Truck Driver Thwarts Man’s 2-Hour Getaway Attempt

A two-hour police chase from San Diego to Los Angeles came to a dramatic end Tuesday when a quick-thinking truck driver turned his big rig into a roadblock. The move helped keep a person-of-interest in a murder case from getting away. The chase began when police tried to arrest the man, before he took off in his pickup truck, hitting speeds of up to 90 mph. For two hours, news networks followed the wild pursuit. Ahmed Shabaan heard on his radio that the chase was approaching, and chose to act.
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  1. CEO.


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    Dude did not even care about the truck m

  2. khaniri naftali

    khaniri naftali

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    Wow, i love how the chase lasted 2 hours for a murder case suspect yet for a minor traffic offense a 20 year old was shot dead. But as soon as i saw the suspect i figured the unwritten rule that applies in this scenario.

  3. Alex River

    Alex River

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    What do you mean a king that you stop the crime you idiot he could’ve died to I don’t know what your news people say I swear I don’t get it someone get a Fivel😠

  4. Lamya Egypt

    Lamya Egypt

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    No one mentioned he's Muslim or Egyptian or middle Eastern man ! why ?! the answer: you know USA media 👍

  5. Lamya Egypt

    Lamya Egypt

    3 órája

    The Egyptian hero and his brave reaction 😍 It's an oridinary reaction for Egyptians .. live with Egyptians and you will know that 🙂

  6. Norpiler PlaysRBLX

    Norpiler PlaysRBLX

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    wow he did an awesome job

  7. Evan Cole

    Evan Cole

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    THat junkie crossing the streets his reactions was priceless

  8. Charlie Burns

    Charlie Burns

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    The driver has played to much gta 5

  9. jeff frei

    jeff frei

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    Give this truck driver a pay raise!

  10. yousry Ehab

    yousry Ehab

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    دي مش اكتر من صدفه

  11. quranコーラン


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    Thank you ahmad for save life 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬



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    I'm soo happy bec he is Egyptian

  13. Sohaila


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    big love to this Egyptian man

  14. Ace Espinosa III

    Ace Espinosa III

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  15. Cam Moto

    Cam Moto


    Who pays for the bigrig damage?

  16. Amr Diab Fans

    Amr Diab Fans



  17. Just Wow

    Just Wow


    Why is it always California ?

  18. osama son1c

    osama son1c


    I can just imagine him saying in his head before he stopped the truck...: NOPE!

  19. Murad Aldamerchi

    Murad Aldamerchi


    تحيا مصر من اخوكم العراقي God bless Egypt to this truck driver u r hero

  20. James Burton

    James Burton


    Curious why they would have the suspect crawl to them, instead of the walk backwards thing....?

  21. George Burnham

    George Burnham


    Trucker needs an award




    what is the difference between dangerous acts and kinds of weapons, Crazy Driver who is wanted by police have his Cars like a big bump, and the same way who has Gun, in these two cases there is someone or many others will be killed and should stop this criminal by police or anyone, this driver save lives and should everyone Appreciate his help and the first one who should tell thank you and cover his damages is the police and all the Country

  23. Ahmed Mohi

    Ahmed Mohi


    Iam proud of you man 🇪🇬💕

  24. يوسف القرعان

    يوسف القرعان


    Truck driver from Egypt

  25. G Nas

    G Nas


    Uh oh cop had the knee on the back/neck

  26. Samy N

    Samy N


    The driver his name is Ahmed Egyptian guy!

  27. Amr Mansour

    Amr Mansour


    Egyptian HERO!!!

  28. arabs-22



    the egyptians anywhere man thanks for him a lot

  29. Driftstar777 w

    Driftstar777 w


    The title alone was kinda funny. The poor loser

  30. Tim Kim

    Tim Kim


    Hero Trucker !!👊

  31. ant_xz



    Who is going to pay for truck damage?

  32. AK Zamalek

    AK Zamalek


    He's an Egyptian . LongLive Egypt 💪🏼🇪🇬💪🏼

  33. omar rider

    omar rider

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    He must've worked at Swift trying too make a turn

  34. Bruce Johnson

    Bruce Johnson

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    Wouldn't of messed my truck up ijs

  35. Ahmed Khalil

    Ahmed Khalil

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    Egyptian hero 💕🌺😍

  36. Maria Rendon

    Maria Rendon

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    Na this gta 5 online irl

  37. Dash Cam International

    Dash Cam International

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    The truck driver was sent by God.

