Why Hula Hoops Are Making a Big Comeback

The hula hoop - the toy that swept the world in the late 1950s, is enjoying a big comeback today due to the pandemic. Lots of people are finding it a cheap way to relieve pandemic stress. Plus it makes a great exercise routine. These days, the hula hoop has been upgraded with a weight, which makes it more efficient during a workout. There are also mental-health benefits to spinning the classic toy - you’ll be laughing like you never have during a workout!


  1. Cilo


    5 órája

    What’s next? Fidget spinners and the on and only dab.

  2. Sxnset Vibez

    Sxnset Vibez

    12 órája

    I can't do it anymore :(

  3. Jre Sdf

    Jre Sdf

    4 napja

    I remember in elementary school we rolled these at each other for a game

  4. YoshTheRandom


    4 napja

    nope just you guys literally no one else

  5. hannah salas

    hannah salas

    5 napja

    You guys aren’t gonna show how hooping has become a art??

  6. Elisha Nina Dela Cruz

    Elisha Nina Dela Cruz

    5 napja

    I remember when my cousins and I tried to go to the same hula hoop and then we tried to spin it but it just never works 😭

  7. Kristin Gallo

    Kristin Gallo

    6 napja

    I've been hopping for 3 years now. There's tricks you can learn and I can keep multiple hoops going.

  8. -Yuyu-


    6 napja

    Losers I can do it on my neck, foot, finger, and arm

  9. Xim Tower

    Xim Tower

    6 napja

    I miss the hula hoop 😭

  10. Joshua


    7 napja

    Finally a video that I can hate on and not get flamed over. You suck hula hoop!

    • Joshua


      7 napja

      I could never do it. 😕

  11. iiFunz


    8 napja

    God damn buff ass lady in the blue shirt😂😂



    8 napja

    Next on inside edition:which way is the proper spelling Favourite or Favorite Colour or color Mum or mom

  13. Johna10


    8 napja

    Now we just got to bring back tetherball, you know that ball attached to a pole... Ahhhh good elementary times

  14. ethan no

    ethan no

    8 napja

    my highest hula hooping time is only 23 minutes and 48 seconds

  15. LEO’sDREAm’On


    8 napja

    This type of news doesn’t happen in Tx y’all can have that shhhh Lol

  16. AwesomeAvery9000


    8 napja

    Man, when I said that life sucked now, a blast from the past came :D

  17. Life Goes On

    Life Goes On

    9 napja

    Me: Go on, don't mind me. I am just sitting here see some yoga pants. You go on.

  18. CharLotte Burton

    CharLotte Burton

    9 napja

    Me who does not know how to hula hoop and is bad at it!: T-T

  19. wmw1210


    9 napja

    Ehh Eating Tide Pods is funner

  20. stop the bassline

    stop the bassline

    9 napja


  21. K


    9 napja

    yup, everyone is losing their minds from this dumb pandemic

  22. Trumpsupporters Are unamerican

    Trumpsupporters Are unamerican

    9 napja

    I dislike this video and really wanna unsubscribe

  23. Jeffrey C

    Jeffrey C

    9 napja

    at 0:19 the kid got hit by hula hoops

  24. Kevin Hart

    Kevin Hart

    9 napja

    Karen’s find something to do other then watch global news

  25. Qamarah&Natylia's world

    Qamarah&Natylia's world

    9 napja

    It only relives stress if you know how to hula hoop.

  26. Dolph Ziggler

    Dolph Ziggler

    9 napja

    0:30 That girl sucks

  27. Itchybell games

    Itchybell games

    9 napja

    Shoutout to all the workers who worked during the pandemic !!!

  28. Joshua Ortiz

    Joshua Ortiz

    9 napja

    I want one now

  29. Angel Yukino

    Angel Yukino

    9 napja

    And I still can’t use one...



    9 napja

    I cant wait for pogs to come back so i can dust 💨 off my slammers

  31. It is me .

    It is me .

    9 napja

    Sure to keep distance from people during this covid 19 pandemic , it is perfect.

