Vaccination Cards Are Being Sold Online

A CDC COVID-19 vaccine card is the latest prized possession. It's your only proof that you've been protected against the virus. But it's just a little white card with hand-written information, meaning it’s super easy to counterfeit. Inside Edition found fake vaccine cards being sold online from $60 to $200. When our producer went to meet the man allegedly selling them, he claimed to have access to more. The FBI is reminding people that it's a crime to falsely use a government seal on a document.


  1. Kura Marie

    Kura Marie

    21 órája

    I wouldn't even buy the card, it still makes you seem like a sheep.

  2. T Marie

    T Marie


    Anyone who actually buys those, is a loser, wimp!

  3. jem Last

    jem Last


    This is crazy it's not far from where I live.

  4. PasadenaSue


    2 napja

    All the guy was selling is the blank booklet that needs to get filled out by a doctor when you get vaccinated. You can even download a copy off the WHO website. So, what the reporter thought he was buying isn't what the man was selling (unless someone forged the information inside the booklet which I doubt).

  5. imp3r1alx


    3 napja

    Hey.. that guy who was selling on ebay maybe did something wrong.. but he only did that cause there's a DEMAND for it... lets say you lock him up.. you guys sure there will be no more sellers ??

  6. Betty Damn Boop

    Betty Damn Boop

    4 napja

    Craig’s list . Enough said.

  7. Heavenly Boy

    Heavenly Boy

    4 napja

    I saw this coming tbh.

  8. Danny Ran

    Danny Ran

    5 napja

    People’s life’s at risks lmao what a joke

  9. Annie S

    Annie S

    5 napja

    I got vaccinated and feel normal and everything. It’s easier to just get vaccinated than go through all of this. Also getting vaccinated is free.

    • Kura Marie

      Kura Marie

      21 órája

      ew why would you ever put an untested vaccine into your system. it's causing horrible side effects in many people. And its affecting women's menstrual cycles. No way would I give up my fertility for a virus with a 98% survival rate.

  10. DD Chaney

    DD Chaney

    5 napja

    I want to buy one

  11. The carr Family

    The carr Family

    6 napja

    The vaccine have a chip in it don't get it my friend died from covid today and she got both vaccines

  12. PhantomMatrix


    6 napja

    It's actually up to eBay to regulate this and not the guys fault!

  13. Emily Hotard

    Emily Hotard

    6 napja

    Good for him I would definitely buy one of those if they make vaccines mandatory

  14. Xim Tower

    Xim Tower

    6 napja

    And people be posting their vaccination card on social media 🙄

  15. Jimmy Ehlschlaeger

    Jimmy Ehlschlaeger

    6 napja

    U.N. corruption 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄. Why do I get the feeling he wasn't lying about getting those from the WHO?

  16. MrBRS559


    7 napja

    Damn you trump supporters!

  17. Hey There

    Hey There

    7 napja

    I need one bro. Fk that vaccination.

  18. Mega Lou

    Mega Lou

    7 napja

    They prepared for this. That’s what the Luciferase in the vaccine is for .

  19. Daniel Dean

    Daniel Dean

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  20. Vinny A

    Vinny A

    7 napja

    Either Fake Vaccine Card Or Loose My Job. What Choice Do I Have?

  21. lane ziegler

    lane ziegler

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  22. Alexander Hache

    Alexander Hache

    8 napja

    Ok Dr Oz is a phony and these people literally just selling pieces of paper.

  23. DARKwolf 029

    DARKwolf 029

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  24. Rj2346 Rocket

    Rj2346 Rocket

    8 napja

    Looks like everyone wants to get krispykreme free for the year Edit: everyone with a fake card dies of diabetes

  25. Ryuga Ann

    Ryuga Ann

    8 napja

    I dont want it

  26. Tetracell


    8 napja

    Lmfaooo what is this

  27. Erin Lozada

    Erin Lozada

    8 napja

    Why not just get the shot it's free

    • Kura Marie

      Kura Marie

      21 órája

      why would you ever get an untested vaccine that's already causing horrible symptoms in many people? go ahead and be a human lab rat

  28. Vicgames Vt

    Vicgames Vt

    8 napja

    This is a good thing it's not right for stores to require vaccinations.

  29. XO SO

    XO SO

    9 napja

    Save one for me

  30. TSD516


    9 napja

    I knew it.