  38. E- hanafy

    E- hanafy

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    Egyptian Hero

  39. Feteh Freundschaft

    Feteh Freundschaft

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    Truck driver: "dispatch, I'm going to be a little late for my delivery" Dispatcher: "again?!?! What's your excuse this time? Let me guess, you were involved in a wild police chase." Driver:

  40. Feteh Freundschaft

    Feteh Freundschaft

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    Good for the police, too bad for the truck driver, now he's paying out of his insurance and deductible to fix his truck.

  41. Amr Talaat0

    Amr Talaat0

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    Egyptian king

  42. Rah Playz

    Rah Playz

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    I can’t stop smiling because I’m from Egypt-

  43. Me Me

    Me Me

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    The truck driver is a Muslim from Egypt

  44. Me Me

    Me Me

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    His name is Ahmed. She's saying it Amed?!

  45. E Double

    E Double

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    Wooooooow! The cop actually put his knee on the suspect's back and not his neck! Who would've thunk it? Lol

  46. Judy Braviere

    Judy Braviere

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    That was awsum

  47. Samoxoz / Zسام

    Samoxoz / Zسام

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    تحيا مصر المصري شرف في اي مكان

  48. юрий голованов

    юрий голованов

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    😎👍🇰🇿валить надо было а не искатывать топливо налогоплательщиков

  49. MoodyfromYT


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    If the guy in the truck was a black man he would have shot not lazed

  50. Ahmed Aden

    Ahmed Aden

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    Did the police department at least pay for the damages. It's not cheap to fix that damage

  51. Ayman Tarek

    Ayman Tarek

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    He's Egyptian 😍

  52. steve garcia

    steve garcia

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    LAPD should get some like this instead of wasting our tax money on joy rides for years and still scratching their heads how to better stop those high speed chases

  53. Mutaz Mhd

    Mutaz Mhd

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    The truck driver needs a real protection now from being killed as a vengeance, especially after being famous and known to the criminals.

  54. Yucan SuckaDee

    Yucan SuckaDee

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    So many idiots gave to this whack Gofundme. When there's people who NEED REAL HELP AND AREN'T MANUFACTURED TV SLIME! Good job, "Good People".

  55. MightyGamer HQ

    MightyGamer HQ

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    0:33 Nobody: Daily donuts

  56. Nathan King

    Nathan King

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    I too would have willingly hurt my knee over stopping a stupid jerk like that.

  57. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez

    3 napja

    0:13. “Oh nvm”😂😂

  58. Joe M

    Joe M

    3 napja

    Company: you’re a hero but here’s the bill for damages 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  59. Mohamed Ahmed Naguib

    Mohamed Ahmed Naguib

    3 napja

    He's Egyptian and I'm Egyptian too and so proud❤❤🇪🇬🇪🇬🙏

  60. Rig1d


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    LMFAO that crackhead to the left at 0:12

  61. moustafa mohamed

    moustafa mohamed

    3 napja

    The name is Ahmed shabani Muslim by the way

  62. moustafa mohamed

    moustafa mohamed

    3 napja

    Egyptian driver good job brother

  63. Ahmed Muhammed

    Ahmed Muhammed

    3 napja

    It is normal action from Egyptian guy "truck driver"

  64. Hereistheevidencedotcom navarroreportdotcom

    Hereistheevidencedotcom navarroreportdotcom

    3 napja

    Watch as she obeys instructions and doesn't die in a hail of bullets even though she's dark skinned... Crazy!!!

  65. Tarek lotfi

    Tarek lotfi

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    عاش يا بطل. 🇪🇬

  66. unknown user LOL

    unknown user LOL

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    It’s funny how Lisa was the first donation

  67. Star Knight

    Star Knight

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    The lady isn't charged? Didn't she help him commit crime.

  68. TheOffroadGuy


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    If i tried stopping someone with my big truck it would end up in the criminal suing me for attempt of murder

  69. islam salah البرنس

    islam salah البرنس

    3 napja

    I am Egyptian, and this is my son, and this is our religious duty, urging me to do good always

  70. MR Salah

    MR Salah

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    Proud of you in Egypt This Egyptian trucker driver is hero

  71. Rosemarie McKinley

    Rosemarie McKinley

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    The truck driver is a hero.

