Rioting Inmates Set Fires and Break Windows Inside Jail

It was a plea for help as inmates rioted at a jail in St. Louis. Authorities say they set fires, broke windows and threw things to the ground outside to protest conditions at the facility. Supporters gathered outside the building as the inmates held up signs through the broken windows demanding justice. It’s the second time in recent months that inmates have protested against what they call inhumane conditions at the City Justice Center. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.


  1. Logan Daley

    Logan Daley

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    Life hack: don’t go to jail so you don’t have bad conditions in jail

  2. duck


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    I like the Sheriff, he’s like idek who’s in charge

  3. slaw da pimp

    slaw da pimp


    Just let them go home

  4. Luminary



    Imma be honest...I had no idea until literally honest now that there were jails in city's. I guess I never really thought about it before and just figured they built them outside the citys.

  5. Jimmy Russels

    Jimmy Russels

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    "It was a plea for help" *Throwing gang sings* Never change liberal media, never change...Peaceful riots and Gangsters in distress lol

  6. Zain Chupacabra

    Zain Chupacabra

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    0:15 That building behind him looks more like a prison than the actual prison, which looks like a newly-built hospital for some reason.

  7. Gusdog 500

    Gusdog 500

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    How do you set fire

  8. Seen it purple

    Seen it purple

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    No bullet proof windows? Really? Lol fancy jail then

  9. Angie Shiplov

    Angie Shiplov

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    Oh, you don’t like being in jail/prison? Don’t commit crimes.

  10. Martin Robles

    Martin Robles

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    All that for nothing lmao

  11. Genesis Ansbro

    Genesis Ansbro

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if other jails do this as well. We don’t know who’s in charge haha you’re an inmate for a reason! They should take them to other jails in this world then see how inhumanly they’re living.

  12. breaking stuff with Steven

    breaking stuff with Steven

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    Look at these criminals the cops should kill all the criminals

  13. blurrxed


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    “who is in charge here?” the sheriff: *nervous sweating*

  14. strap gram

    strap gram

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    They all getting 10 years each

    • Princess Dessi

      Princess Dessi

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      Bruh...that's wrongg



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    Who’s in charge? only the lawd knows

  16. Terri Gehrels

    Terri Gehrels

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    Keep your butts straight and you want have to be there I mean your not going to a country club I’m sure you knew that.

  17. WAT ok

    WAT ok

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    Criminals demanding justice waaaaaaaaaaat

  18. JeshKesh


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    If they think that’s inhumane conditions Imagine what would happen to them if they went to a Venezuelan prison

  19. Anos Voldigoad

    Anos Voldigoad

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    Black life matter

  20. Zonkd ❽

    Zonkd ❽

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    that water hose is a gift if you ask me

  21. TYR ANT


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    On live national tv: idk i have no idea guess im in charge idk

  22. Thom Phat

    Thom Phat

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    Now I know why jails don’t be having windows

  23. Joenald Bum

    Joenald Bum

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    "Prisoners holding signs outside the window" Proceeds to show prisoner throwing up GANG SIGNS

  24. Frog Squad

    Frog Squad

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    i can not believe this is real. I'm laughing my ass off

  25. C- Power

    C- Power

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    Lol......I guess I am......🤣🤣🤣

  26. sam


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    orange is the new black vibes

  27. Lois Hads

    Lois Hads

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    Lol they think there thugs init

  28. All The Way Up Town

    All The Way Up Town

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    FYI Inmates: DONT break the law and you wont go to jail then you wont have to complain about the conditions...bye

  29. MikeHurt _914

    MikeHurt _914

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    FUN FACT: Don't do the crime if you can't do the time...Y'all criminals want luxury, stop it!!

  30. Jack Frost

    Jack Frost

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    Question 🤔? Outside of getting your court cases heard and visits, why would you want to "fix up" the Belly Of The BEAST of your captives 🤨🤦🏾‍♂️? PRIORITIES people PRIORITIES👍

  31. Anna Brown

    Anna Brown

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  32. Leo Hernandez

    Leo Hernandez

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    Do the crime Do the time

  33. The smore emperor

    The smore emperor

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    If you want to achieve results, jump out of the window.

