Olivia Munn Sickened by Brutal Attack on Chinese Woman

There’s been a massive uptick in attacks against Asian Americans since the coronavirus pandemic began. In New York City, such crimes are up 1900%. Actress Oliva Munn is speaking out to Inside Edition after a recent attack in Queens hit close to home. It hit home for Munn because her mother is of Chinese descent, and she’s also friends with the victim’s son. Cops say during a verbal dispute, the assailant threw a box at the woman and then pushed her to the ground.


  1. Turgay



    Where is the olivia's munn charms

  2. k slushie

    k slushie

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    I just want end racism. And this is why people dont want to love in this kind of world



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    How can people be so heartless? 😔 the last clips of the elderly people being pushed is really heartbreaking 💔

  4. Swat C

    Swat C

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    If the victim was black, they would be protesters all over, demanding justice because it’s obviously “hate crime”. Asian people should stand up & unite (like black people do) and be loud, bold & strong!

  5. Giddeon Lazarus

    Giddeon Lazarus


    We don't know what led up to this.

  6. Giddeon Lazarus

    Giddeon Lazarus


    I'm trying to verify this, but a comment says she maced the man for not wearing a mask.

  7. SayorYEET Beems

    SayorYEET Beems


    This whole thing makes me sick....

  8. Chloe Guo

    Chloe Guo

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    my cousin in med school in new york was getting random things thrown at her and also got yelled at for being Chinese also, i was calling her one day and some people yelled "go back to ur lowlife country, we don't need lowlifes here" that was the least hurtful comment just disgusting

  9. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin

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    Well the virus did come from China

  10. Mai Thao

    Mai Thao

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    If you want to cover this story, then get her ethnicity right! Her mother is VIETNAMESE!

  11. lina kim

    lina kim

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    This is crazy like stop being racist people

  12. b s

    b s

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    I mean this guy isn't black but do the research

  13. KJ B

    KJ B

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    She was attacked by Jake Peralta?

  14. Jul Dionson

    Jul Dionson

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    USA is land of the free, as long as you're white.

  15. Milky Cat

    Milky Cat

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    I feel bad to the 2 grandpa 🥺

  16. ED


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    Yet yall use terms like South Africa strain and Brazil strain

    • VictoriousVirago


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      there is also the UK strain

  17. will weedman

    will weedman

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    NYC has the most cowards in any city. They just stand there and do nothing like beta squids.

  18. TheBest Boy1290

    TheBest Boy1290

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    When social media is useful

  19. Derg Birbs

    Derg Birbs

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    My mom is an Asian and now I’m kinda scared

  20. pro pi extras

    pro pi extras

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    He probably went to the capitol riot next.

  21. A. Salmon

    A. Salmon

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    Blame the CCP, not the people

  22. Yovani Herrera

    Yovani Herrera

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    How was it a racist attack? He said it was a dispute.

  23. Jose Ochoa

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  24. Silver Fortress

    Silver Fortress

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    Don't be surprised that it happened for decades towards the Asian Community be surprised that the media CHOOSE to report it for once.

  25. Diamond Wolf

    Diamond Wolf

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    How do we know this was of racial motive.

  26. Dimagon


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    This should stop but really you think someone saying to stop and your an actress oh yeah hes sorry he will stop

  27. Tommy_17


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    I rlly hope the guy who push the dude who last his life in now in prison

  28. Myhigh


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    Democrat Socialists won't allow law abiding citizens to defend themselves. Move to a Free State or just settle to be victims. Pass out conceal carry permits.

  29. エレーラアディソン


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    It is disgusting that some lost their lifes because of that.

  30. D.E. Frederick

    D.E. Frederick

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    tRump's hate speech was a huge part of this.

  31. Doug Shelton

    Doug Shelton

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    It looks like Van Damm..hes always whooping up on Chinese dudes...

  32. yolanda ramos

    yolanda ramos

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    He already got released and the guys father works with NYPD what a joke

  33. jordan pilcher

    jordan pilcher

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    Cant blame trump for this at all...

    • jordan pilcher

      jordan pilcher

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      @mintyyee because this guy was a democrat😂he went Facebook viral

    • mintyyee


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  34. Uditha Bandara

    Uditha Bandara

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    "NYPD is famous for aiding racism" this claim is consistent. please check for race crime and not so prompt actions taken. NYPD pops up all the time.

