Ted Cruz Flew to Mexico to ‘Be a Good Dad’

Social media exploded Thursday after reports surfaced that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had jetted off to Mexico as millions of his constituents suffered without power or drinkable water during a freak storm system that has crippled his home state. State Democrats demanded Cruz resign. Cruz’s explanation for the trip, that he was dropping off his kids on a trip, was seen as out of touch by many and dubious by others. Cruz's staff had contacted local police Wednesday night asking for help at the airport.


  1. Khalid Gabriel

    Khalid Gabriel

    8 órája

    Struggling Texans: Help!! Ted Cruz: Too cold, Let’s go to Mexico

  2. cjcj2010


    17 órája

    Address he did everything he could, why should be stay? Who cares? It wouldn't help if he stayed.

  3. jeff fung

    jeff fung

    17 órája

    The available love conceivably lock because basin internally squash an a hot huge brother-in-law. penitent, boundless yak

  4. Spiritkiller911



    Lol damn he got chunky

  5. Just Jets

    Just Jets

    2 napja

    Ted Cruz does not deserve to be a part of the government. Period.

  6. Console Gamer

    Console Gamer

    2 napja

    I sure hope he doesn't run again. I know he'll lose and we'll have to go through this whole process a second time. Ugg

  7. Lowrider Ghost

    Lowrider Ghost

    2 napja

    So he left the US to give his kids a better life in Mexico? Just like how people leave Mexico to give their kids a better life in the US?

  8. Red Snake

    Red Snake

    2 napja

    Yes he did abandoned texas peopl3, what ashamed!!!

  9. Fred Max

    Fred Max

    2 napja

    But Trump told Cruz to go to Cancun and promised him that Mexico was going to pay for his trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. FriendlyOcelot


    3 napja

    I know I’m late, but who can trust politicians these days 🤦🏻

  11. Zakenmaru


    3 napja

    The worst part isn't really that he threw his daughters under the bus. The worst part is that at this point, we're not even surprised he'd do that.

  12. Ethan Weeter

    Ethan Weeter

    3 napja

    Good dad, bad Senator.😂

  13. Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts

    3 napja

    He’s lyyyyyyyying Ted !

  14. Steve Graves

    Steve Graves

    4 napja

    jesus christ.... none of these people would survive in Alaska.... GROW A PAIR AND LEARN TO DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Michelle Martinez

    Michelle Martinez

    4 napja

    As if he planned to come back this whole time 😂

  16. Sai Attinti

    Sai Attinti

    4 napja

    I mean come on just cause he is senator dosen’t mean you need to be mean to him for going some place warm

  17. Salem Midnight

    Salem Midnight

    4 napja

    This is literally me during online school , I’m like “adios !”

  18. George Washington

    George Washington

    5 napja

    When I was President, it didn't even snow in Texas!

  19. Keith B

    Keith B

    5 napja

    Not only would I have gone to Cancun, but I would have left my wife and kids at home

  20. Keith B

    Keith B

    5 napja

    I hope Texans remember this in 4 years

  21. Eren Yeager

    Eren Yeager

    5 napja

    I understand what he did was kinda messed up but... what do you want him to do magically turn the power back on like tf

  22. Abdou


    5 napja

    he should take a plane back to CALGARY and live there with out heat

  23. The Troll

    The Troll

    5 napja

    That’s not being a leader, that’s being a coward. Can’t believe I actually supported Cruz.

  24. Mario C.

    Mario C.

    5 napja

    Fled Cruz

  25. It's a dangerous road that we travel

    It's a dangerous road that we travel

    5 napja

    Yeah right lolololo

  26. Mister Os

    Mister Os

    5 napja

    Just know he lost most of not all of his fellow Texans vote when the time come again.

  27. [NASSA]


    5 napja

    He looks like Q

  28. xPersianxKing


    5 napja

    Did trump just say he’s running again?

  29. Covid Psychopath

    Covid Psychopath

    5 napja

    There's NOTHING to be caught about!! Why the hell would you people be mad he took his kids out of the state you people need a LIFE if others could take their kids out of state they would have . What's the problem? Get a damn life people .

  30. iamchrispaez


    5 napja

    He’s a horrible father, a horrible senator, and a horrible person. RESIGN

  31. Popeye-Polly & Sweetpea

    Popeye-Polly & Sweetpea

    5 napja

    1:49 What is a “no brainer” is why the world no longer respects Americans, nor looks towards us for advise.

  32. Popeye-Polly & Sweetpea

    Popeye-Polly & Sweetpea

    5 napja

    0:04 Notice the $300 wireless earphones..., 0:24 is that so he won’t have to hear the cries of his shivering 🥶 constituents?

  33. Peter Lawrence

    Peter Lawrence

    5 napja

    His name is Fled Cruz now!!!

  34. Aria Weiß

    Aria Weiß

    5 napja

    People suffering but my spoiled brats wanted nice weather

  35. Elvira Reis

    Elvira Reis

    5 napja


  36. Amos Xu

    Amos Xu

    5 napja

    America who can land on the moon and Mars, please wait for your people

  37. R. Zimmerman

    R. Zimmerman

    5 napja

    Why not? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I might have done the same thing in his shoes. He can govern the state while being out of the country.

