Teacher Shows Up at 6-Year-Old’s Door to Make Sure She’s OK

Nearly a year after most students were pushed into virtual learning, the debate continues about how and when to safely get kids back into class. One school has an unusual way of working with students who aren’t showing up for their virtual classes. Teachers are going to door to door making house calls to check in on some of their students who’ve been absent. Children struggle with different hurdles to online learning. Slow internet speeds and inconsistent housing situations are big factors.


  1. SydneyendyS


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    saying the children's FIRST and LAST NAME, where they attend school, showing their faces AND OUTSIDE THEIR HOME is way too much and dangerous

  2. Daniel Browne

    Daniel Browne

    8 órája

    I still don't get the point of this video. There is no government paying the teachers, or extra funding to students for WiFi or a computer...so a few pre-planned knocks at 2 students doors is supposed to show what??? Some teachers were paid to show a fake story? Like, what am I watching?

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  3. Just Chilling

    Just Chilling

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    My turn 😀

  4. itachi uchiha

    itachi uchiha

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    Haven't went to school in like 2 hole school years

  5. A. J. Rivera

    A. J. Rivera


    Don't let these people into your home. They have no authority to be there. The next step is cps and police.

  6. Htoo Kler

    Htoo Kler


    Yes I agree

  7. Demonnae Barnett

    Demonnae Barnett


    this is honestly sweet

  8. Michelle willoby

    Michelle willoby


    Parents fault.




    i am so esiet

  10. MaxBoo



    Me who goes to bed at 5am:👁️👄👁️

  11. kia m

    kia m


    See this alot. Kids be hungry bad well.

  12. Ann Liz Sebastian

    Ann Liz Sebastian


    1:54 sis what 8 30? gurl i be sleepin at 5 am

  13. It's Mrs. Bossy Trick

    It's Mrs. Bossy Trick


    Why is a child going to bed at 11:30p.m? School or not, my mom gave us a bedtime. 8:30 for school nights and 9:30 for weekends.

  14. thefuneh jas

    thefuneh jas

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    Lol in 2nd grade in person goes to bed at 9

  15. PokeMe


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    Reminds me of when Jehovah witness to come to my house uninvited lol

  16. Takcci


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    I have like 50 absent for classes And no I’m not bragging about it. I since improved and only missed 4 the past 2 months

  17. CraZGuy Kwan

    CraZGuy Kwan

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    56 days of school missed? I wish lol

  18. BuilderHumanKidPlays


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    It’s 4:26 AM. I should take they advice, and go to sleep early.

  19. Tina Johnson

    Tina Johnson

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    This is love

  20. Ilaysa Meijnaar

    Ilaysa Meijnaar

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    My bedtim is 8 and iam 14 years old

  21. hixaka


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    I go to sleep at 1 and its the only way ima get up

  22. Hernamee_jaee Periodtaa

    Hernamee_jaee Periodtaa

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  23. Lawauna Grimes

    Lawauna Grimes

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  24. Emanuel Galindo

    Emanuel Galindo

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    In the end, the last kid who did a thumbs-up was on i-ready on his computer me in 2nd grade I used to use i-ready lol

  25. mani


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    0:06 his face😭

  26. mani


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    11:30 is late? ... oh...

  27. Michaela Bryant

    Michaela Bryant

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    Is online detention a thing lol just log in and stare at each other for an hour

    • A. J. Rivera

      A. J. Rivera


      Hahaha : )

  28. Tianna Stuckey

    Tianna Stuckey

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    My kids have missed days but I also work from 4 am to 530 pm it’s difficult to keep them on task from work

  29. -Adley Apple-

    -Adley Apple-

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    My school does this all the time so far I’ve had the same computer since the beginning of online school and they’ve gave my brothers about 5 chrome books because he keeps breaking them. My school is a very good charter school and I’m proud of that!

  30. Armytastic


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    if my teacher shows up at my door im throwing my shoe at her ion care

  31. nyr


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    my teacher called me a retard and gave me isolation for breathing...

  32. Eldon Nichols

    Eldon Nichols

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    Bedtime at 8:30!? Wow.

  33. レヴィ


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    11:30? THAS NOTHING i go to bed at 4 am, amateur

  34. Heinrich Himmler

    Heinrich Himmler

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    Lmfao. Scripted propaganda.



