Pizza Is in High Demand Right Now

When it comes to comfort food during the pandemic, pizza is number one. Love for pizza has gone through the roof during the pandemic. Whether it’s getting them delivered, grabbing one from the freezer section, or grabbing a slice to go, sales have skyrocketed. While countless restaurants are closing their doors nationwide, business is booming at pizzerias. Domino’s has hired 30,000 new employees since the pandemic began and small pizza shops have seen an uptick too.


  1. Opochtli


    4 órája

    @Inside Edition is in high demand right now

  2. Cryptic


    6 órája

    Everyone gangsta till someone puts pineapple on they’re pizza And yes that is punishable by death

  3. Mulkey .•. Tea

    Mulkey .•. Tea

    7 órája

    I straight up! Can’t have it! I found this out this the hard way when it in the middle of July and we went out to a friends for a nice bonfire and stuff and we have Alfredo pizza and I had eaten on one pic...and when we went back I got really sick and then this happens every time I started eating pizza, and so I got put on medicine and it kinda helps cuz this started happing with other foods to🙃

  4. Almighty Black Dollar

    Almighty Black Dollar

    20 órája

    I gotta stop making them Rich.

  5. AriDaily


    23 órája

    Plz but it hot sometimes 😭😭

  6. Sofia Valverde

    Sofia Valverde


    Street pizza looked GREAT in this report until they started talking about making it at home with a bunch of vegetables. That contrast the reason WHY most people would want pizza 😑.

  7. Herman Wooster

    Herman Wooster


    What is that blogger doing at the end, rofl.

  8. Trent Airliners World

    Trent Airliners World


    Asian people watching: MY COMFORT FOOD IS INSTANT NOODLES!




    Who’s been ordering dominos the whole time?

  10. DRESDENEQUE !!!!!!

    DRESDENEQUE !!!!!!


    I'm eating pizza as I watch this.

  11. Youth Malikai

    Youth Malikai


    Bruh, i ate pizza for dinner earlier! NOW THIS!?

  12. マティン


    2 napja

    We gonna need more spidermans to go

  13. ZeroMars


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    Quick! Invest in pizza

  14. Phillip Hancin

    Phillip Hancin

    2 napja

    373 don't like pizza 😒

  15. ZapperG


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    Pizza companies:Stonks

  16. poisoned eva

    poisoned eva

    2 napja

    when you eat steak during the pandemic-

  17. ༒Milane༒-


    2 napja

    Pizza is the new ramen

  18. sarai gacha

    sarai gacha

    2 napja

    I think I'm the only person who does not like pizza 😕

  19. Martin ONeill

    Martin ONeill

    2 napja

    Implying Domino’s is pizza...

  20. abc


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    News 2019: butter me up knife 2020: deadly global pandemic killing millions spreading worldwide 2021: *we like pizza*

  21. Sebastian Maya

    Sebastian Maya

    2 napja

    Pizza time

  22. Phillip Paik

    Phillip Paik

    2 napja

    Literally eating pizza while watching this

  23. Serenity ღ

    Serenity ღ

    2 napja

    Papa Johns never bring my order

  24. TWCGhost


    3 napja

    Me who can’t eat cheese or milk: 👁👄👁 💧 💧

  25. hardik parbhakar

    hardik parbhakar

    3 napja

    has it ever been low

  26. The saint webbed

    The saint webbed

    3 napja

    I’ve been ordering pizzas every week to the point we’re I’m starting to hate pizza

  27. Ryan’s brick Lab

    Ryan’s brick Lab

    3 napja

    Me grabs last slice Random person I felt a great disturbance in the force

  28. Amari


    3 napja

    Can I invest in pizza??