  38. Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace

    6 napja

    I'm voting for Ted.

  39. Scipper Brice

    Scipper Brice

    6 napja

    Vote him out

  40. Jovaine17


    6 napja

    Make it more worst his daughter is eating beef cup noodles 🤮🤢

  41. Chas 99

    Chas 99

    6 napja

    He’s needs to be removed

  42. lewislisa lewislisa

    lewislisa lewislisa

    6 napja

    No one mentions covid. Why? How is he a good dad when he let his kids travel during covid? And nobody mentioned it at all.

  43. Elisa Mondragon

    Elisa Mondragon

    6 napja

    *Disgusting rich evil politician* 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  44. Sojourner Shrink

    Sojourner Shrink

    6 napja

    That's cool, Ted. Glad Mexico was an option for you. As for me, for days during storm, w/ no power, or heat -- I huddled with my kids, kept them from hypothermia. - P.M., Georgetown, TX.

  45. D V

    D V

    6 napja

    I’m a Texan, So many people attacking Ted Cruz but what is he going to do for a winter storm? When the ice melts the electric will come back on and food will be in the stores. Two days ago it was 0 degrees today 2/21/21 it is 75 degrees. That’s Texas

  46. Michael E

    Michael E

    6 napja

    Let’s talk about how this moron president is letting anyone with a face into this county just for future votes. Is he testing them for corona virus? He was so concerned before Nov 6....

  47. ケネディチャールズ


    6 napja

    Yes but no

  48. Alan Q. Wake

    Alan Q. Wake

    6 napja

    😂 He was dragged back by the media themselves and they even flew down to Cancun to shame him! Good job!

  49. Elder Pete Price

    Elder Pete Price

    6 napja

    great way to distract us from andrew cuomo nursing home fiasco

    • Elder Pete Price

      Elder Pete Price

      6 napja

      @Alex Perez Never said Ignore it, but one is far worse than the other ted cruz couldn't do anything about the weather himself he is not a magician. Even when he is out doing good he gets negative press not once has a news station from the left covered him fairly.

    • Alex Perez

      Alex Perez

      6 napja

      @Elder Pete Price so just ignore everything and focus on one thing right? I mean if ones worse there is no need to focus on anything else till it's taken care of. I agree go after andrew cuomo but don't stay focused on just that. You got other things too that need attention.

    • Elder Pete Price

      Elder Pete Price

      6 napja

      @Alex Perez lol maybe cause one is much worse than the other

    • Alex Perez

      Alex Perez

      6 napja

      I mean why can't you focus on both? I'd prefer everyone be scrutinized. Democrat republican independent. I want them all to be held accountable if anything arises

  50. ZhangK71


    6 napja

    Conservatives throughout this comment section and other comment sections whenever something like this happens: *LET THE DEFLECTIONS BEGIN*

    • Alex Perez

      Alex Perez

      6 napja

      Yes and ted cruz is the type of person who would and I think has called out people who left on vacation when things where happening and through out his righteous indignation.

  51. •Sailor star•

    •Sailor star•

    6 napja

    Is there a problem in him leaving? I'm very confused, why is this a issue?

  52. E L

    E L

    6 napja

    I think my 10 year old would have came up with a better excuse for his bad decision!!! Lol

  53. Maria Lopez

    Maria Lopez

    6 napja

    Ted Cruz worst politician, liar, liar 🤢

  54. Joey Purificato

    Joey Purificato

    6 napja

    What’s the problem I’ll go on a trip if I want it’s not his fault that that’s happening in Texas



    6 napja

    Good for him, I would have left for Cali if I could have, I'm fine that he left idrc, (I'm from Texas btw)

  56. Ali Marie

    Ali Marie

    6 napja

    "Daddy can we go to Cancun? I'm cold!" "Lets blow this popcycle stand!!"

  57. Gorilla Ninja

    Gorilla Ninja

    6 napja

    And? who cares

  58. Rafael Alvarado

    Rafael Alvarado

    6 napja

    I never thought being a dad was a crime

  59. Emily Patrick

    Emily Patrick

    6 napja

    Did he seriously blame his kid for his bad decision 😂

  60. Sargent Peep

    Sargent Peep

    6 napja

    Ted Cruz flew to Cancun because his wife told him to. She even texted to friends for them to do the same. I see Cruz is trying to mend his destroyed reputation by being photographed loading bottles of water into a car. Ha! I'm sure he posed for that photo opp. Besides, he was only sending bottles of water to his residence in Cancun. He and his wife care nothing about the citizens of Texas--only the tax dollars that pay for their family mansion.

  61. Aladár Mező

    Aladár Mező

    6 napja

    It's just a distraction from Cuomo's disaster

  62. Moist Peanut

    Moist Peanut

    6 napja

    Ok but when will he start being “a good Senator”?

  63. Dennis Estrada

    Dennis Estrada

    6 napja

    Why such a big deal I would do the same, liberal media pff

  64. Gustavo Martinez

    Gustavo Martinez

    6 napja

    wow. really? vote h out and all this criticism because he went a country over for a quick vacation?