  35. MakeDredd2


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    The only person who can talk some sense into the right-wing extremists was 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐁𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐧. He was the only world leader who supported the Chinese people and spoke up against the Communist Chinese Party. But "𝐁𝐢𝐠 𝐓𝐞𝐜𝐡" and 𝙢𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢 𝙢𝙚𝙙𝙞𝙖 censored and deleted all of his HUeye videos and account. The right-wing extremists won't listen to Biden with former relations to the Clintons and CCP business dealings. 🇨🇳 ⚒️

  36. Victor de Jung

    Victor de Jung

    5 napja

    Wait a min? Why is the news rehashing an old story?

  37. Ciel Sebastian

    Ciel Sebastian

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    He should’ve been charged with a hate crime.

  38. Maria Arriola

    Maria Arriola

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    This is beyond sad! Why not with hate crime?

  39. Garrystan


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    American harassing another American lmao

  40. Jose Escobedo

    Jose Escobedo

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    I'm just supprised no one did anything

  41. CookieMoonstr


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    2020 really showed people true colors... And this is by far the MOST disgusting thing I’ve seen.. It’s disgusting to see trumpies (people) hurting innocent people... And also.. I’m Asian and it hits hard. I’ve personally been attacked at school and stuff.. :’T

  42. Underweight Potato

    Underweight Potato

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    Thanks to Trump for calling the virus by 'China Virus'

  43. Underweight Potato

    Underweight Potato

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    Seeing these comments floated with condolences and sorry, contrast with the people around the scene is very concerning. Like if you see a middle-aged man pushing an old lady to the ground, it should rise your concern about it such as calling the cops, or confronting the suspect.

  44. Chicken Noodle

    Chicken Noodle

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    Thx china, other asians have to suffer bc of u

  45. milsurpJoe


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    This has been happening even before covid 19 but no one seemed to care unless your black because it fits the new fad sadly its such bull because it has been happening for so long but nothing gets done

  46. DerpyGameR PlayZ

    DerpyGameR PlayZ

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    Y’all over attacking Asians just cuz of COVID, but what about ur own kind, y’all started influenza

  47. Suc Ffdfgtthf

    Suc Ffdfgtthf

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  48. meow


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    I literally don't get why people hurt other people because or race or stuff 😐

  49. Air Max

    Air Max

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    Literally no one did anything?

  50. ZNL ZNL


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    these attackers should be sentenced to death penalty!!!

  51. Precious Davis

    Precious Davis

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    Read the book. If people read anymore. 'Don't make the black kids angry' 'White girl bleeds alot' And be sure to share it with your liberal friends.

  52. Tai Hung

    Tai Hung

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    Asians need to fight back physically if necessary.

  53. khloe love

    khloe love

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    What has ower world come to im so heart Brokon

  54. McKnight


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    i PRAY that i catch catch someone trying to do this in the act.

  55. YorzoYam


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    So is this Trumps fault or The people's fault? Probably both

  56. Lemo Anita

    Lemo Anita

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    My question is why people were just looking and not doing anything.

  57. Krinkle Shrinkle

    Krinkle Shrinkle

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    They're blaming Trump but it's black ppl attacking asains

  58. Random Channel

    Random Channel

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    Trumps fault again. Can we just impeach this guy?

  59. Poonam Khatri

    Poonam Khatri

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    Looks like trump supporters

  60. Chamomile


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    Yeah but doesn’t black lives only matter no other lives does???????????

    • MILLZY


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      She's not dead, and what does blm has to do with this

  61. Henr_y


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    But what's even weirder is that why did the witnesses not do anything? I would've grabbed a brick or something and yeeted it at him in pure adrenaline

  62. temeka hopson

    temeka hopson

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    Thank You for speaking out. My heart hurts to hear and see this I have an Asian Friend and she is so precious. I'm in tears thinking about what they go through. I am here for them and I mean that 🙏🙏

  63. MRA. UK

    MRA. UK

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    Donald Trump was one of the most immature president in the history!!

  64. B H

    B H

    5 napja

  65. W R

    W R

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    happened in a Democratic blue city

  66. Nicole Powell

    Nicole Powell

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    If that's not a hate crime I don't know what it is?

