Woman Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Before Going Into Labor

Melissa Surgecoff was in terrible pain from what she thought was a kidney stone. Surprise! Turns out the pain had nothing to do with passing a kidney stone. Not only was Melissa pregnant, she was going into labor. Mellisa has multiple sclerosis and thought her recent weight-gain came from a change in medication. Instead, Melissa and her partner, Donnie, became the proud parents of a healthy 6-pound, 6-ounce little boy, Liam.


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    God bless

  2. Kurious Kat

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  3. Andrea Losak

    Andrea Losak


    This happens so much they even made a whole TV show about it

  4. L D

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    I don't believe her!

  5. Heidi Misfeldt

    Heidi Misfeldt

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    Best kidney stone ever. ❤😎

  6. Heidi Misfeldt

    Heidi Misfeldt

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    What a beautiful precious blessing he is. ❤

  7. Wash Your Hands

    Wash Your Hands

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    Unexpected blessing 💙

  8. Diane Brazil

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    OMG. He's so cute! What an incredible blessing.

  9. Steven S

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    What a blessing 🙏✝️

  10. Haley Price

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    KIDney stone

  11. Ileyda Aydin

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    didn’t she feel the baby kickinggg

  12. Purple•RaYn


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    It seems every other time I go to the dr they want some type of lab work. They also ask me “any sudden weight gain or weight loss recently?” I think she just ignored everything, including the baby moving inside. If you’re a woman and you’re sexually active, nmw you’ve been told, always consider the 1% chance you can get pregnant and just check it out. I pray the baby will be ok being she took meds an had no prenatal care.

  13. Aubrey Lynne

    Aubrey Lynne

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    What's sad is, it seems they were so uneducated that they were unable to realize what was happening to her. I also suffer from multiple sclerosis. Weight gain can happen, but a pregnancy weight gain is far different. If you just got on new medication and didn't have an update with your doctor about your new symptoms and weight gain, that is very concerning. We always update within 6 months of new meds. Thats why it doesn't make sense. I'm a licensed paramedic and even without my training I could recognize that her symptoms weren't ms related. Its sad that this happens. I just wish we educated our citizens more than this. To prevent cases like this, that could actually go very very wrong.

  14. S V Filipina-Asian Me

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    Wow this woman looks like she is in her 40's (late 40s to 50s) so it really IS a miracle!

  15. Evelyn Marx

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    She looks very chubby idk how she never knew !

  16. Levi San

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    Imagine thinking you have a kidney stone and you end up giving birth

  17. Mike Wells

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    This would be a great excuse if a woman was cheating and got pregnant. Not saying I think she did that, it was literally just a random thought. Good for them though, handsome baby

  18. Guesem Arana

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    Just wait till the kid grows and then he finds out he was a big accident 💀

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    A good excuse to call in to work.. “Hey boss....I can’t come into work *angry boss* “Why the Hell not!?” *receives picture of new baby* Boss😳 “Ok. That is good excuse. I will arrange for an extended leave for you”.

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  21. やす


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    良かったですね。命を助けることができて!最高の贈り物ですね! 幸せな家庭をつくってくださいね! 幸せそうな笑顔最高です!

  22. Crilam M

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    In the next episode "Man Didn't Know He Was Dead"

  23. nitrolucy1


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    How does this even happen. Still like how. Like did she still have her period or something? I’m confused

  24. B711-HD


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    Congratulations I have a sob that supposed to come on august 10 🙌🏽

  25. IJ Layugan

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    She gave birth in their bathroom?!! Without the medication? Wow

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  27. Kathleen Rivas

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    Hmmm i remember this episode from i didnt know i was pregnant.

  28. Este


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    Im sorry....but how tf do you not know you were pregnant.

  29. Christina


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    That's an interesting looking kidney stone. Lol 😄

  30. Instruella


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    It’s just going to the bathroom, next thing you know, you’re giving birth

  31. Kiara Baez castillo

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    Am I the only one getting the most random things from Inside Edition on my recommendations like this. Like why? 😭😭😂

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    How old is she

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  34. Ivy Co

    Ivy Co

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    Me too I didn't realized that I am pregnant if I haven't got an ultrasound. I have irregular periods since I'm overweight. No morning sickness no cravings no bump. My co workers dont believe that I am pregnant because I dont show any changes.

    • Alexie Cierra

      Alexie Cierra

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      Women either had unprotected intercourse or planned pregnancy. When two adults have unprotected intercourse, it is a possibility that women can get pregnant.

  35. JustusJay


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    Omg october 5th I went to the Er with a side cramp so bad thinking i had a kidney stone too!!! Now I’m writing this 30 weeks 6 days pregnant😆



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  37. Sam Corea

    Sam Corea

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    What a weird thing to lie about.

  38. Gracie Travis

    Gracie Travis

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    I smell cap, there is NO way she didn’t notice she didn’t have a period.

  39. J Albarran

    J Albarran

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    Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

    • J Albarran

      J Albarran

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      Jesus loves you

  40. Coners Willson

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    Father: “So ya you weren’t suppost to happe-“ Mother: *Throws sandal at fathers face* “Honey he means he wasn’t suppost to be you’re fathe- Father: *Covers mother’s mouth with his hand* “Honey just go up stairs”

  41. Jessie Carlson

    Jessie Carlson

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    I would have thought I was dying and my insides were exploding. I've got no idea what passing a stone feels like but I was pregnant and had kidney pain because my son was laying on it and I did think I was going thru contractions like a braxton hicks so my intervention to get my kidney help was delayed until I was green and vomiting and insanely thirsty and not urinating. So they can feel similar.

