Why the Dog-Grooming Show ‘Pooch Perfect’ Is Being Slammed

A new dog-grooming competition show hosted by Rebel Wilson is facing backlash over claims of animal abuse. On ABC’s “Pooch Perfect,” groomers are given four hours to snip, dye and accessorize their dogs. The show has some wild transformations, including a dog made to look like a lynx, a poodle altered to look like a bright pink flamingo and a scruffy pooch changed into a peacock, complete with feathers. PETA spokesperson Ashley Byrne says they’ve gotten lots of complaints over the show.


  1. Galaxyboii


    29 másodpercig

    Peta they speak and talk but they dont take any actions am i right?

  2. Tsg Cjthesausegod

    Tsg Cjthesausegod


    These dogs being dead ass abused

  3. Alyss Kennedy

    Alyss Kennedy

    3 órája

    I love Rebel but the dogs dreams aren’t coming true! 100% I have many dogs in my family.

  4. Mustafa Al-Saadi

    Mustafa Al-Saadi

    12 órája

    We have a show like that in the UK but its a lot calmer and theres only 1 time I THINK when they actually dye the dogs + theres a veterinarian on the set + the dogs get breaks whilst being groomed

  5. Patrick Marble

    Patrick Marble

    14 órája

    I don’t like the show it’s abuse. They’re putting contacts in there eyes. It’s not right. Plus what about allergies and injuries this is tv and won’t publicize if dogs get hurt

  6. chew gum

    chew gum

    18 órája

    Peta be like: Dog: Is sick Peta: *litteraly has medicine* Peta: that's one less loose end

  7. Jamane Springer

    Jamane Springer


    STOP RUINING OUR LIVES PETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Juju B

    Juju B


    Lol PETA. Sure, Jan. 🙄

  9. Vendln Playz

    Vendln Playz


    Lmao peta haha

  10. Aleyna Enriquez

    Aleyna Enriquez


    PETA kill more than 80% of the animals they rescue. Don’t use PETA, do better. I think you should take this video down so you don’t get anymore hate for using of all organizations PETA.

  11. National_PM




  12. Łoser sløth

    Łoser sløth


    I think if the dogs didn't like any of it, it would snap at someone. Not agreeing with dying your digs fur for nearly 4 hours, but I know that if any dog, no matter how well behaved, would show rising aggression or just plain out snap at someone. My dog is a very good boy and he tolerates ALOT living with a bunch of kids, but if someone messes with him the wrong way be prepared to get bit(not hard ofc, just a warning bite that doesn't even leave a mark)

  13. *.•{ Hufflepuff }•.*

    *.•{ Hufflepuff }•.*



  14. seaweed




  15. Kings Mutt

    Kings Mutt


    PETA KILLS ANIMALS REALLY?? this is ok I see nothing wrong with this but maybe less than 4 hours.

  16. Travis Samson

    Travis Samson



  17. loveutill theendoftimes

    loveutill theendoftimes


    They're dogs not cars in pimp my ride 😩

  18. kim anderson

    kim anderson


    I swear people complain about any and everything!!!!

  19. Man



    i dont think nobody aksed but i got a new record on subway surfers

  20. Chili Power

    Chili Power


    As soon as I heard him say PETA naw love I’m good 🙂

  21. Jennifer Martinez

    Jennifer Martinez

    2 napja

    Pups can’t speak to say their feelings about situation. Not sure if they could, it would be favorable.

  22. Darecksi Sabillon

    Darecksi Sabillon

    2 napja

    Oh my god WHY would you ask PETA?

  23. Sandie Perez

    Sandie Perez

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  24. Kiwi_girl


    2 napja

    It’s Twitter. Twitter is mean. And the peta girl is so stupid. MY DOG HAS FIVE HOUR GROOMS

  25. Alyssa Hansen

    Alyssa Hansen

    2 napja

    Yeah this is not right. PETA needs to up the ante and the show needs to be pulled.

  26. Jotaro


    2 napja

    Screw peta

  27. Jessie Carlson

    Jessie Carlson

    2 napja

    I love rebel wilson but I'm just not a fan of this show. Just kinda gave me the the chills. I didn't like it.

  28. TheMlgJuicebox 1

    TheMlgJuicebox 1

    2 napja

    Stupid ass Twitter

  29. DeltaYT


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  30. damian sorrow

    damian sorrow

    2 napja

    0:55 jenna out here trippin someone get jessie

  31. Ava Crispin

    Ava Crispin

    2 napja

    I really don’t like this honestly I love animals and I fell like this is not write for them.

  32. Brandon Richard

    Brandon Richard

    3 napja

    awwww they look cute

  33. dgyjbhhevc


    3 napja

    Big mistake to talk to PETA. Those guys don't try to fix the "problem", they just complain and make it worse. There's nothing wrong with the show, they're using stuff safe for dogs, and don't dogs normally stand most of the time?

  34. Nutri gran bars

    Nutri gran bars

    3 napja

    Do people realize they have the option to not watch it?😂😂😂

  35. Olaoluwa


    3 napja

    lisa guerrero can investigate on this case and give a better verdict in a week than what PETA can do in years.

