Princess Charlotte Looks All Grown Up at 6

Can you believe Princess Charlotte is 6 years old? A new portrait of the young royal, taken by her mom, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was posted online in celebration of her birthday. Many commented on how grown up she looks. “Looking beautiful and a good deal like her Grandmother,” one person Tweeted. It was less than two years ago when Charlotte was caught on camera sticking her tongue out at a crowd, much to mom Kate Middleton's amusement. Inside Edition Digital’s Leigh Scheps has more.


  1. ItsMeNjpPlayz


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    Why does she look like she's 14

  2. Jacob Yonn

    Jacob Yonn


    Who really cares it a child jesus

  3. Marie Simpson

    Marie Simpson


    She Does not look grown up

  4. E



    Why is eveyone so upset?? I'm pretty sure they're just saying that it's bee a while since we've since her and when she did she looked a bit younger. Why's everyone over reacting???

  5. Ashy_sux13 H̑̈ȇ̈h̑̈ȇ̈

    Ashy_sux13 H̑̈ȇ̈h̑̈ȇ̈


    whats the difference? She just like every typical 6 year old lol

  6. Leanne Cusack

    Leanne Cusack

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    So so cute 🥰 and she is gown up now faster and gown up in Beautiful Young . Is it beautiful little girl and I would like to meet the Queen off England And she family same day.

  7. 9NER 4EVER

    9NER 4EVER

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    She's a daddy's girl for sure.🤗☺

  8. Walter Hartwell White

    Walter Hartwell White

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    She looks 6 and you can’t deny that she’s still a child

  9. Nabil Hernandez

    Nabil Hernandez

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    Edp445 is typing.......

  10. Charlotte


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    I am Charlotte to😂😂

  11. Rosie Kim

    Rosie Kim

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    wait...she's six! already omg

  12. arnold sanders

    arnold sanders

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    The comments should be turn off for this video. HUeye you do it for other kid videos. Why not this one?

  13. NightFuryWorld


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    "Can You Beleive She Is 6 Years Old?" *No, I thought she was 20 years old.* 😐

  14. Slumber Floeey

    Slumber Floeey

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    Will charlotte behave like princess margaret?

  15. Carl Jr

    Carl Jr

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  16. Star Wars Geek

    Star Wars Geek

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    I geuss money doesn’t buy good looks

  17. Leila Brumfield

    Leila Brumfield

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  18. John McDougald

    John McDougald

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  19. Vanessa R

    Vanessa R

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    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

  20. meh Studios

    meh Studios

    6 napja

    What a suprise i mean im growing up where is my news coverage

  21. Alexandra Nowhere

    Alexandra Nowhere

    7 napja

    How does she look all grown up at 6? She still looks like a little girl ..

  22. Mr. earth dirt

    Mr. earth dirt

    7 napja

    No wonder why she will be the next queen

  23. /:


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    Grandmother 💀

  24. 𝑀𝑜𝑜𝑛𝑙𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡𝑋


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    Omg you guys she’s growing like every other kid.

  25. Astronaut Cricket

    Astronaut Cricket

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    Pretty picture. I loved when she stuck her tongue out a couple years ago. So funny.

  26. Isaiah Patten

    Isaiah Patten

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    0:02 yes, yes I can

  27. Hurshys R6

    Hurshys R6

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    EDP Typing .............

  28. Yms


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    For me, she looks like the girl version of prince William, and a "Mini Me" of queen Elizabeth.

  29. Pixelchu


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    I can’t count.

  30. macy caramel

    macy caramel

    8 napja

    Wow. Last I remember she was only 4

  31. Tanya’s Art

    Tanya’s Art

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    My sisters birthday is the same as hers May 2 she turned six years old to. We got a coin and it gives you good luck.

  32. Just a random Otaku

    Just a random Otaku

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    they need a better title. saying a six year old looks "all grown up" is a hella weird statement. especially on the internet........I wonder if inside edition just doesn't care, or they don't use their brains when picking titles............

  33. Carolina Martinez

    Carolina Martinez

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  34. Just Izuku Midoriya

    Just Izuku Midoriya

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    Oh wow, a girl turned six “Nobodys impressed” She’s a royal “Wow she’s so grown up omg I can’t believe it it seemed like a month ago when she was born!”

    • KCarch25 Unkown

      KCarch25 Unkown

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  35. Sarah Weeks

    Sarah Weeks

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    All grown up? Creepy.



    8 napja

    So....theres tons happening but you have NO news ?

  37. Azula the Crazy Monkey

    Azula the Crazy Monkey

    8 napja

    She looks like a 10 year old

  38. Soffia Fia

    Soffia Fia

    8 napja

    This photo looks photoshopped

  39. The Harry Potter Kid

    The Harry Potter Kid

    8 napja

    Omg! She is so cute and grown up!

  40. Alec Van Tonder

    Alec Van Tonder

    8 napja

    Ew I mean.....

  41. assault


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    Whos that?

  42. •sophia•


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    omg! she’s growing up?! like everyone else in this world? shocker. inside edition really running out of ideas lmfao

  43. Abigail KIM-SOO

    Abigail KIM-SOO

    8 napja

    Her: can you imagine that this is a 6 years old girl??? Me: yes-

    • Salina Mohammed

      Salina Mohammed

      6 napja

      She looks 6.

  44. Connor Mcfarland

    Connor Mcfarland

    8 napja

    Why is this news? Is this really the news society focuses on? Smh...

  45. Susan Layton

    Susan Layton

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    She is such a pretty little girl!