  34. Aaron Martinez

    Aaron Martinez

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    Whose in charge 😂😂 I don’t know I guess I am😂

  35. Mrs. Lovely

    Mrs. Lovely

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    St. Louis is in the hell of trouble.

  36. Mrs. Lovely

    Mrs. Lovely

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    Who’s in charge!? I don’t know, I guess I am. 😂😂😂

  37. Michele Otero

    Michele Otero

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  38. zarah Santiago

    zarah Santiago

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    Gang signs is protest for justice?🤔😑the "sheriff"😑😑🤦🏻‍♀️

  39. Markus Rennelius

    Markus Rennelius

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    throw them a few quarts of Everclear, take the lids off first.

  40. Dreyton Strickland

    Dreyton Strickland

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  41. KJay Hendrix

    KJay Hendrix

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    That’s awful and you think it’s funny it’s not I’m gonna probably escape and then probably go to the city and get back in jail and do the same thing I just got there and happy I’m not gonna reindeer and a different one😇😇😇

  42. Bethany O'Neal

    Bethany O'Neal

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    “I guess I am” You think?

  43. Hulk-Buster111


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    Who cares.

  44. chitty' cha cha

    chitty' cha cha

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    I GUESS I AM 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Juan RR

    Juan RR

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    "demand justice" hilarious

  46. Motoroladovi


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    I guess I am I don’t know I’m dead jit fried 😂

  47. baz B

    baz B

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    I don’t understand these people , I my self been to prison , YOU Guys made the decision you guys End up there , you don’t commit crimes and get treated special , you deserve that treatment . Just my opinion ... grow up and man up to yawl mistakes . If anything this made this worse upon yawl . Stupid

  48. Nope Nope

    Nope Nope

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    Wouldn’t have thought that was a jail

  49. H2LOz


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    I mean.... it's a prison it's not supposed to be a place where you have fun and live life normally, it's a correction facility made to make you reflect on the choices you made that landed you there in the first place.

    • Nihal Kumar

      Nihal Kumar

      5 napja

      Inhumane is different from boring.

  50. Bryan Ino

    Bryan Ino

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    I mean

  51. Nino Romello

    Nino Romello

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    Them bois LIT 🔥 🤣😭

  52. Abdul Karim Saleem

    Abdul Karim Saleem

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    Who’s in charge Sheriff : 👁 👄 👁 uhhh , is it me ?

  53. Finding Glorya

    Finding Glorya

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    This interview was funnier then it should have been 🤣

  54. j batter Wayne workshop

    j batter Wayne workshop

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    When you break the rules you get treated like an animal

  55. Reality lover's

    Reality lover's

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    Inhuman conditions??? Didn’t you guys do the same to someone else???

  56. Ghost Da Goat

    Ghost Da Goat

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    He doesn't realize he the one In charge damn 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Purp Dawg

    Purp Dawg

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    They’re prisoners.. did they think it would be a vacation

  58. SexyThanos


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    They're in jail for a reason

  59. Cheetos


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    silly prisoners you guys have no rights at that point.

  60. IsugMasuko C2O

    IsugMasuko C2O

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    On fire 🔥 at the Prison building Use Water hose to stop spreading the flame.

  61. Charmaine gee

    Charmaine gee

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    The conditions must really be bad, for them to do all of that

  62. Eugene Depper

    Eugene Depper

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    Inside edition you have no reason to copy off of other broadcasts you need to stop

  63. ben perek

    ben perek

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    They shouldn’t be in jail in the first place

  64. NiyähGoals !

    NiyähGoals !

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    I love how none of them escaped outta the window

    • Astil Manuscript

      Astil Manuscript

      6 napja

      They just want due process a right of which has been denied from them

  65. Brandon Linn

    Brandon Linn

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    you treat people like animals they going to act like animals

  66. Ashley Lawrence

    Ashley Lawrence

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  67. Tatum Shane

    Tatum Shane

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  68. Gabriela Budwiser

    Gabriela Budwiser

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    Who’s paying for the damage to the jail? Tax payers, who pays for their meals? Tax payers.

  69. patricia perez

    patricia perez

    6 napja

    be good kids so you don’t have to stuck in a 4 building store and set it on fires 🔥 and the with a sheriff with out realizing he is in charged.