  31. M


    9 napja

    Vaccination for free.. pays hundreds for a fake vax card 🥲

  32. Scav


    9 napja

    Eh well you shouldn’t be forced to get the vaccine to get the card just buy it if you don’t want to deal with idiots

  33. Maria B

    Maria B

    9 napja

    No one wants to take those shots

  34. yogi yogi

    yogi yogi

    9 napja

    well did he get arrested?

  35. Jane Butterfly

    Jane Butterfly

    9 napja

    That guy should have been arrested. He clearly wants sick people to travel . smdh

    • Russell Mania

      Russell Mania

      4 napja

      If the vaccine doesn't protect you then your vaccine sucks.

  36. Collector enthusiastic

    Collector enthusiastic

    9 napja

    Human slavery scheme sod off with ur big boy card

  37. Tony Yam

    Tony Yam

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  38. Randy B

    Randy B

    9 napja

    This is ridiculous. We shouldn’t have to have covid passports; official or otherwise.

  39. L Ham

    L Ham

    9 napja

    Where is lisa guerrero ?

  40. Ashley's Edits

    Ashley's Edits

    9 napja

    Charlotte North Carolina i live there and I get a shot tomorrow

  41. John john

    John john

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  42. Auntie M

    Auntie M

    9 napja

    Sounds like it’s a real document. This guy just knows someone who can get them for him. To be honest they look like vaccination cards. You use to be able to get them at any medical clinic. The staff transcribes your vaccinations on them. This is what people did before medical records were digital.

  43. depdark1


    10 napja

    I will never get vaccinated

  44. Night Owl3339

    Night Owl3339

    10 napja

    We live in a society

  45. Masrur


    10 napja

    He was so chill lol

  46. Eryushidēta


    10 napja

    I mean, he does have a point. Just like how gun manufacturers can't get in trouble if someone buys a gun and kills a bunch of people. What you do with what you buy is on you and not the seller.

  47. Priz Luv

    Priz Luv

    10 napja

    Where can someone get one of these??? Asking for a friend 👍👍👍

  48. Nicodemus


    10 napja

    Every year... for the rest of our lives. Talk about that.🙊

  49. peter heath

    peter heath

    10 napja

    Oooooo that's a surprise!!

  50. Mei Lu

    Mei Lu

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  51. Goth


    10 napja

    lemme grab that vaccination card

  52. F.B.I.


    10 napja

    aight but ngl the guy selling those seems like a chill dude, just doing the wrong business.

  53. Gôjira


    10 napja

    In America, you don’t Sell Vaccine cards, Vaccine cards sell you.

  54. HardcoreWhovian


    10 napja

    Screw cards! Tattoo a number on the person during vaccination or tattoo something scannable! Bam no forgery!

  55. Hi Kevin

    Hi Kevin

    10 napja

    So now the vaccine protects us from covid-19. Then there is no reason to wear masks

    • Wolvz


      10 napja

      That’s not true

  56. Mr. Saintman

    Mr. Saintman

    10 napja

    I mean the dudes just making quick bucks lol theres drugs dealers killings kids jesus people worry bout the dumbest things

  57. Susannah Peters

    Susannah Peters

    10 napja

    Inside Edition should mind their own business

  58. Susannah Peters

    Susannah Peters

    10 napja

    Love the Ebay guy keep it up 👍🏻

  59. faze_rex12 the gamer

    faze_rex12 the gamer

    10 napja

    i agree with the man. he aint the one riskin lifes



    10 napja

    Can I get 10 vaccine for 2000 dollars please

  61. Byron Chen

    Byron Chen

    10 napja

    Make the vaccination card include things that make it tough to forge. Like currency.

  62. Marie Lawrence

    Marie Lawrence

    10 napja

    imagine being an anti masker but you want to go places so bad you do this and risk jail time

  63. Michael Rivera

    Michael Rivera

    10 napja

    Still don't see the crime.

    • Michael Rivera

      Michael Rivera

      8 napja

      @Wolvz that's not a crime to buy a fake card.

    • Wolvz


      8 napja

      @Michael Rivera wdym being selfish. He could cause another outburst in corona if people aren’t careful because they could have COVID and not know and use one of these fake cards to travel spreading it

    • Michael Rivera

      Michael Rivera

      8 napja

      @Wolvz selfish yes, but still no crime being committed. It is your responsibility to protect yourself.