  65. Kai Anderson

    Kai Anderson

    6 napja

    This story is a distraction from the President’s disastrous town hall.

  66. Black b

    Black b

    6 napja

    We haven't evolved because if a states babysitter leaves to be an actual parent peoples pussies get sore

  67. Jacob Griggs

    Jacob Griggs

    6 napja

    Good for him . Governor of New York murderer seniors and covered it up

  68. John Boldosser

    John Boldosser

    6 napja

    Ted is a great guy he was cold get warm ted I feel you bro

  69. houston skyline

    houston skyline

    6 napja

    Oh hell nahh

  70. Mary Miskanis

    Mary Miskanis

    6 napja

    As for Trump he will be in prison in 4 years. Waiting for the indictments to roll in now.

  71. Derrick Stinoski

    Derrick Stinoski

    6 napja

    Left his little dog in that guddamn cold ass house....😡😡😡😡

  72. MysticSarah 2003

    MysticSarah 2003

    6 napja

    You know what else counts as being a good dad? Showing your kids that you can’t just leave during an a) state emergency, and b) a pandemic. Texans needed Cruz to be there to help them through their power outages and burst pipes like any government official should. When COVID and Texas gets power back, then he can go to Cancun with his family.

  73. Chris Takes Dubs෴

    Chris Takes Dubs෴

    6 napja

    Jeez y people getting mad at a human escaping to survive



    6 napja

    does it really matter

  75. chris hall

    chris hall

    7 napja

    So y’all want this Man to freeze to death too??

  76. ZiplineShazam


    7 napja

    Ego-Centric Douche

  77. Kurious Kat

    Kurious Kat

    7 napja

    u don’t do that to your people!

  78. Otra Aventura

    Otra Aventura

    7 napja


  79. James Wilson

    James Wilson

    7 napja

    Cruz should of just stayed. He was toasted anyways

  80. Gonzo


    7 napja

    Who cares that he went on vacation. Cuomo caused thousands to die.

  81. Noah Shackelford

    Noah Shackelford

    7 napja

    He couldn't hear the backlash, because he was wearing Air Pods.

  82. rebelrebel


    7 napja

    There's probably most higher earning individuals in Texas that didn't lose power. And more than likely some lower and middle class folks that left Texas to stay with friends or family outside of Texas. Quit making everything so political and start preparing to take care of your family for a month or so instead of getting caught off guard every time.

  83. Jay M

    Jay M

    7 napja

    Cruz caught red-handed in Cancun implementing Biden's new Immigration Policy (bring illegals to US to wait for court date, vaccine, free college and citizenship). Must be at least a family of 8 in that suitcase. LOL

  84. Maria Perez

    Maria Perez

    7 napja

    So his willing to cross the boarder to be a good dad, so why can't others cross the border to USA to be good dads!

    • J L

      J L

      6 napja

      Because it's illegal.

  85. Diane Fanning

    Diane Fanning

    7 napja

    Wondering, was this the same night the 11yr old boy died of hypothermia in his trailer? Too bad his Dad didn't have the same resources. Even just a little fuel.😢

  86. Glenn Snyder

    Glenn Snyder

    7 napja

    Sign of what kind of leader he would have been.

  87. Armed Proletariat

    Armed Proletariat

    7 napja

    Texas deserves ted cruz.

  88. Four Q

    Four Q

    7 napja

    Can't believe he didn't remember how omni present the media can be and how bad they could drag him for leaving his state at such a crucial time 🤷‍♂️

  89. sondra rowalt

    sondra rowalt

    7 napja

    Wonder where the rest of our leaders were if the truth be known, but Ted should of stayed home.

  90. Seek1878


    7 napja


  91. D P

    D P

    7 napja

    It wasn't a "let them eat cake" because none of our stores were open to buy one.

  92. Aaron Ramirez

    Aaron Ramirez

    7 napja

    Ted Cruz is am awesome Dad putting his family first, and what a guy coming back to Texas, to help out. He is one of a Kind.

  93. jack lucking

    jack lucking

    7 napja

    How about a good leader ?

  94. Crystal Navarro

    Crystal Navarro

    7 napja

    You forgot to mention the leaked text from his wife.

  95. Vi


    7 napja

    While Biden takes snow day

  96. Vi


    7 napja

    Yep at least he owned up like a real man and leader. Unlike new Yorks thug Cuomo.

  97. SnooK


    7 napja

    why is everyone mad?He cant change the weather,he has the money to go somewhere sunny and he should do it instead of freeze in texas with his family.Everyone should do that if they have the money to do it

  98. Lizette Alvarez

    Lizette Alvarez

    7 napja

    Ted Cruz looks like an elf that got old and got kicked out of the North Pole 😂

  99. wes


    7 napja

    how you leave to be a "good parent" while your own city is suffering

    • Addition Gaming

      Addition Gaming

      6 napja

      He’s a senator.... what is he supposed to do? Do you realize Texas has a governor? I would leave if I could too.

    • J L

      J L

      6 napja

      Because he can. Simple.

  100. Armaan Singh

    Armaan Singh

    7 napja

    If he was a democrat you wouldn’t hear this story