    • dgyjbhhevc


      3 napja

      All PETA does is protest and make billboard campaigns. They don't fix the situation whatsoever...

  36. Robyn Swaim

    Robyn Swaim

    3 napja

    PETA *eye rolling* probably the worst of the worst next to someone involved in Dog baiting.

  37. Amaan Tinklebell

    Amaan Tinklebell

    3 napja

    This is too much😡😡😡

  38. •Bxtterfly Sugar•

    •Bxtterfly Sugar•

    3 napja

    Love how everybody is commeting about PETA being bad and not worrying for the actual animals

  39. colieda1 dream

    colieda1 dream

    3 napja

    Of course she’s going to disagree with the show she’s with Peter who believe that pads shouldn’t be a thing and and service animals shouldn’t be a thing who believe that everyone should go vegan who recently and soul people believe in mercy killings and most of the dogs die in their shelters

  40. Blue Man

    Blue Man

    3 napja

    Bro PETA really you chose PETA to talk to

  41. Mal-icious


    3 napja

    I was wondering something, and yall can tell me if I'm wrong, but do you think Pouch Perfect was named this because Rebel was in Pitch Perfect?

  42. private private

    private private

    3 napja

    PETA is so ridiculous in its effort to stay relevant. Dogs prefer to be active and those dogs aren't showing any signs of stress

  43. Tasha Walker

    Tasha Walker

    4 napja

    This is people with nothing else better to do but get in other people business...I said it once and twice I guess third time is a charm if some people dont have nothing negative to say then then they dont have anything to talk about 🐩🐩🐩🐩🦮🐕🦄🦄

  44. Jamesicy


    4 napja

    honestly it’s not even that big of a deal

  45. julia martin

    julia martin

    4 napja

    Twitter has a problem with literally everything that's why I don't take most of what is there seriously.

    • dgyjbhhevc


      3 napja

      Nearly everyone on Twitter get upset over everything. Seriously, if someone were to post something harmless, they'd get slammed.

  46. Maxamillion 260

    Maxamillion 260

    4 napja

    I’m sorry but if a human can stand for hours I think healthy dogs can too.

  47. Franco Dixon

    Franco Dixon

    4 napja

    PETA doing the most, I luv Pooch Perfect, it cheers me up so much going on in the world. This show is so perfect I love it and if they take off I'm never watching that channel again.😢❤

  48. Tales from a tired mind

    Tales from a tired mind

    4 napja

    Nobody cares about Peta's opinion. Now I really want to watch the show

  49. SuperM Shinee Exo Nct WayV

    SuperM Shinee Exo Nct WayV

    4 napja

    What the hell is this ...let the per be like a pet not a rainbow

  50. jahayra garrido

    jahayra garrido

    4 napja

    Out of everyone, they choose PETA...!? Just disappointed.

  51. Chos


    4 napja

    "This is the show where every dog is tortured....."

  52. andre agostinho

    andre agostinho

    4 napja

    Twitter Twitter Twitter 😂😂😂😂

  53. VideoGames Genius

    VideoGames Genius

    4 napja

    Jesus Christ is coming back and it's serious he also love you and died and resurrected for your sins ,God be with you all.💖

  54. Joaquin Padilla

    Joaquin Padilla

    5 napja

    I will eat as many animals as possible to make PETA freak out

  55. Avery Martin

    Avery Martin

    5 napja

    PETAs just mad they can't have these beautiful dogs to euthanize.

  56. Anonymous User

    Anonymous User

    5 napja

    That’s not dog abuse they take extreme care of them and they can be changed back as long as there isn’t anything bothering the animal.

  57. Lisa Cucchiaro

    Lisa Cucchiaro

    5 napja

    I think it's terrible what's the point there trying to make? The dog's r ugly they were beautiful before take the show of the air of Rebel Wilson had to add her plug about the show. She's getting paid good. I guess she needs to make a plug for the show she doesn't care.

  58. melissa


    5 napja

    Y'all the comments made me more upset than the video. Does peta really kill animals? I heard this from some family of mine but I wasn't sure if it was true. I'm sad now.

  59. Courteney Campbell

    Courteney Campbell

    5 napja

    Jheeze so damn soft always complaining about something

  60. Panda Games

    Panda Games

    5 napja

    I h8 peta

  61. CCHURO


    5 napja

    Peta kills dogs

  62. Sofia’s Craft

    Sofia’s Craft

    5 napja

    1:20 I’m just going to take a break from Social media , not to be mean but I think your taking a break from social media is because you don’t want to see all of the hate comments about dying the dogs hair and other stuff like a comment like oh that dog abuse and did y’all notice that when she said I’m talking a break from social media uhhh ( few seconds later ) and then continue to talk I think your trying to come up with a excuse to not see hates comment

  63. Dettiqueen


    6 napja

    This isn’t animal abuse first of all this is adorable and it’s more than safe plus the dogs standing for hours dogs stand for hours when they get normally groomed and they aren’t hurting the dogs the gems can be combed out and the dye can be washed out plus the dogs get frequent treats!

