can't cure covid

  44. L2 Twins

    L2 Twins

    5 napja

    I love your videos

  45. Mr Marbles

    Mr Marbles

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    She really is privileged... I'm trying not to criticize this woman but you cant exactly go about calling everything little. THERE IS A KING SIZED BED IN THAT ROOM.

  46. ines rodriguez

    ines rodriguez

    5 napja

    The vaccine is not supposed to stop the virus just avoid having the symptoms so bad that you could die. So yes even with the vaccine you can be positive. Learn people learn.

  47. DJ


    5 napja

    Lmao small everything.... Sure lady

  48. Isabel Reyna

    Isabel Reyna

    5 napja


  49. Jay Bird

    Jay Bird

    5 napja

    Thank goodness she and her daughter were with friends so she didn't need to worry about her daughter traveling back alone at least. And hopefully she was able to get access to something to do (puzzles, paper, etc.) She definitely could've been stuck somewhere worse (like a tiny cabin on a cruise ship!) but I'd definitely go stir crazy if I didn't have SOMETHING to do while waiting.

  50. GstXD Xbox

    GstXD Xbox

    5 napja

    that’s what you get for traveling

  51. Jake Belgira

    Jake Belgira

    5 napja

    Diane's case is just the beginning

  52. swat007jp


    5 napja

    Seriously what’s up with the tittles is the person writing half asleep? Drink some coffee maybe ?? Or stop uploading videos in the middle of the night lol

  53. S Port

    S Port

    5 napja

    I don't see anything news worthy. She is in a good condition and has little covid symptoms which may be due to the vaccine.

  54. Joe Matthews

    Joe Matthews

    5 napja

    IT'S NOT A CURE! It makes it so if/when you do get covid it won't be as bad! It's basically giving your body cheat sheets on how to beat it!

  55. Koko Kouture

    Koko Kouture

    5 napja

    Her “small room” is bigger than my current room... it’s a hotel lady that you paid for. what did you expect? A Palace?

  56. bailey darbii

    bailey darbii

    5 napja

    Let’s emphasize on the small one more time 😂 They tell y’all you can still get COVID, how do ppl miss this? It just decreases your sxs.

  57. Saban Jahic

    Saban Jahic

    5 napja

    Haaa sry dumbbb stay home... And room is not so small fair size for one person.

  58. Roo_ theservicedog

    Roo_ theservicedog

    5 napja

    Love how the news guy is outside of the hospital without a mask..dude it’s not going to mess with anything if you wear a mask...



    5 napja

    Good thing I'm immune. Nothing can kill me haha!

  60. Purple Safe

    Purple Safe

    5 napja

    A vaccine doesn't stop u from getting a virus, it just prevents the virus from doing any damage in ur body smh.

  61. Amanda M-Godin

    Amanda M-Godin

    5 napja

    You risked it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  62. Ida Maye

    Ida Maye

    5 napja

    You avoided all the important questions like was she still transmissible and pass it on to her daughter or did she have other symptoms or did the vaccine make it much more mild... like what was the point of this even

  63. Nilly K

    Nilly K

    5 napja

    Stop making excuses for that nurse. No matter how much she worked, traveling to Mexico during Covid is not a good idea. She got the vaccine, she won't die but could make others sick.

  64. Alex Coronado

    Alex Coronado

    5 napja

    COVID is curving Lisa Guerrero it doesn’t want that interview smoke

  65. Jamaicanflava11


    5 napja

    She keeps on saying “little “ like the room is the size of a bathroom of in nyc .. it’s a decent size, and she being ungrateful... side note inside edition please fix the title 👀

  66. Frankie Jean

    Frankie Jean

    6 napja

    Why is she calling everything little? It’s a room it has a mini fridge and a bathroom that bathroom is actually larger than mine

  67. Jorge Mairena

    Jorge Mairena

    6 napja

    It’s rare I got COVID after getting the vaccine.

  68. FlakeyFilms


    6 napja

    She’s a nurse and doesn’t even realize the vaccine is not a cure...

  69. Zeke Prescott

    Zeke Prescott

    6 napja

    Told y’all no vaccine will help. Example number 1 right here

  70. That Tiger Sunset Is Me

    That Tiger Sunset Is Me

    6 napja

    If you get the vaccine it just means you can’t get hospitalized from the virus, you still need to be smart about it.