  46. Connor pacheco

    Connor pacheco

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    Her birthday is the day after my birthday

  47. 12


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    Ngl it kinda look photoshoped

  48. Felicia Vargas

    Felicia Vargas

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    Why did this make inside edition lol

  49. Mordercai Near

    Mordercai Near

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    BREAKING NEWS: children...grow

  50. BigBrokeMan9


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  51. Juanita Colette

    Juanita Colette

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    she looks just like her dad.

  52. Magenta Ghost

    Magenta Ghost

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    Wow she looks like a six year old!! Can you believe it?!

  53. rat_ qweee

    rat_ qweee

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    Wow she’s growing up LIKE A HUMAN BEING!!!!!!! I’m SOOOOOO surprised she took the natural course of being a human

  54. Matthew dose stuff

    Matthew dose stuff

    8 napja

    She looks like a 6 year old

  55. PrincessPikaPi


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    No she is not all 'grown up' she is 6, let her be a child

  56. Purple Not Sus

    Purple Not Sus

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    Never heard of her 😬

  57. Gabrielle Knighton

    Gabrielle Knighton

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    awwww she’s your average caucasian 6 year old cute !

  58. IAmJust Amanda

    IAmJust Amanda

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    Awwww!! She's beautiful❤️❤️❤️

  59. Yxng GoatYT

    Yxng GoatYT

    9 napja

    Lmao of course she’s going to grow... what y’all thought she wasn’t ?💀💀💀

    • Salina Mohammed

      Salina Mohammed

      6 napja

      She looks like a regular 6 year old.

  60. Yeetus To The Feetus

    Yeetus To The Feetus

    9 napja

    she looks liek she's 2......

  61. make it make sense

    make it make sense

    9 napja

    Lookin like her racist grandma

  62. Saif Hasan

    Saif Hasan

    9 napja

    0:51 a very matured face, unlike a 6 years old.

  63. Ruby Abuouf

    Ruby Abuouf

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    ok, lol

  64. Hf Rhow

    Hf Rhow

    9 napja

    She's the Little girl version of her father prince William when he was still a child...

  65. Widow’s Ugly ass shoe

    Widow’s Ugly ass shoe

    9 napja

    Adult face baby body-

  66. Aliree Peake

    Aliree Peake

    9 napja

    I remember when she was a baby

  67. bailey santiago

    bailey santiago

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    shes so cute!

  68. Exert the producer

    Exert the producer

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    edp445 has entered the chat

  69. Minouche Jean

    Minouche Jean

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    She look's like harry

  70. Daisy Dweh

    Daisy Dweh

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    So pretty ❤️

  71. Łoser sløth

    Łoser sløth

    9 napja

    Yes, children grow, but they aren't making the news.

  72. ideal


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    This just has creepy undertones

  73. jaden yuki

    jaden yuki

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  74. zahra jaffe

    zahra jaffe

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  75. Rãinbôw_Bûññÿ !

    Rãinbôw_Bûññÿ !

    9 napja

    Who’s she ?

    • gigi


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      this literally HAS to be satire

    • gigi


      9 napja

      the queens granddaughter-

  76. Kailin


    9 napja

    when did i ask

  77. Isabel freire

    Isabel freire

    9 napja

    We have way more important stuff out in this world and yall put a damn 6 year old on the news bc she growing up....?

  78. Lomes


    9 napja

    It’s very very easy to determine who’s British and who’s American lmao

  79. American artist

    American artist

    9 napja

    Why does she look older then me

  80. •Mattie Does Gacha•

    •Mattie Does Gacha•

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    9 napja

    The background song, please y'all so dramatic 😐

  82. Barbie And gameing

    Barbie And gameing

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  83. Liz Hugh

    Liz Hugh

    9 napja

    “She is growing into such a beautiful young lady” Me: lol ma’am she’s SIX

  84. Ash Ö

    Ash Ö

    9 napja

    I thought her name was Princess and middle/last name was Charollete xDD

  85. TWDSUPERFAN2010 1986

    TWDSUPERFAN2010 1986

    9 napja

    Boy, does she look like her dad

  86. Cindy bragg

    Cindy bragg

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  87. jayboi gaming

    jayboi gaming

    9 napja

    I just have one question. How is this real news I subbed for real new not people growing.



    9 napja

    She's not all grown up. She's only 6 and she looks 6. That just sounds so creepy when someone says that about a child.

  89. Laurie Mcguiness

    Laurie Mcguiness

    9 napja

    Cutie pie❤

  90. Vibin Lol

    Vibin Lol

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    She looks like her dad so much

  91. ANA M.B. H.

    ANA M.B. H.

    9 napja

    She's got Dad's face!

  92. Amanda Andrea Rose

    Amanda Andrea Rose

    9 napja

    She doesn't even look 6 in that picture. She looks like she was 10 in that picture. But she is growing up to be a beautiful girl! ^^



    9 napja

    She looks nine that’s not even grown up but ok

  94. Onyx Cartier

    Onyx Cartier

    9 napja

    She looks like Harry.

  95. Red King

    Red King

    9 napja

    Honestly til this exact moment I didn’t know who they was

  96. Quady


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    She....still looks like a kid lol

  97. Doga


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    More of like something charlet

  98. Ammar Yasir

    Ammar Yasir

    10 napja

    They grow up so fast

  99. Binod


    10 napja

    She's getting Diana's looks.

  100. Rae -Sarah

    Rae -Sarah

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    She looks so much like her dad