Robotic Hand Helps Army Captain Amputee Do Crossfit

Army Captain Carey Duval lost his hand serving in Afghanistan. For a man who is a crossfit athlete, teaches yoga and wanted to continue his military service, a basic prosthetic wouldn’t do. Brain Robotics created a prosthetic hand that is controlled by the neuro signals from the brain that are processed by the muscles of the remaining limb. Captain Duval is one of the first people in the U.S. to test it out. Inside Edition Digital’s TC Newman has more.


  1. Rhaigun Salvador

    Rhaigun Salvador





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    Give me a axe so i can get a robot hand

  3. Mera Alsaadi

    Mera Alsaadi

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    But I wanna know how Afghans he killed

  4. Hazmat Sad Boi

    Hazmat Sad Boi

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    Damn Phantom Pain is literally coming to life

  5. steve ng

    steve ng

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    The real question is... *Can he draw a circle*

  6. Rehannt Tab

    Rehannt Tab

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    How much does it cost....

  7. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

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    What’s AI about it? Nothing. That word gets thrown around way too much.

  8. Frenite


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    It’s truly amazing how much technology can accomplish.



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    Will this be common soon?

  10. Night Legend

    Night Legend

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    They’re trying to be like Jax Briggs from Mortal Kombat

  11. The Chair

    The Chair

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    To be honest, I want a robot hand

  12. Elf man

    Elf man

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    The Fullmetal Soldier

  13. Fight-Me-Roc


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    I see a better robot hand made with better finger movement and it was just one guy that made it

  14. Coco Dub

    Coco Dub

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    Ready to comply

  15. SmokeyBaconGuy


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    Soon we will be able to replace nerves

  16. Cynth G

    Cynth G

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    Well my legs still connected to my body but don't work feel stuck in this body

  17. parth mehta

    parth mehta

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    The winter Soldier

  18. MakeMeFamous David

    MakeMeFamous David

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    Nah he's terminator

  19. PensiveOwl


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    Was that a tattoo, or wires running under his skin to control the hand?

    • PensiveOwl


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      @BrainRobotics Thank you!

    • BrainRobotics


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      It is both. Capt. DuVal does have tattoos but in the image you saw with the clear check socket it was a bit of both, the electrodes & tattoos.

  20. hurricane


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    best of luck to everybody and their staff working with this product! hoping for big things.

    • BrainRobotics


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      Thank you!

  21. Ysl Draco

    Ysl Draco

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    as a european i pray to god america does not wage war against us seeing this man on the frontlines would be a scary sight not only would u think its some robot soldier hybrid you would see a man that wasnt even stopped from serving his country by loss of a limb

  22. Chandler Terry

    Chandler Terry

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    Love you.

  23. Runganorules Chipo

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    This news channel is doing the Lords work❤️

  24. Adil Amjad

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  25. Alvin San Antonio

    Alvin San Antonio

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    Everyone gangsta until elon musk hires brainco to make a robot army

  26. BOETIE Hotwire

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  27. Sarah


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  28. George Washington

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    You have my blessings - Former President of USA

  29. Dean Flet

    Dean Flet

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    The next 5 to 10 years from now they will start building bionic body parts normal people and people serving in the military. Technology is Awesome.👊😎👍

  30. OwO_Sapien ツ

    OwO_Sapien ツ

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    What if hes gonna take a bath?

  31. Billy C

    Billy C

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    Nah bro you messed up, you shouldve gotten a chainsaw arm instead

  32. Ferdinand Miranda

    Ferdinand Miranda

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    Is that waterproof ? -- Cyberpunk

    • BrainRobotics


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      The BrainRobotics hand is not waterproof at this time. Currently there is only one hadn on the market which is but only up to the wrist, meaning that the socket it is attached to could not get wet.

  33. Moin Mahmud

    Moin Mahmud

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    Anakin Skywalker and his son

  34. Fathan Rasikh

    Fathan Rasikh

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    real life winter soldier

  35. C M

    C M

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    If lizards can grow new limbs ....

  36. X6800


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    Robo Hand!

  37. Firefly miesumae

    Firefly miesumae

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    Imagine slapping someone with that hand

  38. thomasleafs


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    The real, Jax, from mortal kombat

  39. Kendra.A Childress

    Kendra.A Childress

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    Robo Cop is next!

  40. ReTN


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    Do they come with vibrating snap-ons

  41. Matt Mason

    Matt Mason

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    Doctor says practice with a hot dog first.