    • Muskeepaps


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    9 napja

    And its good for social distancing

  33. kingslayer3219


    9 napja

    They aren't making a comeback

  34. Randy B

    Randy B

    9 napja

    Or you could just let your kids be normal and play like normal children. Covid isn’t an issue anymore And never was in the first place. stop the authoritarian lockdowns

  35. pink glossy

    pink glossy

    9 napja

    I would do a trick

  36. Lucas Pajak

    Lucas Pajak

    9 napja

    These people look so stupid with their damn masks on. Specially outside.😂

  37. Neil


    9 napja

    Everything old is new again!, next up, Slinkys,...👍😁

  38. IPPI HD


    9 napja


  39. Violent Presence

    Violent Presence

    9 napja

    Next up:The Bop it Pull it and Twist it, makes a comeback as an Adult Toy. Bop it! Electronic Voice: *Grunts!* Pull it! Electronic Voice:Not to hard! Twist it! Electronic Voice:My Testez! Woman:That's what HE said! 😂😂😂

    • TiaMystic


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  40. Daniel Browne

    Daniel Browne

    9 napja

    Why does this seem like an onion news or madtv skit? Lol

  41. Daniel Browne

    Daniel Browne

    9 napja

    We have Wii sports/fit with the hula hoop game.

  42. 118 439

    118 439

    9 napja


  43. Dorothy Lensa

    Dorothy Lensa

    9 napja

    I used to use Those heavy sports hula hoops, I stoke one from my high school gym, and didn't even notice for years but they gave me abs and a really small waist. But alas someone stole it and am too cheap to buy one, getting abs again does seem exciting.

  44. Travel Paranoia

    Travel Paranoia

    9 napja


  45. Mabdaa


    9 napja

    I cant even hula hoop 😂

  46. Vanix ツ

    Vanix ツ

    9 napja

    Since I don’t go outside how can u as one in cod

  47. Aubrie Camp

    Aubrie Camp

    9 napja

    Am I the only one who could never hula hoop?

  48. Jonny Davis

    Jonny Davis

    9 napja

    so much better than stupid challenges on tiktok

  49. mattersin


    9 napja

    White women

  50. Jack Lew kee22

    Jack Lew kee22

    9 napja

    That not really fun

  51. Ivan xXIvanXx

    Ivan xXIvanXx

    9 napja

    I haven’t touched a hula hoop in ages can’t even remember

  52. Anna Fitzpatrick

    Anna Fitzpatrick

    9 napja

    Now I want to listen to That Old Pair Of Jeans.

  53. Christopher I Wolf

    Christopher I Wolf

    9 napja

    Does this mean we will get a new Remy LaCroix hula hoop video 😏🤔

  54. John john

    John john

    9 napja


  55. Tim Farms

    Tim Farms

    9 napja

    Hula Hoops can't be Serious , We Got Asian Hate Crimes going up & Woman being Attack in America

  56. BananaSplat4667 - Variety in Videos

    BananaSplat4667 - Variety in Videos

    9 napja


  57. pablo Hernandez

    pablo Hernandez

    9 napja

    remember Jesus and God loves you and remember Jesus die on a cross for our sins and rose again repent get saved he is coming soon God bless you all love

  58. •Dino• •Nuggie•

    •Dino• •Nuggie•

    9 napja

    *squeak* I made it myself

  59. Landon’s Channel

    Landon’s Channel

    9 napja

    Why? Pandemic that’s why.

  60. Audrina Castillo

    Audrina Castillo

    9 napja

    Me who can’t Hula Hoop 😢

  61. Reixl Shorts

    Reixl Shorts

    9 napja

    *when you can’t hula hoop*

  62. Reixl Shorts

    Reixl Shorts

    9 napja

    Why is this news

  63. Dunkin’ Cat

    Dunkin’ Cat

    9 napja

    inside edition has restored my childhood memories

  64. Dunkin’ Cat

    Dunkin’ Cat

    9 napja

    I remembered using my neck for the hoola hoop XD

  65. Me We

    Me We

    9 napja

    Where did they go🤷

  66. Alejandro T

    Alejandro T

    9 napja

    Surprised Tiktok hasn't taken them over yet.

  67. jimJim -

    jimJim -

    9 napja

    Hula hoops never left, people just grew up.

  68. susan asta

    susan asta

    9 napja


  69. MLG Peppa

    MLG Peppa

    9 napja

    0:20 everyone forgot about lil girl getting hit sad :((

    • Noodle


      8 napja

      Lol I just saw it

  70. Dulce Maria Cervantes

    Dulce Maria Cervantes

    9 napja


  71. Dnieto


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  72. MeMasterTanker


    9 napja

    Ah the Karen's known stress reliever.