  67. thomas


    5 napja

    Imagine blaming this on trump 😂🤣😂

    • Random Channel

      Random Channel

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      It is trumps fault

  68. asdf


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    This is why i dont like America

  69. j eee

    j eee

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    *obviously she was attacked by a trump supporter* So tired of one sided reporting...munn can stay in her million dollar world

  70. Anonymous


    5 napja

    Media as always putting the blame on Trump. When this clearly has nothing to do with partisanship

  71. blue dolphin

    blue dolphin

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    Why picking on the weak......😏

  72. I’m HueMan keep your colors for Crayons!

    I’m HueMan keep your colors for Crayons!

    5 napja

    No one should harm anyone, but Asians aren’t innocent either. They can be very racist towards blacks and I seen first hand because my great grandfather was a full Chinese man and his family disowned him when he married my great grandmother.

  73. Salami Boi

    Salami Boi

    5 napja

    Only a coward would attack the elderly or older people

  74. SkyWalker 23

    SkyWalker 23

    5 napja

    And all those men standing around smh

  75. luis zang

    luis zang

    5 napja


  76. luis zang

    luis zang

    5 napja

    That’s China’s fault

    • Random Channel

      Random Channel

      5 napja

      How tf is wrong with you

  77. Diane Jilly

    Diane Jilly

    5 napja

    Bystander effect.

  78. Rhys D

    Rhys D

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    Damn he died from that, but he saw it coming too

  79. R Dziekan

    R Dziekan

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    Damn, she's hot

  80. Deena K

    Deena K

    5 napja


    • Random Channel

      Random Channel

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  81. Evelyn Grace

    Evelyn Grace

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    Is I was that parent to that kid, best believe I won’t bail him out, visit him, I’ll tell the judge to put him in jail for months

  82. Spicy Hedghog

    Spicy Hedghog

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    It’s terrible with how this is how America is turning out. It makes me not want to be an American.

  83. Dihsarla Dulah

    Dihsarla Dulah

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    And the people around her were just watching. You’re all doom.

  84. bailey santiago

    bailey santiago

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    that guy has no heart defintitley a trump supporter.

  85. Mario Jones

    Mario Jones

    5 napja

    These people man! Always go for the women or old men smdh

    • Mario Jones

      Mario Jones

      5 napja

      No surprise there then it wasn't a hate crime. Do these people think they won't be held accountable for there actions 🤔😂😂

  86. Lux Arcadia

    Lux Arcadia

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    00:03 that is stupid.

  87. Esther Nawrot

    Esther Nawrot

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    I can't be the only one who cried watching this...? 💔😥

  88. jayjun leonor

    jayjun leonor

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    Only in the U.S.A!

  89. Salami Boi

    Salami Boi

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    people who do this deserve 50+ I feel terrible for the family of that old man who sadly died because of a dumbass who deserves life in jail.

  90. Christopher Rodriguez

    Christopher Rodriguez

    5 napja

    Imagine being so weak that you have to attack older people

  91. BeaCun66


    5 napja

    What comes around goes around no one ever comes to the defense of black people being hit on and disrespected when we spend our hard earned money at their beauty & nail shops and how they treated Africans in China.🤔🤔🤔❤

  92. Laura Dee

    Laura Dee

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    Because it came from China.

  93. Crypticat


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    this is just sickening

  94. Gurizai Gaming

    Gurizai Gaming

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  95. Jf Kennedy

    Jf Kennedy

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    What's the guys name?

  96. Spirit Storm

    Spirit Storm

    6 napja

    i got chills after that 84yr old man



    6 napja

    Something smells fishy when the word hate crime is shunned when it is clearly a hate crime...I think someone is trying not to label these hard-at-their-work racists as such.

  98. Monke


    6 napja

    That kind of virus originated from Trump's party. Not china.

  99. That random person Who likes beans

    That random person Who likes beans

    6 napja

    So yeah I think that this video is important to spread awareness about this, but why does it specifically mention one person’s thoughts on this?

  100. Random Commenter

    Random Commenter

    6 napja

    Jesus Christ man 😔 This hurts my heart to see. We need to stop the ignorance and unwarranted hate.

    • UnknownMasksW2serialirious


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      Than stop being here and do something