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    The third grade student 😞 mad about sleeping early☹️ that’s me- I can see he’s holding back is tears🥺

  36. Wisewoman withFaith

    Wisewoman withFaith

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    You ladies Roc!!!😁😁😍😍💯💯😍😍😁😁🙌🏾🙌🏾

  37. Shena Yang (Student)

    Shena Yang (Student)

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    I sleep in 10:00

  38. balanced


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    dude i’d get my ass whooped if i missed any classes

  39. J L

    J L

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    I like how she just walks into her house, lol

  40. Stacey Phillips

    Stacey Phillips

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    I notice everyone in the comment speaking negatively about teachers showing up at your house...thats a great thing. .it means they truly care...theres no harm in that....But when teachers dont show concern then yall still complain...So which do you perfer?

  41. Juicebloom


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    “11:30...” me: **goes to bed at 1 every night** hm.., yes, yes very interesting

  42. earth strong

    earth strong

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    great teachers ❤❤❤ Thank you

  43. morezayta Ψ

    morezayta Ψ

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    1:31 we all know he got a good night whoopin

  44. ImpossibleTail


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    ye i agree theres no place like school because school is straight up torture

  45. Donut Zalex

    Donut Zalex

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    I feel bad for the children

  46. The Harden Family

    The Harden Family

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    I love this ♥️



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    That boy know he not going to bed @ 8:30 😂😂😂

  48. fellforfakelove


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    yeah that kid cappin bout saying “ 8:30 “

  49. Lissa


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    "but his sleep schedule" "him: 11:30" *me who goes to sleep at 11:30am after not sleeping all night* 👁 👄 👁

  50. Cortney Nicole

    Cortney Nicole

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    I have gotten those hotspot devices from Verizon and the battery expands and breaks after just a few google meet sessions.

  51. Mark Hughes

    Mark Hughes

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    these kids seem so un enthusiastic XD but this is very wholesome

  52. Animechanxoxo


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    I would not feel loved i would still feel troubled for having to do hw

  53. Will Stimpson

    Will Stimpson

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    The little girls I’m so excited wasn’t very exciting

  54. Lien Bijs

    Lien Bijs

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    Here in the Netherlands you'll be in trouble with an education compulsory officer, who can fine the parents if the child is not coming online. Children where the teachers worry about have to go to school anyway during lockdown right now. That is in my daughters class the case with 2 children.

  55. kayla koechig

    kayla koechig

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    This is so sweet omg

  56. A Aa

    A Aa

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    People making fun, but sometimes KIDS need someone to check on them ...

  57. LadyRay Child Of God.

    LadyRay Child Of God.

    4 napja

    May The Good Lord Jesus Bless These Sister's/Teacher's To Take The Time Out To Bless These Children So They Wont Fall Behind With Their Education 🙏❤

  58. Jesus Maximus

    Jesus Maximus

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    1:42 and me watching this video at 3:00am🤔😬

  59. A Random Guy

    A Random Guy

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    Why do I have the feeling the last kid gonna show up late the next day after the hype

  60. Lynne Carnivale

    Lynne Carnivale

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    He said 8:30!!!! Not sure if I believe him, lol! GOD BLESS THESE BABIES! It's a tough life with pandemic concerns. Peace, Lynne 🍃 💜 🍃

  61. felipe Nintendo

    felipe Nintendo

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    I sleep at 4AM but now I sleep at 9:00

  62. Sergio ortiz

    Sergio ortiz

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    if that happend to me I would close the door on there face

  63. Sergio ortiz

    Sergio ortiz

    4 napja

    if that happend to me I would close the door on there face

  64. jane smith

    jane smith

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    How about a responsible parent making sure their 6 year old takes school supplies with them, 57 days!

  65. simpleliving a

    simpleliving a

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    God bless these teachers❤️

  66. itss naliyahdanye

    itss naliyahdanye

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    i wish my teacher would lmaooo😂😂.

  67. Germaine Smith

    Germaine Smith

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    This is AWSOME

  68. Colleen


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    I appreciate what their doing. Camera necessary? Maybe everybody was aware they were coming. I just wouldn’t want the parents to feel judged.

