Texas 911 Operator Sleeps at Call Center Because It's So Busy

A torrent of urgent calls are pouring into police across the state of Texas about weather-related flooding. Pipes are bursting in Texas houses unaccustomed to below-freezing temperatures, wreaking havoc on homes and businesses. Emergency calls are spiking so much that 911 operator Julia Maschmann has resorted to sleeping in the call center. This comes as she goes without power or water at her own house. She says that calls have jumped from a little over 200 per day to over 1,000.


  1. E Foley

    E Foley


    Oh I don't know how about call a plumber?

  2. xMqt



    oh i thought she was sleeping while she was supposed to be working

  3. John Johnson

    John Johnson


    Someone should give her a trip to Cancun after this...Step Up Texans....

  4. Imatrollbaa



    wtf she has 8 monitors

  5. Ai REI

    Ai REI

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    i loss alot of braincells trying to read the title

  6. Richi


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    Never seen someone some excited for emergency calls

  7. Jacob Bugenhagen 2

    Jacob Bugenhagen 2

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    She’s probably so stress she needs a break

  8. CrypTIK_ SnipeHype

    CrypTIK_ SnipeHype

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    uh oh

  9. Hi I play video games

    Hi I play video games

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    And I thought 3 monitors was alot

  10. ryan gemser

    ryan gemser

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    I’ve slept at work lots csus working 18-20 hr days do I get a news story about me lol

  11. Eragonian1


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    If only I had that many monitors...

  12. Dale


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    That title is misleading, you should change that

  13. Pipicz06


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    Imagine gaming on all those monitors 😅😍

  14. French’s LawnCare & Landscaping

    French’s LawnCare & Landscaping

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    Thought for sure the dispatcher was being criticized by IE lol

  15. locorideryz


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    Makes no sense

  16. LuhKxi


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    This title made me think she just got to tired of the calls she just decided to go to sleep. 🙄

  17. JD Poquiz

    JD Poquiz

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    911 caller be like : My carpet is wet

  18. SNG_ Ev Patrick 45

    SNG_ Ev Patrick 45

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    0:21 That one guy that has the best streaming setup

  19. Deshom Noel

    Deshom Noel

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    I felt like I have been clickbaited

  20. Chokla


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    everyone here thought that she was sleeping during the calls right

  21. Noneya Noneya

    Noneya Noneya

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    retitle this sounded aweful and its misleading

  22. DarthDavid 227

    DarthDavid 227

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    I hope she’s getting overtime

  23. Jacob Diaz

    Jacob Diaz

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    That title was misleading ngl but she’s doing a great job!

  24. Mrcoolerthanuu


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    Well they were calling 911 for broken pipes...

  25. RGkong


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    The title does her so wrong, I thought the title meant she literally SLEEPS during the job.

  26. Theo Narte

    Theo Narte

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    i thought it meant it was so busy but then she took a nap

  27. ineed aname

    ineed aname

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    she has the ultimate gaming setup.

  28. BriskillaDaGodzilla


    4 napja

    That bed looks comfortable af lol

  29. ben angelo sumagaysay

    ben angelo sumagaysay

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    I thought she slept because it was too busy. Made her tired and slept while calls kept on coming 😅😅.

  30. Elie


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    Have a great day god love y’all .

  31. Zach Orvik

    Zach Orvik

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    I read that as she slept instead of taking calls🤣



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    Caller:I need help!! Operator:😴

  33. Austin Rivers

    Austin Rivers

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    that’s what heroes do.



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    Salute💪👈❤to 911 operators real heroes

  35. Alex Cardenas

    Alex Cardenas

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    She better be getting paid a lot for that

  36. Uchiha_Obito287 -

    Uchiha_Obito287 -

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    That set up go hard 😂

  37. Oh hi

    Oh hi

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    6 consoles

  38. Tony sinner

    Tony sinner

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    Jeez there some plumbers making bank 🏦 $$$

  39. synczz foxy

    synczz foxy

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    Bro they only have 8 monitors set up Cali got 40 monitors set up

  40. stufoo


    4 napja

    Do they not have main supply valve shut offs in Texas?

  41. Tracy


    4 napja

    Shame on that POS Cruz, Governor Abbott (inc Perry!), and everyone else that could have prevented this horrific tragedy, and wasn't there to help the people. So damn sad!! I hope the Texans remember this epic failure at election time!! Praying for Texas 🙏

  42. Xeruna


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    Not all heroes wear capes

  43. Eclipse3131


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    Jesus texas... everyone who lives there should be FURIOUS. So many times were the energy companies and other companies told they need to winterize their systems and other things and they CHOSE not too.. i feel so bad for so many texans this is happening to, much of it due to negligence

  44. Jugganuat


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    Awww don’t you just love republican run texas those guys really do a great job managing the day to day emergencies of that state

  45. Luke McKenna

    Luke McKenna

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    How do people not know how to turn of water to just there house!!

  46. A. Andreson987

    A. Andreson987

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    These people with the Water emergency 💧 Calls need to call their Water utility company not 911.

  47. Derek Alaniz

    Derek Alaniz

    4 napja

    At least they had power , heater electricity , water . I would have slept there too

  48. Shrek V

    Shrek V

    4 napja

    The operater sounds like she is getting railed from the back with all that breathing

  49. Roxana Torres

    Roxana Torres

    4 napja

    i read that so wrong lol

  50. Player 201

    Player 201

    4 napja

    People worrying that water is leaking Wtf you can just to the line and try to shut it. Its not like possessed or something.