  42. Gemma


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    How do you not noticed your pregant when your stomach grows a perfect circle??

  43. Levante


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    Wtf did her husband say???

  44. DDONTMESS Bruhs


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    Wouldn’t she see her stomach

  45. earthrocker 48

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    That’s one hell of a kidney stone.

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    No get out i will not let you

  47. mila raf

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    Everything happen for a reason. God knows why.

  48. nackay bryan

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    U don't feel no movement at any given point?? Or feel something stiffing up in ur belly?? Nothing??

  49. Kendra Jarry

    Kendra Jarry

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    i had kidney stones at 23weeks pregnant with my twins... the kidney stones were 1000 times worse then labor for me. 😂🥳 congratulations to the little guy and his family.

  50. Mason Koski

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    That baby is adorable tho :3

  51. Gsaavis -Amelia-

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    So no morning sickness?

  52. Mandy U

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    wouldnt you know if you werent on your rag for 9 months lol

  53. Keke Mana

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    Now this is what you call a REAL accident sorry just had to say it

  54. Angel Yukino

    Angel Yukino

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    My biggest fear 😔

  55. Nathanael Lizama

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    She didn’t know her period stopped for nine months? Like what how can you not notice that

  56. Jessica Rabbid

    Jessica Rabbid

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    Was she told she couldn't have kids or something? If she's having unprotected sex, gained weight, having these strange and different pains, then why would she not come to the conclusion she might be pregnant? Did they both miss sex education at school, so didn't know unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy?

  57. EinieN J

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    I've had nightmares like this.. 🙈 But congrats to the family! ♥️

  58. C Haverty

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    Is that a tornado behind her in the first pic

  59. Zel Matinong

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    Baby: "Surprise motherfather!!!"

  60. Malcolm


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    She's definitely gonna hurt the baby jus look at her @ 0:46 .

  61. Nicole Penny

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    her smile on the thumbnail looks like shes still figuring it out lmao

  62. Phil J.L Fig

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    Her husband seems kinda slow

  63. Marie J

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    I don’t believe it!

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    She didn'tfeel any kicks?

  66. Karla Stafford

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    Has dark hair like momma. 😁

  67. Cherry Berry

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    What about her period? She had to notice it stop wow the baby is too cute

  68. The Gaming studio

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  69. Lenn Slim

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    In my head I was picturing her being 700 pounds of flesh.

  70. Simple Expressions Crafts

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    Shouldn’t be having unprotected sex! Disgusting....😑

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  73. Ultra Xtreme

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    Old ass women got pregnant without knowing

  74. MysterïousTïïngs ?

    MysterïousTïïngs ?

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    That's a cute kidney stone

  75. Me We

    Me We

    9 napja

    I'm sick of these fake stories

    • Dumbledore Fan

      Dumbledore Fan

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      Not everything in life is fake you know.

  76. Rossana Vuitton

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    Liam's adorable!!!

  77. Arthur C

    Arthur C

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    He truly was a surprise

  78. Thin Line Of Sanity

    Thin Line Of Sanity

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    Is her husband deaf? Just curious.

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  80. Dinesh Singh

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  81. British Person

    British Person

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    Did she not realize that her stomach was growing? Wow

  82. Kassandra Lopez

    Kassandra Lopez

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    His name backwards is Mail

  83. Eryka Pereira

    Eryka Pereira

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    God Bless You baby Liam ❤️🥰

  84. Heather Barrett

    Heather Barrett

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    my mom also didn't know she was pregnant with me or my siblings until late in the pregnancies because she was told by the doctors she couldn't get pregnant and she didn't look/feel different from normal.

  85. Sam Brooks

    Sam Brooks

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    If you at least had intercourse, then pregnancy should cross your mind at some point

  86. Sam Brooks

    Sam Brooks

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    She should be on that show "I Didn't know I was Pregnant"

  87. Janice Grant

    Janice Grant

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    So no fluttering, morning sickness, kicks at inappropriate times, tight clothing or frequent bathroom breaks? Doctor didn't think to ask her to take a pregnancy test? Hmm...I dunno looks kinda suspect. Next time these two better use reliable birth control because she is still fertile. Anyway, congrats to the new parents.

  88. Jesus Cabrera

    Jesus Cabrera

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    Virgin marry

  89. Mariam Sankoh

    Mariam Sankoh

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    So shes just fat?

  90. Blu


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    They probably don't want him cause they never planned it. They should put him up for adoption and give them to parents who would take care of them.

  91. Mario Menendez

    Mario Menendez

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    How did this happen 🙄 will be the next question. Well when you have sex with out protection this might happen.

  92. Baby Teano

    Baby Teano

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    What might've her first thought when something was coming out of her body, that's scary.

  93. Core Da2

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    9 months😱😱😱😱😱

  94. LitModz


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    Imagine her family members or friends and she just goes like Ight i got my child look at him he so cute

  95. Kelly Stanley

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    Happy it all went well.

  96. kenneth Lopez

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    How can u not even noticed there was a baby kicking inside you what did you thought it was an alien

  97. Isaak The Gamer

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    May god bless them Edit: atheists if you’re offended by me saying that don’t even comment I don’t care About your people opinion So don’t even try

  98. Asset


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    she looks like shes 50+ omg disgusting

  99. glowmymind


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    The "youre not pregnant, youre just fat" meme, but in reverse.

  100. Trillion Emperor

    Trillion Emperor

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    That’s crazy. To have MS and bring life into the world. Hopefully she’s hanging in though.