  69. Ty G

    Ty G

    4 napja

    Crazy I watch inside edition all the time..it's rarely people of color on here..but all of a sudden..it's a topic about academics and it's a whole segment with black people..the level of brainwashing you're ensuing is ridiculous..any black kid I know is on the honor roll..America is pitiful

  70. Jasmine P. Diaries

    Jasmine P. Diaries

    4 napja

    Thanks God for my boys' school and their teachers!!

  71. Storm Gaming

    Storm Gaming

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    I have a teacher that posts a youtube video and a quiz and probaly goes to vacation meanwhile me overhere spending hours when I wanna be playin animal crossing on my wii

  72. L. Austin

    L. Austin

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    Gonna have to call me. I dont do uninvited guests period

  73. Cali2 COOL

    Cali2 COOL

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    These teachers need to mind thier business...

  74. FX Guzmantv

    FX Guzmantv

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    Man i to to sleep at 2 and still wake up on time

  75. Hell Fire The Hamster

    Hell Fire The Hamster

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    That girl said “i’M sO eXCItEd.” Idk if she meant it or nah but if a teacher came to my door, I’d probably hide. Lol.

  76. Kimball Cho

    Kimball Cho

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    8 30 for couple days then back to 11

  77. Kera's Way

    Kera's Way

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    The children aint want to go to school! LMAOOOO

  78. Fancy Edits

    Fancy Edits

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    Well I guess it's not good for me to go to sleep at 3am

  79. Freind Of Dorothy

    Freind Of Dorothy

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    I love them

  80. George Washington

    George Washington

    5 napja

    I wish teachers were this kind when I was president

  81. Armend Mehmedi

    Armend Mehmedi

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    I go to sleep at 3AM LOL

  82. Faye Bullard

    Faye Bullard

    5 napja

    The problem is bad parenting

  83. Sheva Hart

    Sheva Hart

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  84. blurrytrxsh


    5 napja

    my school does this, if people miss class alot the teachers go to their houses and see whats up with them. its kinda creepy to think about lol

    • blurrytrxsh


      2 napja

      @Stacey Phillips ya but like,,,, i have a fear of seeing my teachers outside of school XD

    • Stacey Phillips

      Stacey Phillips

      2 napja

      Blurrytrxsh...thats a good thing...it means they care about you😁

  85. ambot nimo Tv

    ambot nimo Tv

    5 napja

    Poor internet speed?

  86. the discovery of Kamira Hall

    the discovery of Kamira Hall

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    If my teachers came up in my house talking bout I need to go to bed earlier I'm popping off

  87. Lindsay Tucker

    Lindsay Tucker

    5 napja

    my sons school hasn’t closed. only 2-3 covid cases since last year.

  88. Barbie Parris

    Barbie Parris

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    That is so nice they do that 👏 that so you some teachers truly care ❤

  89. Kokeshi D

    Kokeshi D

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    Awwh 😊

  90. StuckAtHomeDiva


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    True heroes ❤️❤️

  91. Sir.TaterTot12


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    U could tell that girl was not exited



    5 napja

    He might need medication therapy for sleep

  93. Alani Pena

    Alani Pena

    5 napja

    yet my teachers still count me absent when i was the only one answering their questions 👁👄👁

  94. Marta Castro

    Marta Castro

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    Maya mom 4

  95. BonbonTheBunny


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    Teachers: Go to bed at 8:30 Kid: Ima go to bed at 8:30 :D Me: PFFFFF get out of my damn house miss 😂

  96. Eva Delgado Barrón

    Eva Delgado Barrón

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    Me poor kids Also me scrolling on tik tok at 3:00 am on a Monday

  97. katerin galeano

    katerin galeano

    5 napja

    Either way we still gonna fail 🥲

  98. Gabriella Linetsky

    Gabriella Linetsky

    5 napja

    Once my friend got in trouble at school for not doing homework on her computer because her family couldn’t afford to pay for wifi

  99. Ramone Lastname

    Ramone Lastname

    5 napja

    That child is so precious, I can't handle it! 😭

  100. Well Damn

    Well Damn

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    57 days missed of school? If I missed one minute of class, I wouldn’t be alive today.