  72. Ahmed Ehab

    Ahmed Ehab

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    Thanks for the Egyptian hero , proud to be Egyptian 💪💪🇪🇬🇪🇬

    • Ro man

      Ro man

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      @Zeeshan Faiez Total nonsense. You can find brave, cowardly, kind and mean people everywhere. And Egypt is not particularly known for being brave.

    • Zeeshan Faiez

      Zeeshan Faiez


      @Ro man You just think you know, you either an ignorant, or you have been alienated and you hate your culture. If you know Egypt, and the kind heart and brave people of Egypt there is no way you would not see that he is brave and caring because he is Egyptian; by the way I am not Egyptian.

    • *


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      @saracen Tk oof

    • saracen Tk

      saracen Tk

      4 órája

      @* i just ruined it

    • *


      4 órája

      69 likes boisss

  73. Adham Sherif

    Adham Sherif

    3 napja


  74. Costa - كوستا

    Costa - كوستا

    3 napja

    Why not mentioning that he is Egyptian and muslim ??!!

  75. Support CANZUK

    Support CANZUK

    3 napja

    What a hero, been driving for a while now not sure if id have the kahoonies to do that. Bringing back our respect I love it!

  76. Karim Osama

    Karim Osama

    3 napja

    Im glad hes Egyptian made me proud always do the good brother great job 👍

  77. شريف عرابي

    شريف عرابي

    3 napja

    Thank you ahmed from Egypt

  78. Angie Ng

    Angie Ng

    3 napja

    He is a real hero !!!

  79. Patrick Byrne

    Patrick Byrne

    3 napja

    Is it just me or did that news reporter sound disappointed it ended

  80. Amr Kamel

    Amr Kamel

    3 napja

    Pharaoh's in action ❤️🔥

  81. frank battle

    frank battle

    3 napja

    Nice Toyota commercial

  82. Adham Gamal

    Adham Gamal

    3 napja

    Reporter: That was a very brave thing you did! Trucker: Trying to catch the light ?

  83. mariam ahmed

    mariam ahmed

    3 napja

    No one said that the trucker is a muslim Egyptian man ... thank you Ahmed shaaban.

    • Moluroek Lub

      Moluroek Lub


      No no one but if he was the suspect they will all say he's a muslim and start taking sh.... about his religion , it's too bad 😔😔😔☹️☹️☹️☹️

  84. Azzam Jaber

    Azzam Jaber

    3 napja

    What an amazing Arabic Egyptian HERO.. I have a similar thing in the UK few years ago, by blocking a car which was chased by police in Stoke on Trent England.

  85. adam louis

    adam louis

    3 napja

    Truck driver: Am pro you nob Criminal: *Nooooooooo*

  86. Wal Mal

    Wal Mal

    3 napja

    Good job ahmad Arabic brave

  87. Cris Agui

    Cris Agui

    3 napja

    Imagine getting his insurance claim haha

  88. Affiliate Girl

    Affiliate Girl

    3 napja

    Brave egyptian guy!

  89. Mohammad Yousry

    Mohammad Yousry

    3 napja

    Another Egyptian hero ♥️🇪🇬

  90. Greenie Gene • 25 years ago

    Greenie Gene • 25 years ago

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    This is what I call a good stream sniper irl.

  91. larzuga1


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    Do you notice that one guy had to stop his jog. Imaging if the timing was wrong, he would have been ran over by that driver.

  92. 시카고산책


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    It wouldn't be America without a junkie strumbling into the news scene of a cop chase

  93. Eldiablozatanas


    3 napja

    Did you see the knees’ on the neck with no problem so...

  94. karim elsayed

    karim elsayed

    3 napja

    So proud of you Long life egypt

  95. Chantal Thompson

    Chantal Thompson

    4 napja

    Not even the law could stop this murder suspect, it have to take a semi truck driver to do it (THUG LIFE)

  96. Janet Massey

    Janet Massey

    4 napja

    Awesome timing! It takes a lot to intervene in a chase like this! Thank you sir!

  97. PavloplayonPC Life

    PavloplayonPC Life

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  98. PavloplayonPC Life

    PavloplayonPC Life

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    You should be my thousand dollars you just need the cabinet changed and the headlight change is easy needs to be changed

  99. PavloplayonPC Life

    PavloplayonPC Life

    4 napja

    Wow that’s so funny after the crash suspect nice try for that one but you ain’t no getting a victory today

  100. PavloplayonPC Life

    PavloplayonPC Life

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