  29. Club fantasy Frog

    Club fantasy Frog

    3 napja

    I've had so much pizza, i dont like pizza anymore 😭👍

  30. I eat ice

    I eat ice

    3 napja

    I want a nice greasy slice of Costco pizza.😋

  31. Nxgget


    3 napja

    Inside Edition: Pizza is in high demand Me: B r u h

  32. MY


    3 napja

    I don’t like pizza Jk

  33. Bread Man

    Bread Man

    3 napja

    Spider man really wasn’t kidding when he said “pizza time”

  34. Random vids

    Random vids

    3 napja

    Hate pizza lol

  35. Jackson Goodrow

    Jackson Goodrow

    3 napja

    I take responsibility for this

  36. Al


    3 napja

    Lady at the end was ruining pizza like pineapple pizza

  37. Naitik Tata

    Naitik Tata

    3 napja

    Uhm the reason is pizza is cheap and easily available anywhere like Walmart and dominos

  38. Allen


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    LOVE PIZZA!!! 🍕

  39. moises.


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    because ive been getting high and ive been eating more pizzas

  40. Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes

    4 napja

    Ugh pls don’t leave the food aisles like the toilet paper

  41. N o o d l eシ

    N o o d l eシ

    4 napja

    P i z z a

  42. Lingo


    4 napja

    Me: during Her: DoOrInG

  43. Ponce


    4 napja

    Yo costco got some gas pizza tho

  44. Julian R

    Julian R

    4 napja

    Big girls

  45. Cristian Lopez

    Cristian Lopez

    4 napja

    0:58 thought that was glenn from twd

  46. Zenu


    4 napja

    For me pizza has been really easy to obtain

  47. Mr Bro

    Mr Bro

    4 napja

    Yah for people who don't care about their diet

  48. jaden yuki

    jaden yuki

    4 napja

    I want pizza rn.

  49. BloodBoi5759


    4 napja

    They took away my damn pizza hut

  50. jaden yuki

    jaden yuki

    4 napja

    0:18 "for not a lot of money" sounded weird in that sentence.

  51. ASoggyCracker


    4 napja

    Mmm for me it’s flour tomato and cheese that’s in high demand for me. I make my own. Pizza is just good even if you mess up. Bread vegetable and cheese. Humbling if you ask me. If you buy frozen pizza I would recommend you at least look into making pizza from scratch on HUeye. Just look into the simplicity of making it.

  52. Mariam Traore

    Mariam Traore

    4 napja

    Now I’m hungry 🤤

  53. Naruto Vibes

    Naruto Vibes

    4 napja

    Uh is there gonna be a pizza shortage

  54. Sierra ForeTweny

    Sierra ForeTweny

    4 napja

    Why aren’t vegetables disappearing bro 👀😂😂

  55. A_Kid12


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    Im watching this while eating pizza

  56. Funny Found

    Funny Found

    4 napja

    Pizza is expensive in my country lol

  57. EDD CB

    EDD CB

    4 napja

    Not the white Woman trying to tell me how to put more topics into my Frozen pizza 😂 ma'am take several seats.



    4 napja

    I eat to much pizza

  59. ALASKA 907 GAMER


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    I’m eating pizza right now wtf😂😂😂

  60. Lewd


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    Welp. America will soon be like Japan. The pizza gonna be 70-100$

  61. Fuolku


    4 napja

    1:00 no reason whatsoever to make it more complicated in my mind atleast

  62. HAZOXX


    4 napja

    It's filling, and cheap, more bang for buck than any burger or hot dog

  63. Supa Ba

    Supa Ba

    4 napja

    in my country, pizza is a rich man food

    • Supa Ba

      Supa Ba

      4 napja


    • Supa Ba

      Supa Ba

      4 napja

      hey dude nobody ask or care bout your country

  64. Michelangelo


    4 napja


  65. Gavin Gularte

    Gavin Gularte

    4 napja

    MONKE see pizza MONKE want pizza.🦧🍕

  66. Gavin Gularte

    Gavin Gularte

    4 napja

    The thumbnail pizza looks disgusting

  67. Dreya & Dad

    Dreya & Dad

    4 napja

    I credit Dave Portnoy lol

  68. 3 name changes allowed every 90 days

    3 name changes allowed every 90 days

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  69. itsJeth _

    itsJeth _

    4 napja

    This world is cray cray Pizza on sale in the pandemic

  70. LegendaryFoxx Gacha

    LegendaryFoxx Gacha

    4 napja

    Me at school right now eating the pizza breadsticks our school has served us.