  71. LearnToTakeAJoke


    6 napja

    Yeah... People all think this vaccine is putting us back to normal!! Rare? We've had several people vaccinated and then test positive later🤦🏼‍♀️

  72. Karmello Rome

    Karmello Rome

    6 napja

    😭😭😭😭stop playing with diseases the government know what they doing

  73. The Denisse

    The Denisse

    6 napja

    Yeah let's go to a country where not even half the population has been vaccinated. Also the nerve of her to complain about that "little room" when the hospitals in Mexico have patients on the floor because of no room to put patients with covid.

  74. Sabrina A

    Sabrina A

    6 napja

    How is she a nurse working in a hospital and not know how the vaccine works? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Why do people keep assuming it’s a miracle vaccine that once they have it they’re immune and can do and go wherever they want. The vaccine only prevents you from showing hardcore symptoms once you get it, not prevents you from getting it overall

  75. GapYear


    6 napja

    The sinus discomfort is a dead giveaway!

  76. Samuel Bowlby

    Samuel Bowlby

    6 napja

    You can still get sick with the just won’t die. Really misleading headline.

  77. Xx_yolo Jkkk

    Xx_yolo Jkkk

    6 napja

    “Small and little”? Girl that’s a huge room and bathroom 😭

  78. BKNY


    6 napja

    Covid 1. Vaccine 0

  79. Andrea lee

    Andrea lee

    6 napja

    That rooms nice .

  80. Arturo Lopez

    Arturo Lopez

    6 napja

    She should of stayed home 🏡

  81. Matt Whaley

    Matt Whaley

    6 napja

    On the upside, she has the beautiful views and warm weather which can't be said for most people.

  82. J's Channel

    J's Channel

    6 napja


    • J444


      5 napja

      Got proof?

  83. Evershade


    6 napja

    This was definitely a wake-up call for me. I'm fully vaccinated, but I still need to be vigilant, particularly when traveling. Thankfully I'm an introvert and don't interact with living people often. 😂

  84. Gotcha


    6 napja

    Lol rare happened to my uncle fake news

  85. Mondo Martinez

    Mondo Martinez

    6 napja

    Even vaccinated you still have to be caution wear mask, careful what you touch,wipe everything you touch and wash your hands. It sucks that you can still catch the virus 😕

  86. Seanna Stocking

    Seanna Stocking

    6 napja

    Her room is bigger than my bedroom that I share with my little sister

  87. FashionBy Jhake

    FashionBy Jhake

    6 napja

    People, the vaccine is not meant to prevent you from having or contracting covid. It’s to prevent you from dying from it.

  88. joshua raglin

    joshua raglin

    6 napja

    If you don't feel like an idiot at this point, then nothing it'll get through to ya

  89. JuJu Bee

    JuJu Bee

    6 napja

    I thought everyone knew they can get Covid again or for the first time they just won’t get ill from it.

  90. Millie Bezzina

    Millie Bezzina

    6 napja

    You would expect a nurse to be a little smarter lol

  91. mexy Joey

    mexy Joey

    6 napja

    What vaccine did she get thou

  92. jing jing

    jing jing

    6 napja

    Whoa that scared me. We got the same symptoms got fully vaccinated in Jan too but thankfully we're negative. Sinus infection.

  93. kuroaki;


    6 napja

    Just because you’ve been vaccinated doesn’t mean that you can’t get covid.

  94. glazn flip

    glazn flip

    6 napja

    So this vaccine works or what?

  95. Omar Perez

    Omar Perez

    6 napja

    It won't go away that fast ppl just don't understand

  96. Julia Ross

    Julia Ross

    6 napja

    See I’m just good on the vaccine.

  97. The Incredible Hunk

    The Incredible Hunk

    6 napja

    Let me help you there Inside Edition: "Nurse stuck in México! Positive, despite being vaccinated." ( And this can be written better. )

  98. musical gamer 101

    musical gamer 101

    6 napja

    Tf little seems pretty big to me

  99. Thecatapproves 1135

    Thecatapproves 1135

    6 napja

    I don't think people realize that covid is a virus, it's constantly mutating like the flu, so you're always going to be vulnerable to it. A vaccination only protects you to one specific strand.

  100. Peris Ndirangu

    Peris Ndirangu

    6 napja

    I hope the vacation was worth it ... coz getting covid is not worth the risk ... it just like standing in front of moving car .. it. Will crush you.. and die .. not worth it .. foolishness