  51. Hawk Eye Aerial Photography

    Hawk Eye Aerial Photography

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    This is more of a job for a plumber, not 911

  52. Pettibone


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    She should be fired for sleeping on the job 😂

  53. random guy

    random guy

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    Plumbers be like....more work👀

  54. L o a d i n g . . .

    L o a d i n g . . .

    4 napja

    Bro, who writes these titles? It clearly means “lady fell asleep at call center because it was too busy”

  55. Magma Fang

    Magma Fang

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    I got a solution don't have a water pipe

  56. Iorek the war

    Iorek the war

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    You guys need to change the grammar in your title.

  57. Ja’Crispy


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    Does Texas not have main shut offs in everyone’s house? Here in Maryland we have one where the water first comes into the house, and one by the street

  58. Tyler Cuerrier

    Tyler Cuerrier

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    Someone Give her a raise oml that’s amazing more people gotta be doing what ever is needed like her

  59. Mark Edwards

    Mark Edwards

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    Those people deserve HUGE bonuses! $$$$

  60. jamie seo

    jamie seo

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    Overtime looking good

  61. A Random Fox

    A Random Fox

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    I thought she slept while doing her job

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    Sonic forces universe plushies

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  63. Sparta king Sparta

    Sparta king Sparta

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    Good Job Sister

  64. George Washington

    George Washington

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    911 didn't even exist when I was President!

  65. wasd


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    Dafak is this clickbait...she just slept, so what?

  66. Spoofy Gaming

    Spoofy Gaming

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    The ultimate set up

  67. Unknown user

    Unknown user

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    The setup bussin tho 🥵.

  68. joeh690


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    When they said sleep at call center. I thought they were sleeping on the phone 🤣

  69. Ray Mak

    Ray Mak

    5 napja

    That's crazy a lot... Water in the house can be very bad

  70. DES _MUSIC


    5 napja

    All them people who do not have house insurance or renters insurance I feel for you I hope there’s help out there



    5 napja

    Oh wow. How misleading was that title. Clickbait! Lol. 😅

  72. Ivan Garcia

    Ivan Garcia

    5 napja

    hope it's not one of those "calm down ma'am/ sir" operators. .

  73. JK JK

    JK JK

    5 napja

    I thought the calls were going to be from Karens but seems legit! Poor fellows.

  74. Tello


    5 napja

    Texas sounds like a lot of cash for WATER BLOWOUTS

    • Tello


      5 napja

      Next fall season

  75. Loyd Hernandez

    Loyd Hernandez

    5 napja

    Where else would she sleep

  76. David Shields

    David Shields

    5 napja

    There’s always one who will go above and beyond. Fair play I just hope your appreciated.

  77. Ace is cool Cool

    Ace is cool Cool

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  78. 6pilz arc

    6pilz arc

    5 napja


  79. Juan Rubio

    Juan Rubio

    5 napja

    I thought she got lazy and fell asleep or something.

  80. XxTrigerHappyxX


    5 napja

    Naw she is there because there is power XD

  81. David Davis

    David Davis

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    I didn’t realize that was what 911 is for ( busted pipes ) . What the hell ?

  82. Basic Reviews

    Basic Reviews

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    Title is kind a misleading 😂😂

  83. Dyiiamond Jaii

    Dyiiamond Jaii

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    GET Y'ALL SOME SHARK BITES AND A PIPE CUTTER!!! Go on the search bar, and look up, how to install a shark bite in your pipes.

  84. Aj Ajaj

    Aj Ajaj

    5 napja

    Abbot and Cruz. Blood on their callous hands

  85. peter rabbitn

    peter rabbitn

    5 napja

    I am German and confused why you would call 911 for water leaking into the house. If we can not reach a maintenance person we would call the fire brigade

  86. soobaked23


    5 napja

    Has no one ever heard of a shut off valve??

  87. Ally M

    Ally M

    5 napja

    I thought she went to sleep because it was too much to handle.

  88. Xxgamer timxX

    Xxgamer timxX

    5 napja

    Pipe brust who ya gonna call? Texas 911 operator

  89. Andrew Volkmuth

    Andrew Volkmuth

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  90. Angel Monae

    Angel Monae

    5 napja

    I work in a call center 1000 call is nothing but I get it

  91. Clovxz


    5 napja

    I live in Wylie i was one of the callers

  92. Elbert Gonzales

    Elbert Gonzales

    5 napja

    Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

  93. DJ puss puss

    DJ puss puss

    5 napja

    There’s like 30 monitors

  94. ideal


    5 napja

    I thought in this day and age people would at least google it on their smartphones if they had an internet plan on it.

  95. Astin


    5 napja

    The title I read I thought the operator slept while on duty lmao.

  96. Travis Caddie

    Travis Caddie

    5 napja

    “Meanwhile from Cancun 🤷‍♂️”

  97. Giovanni Okereke

    Giovanni Okereke

    5 napja

    911 operator of the year award goes to Julia Maschmann!

  98. Venkatesh Thevar

    Venkatesh Thevar

    5 napja

    American hero

  99. juni q

    juni q

    5 napja

    Im confused. When does she sleep if her phones always ringing

    • -Star_27-


      5 napja

      Someone else takes her over her shift so she can get some sleep. It’s because the place is too busy for her to go home.

  100. DaDiabetic


    5 napja

    I live in this area, it was way worse than what this made it seem like...2021 is of to a great start!