  70. LiQuiDZeRoTV


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    The sheriff is like "I don't know how to arrest people already arrested in jail" Lol

  71. Dumptrunk Gang

    Dumptrunk Gang

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    “About 60 inmates on the 3rd floor have reached their cell doors, and.. uh.. wat ya see is wat ya see.”🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  72. Gene jacob Mata

    Gene jacob Mata

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    put them all in Madagascar prison..its hell

  73. DfRT tolir

    DfRT tolir

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    He guess he's in charge now Lmao

  74. Dylan Dalmatian Is a bi icon

    Dylan Dalmatian Is a bi icon

    6 napja

    Who sets fire to a building that they’re still inside?

  75. AbRa CaDaV3R

    AbRa CaDaV3R

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    The Sheriff is looking for the sheriff To tell him he is in charge But he is not shour

  76. SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE

    SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE

    6 napja

    Who is running our Government and cities??? I thought the buck was passed to Kamala Harris on the border, but where is she??? Everybodys gone surfin, surfin USA

  77. SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE

    SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE

    6 napja

    What you see is what you see. Yep we see it everyday, it sucks.

  78. SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE

    SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE

    6 napja

    That guy looks like a senior citizen with a sherriffs hat. Dont tell me this is a democratic mayor ruining her city. How could The Loui get any worse. Last time I wAlked around downtown during the night I got mugged, . . .twice. That was 20 years ago. Glad to see the improvements.

  79. King Nosy

    King Nosy

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    I mean just don’t go there in the first place :/

  80. thismof0


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    give em extra ramen and kool aid

  81. Rajesh Kumar

    Rajesh Kumar

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    It's prison, what do you expect?

  82. Facts Over Feels

    Facts Over Feels

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    I swear this "sheriff" dude is the character in every movie or TV plot where a respected leader dies and is replaced by an incompetent moron who doesn't know how to do the most basic things of his job and someone has to come save the day after his leadership gets people hurt or killed. Never thought I'd see this played out in real life.

  83. Stick Swavy

    Stick Swavy

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    😂😂😂 I’m sorry but wtf the guy in charge doesn’t know he is in charge

  84. Manny Garcia

    Manny Garcia

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    “Yea there protesting “ continues to throw up gang signs😭🥱🤦🏻

  85. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown

    6 napja

    Again didn't this happend a while back

  86. Ivan Mitchell

    Ivan Mitchell

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  87. Robin L

    Robin L

    6 napja

    They're not on vacation.

  88. Connor Lucas

    Connor Lucas

    6 napja

    You dont like the conditions of the jail? Maybe don't commit crimes that get you locked up.

    • Amya Lee

      Amya Lee

      6 napja

      but what if some of them didn't commit a crime and were wrongfully convicted of something they didn't do?

  89. Kahpone Bone Ruthless Records MO Thugs

    Kahpone Bone Ruthless Records MO Thugs

    6 napja

    Don't do the crime u won't have to live in their doing time

  90. onlyJESUSSsaves John3-16

    onlyJESUSSsaves John3-16

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  91. Arz2003


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    I remember getting a very good bed when I was at Wayside in socal

  92. Brihaz


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    Gee who knew a punishment would feel like a punishment

  93. Hey There, Wassup

    Hey There, Wassup

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    What you see is what you see 😂😂

  94. Anonymous


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    "A plea for help as they *rioted*"

  95. TonberryGames


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    It's a bad time to be arrested, even if by mistake. If you think there's been a lot of police misconduct lately, just wait until you fall into the rabbit hole of the BoP and all their slave labor that's taking jobs away from citizens.

  96. Abel Semere

    Abel Semere

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    Bro that’s not justice signs that’s gang signs 🤣🤣💀💀

  97. Ismael Hall

    Ismael Hall

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    I have no sympathy for criminals, they lost all their human rights.

  98. Elena Tucker

    Elena Tucker

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    I guess Iam smfh !

  99. Christopher Barnes

    Christopher Barnes

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    Dude this is a rerun

  100. KuriYah Lahad

    KuriYah Lahad

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    Lmao bruh