  73. Dnieto


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  74. We want A 104th battle pack

    We want A 104th battle pack

    9 napja

    I’ve always been bad at hula hooping

  75. MintTea


    9 napja

    I remember in my PE class we had a hula hoop contest (before the pandemic) and it lasted almost an hour-

  76. AnubisGodess 23

    AnubisGodess 23

    9 napja

    As a kid back in junior high we used to have competitions for hip the most hula hoops and I was a reigning Champion for a whole week straight with an unbeatable record of 7 hula hoops. 🤣

    • Aru


      9 napja

      Same Also hi nice to see you here

  77. Fantastic Stranger

    Fantastic Stranger

    9 napja

    I remember at a school camp field trip my classmate rolled and tried to jump through it, and it worked, man good times.

  78. KayLynne Landwehr

    KayLynne Landwehr

    9 napja

    Did anybody else see the little girl in the back get hit by the hula hoop at 0:20??😭

    • Mikal -

      Mikal -

      8 napja

      Wow! You have a good eye, poor girl. 😂😂

  79. Two for A dollar

    Two for A dollar

    9 napja

    Why is this a news story

  80. D.B. Cooper

    D.B. Cooper

    10 napja

    1:12 "that's what she said"

  81. Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

    Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

    10 napja

    I actually remember hulu hoops as a kid I really want to get buy again

  82. adeline Thomas

    adeline Thomas

    10 napja

    Plssss let this come back this the only thing I’m good at 😭😭😭😭😭

  83. Eryka Pereira

    Eryka Pereira

    10 napja

    For the life of me as a child I recalled my obsession with the hoola hoop and guess what... I suck! I have never ever managed to learn to hoola hoop and I’ve done it all even put my back into it LOL but nope I just can’t... bummer

  84. Happy Døggy

    Happy Døggy

    10 napja

    Now I want a hula hoop

  85. Silver Chan

    Silver Chan

    10 napja

    Is it weird when I was young that I Used inventive ways to Enjoy my time playing with a hula hoop, because I remember using as a jump rope, was really fun too and I was good at it, I wish I could do it right now but I don't have any hula hoops 😓

  86. Hula Hooper Nell Bell

    Hula Hooper Nell Bell

    10 napja

    I'm 52 and love hooping!❤ Such a fun workout that makes you feel young at heart!❤

    • Neil


      9 napja

      All the kids in my neighborhood had them back in the 60's, me included!..😊

  87. MoonFowlee


    10 napja

    They never left I played with them when I was in elementary school in the early to mid 2010's and my older cousins' kids play with them.

  88. ItzJpryxl


    10 napja

    Man now that's what i like better than dangerous challenges.

  89. Shigaraki


    10 napja

    Yea for that bareback when their husbands/boyfriend get home from a long day. 👌

  90. Reinhardt


    10 napja


  91. Nicholas Esposito

    Nicholas Esposito

    10 napja

    It never went away for me.

  92. Aimbot_ Abe_

    Aimbot_ Abe_

    10 napja

    This... This is news

  93. morteza hassan

    morteza hassan

    10 napja

    Little girl got hit in head in back.

  94. Stanley Shieh

    Stanley Shieh

    10 napja

    Didn't some doctors say hula hoop is bad for our body?

  95. Paivi Project

    Paivi Project

    10 napja

    I love it. I should do that ! Thanks :)

  96. ღSwnsasyღ _

    ღSwnsasyღ _

    10 napja

    The Pandemic isn't really messing with me.. I've found things I didn't know I really liked or got back to them.. Yoga, Jigsaw puzzles, hula, I have had fun!!

  97. Helium


    10 napja

    I remember in elementary gym where I would roll the hula hoop vertically and give the hoop an extra spin so it could come back to me.

    • Johna10


      8 napja

      STOOOOP living the same childhood as me, I no longer feel special 😂🔫

    • Fantastic Stranger

      Fantastic Stranger

      9 napja

      I remember at a school camp field trip my classmate rolled it and tried to jump through it, and it worked.

  98. boi mac

    boi mac

    10 napja

    I usually just go for a walk, kick it into a slight jog if I'm up for a challenge

  99. Elizabeth Hurtado

    Elizabeth Hurtado

    10 napja

  100. Michelle101


    10 napja

    Mine broke. I remember a daycare we threw them across the fence to the neighbors.