  42. Joaquin Lomeli

    Joaquin Lomeli

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    Just recently saw the Koala get a Prosthetic leg and now an Army Captain getting a hand LOL

  43. Joaquin Lomeli

    Joaquin Lomeli

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    *That sucks that he lost his dominate right hand* Must be hard to take care of business even with a prosthetic hand.

  44. Joaquin Lomeli

    Joaquin Lomeli

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  45. Tall Kia

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  46. Boy Bawang

    Boy Bawang

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    Luke Skywalker arm....GREAT!! Just go easy the 1st time around, u don't wanna rip ur D off!!

  47. Brick Assault Productions

    Brick Assault Productions

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  48. John john

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  49. Mikehader4444


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    "You have a metal arm? That's awesome dude" - Spiderman

  50. wajjjj


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    Doing what in afghanistan exactly ? Killing innocent people and raping women?

  51. Bon Builder

    Bon Builder

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    Be honest. When was the last time u heard Skype call

  52. Saheir Thomas

    Saheir Thomas

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    Am I the only one thinking of Bucky Barne

  53. Sergio Martinez

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    This is no man... This is Bucky Barns

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  58. Earth Man

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    BrainCo more like OSCORP if u ask me

  59. tiredmummy


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    Sir, thank you for your service and sacrifice.... if I had a hat on I would take it off to you!

  60. Dorothy Mckerley

    Dorothy Mckerley

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    Hi my name is dorothy mckerley

  61. David Gonzalez

    David Gonzalez

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    A guy just recently received a full face transplant and a double hand transplant that he can already use. Not this guy but for people who’d rather have a real hand hand... y’know it’s not impossible.

  62. Yvonne Gonzales

    Yvonne Gonzales

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    Lost Parts of iron man

  63. young B2 channel

    young B2 channel

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  64. JourneyMan Smitty

    JourneyMan Smitty

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    Sorry his hand got blown off but it is kind of cool though but it is incredible that this kind of technology is growing and it's out there 🤔

  65. Retro


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    the real life winter soldier

  66. Equinox79


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    The new captain america 🛡

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    Jax briggs

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    Winter soldier

  69. Anime Me

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    Looks like guts(berserk) hand

  70. Joseph Lawson

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    The real life robocop

  71. Assoma muhamed

    Assoma muhamed

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    Great work but the price tag must be crazy. More investment needed to make this technology wide spread among all who needed

    • BrainRobotics


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      Our main goal is to make our prosthesis not only technologically advanced, but also, and more importantly, more accessible than the other prosthetic devices out there when it comes to cost and reimbursement.

  72. Jose G

    Jose G

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    The winter solder

  73. POKEGAMERZ 9185


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    Inside Edition. There's a term for people like these called Ripperdocs.

  74. Instinct


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    That’s Jax tho from mk

  75. Momina Ansari

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    Technology has improved a lot

  76. Carlos Quezada

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    Early bio tech cybernetic part

  77. Huang Lo

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    When can I get the advance warfare mods so I can punch through walls? Make it magnetic so I can climb up them as well

  78. That's Right.

    That's Right.

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    Thank you so much for your service..

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    Always afganistan huh.

  80. Really? Really?

    Really? Really?

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    Deandra the New Girl

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    Luke Skywalker

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    Ty for saving America from Afghanistan

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    Cmon gimme a hand!

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    the price of fighting for corporations

  87. Love The truth

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    WELL DONE!! Don't give up you STRONG LUCK and PLEASE BE HAPPY !!!!

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    Anakin Skywalker

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    it’s the winter soldier

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    i was in a plane and the lady next to me got scared because i was from Afghanistan i laughted so hard my gernades almost fell out of my pocket...

  91. renaissance18


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    Terminator 2 the hand scene lol

  92. renaissance18


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    It’s Jax from mortal Kombat hahahah

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    Well here’s meta runner now 😀

  94. SWG


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    Hand transplant would be better

  95. Madagascar Sapphire

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    ...or we could just stop losing our hands by not starting unnecessary wars! A lot less pain and a lot more money used in our country....

    • ror ror

      ror ror

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      Unnecessary war? What about the innocent Afghani people who gets killed by Al Qaeda?

  96. L1NF3RN0


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    So is he gonna start typewriting letters after he retires from the military? -Violet evergarden reference

  97. Inayah Badar

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    *Cyberpunk 2077*

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    The winter soldier