  64. Princess Buchanon

    Princess Buchanon

    6 napja

    Poor puppies this is so disrespectful to them

  65. Minerva Galvez

    Minerva Galvez

    6 napja

    Sad for the animals.

  66. Kraus Family

    Kraus Family

    7 napja

    Why does PETA have to ruin everything?

  67. Riley R

    Riley R

    7 napja

    okay, i love dogs and i can see why people think this is abuse. but it’s not, you can tell the dog is either okay w it or used to it. i own a old show dog (she did stuff like this w her old owners) and she’s completely fine w anything like this js depends on the dog :)

  68. Sydney Olsen

    Sydney Olsen

    7 napja

    The fact they used PETA just invalidated this whole thing for me. A vet or animal behaviorist is what they should’ve called, someone with a degree in this.

  69. DanielSangster


    7 napja

    They’re not being hurt. They’ve been given a better life than 99% of dogs in this world. I love this show

  70. PB Jones

    PB Jones

    7 napja

    Pee in the STREETS !!! were LOST PUPPY FOREVER !!!

  71. Jose Escobedo

    Jose Escobedo

    8 napja

    I don't think the dog cares for being groom and getting their fur colored I don't really think they give a rat ass

  72. HeyyBrey


    8 napja

    PETA ain’t got NO BUSINESS to be talking about animal abuse.

  73. Hayleygaming


    8 napja


  74. Sandra M. Taylor

    Sandra M. Taylor

    8 napja

    Nobody says anything when they do this to humans

  75. Reality Check

    Reality Check

    8 napja

    Yeah I would call that animal abuse in hair dyed to them is really toxic

  76. Purple Wisteria 藤

    Purple Wisteria 藤

    8 napja

    Oh God... Not PETA....

  77. GaEl VaRgAs

    GaEl VaRgAs

    8 napja

    i actually don’t think 4 hours is to long because when i take my dog to a groomer they take 3-4 hours and my dog is fine

  78. Dizznmo


    9 napja

    I’m a groomer and dogs love the attention!! If this is cruel, then grooming is cruel! Dogs love human attention and affection and they get a whole lot of it with us!

  79. Hayley Craycraft

    Hayley Craycraft

    9 napja

    I heard the word peta and almost choked

  80. Angel Yukino

    Angel Yukino

    9 napja

    If they don’t get hurt everything is all good

  81. Amritfiremaster 711

    Amritfiremaster 711

    9 napja

    I agree with PETA

  82. H.M. Z

    H.M. Z

    9 napja

    Giving dogs funky hair styles doesn't even come close to abuse, no matter how ugly you think it is. I'm seeing a lot of breeds here that would need to be "poked", "prodded", washed, and clipped for their health/wellbeing anyway--contest or not. And assuming all dogs would rather be sitting around waiting for their people to come home from work everyday, instead of getting the mental and social stimulation of having a job or task of sorts to do (even if it does involve BATHS, and maybe getting dyed pink sometimes) is just a presumptuous as the reverse imo

  83. Justice Lopez

    Justice Lopez

    10 napja

    "all this stuff is dog safe" im pretty sure twitter didnt hear that

  84. takumiမျထ fujiwara

    takumiမျထ fujiwara

    10 napja

    Ah yes peta the ones who rather kill a dog than to train and help it

  85. Narutocoolcat


    10 napja

    PETA is the last one who can talk about dogs best interest

  86. friendship force adventures

    friendship force adventures

    10 napja

    PETA stop getting controversial!

  87. b r i a n a -_-

    b r i a n a -_-

    10 napja

    I fr don't know why they had to pick PETA. Out of all animal organizations you had to pick PETA

  88. Matthias Ogrinc

    Matthias Ogrinc

    10 napja

    what’s the point of the show. literally do it with anything other then animals

  89. Donna Dwyer

    Donna Dwyer

    10 napja

    Some people/organizations just have to look for a reason to be victims. This is the age in which we live.



    10 napja

    now i know why twitter sucks and i think it does too

  91. Jonathan Gallegos

    Jonathan Gallegos

    10 napja

    Ah yes twitter

  92. R M

    R M

    10 napja

    it’s funny nowadays that people can’t take constructive criticism, and instead only want praise and don’t listen when ppl have a different opinion.

  93. Açaí


    10 napja

    In conclusion bye Twitter

  94. YouNeverKnow


    10 napja


  95. Wong Zi cong

    Wong Zi cong

    10 napja

    Euthanizing animals is more unnecessary.

  96. Trey Roberti

    Trey Roberti

    10 napja

    PETA people eat tasty animals

  97. Briana Cunningham

    Briana Cunningham

    10 napja

    This show should end. It just makes me sad. Poor dogs.

  98. Natemations


    10 napja

    PETA?! really, out of all animal safety organizations, you choose PETA?!

  99. 2112Nightshift


    10 napja

    Those poor, poor animals.