  71. Akronox


    4 napja

    cryptominers gonna go for our pizzas

  72. xv6brandon


    4 napja

    i love pizza

  73. Marcelo Antio

    Marcelo Antio

    4 napja

    “Always has been”

  74. Josh ua

    Josh ua

    4 napja

    I’ve never known someone that didn’t like pizza

  75. ZyNotToxic


    4 napja

    Pizza be bussin



    4 napja

    I knew exactly what this video was because of the title.

  77. Sahel Amiri

    Sahel Amiri

    4 napja

    Who else is watching while eating pizza

  78. Odd Otter

    Odd Otter

    4 napja

    ... Is it? Last I checked, folks were getting murdered for Avocados..

  79. Spooky Da Scary

    Spooky Da Scary

    4 napja


  80. Mura Gx

    Mura Gx

    4 napja

    0:27 lmaooo

  81. Real Abraham

    Real Abraham

    4 napja

    dominos number 1 no cap

  82. Stealth Pro

    Stealth Pro

    4 napja

    Probably because that guy in the thumbnail is eating it all 😡

  83. Young Yolii

    Young Yolii

    4 napja

    There's a pizzademic

  84. apex_XD


    4 napja

    i actually dont like pizza

    • Real Abraham

      Real Abraham

      4 napja


    • apex_XD


      4 napja

      @Real Abraham no im saying im asian not an alien, unless u consider asians aliens? 😮

    • Real Abraham

      Real Abraham

      4 napja

      @apex_XD that doesnt mean anything just bc your asian doesnt mean you cant like pizza

    • apex_XD


      4 napja

      @Real Abraham im asian

    • Real Abraham

      Real Abraham

      4 napja

      you a alien

  85. JosLu 966

    JosLu 966

    4 napja

    My dream is to go To chicago and have a Chicago style deep dish pizza, then take my ass to New York and have an original New York slice of cheese pizza . Then go to Sicily Italy and have a Sicilian pizza

  86. Jacque Cortez

    Jacque Cortez

    4 napja

    Restaurant Pizza taste better than frozen grocery store pizza. Just my opinion.

  87. MrNarfh


    4 napja

    Bruh I told my brother to invest in pizza companies and he wouldn't listen to me

  88. Mr. G

    Mr. G

    4 napja


  89. George Washington

    George Washington

    5 napja

    I ate it every weekend when I was president

  90. Flame zodiac

    Flame zodiac

    5 napja

    Shouldn't they wear plastic gloves and all that hair on the guys hands and arm makes me sick

  91. The Way Thing's Happen

    The Way Thing's Happen

    5 napja

    *"Pizza time!"* -Peter Parker. "Spider-Man 2".🕷🍕😁🙃

  92. your mom

    your mom

    5 napja

    I hate pizza.

  93. All Abored

    All Abored

    5 napja

    I can’t even afford pizza

  94. The Way Thing's Happen

    The Way Thing's Happen

    5 napja

    I got some papa John's in my room on hold until Breakfest time rn as we speak as a matter of fact.🍕😁

  95. The Way Thing's Happen

    The Way Thing's Happen

    5 napja

    As a person who's currently on hold about to get a pizza job. I'm basically gonna run the whole damn store all by myself tbh. 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

    • The Way Thing's Happen

      The Way Thing's Happen

      5 napja

      @Unknown Muta Well gotta have client's after all.

    • Unknown Muta

      Unknown Muta

      5 napja

      Wow a pizza shop all to yourselfffff. I’ll make sure I don’t eat there. Gon be lazy / sloppy pizzas

  96. innerlifetaker831


    5 napja

    Watch now it’s gonna go up in price now that even news is talking about it 🤦🏽

  97. XDVryrz 34

    XDVryrz 34

    5 napja

    I love Pizza

  98. cockwackers. tv

    cockwackers. tv

    5 napja

    I hunt for my food

  99. arthur george

    arthur george

    5 napja

    Ever heard of rice 🍚 The cheap fattening fulfilling dish. Could add whatever you want to it. Ngl I wish they grew more rice than corn and soy beans

  100. Daddy Smoke

    Daddy Smoke

    5 napja

    No cap 🔥🔥🔥