    • Wolvz


      10 napja

      People with COVID could pull one of these out when traveling could get a lot of other people sick

  64. Arshan Mostafavi

    Arshan Mostafavi

    10 napja

    Dr. Oz is outraged ? This clown is constantly selling and pushing pseudoscience on his show and this outraged him? Gimme a break!

  65. Penna Turnpike

    Penna Turnpike

    10 napja

    Sad people got to buy these to go places let people have freedom regardless of a shot

  66. Nicky Guidroz

    Nicky Guidroz

    10 napja

    Dr. Oz what shameful is how you're forcing us to get this even if you don't want it you going to need a card to do everything but y'all act like we have a choice

  67. R Chapin

    R Chapin

    10 napja

    I got my short for real

  68. Yvonne Gonzales

    Yvonne Gonzales

    10 napja

    Do more harm & spreader

  69. Hannah Collins

    Hannah Collins

    10 napja


  70. Frances Martinez

    Frances Martinez

    10 napja

    Quit being cowards n take your vaccine when it's your turn. I would definitely turn these people selling cards if I knew who they were!

  71. Silas Wright

    Silas Wright

    10 napja

    They just want the krispy kream

  72. Daniel Ross

    Daniel Ross

    10 napja

    I'm looking for my fake card right now

  73. North of 61

    North of 61

    10 napja

    How can I buy a Vac Card?

  74. Edie Koller

    Edie Koller

    10 napja

    I got my Covid shots for free. I would not waste $200 for them.

  75. Tim and Tom v

    Tim and Tom v

    10 napja

    people want the free donuts

  76. Sobber Machuca

    Sobber Machuca

    10 napja

    Who's safe, And who's not?

  77. Ayah Nolan

    Ayah Nolan

    10 napja

    Why is this card yellow? I am fully vaccinated and my card is white.

  78. Ace


    10 napja

    Dr.oz has no space to talk when he steals info off his doc friend..the doc friend of his told on him

  79. Brass Balls

    Brass Balls

    10 napja

    I would buy the fake card if it was a mandatory vacc.

  80. Deena K

    Deena K

    10 napja


  81. Leanne Vroom

    Leanne Vroom

    10 napja

    I'm glad ebay took down the ad very illegal

  82. Will He Survive ?

    Will He Survive ?

    10 napja

    600th comment

  83. nensig


    10 napja

    Everyone wants those free Krispy Kreme’s but don’t wanna go to the doctor hahahahha

  84. Kira Herrington

    Kira Herrington

    10 napja

    Y’all lame 😭😭

  85. KLanky Burd

    KLanky Burd

    10 napja

    Wow they really want them Krispy Kreme

  86. Dave Blackman

    Dave Blackman

    10 napja

    This man is my hero.

  87. Andy S

    Andy S

    10 napja

    Clearly shows that vaccine passports don't work and will not be credible evidence that they will ever work. The whole thing is a joke

  88. Nas


    10 napja


  89. Shahed Ahmed

    Shahed Ahmed

    10 napja

    Well duh with the vaccine passports beong forced down ur throat ppl have to get fakes just to go out since not everyone wants a vaccine

    • Watty


      10 napja

      Get the vaccine

  90. _Bagginshield


    10 napja

    doesnt surprise me honestly, people will do whatever they want and they just cant help themselves

  91. Pinky HoodieGacha

    Pinky HoodieGacha

    10 napja

    That guy selling is totally from Florida

  92. Zotactic Gaming

    Zotactic Gaming

    10 napja

    Lol this is so messed up...

  93. Salizah Ng

    Salizah Ng

    10 napja

    Oh my

  94. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez

    10 napja

    Thank you 🙏 inside edition imma go get one now

  95. hydramere


    10 napja

    imo its the cdcs fault for using a dam paper that anybody can just print out, they should have it be on your phone so that people cant just get it by printing it out.

  96. Will


    10 napja

    What idiot would buy a fake card

  97. King Pvp.

    King Pvp.

    10 napja

    They should do what the rest of the world does and use an app that has ur vaccine card like for example Saudi Arabia, Europe, the’ll make the system impossible to counterfeit cuz it’ll be a government run platform

  98. Frosty808


    10 napja

    Y’all just mad he chasing a bag. Best thing my teachers taught me...“Keep my eyes on my own paper” 😈

  99. Enrico Allam

    Enrico Allam

    10 napja

    Just get the vaccine, in my country it’s only $14 or around that price

  100. Alex Fernndez Jr.

    Alex Fernndez Jr.

    10 napja

    Add a qr code